The Anglo Irish War

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Michael Collins And The Anglo Irish War

Author : J. B. E. Hittle
ISBN : 9781612341286
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How the British Secret Service failed to neutralize Sinn Fein and the IRA
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The Anglo Irish War 1916 1921

Author : William Henry Kautt
ISBN : 027596311X
Genre : History
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An analysis of the Anglo-Irish War of 1916-1921 using the framework of a people's war, this study explains how one of the smallest nations on earth emerged victorious against one of the world's most powerful empires. Of the many accounts of the Irish War of Independence, none adequately explains the Irish victory over a force that was superior in technology, industry, military force, and population. While the theorists associated today with the strategies characteristic of a people's war were either not yet born or were unknown to those in the Irish Republican Army and Sinn Fein, the war they waged closely fits later revolutionary models. This is the first critical study of the insurgent and counter-insurgent campaigns in a controversial and often misunderstood conflict. The Republic won in 1921, but what did it win? The Irish succeeded in securing Home Rule on their own terms when England refused to give in. Meanwhile the Crown Forces gained valuable experience in a form of war that would continue to plague them decades later. Appendices include information on the political, military, and paramilitary organizations in Ireland; important Irish political documents; songs of the rebellion; and a critical bibliography.
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The Anglo Irish War

Author : Peter Cottrell
ISBN : 9781472810281
Genre : History
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The Anglo-Irish War has often been referred to as the war 'the English have struggled to forget and the Irish cannot help but remember'. Before 1919, the issue of Irish Home Rule lurked beneath the surface of Anglo-Irish relations for many years, but after the Great War, tensions rose up and boiled over. Irish Nationalists in the shape of Sinn Féin and the IRA took political power in 1919 with a manifesto to claim Ireland back from an English 'foreign' government by whatever means necessary. This book explores the conflict and the years that preceded it, examining such historic events as the Easter Rising and the infamous Bloody Sunday.
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Dublin Castle And The Anglo Irish War

Author : Eamonn T. Gardiner
ISBN : 9781443815734
Genre : History
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The Irish War of Independence is still regarded as a conflict that is both enigmatic and emotive in content; it transformed the British imperial dream into a nightmare and was to shape the foreign and domestic agendas of two countries for nearly a century. This book seeks to examine the reasons and ask the hard questions to determine why the British state was unable to pour oil on troubled Irish waters and put Home Rule to bed and how that inability was left to fester. It examines in detail the relationships which existed between the arms of the British administration in Ireland and how the complexity of those bonds led sometimes to an animosity of sorts being fostered until it began to affect operational aspects of the British security apparatus in Ireland.' The operations and actions of British Army, the Royal Irish Constabulary, their mercenary Auxiliary security forces and the Bristish Government of the day are all probed and examined in this book. Why were the British, with massive imperial holdings and a modern and well equipped armed forces, unable to suppress an infant insurgency, numerically inferior and ill equipped less than four hundred miles from Whitehall? Why was the shining light of British colonial policing, the Royal Irish Constabulary subjected to stagnation and rot from within for over fifty years? Why instead of reforming the existing police in place in Ireland mercenary forces, with little official oversight, were introduced into Ireland in an effort to quell the rising trouble?
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Cogadh Na Saoirse

Author : Christopher J. Heatherly
ISBN : 1249919509
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The United States Army's study of counterinsurgency operations is limited, with few notable exceptions, to those that occurred in the Third World from 1950 to the present day. Few American officers, NCOs or soldiers are familiar with other historical insurgencies, or the wars fought against them. The Anglo-Irish War (1916-1921) is a prime example of an overlooked and poorly understood insurgency fought along nationalistic lines. Previous works on the subject focused upon the causes, major figures or outcomes from the war. Authors spent little time examining how the British and Irish utilized intelligence. This monograph employs numerous primary sources to determine the manner and method used by the British to conduct intelligence operations against the IRA and Sinn Fein in Ireland. It compares and contrasts British intelligence methodology, organization and policies against that employed by Irish nationalist forces. Additionally, it describes and analyzes the reactions from the Irish people, the IRA and Sinn Fein. Combatants in the 21st century will fight for ethnic and national causes. Ideology, in the form of religion or politics, may play a part but nationalism will be the defining factor. This monograph elucidates intelligence lessons learned that may be applicable in future wars.

