The Age Of Sustainability

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The Age Of Sustainability

Author : Mark Swilling
ISBN : 9780429603723
Genre : Nature
File Size : 61.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With transitions to more sustainable ways of living already underway, this book examines how we understand the underlying dynamics of the transitions that are unfolding. Without this understanding, we enter the future in a state of informed bewilderment. Every day we are bombarded by reports about ecosystem breakdown, social conflict, economic stagnation and a crisis of identity. There is mounting evidence that deeper transitions are underway that suggest we may be entering another period of great transformation equal in significance to the agricultural revolution some 13,000 years ago or the Industrial Revolution 250 years ago. This book helps readers make sense of our global crisis and the dynamics of transition that could result in a shift from the industrial epoch that we live in now to a more sustainable and equitable age. The global renewable energy transition that is already underway holds the key to the wider just transition. However, the evolutionary potential of the present also manifests in the mushrooming of ecocultures, new urban visions, sustainability-oriented developmental states and new ways of learning and researching. Shedding light on the highly complex challenge of a sustainable and just transition, this book is essential reading for anyone concerned with establishing a more sustainable and equitable world. Ultimately, this is a book about hope but without easy answers.
Category: Nature

The Age Of Sustainable Development

Author : Jeffrey D. Sachs
ISBN : 9780231539005
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 38.63 MB
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Jeffrey D. Sachs is one of the world's most perceptive and original analysts of global development. In this major new work he presents a compelling and practical framework for how global citizens can use a holistic way forward to address the seemingly intractable worldwide problems of persistent extreme poverty, environmental degradation, and political-economic injustice: sustainable development. Sachs offers readers, students, activists, environmentalists, and policy makers the tools, metrics, and practical pathways they need to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Far more than a rhetorical exercise, this book is designed to inform, inspire, and spur action. Based on Sachs's twelve years as director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, his thirteen years advising the United Nations secretary-general on the Millennium Development Goals, and his recent presentation of these ideas in a popular online course, The Age of Sustainable Development is a landmark publication and clarion call for all who care about our planet and global justice. Visit for additional teaching materials for students and instructors, including chapter summaries, key concepts, problem sets, and slides.
Category: Political Science

The Age Of Sustainability

Author : Denis Pombriant
ISBN : 9781642147711
Genre : Business & Economics
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While most people acknowledge the toll of burning fossil fuels on earth’s climate, few consider what will happen when demand for carbon-based fuels inevitably outstrips supply. In The Age of Sustainability Denis Pombriant evaluates and recommends solutions for energy provisioning and reducing carbon pollution that will keep the planet habitable and accommodating to human life. Far from being an unsolvable problem climate change and its solution should be seen as another in a long line of inflection points that have dotted human history. Cracking the problem is more like solving Rubic's Cube than playing whack-a-mole. As in all earlier eras, the next evolutionary step involves disruptive innovations beginning with new energy alternatives and treating carbon pollution as a chronic problem rather than as an emergency. By doubling the amount of photosynthesis planet-wide, we can stabilize climate and provision for the additional billions of people who will be born by mid-century. The Age of Sustainability shows that many the innovations needed to provide workable solutions are already available and that the free market is already adopting them. It also demonstrates how earlier generations have followed a common path to solving the big challenges of their times. This is a hopeful tour of solutions and, most importantly including economic models that will stabilize climate and provide a livable future for the human race.
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User Experience In The Age Of Sustainability

Author : Kem-Laurin Kramer
ISBN : 9780123877956
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 77.5 MB
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Examines the user experience in the economic, sociological, and environmental movement to create sustainable products, and provides a framework for designing sustainable hardware, software, and packaging.
Category: Business & Economics

Smart Planning Sustainability And Mobility In The Age Of Change

Author : Rocco Papa
ISBN : 9783319776828
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book offers an overview of sustainability and urban mobility in the context of urban planning – topics that are of considerable interest in the development of smart cities. Environmental sustainability is universally recognized as a fundamental condition for any urban policy or urban management activity, while mobility is essential for the survival of complex urban systems. The new opportunities offered by innovations in the mobility of people, goods and information, as well as radically changing interactions and activities are transforming cities. Including contributions by urban planning scholars, the book provides an up-to-date picture of the latest studies and innovative policies and practices in Italy, of particular interest due to its spatial, functional and social peculiarities. Sustainability and mobility must form the basis of “smart planning” – a new dimension of urban planning linked to two main innovations: procedural innovation in the management of territorial transformations and the technological innovation of the generation, processing and distribution of data (big data) for the creation of new "digital environments" such as GIS, BIM, models of augmented and mixed reality, useful for describing changes in human settlement in real time.
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Evaluating Agricultural Trade Offs In The Age Of Sustainable Development

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1053740867
Genre :
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Abstract: A vibrant, resilient and productive agricultural sector is fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Bringing about such a transformation requires optimizing a range of agronomic, environmental and socioeconomic outcomes from agricultural systems – from crop yields, to biodiversity, to human nutrition. However, these outcomes are not independent of each other – they interact in both positive and negative ways, creating the potential for synergies and trade-offs. Consequently, transforming the agricultural sector for the age of sustainable development requires tracking these interactions, assessing if objectives are being achieved and allowing for adaptive management within the diverse agricultural systems that make up global agriculture. This paper reviews the field of agricultural trade-off analysis, which has emerged to better understand these interactions – from field to farm, region to continent. Taking a "cradle-to-grave" approach, we distill agricultural trade-off analysis into four steps: 1) characterizing the decision setting and identifying the context-specific indicators needed to assess agricultural sustainability, 2) selecting the methods for generating indicator values across different scales, 3) deciding on the means of evaluating and communicating the trade-off options with stakeholders and decision-makers, and 4) improving uptake of trade-off analysis outputs by decision-makers. Given the breadth of the Sustainable Development Goals and the importance of agriculture to many of them, we assess notions of human well-being beyond income or direct health concerns (e.g. related to gender, equality, nutrition), as well as diverse environmental indicators ranging from soil health to biodiversity to climate forcing. Looking forward, areas of future work include integrating the four steps into a single modeling platform and connecting tools across scales and disciplines to facilitate trade-off analysis. Likewise, enhancing the policy relevance of agricultural trade-off analysis requires improving scientist-stakeholder engagement in the research process. Only then can this field proactively address trade-off issues that are integral to sustainably intensifying local and global agriculture – a critical step toward successfully implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. Highlights: Agriculture is central to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals. Trade-off analysis allows the assessment of multiple aspects of sustainability. "Cradle-to-grave" approach, from indicator selection to effective communication Better engagement with stakeholders is critical to ensure policy relevance.

The Dilemma Of Sustainability In The Age Of Globalization

Author : Mohamed El-Kamel Bakari
ISBN : 9781498551403
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 36.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book offers an exhaustive overview of the different political, social, and intellectual circumstances that paved the way for the inception of sustainable development. It offers in-depth analyses of economic globalization, current society–environment relationships, and global trade.
Category: Political Science

Against Sustainability

Author : Michelle Neely
ISBN : 0823288226
Genre : History
File Size : 78.64 MB
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Against Sustainability responds to twenty-first century environmental crisis by unearthing the nineteenth-century U.S. literary, cultural, and scientific contexts that gave rise to sustainability, recycling, and preservation. Through novel pairings of antebellum and contemporary writers including Walt Whitman and Lucille Clifton, George Catlin and Louise Erdrich, and Herman Melville and A.S. Byatt, the book demonstrates that some of our most vaunted strategies to address ecological crisis in fact perpetuate environmental degradation. Yet Michelle C. Neely also reveals that the nineteenth century offers useful and generative environmentalisms, if only we know where and how to find them. Henry David Thoreau and Emily Dickinson experimented with models of joyful, anti-consumerist frugality. Hannah Crafts and Harriet Wilson devised forms of radical pet-keeping that model more just ways of living with others. Ultimately, the book explores forms of utopianism that might more reliably guide mainstream environmental culture toward transformative forms of ecological and social justice. Through new readings of familiar texts, Against Sustainability demonstrates how nineteenth-century U.S. literature can help us rethink our environmental paradigms in order to imagine more just and environmentally-sound futures.
Category: History

Capitalism Versus Democracy Rethinking Politics In The Age Of Environmental Crisis

Author : Boris Frankel
ISBN : 0648363341
Genre :
File Size : 79.42 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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For over 150 years, political strategies and policies have been formed according to whether parties and movements believed that capitalism is either compatible or incompatible with democracy. This book challenges both supporters and opponents of the 'compatibility' thesis and calls for a rethink of politics in the age of environmental crises. It is divided into three parts. Part One critically questions the dominant narratives and assumptions held by many of the broad Left about the origins, causes and alternatives to our present condition. Part Two focuses on how prominent neo-Keynesians and Marxists have explained the crises of the past decade and why they are still operating with essentially pre-environmentalist conceptions of the conflict between 'capitalism and democracy'. Part Three offers one of the first detailed discussions of what kind of organisational, political economic and cultural issues that advocates of alternative post-carbon or post-capitalist societies will need to confront. In a penetrating critique of how the tensions between 'democracy and sustainability' have impacted the old debates over capitalism versus democracy, the author examines proposals and images of the 'good life' put forward by social democrats, greens, radical technological utopians, green growth ecological modernisers and degrowthers. Are the broadly held goals of greater social justice, ending poverty and inequality within and between affluent countries and low and middle-income societies possible without transgressing the fragile and damaged biophysical life support boundaries of the earth? Why is it that many who dispute the compatibility or incompatibility of 'capitalism and democracy' are yet to fully consider what policies, organisational forms and social changes flow from populations that favour democracy but oppose policies committed to greater environmental sustainability? These and many other issues are discussed in this unsettling new book which aims to stimulate us to rethink how we see our existing societies and future social, economic and political change.