The Irish War

Author : Tony Geraghty
ISBN : 0801864569
Genre : History
File Size : 29.52 MB
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Military veteran and historian Geraghty draws on public and covert sources to reveal the sinister patterns of action and reaction in the hidden conflict in Northern Ireland between the IRA and British Intelligence in the late 1960s. 28 photos.
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The Irish War Of Independence

Author : Micahel Hopkinson
ISBN : 9780717161973
Genre : History
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Within months of first publication, Michael Hopkinson's study of the Irish War of Independence established itself as by far most comprehensive and evocative account of the role played by the conflict in shaping modern Ireland. It has been welcomed both by scholars and the general public alike, and gone further than perhaps any other recent publication in recasting our understanding of Ireland's decisive confrontation with the military might of the British Empire.
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Ireland And The Irish In Interwar England

Author : Mo Moulton
ISBN : 9781107052680
Genre : History
File Size : 61.91 MB
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This social history argues that the relocation of Irishness from politics to personal and civic life underpinned England's interwar stability.
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Guerrilla Warfare In The Irish War Of Independence 1919 1921

Author : Joseph McKenna
ISBN : 9780786485192
Genre : History
File Size : 51.55 MB
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Tracing the development of the Irish Republican Army following Ireland’s Declaration of Independence, this book focuses on the recruitment, training, and arming of Ireland’s military volunteers and the Army’s subsequent guerrilla campaign against British rule. Beginning with a brief account of the failed Easter Rising, it continues through the resulting military and political reorganizations, the campaign’s various battles, and the eventual truce agreements and signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty. Other topics include the significance of Irish intelligence and British counter-intelligence efforts; urban warfare and the fight for Dublin; and the role of female soldiers, suffragists, and other women in waging the IRA’s campaign.
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Guerilla Days In Ireland

Author : Tom Barry
ISBN : 1568331967
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The extraordinary story of the fight between two unequal forces, which ended in the withdrawal of the British from 26 countries.
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A New History Of Ireland Volume Vii

Author : J. R. Hill
ISBN : 9780191615597
Genre : History
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A New History of Ireland is the largest scholarly project in modern Irish history. In 9 volumes, it provides a comprehensive new synthesis of modern scholarship on every aspect of Irish history and prehistory, from the earliest geological and archaeological evidence, through the Middle Ages, down to the present day. Volume VII covers a period of major significance in Ireland's history. It outlines the division of Ireland and the eventual establishment of the Irish Republic. It provides comprehensive coverage of political developments, north and south, as well as offering chapters on the economy, literature in English and Irish, the Irish language, the visual arts, emigration and immigration, and the history of women. The contributors to this volume, all specialists in their field, provide the most comprehensive treatment of these developments of any single-volume survey of twentieth-century Ireland.
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Elizabeth S Irish Wars

Author : Cyril Falls
ISBN : 0815604351
Genre : History
File Size : 82.78 MB
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The reign of Elizabeth I will always be remembered for the Armada. But it was the Irish, not the Spanish, who came closest to destroying the security of the Elizabethan state. Between 1560 and 1602, only superior military force -- allied with ruthless subjugation -- preserved England's throne against a succession of rebellions and uprisings throughout Ireland. This classic work by renowned military historian Cyril Falls is the crucial account of the half century that changed the course of Anglo-Irish history. The Elizabethan wars in Ireland involved the collision of two civilizations. Falls's critical work gives a vital perspective to the broad sweep of Anglo-Irish relations.
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Ireland S Independence 1880 1923

Author : Oonagh Walsh
ISBN : 9781134553679
Genre : History
File Size : 43.14 MB
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First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Irish Revolution 1913 1923

Author : Joost Augusteijn
ISBN : 9780230629387
Genre : History
File Size : 44.64 MB
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Was there an Irish Revolution, and - if so - what kind of revolution was it? What motivated revolutionaries and those who supported them? How was the war fought and ended? What have been the repercussions for unionists, women and modern Irish politics? These questions are here addressed by leading historians of the period through both detailed assessments of specific incidents and wide-ranging analysis of key themes. The Irish Revolution, 1913-1923 provides the most up-to-date answers to, and debate on, the fundamental questions relating to this formative period in Irish history. Clear coverage of the historiography and a detailed chronology make this book ideal for classroom use. The Irish Revolution is essential reading for students and scholars of modern Ireland, and for all those interested in the study of revolution.
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Revolutionary Ireland 1912 25

Author : Robert Lynch
ISBN : 9781441168610
Genre : History
File Size : 62.35 MB
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Revolutionary Ireland, 1912-25 analyses the main events in Ireland from the initial crisis over the Third Home Rule Bill in 1912 to the consolidation of partition Ulster with the settling of the boundary issue in 1925. Written with particular reference to the needs of students in further and higher education, each chapter contains an easy to follow narrative, guides to key reading on the topic, sample essay and examination questions and links to web resources. The main text is supported by an appendix of contemporary sources and a range of additional information including a chronology of significant events, maps, a glossary of key terms and an extensive bibliography. This comprehensive text will allow students to get to grips with this turbulent and fascinating period of modern Irish history.
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Modern Ireland A Very Short Introduction

Author : Senia Paseta
ISBN : 9780191577574
Genre : History
File Size : 76.7 MB
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This is a book about the Irish Question, or more specifically about Irish Questions. The term has become something of a catch-all, a convenient way to encompass numerous issues and developments which pertain to the political, social, and economic history of modern Ireland.The Irish Question has of course changed: one of the main aims of this book is to explore the complicated and shifting nature of the Irish Question and to assess what it has meant to various political minds and agendas. No other issue brought down as many nineteenth-century governments and no comparable twentieth-century dilemma has matched its ability to frustrate the attempts of British cabinets to find a solution; this inability to find a lasting answer to the Irish Question is especially striking when seen in the context of the massive shifts in British foreign policy brought about by two world wars, decolonization, and the cold war. Senia Paseta charts the changing nature of the Irish Question over the last 200 years, within an international political and social historical context. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.
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A Military History Of Ireland

Author : Thomas Bartlett
ISBN : 0521629896
Genre : History
File Size : 66.67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A major new study of Irish military history from the earliest times to the present day.
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Introduction To Irish History And Civilization

Author : Estelle Epinoux
ISBN : 2842874498
Genre : Ireland
File Size : 36.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Le présent ouvrage comprend une quarantaine de documents historiques – classés en six chapitres – qui abordent différentes périodes importantes de l'histoire de l'Irlande. Une introduction en tête de chaque chapitre et une chronologie générale permettent de recontextualiser les textes dans leur époque. Cette introduction à l'histoire et à la civilisation de l'Irlande s'adresse à tous ceux qui souhaitent découvrir l'histoire de l'Irlande à travers des sources primaires essentiellement et plus particulièrement à des étudiants de premier cycle universitaire en histoire ou en études anglophones.
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Political Thought In Ireland Since The Seventeenth Century

Author : D. George Boyce
ISBN : 9781134981373
Genre : History
File Size : 81.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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These pioneering essays provide a unique study of the development of political ideas in Ireland from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. The book breaks away from the traditional emphasis in Irish historiography on the nationalism/unionism debate to focus instead on previously neglected areas such as the role of the Scottish Enlightenment and early Irish socialism and conservatism. A wide range of original primary sources are used from pamphlets to journalism, devotional tracts to poetry.
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