Author : Jeremy L. Caradonna
ISBN : 9780199372423
Genre : Science
File Size : 82.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The word is nearly ubiquitous: at the grocery store we shop for "sustainable foods" that were produced from "sustainable agriculture"; groups ranging from small advocacy organizations to city and state governments to the United Nations tout "sustainable development" as a strategy for local and global stability; and woe betide the city-dweller who doesn't aim for a "sustainable lifestyle." Seeming to have come out of nowhere to dominate the discussion-from permaculture to renewable energy to the local food movement-the ideas that underlie and define sustainability can be traced back several centuries. In this illuminating and fascinating primer, Jeremy L. Caradonna does just that, approaching sustainability from a historical perspective and revealing the conditions that gave it shape. Locating the underpinnings of the movement as far back as the 1660s, Caradonna considers the origins of sustainability across many fields throughout Europe and North America. Taking us from the emergence of thoughts guiding sustainable yield forestry in the late 17th and 18th centuries, through the challenges of the Industrial Revolution, the birth of the environmental movement, and the emergence of a concrete effort to promote a balanced approach to development in the latter half of the 20th century, he shows that while sustainability draws upon ideas of social justice, ecological economics, and environmental conservation, it is more than the sum of its parts and blends these ideas together into a dynamic philosophy. Caradonna's book broadens our understanding of what "sustainability" means, revealing how it progressed from a relatively marginal concept to an ideal that shapes everything from individual lifestyles, government and corporate strategies, and even national and international policy. For anyone seeking understand the history of those striving to make the world a better place to live, here's a place to start.
Category: Science

The Philosopher S Stone For Sustainability

Author : Yoshiki Shimomura
ISBN : 9783642328473
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 45.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2), which is defined as “an integrated industrial product and service offering that delivers value in use,” has expanded rapidly over the last decade. IPS2 has allowed us to achieve both high added value and high productivity and has enriched our QOL by improving the performance of products and services. We are now struggling with many awkward issues related to sustainability, but IPS2 is expected to be the “philosopher’s stone” for solving these issues. Following the pattern of conferences held in Cranfield in 2009, Linköping in 2010, and Braunschweig in 2011, the fourth International CIRP Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems, held on November 8-9, 2012, in Tokyo, will cover various aspects of IPS2. Topics planned for this year’s conference reflect the latest IPS2 information in both the natural sciences and humanities and include case studies from various industries. IPS2 is still a relatively new field, so it is important to keep track of the entire context in order to promote more cross-sectional cooperation between multimodal fields and disciplines. The fourth International CIRP Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems will serve as a vital platform for such collaborations and the discussion of new scientific ideas.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Ai In The Wild

Author : Peter Dauvergne
ISBN : 9780262539333
Genre : Computers
File Size : 63.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"The first book to analyze the consequences of the political economy of artificial intelligence for global sustainability"--
Category: Computers

Seeking Sustainability In An Age Of Complexity

Author : Graham Harris
ISBN : 0521695325
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52.45 MB
Format : PDF
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Harris weaves together a unique story of the complexity of global and regional sustainability.
Category: Business & Economics

Events Society And Sustainability

Author : Tomas Pernecky
ISBN : 9780415809931
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76.59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The growth of the events industry brings with it concerns of sustainable management, the sharing of available resources, and ensuring that people and places are not over-exploited. While the environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability have attracted a reasonable attention in the study of events, the social and cultural aspects of sustainability have been largely neglected. This book brings together emerging critical perspectives, innovative conceptual frameworks and contemporary case studies. Events cannot be isolated from the actions of humans and this is reflected in the emphasis on people and society throughout. The next wave of sustainable discourse requires a critical synthesis of information and this book is the first to address the need for more critical approaches and a broader way of thinking about events and sustainability. Divided into five thematic parts, the contributions delve into understanding the mainstream stances towards sustainability, the role events play in indigenous cultures and in diasporic communities, and the extent to which events influence the public discourse and civic identity. Sustainability is also examined from a strategic perspective in the events sector, and consideration is given to issues such as corporate social responsibility, greenwashing, and the power of mulit-stakeholder alliances in promoting sustainability goals. Written by leading academics, this timely and important volume will be valuable reading for all students, researchers and academics interested in Events and the global issue of Sustainability.
Category: Business & Economics

A Handbook Of Corporate Governance And Social Responsibility

Author : Professor Güler Aras
ISBN : 9781409459910
Genre : Law
File Size : 36.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Written by experts from all over the world, A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility is the most authoritative single-volume guide to the relationship between good governance and social responsibility and the reality of managing both. In addition to the theory and practice of governance and CSR, the book includes case studies from large and small organizations and NGOs.
Category: Law

Talent Transformation And The Triple Bottom Line

Author : Andrew Savitz
ISBN : 9781118238905
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 72.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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HR Professional's guide to creating a strategically sustainableorganization Employees are central to creating sustainable organizations, yetthey are left on the sidelines in most sustainability initiativesalong with the HR professionals who should be helping to engage andenergize them. This book shows business leaders and HRprofessionals how to: motivate employees to create economic,environmental and social value; facilitate necessary culture,strategic and organizational change; embed sustainability into theemployee lifecycle; and strengthen existing capabilities anddevelop new ones necessary to support the transformation tosustainability. Talent, Transformation, and the Triple Bottom Line alsodemonstrates how leading companies are using sustainability tostrengthen core HR functions: to win the war for talent, tomotivate and empower employees, to increase productivity, and toenliven traditional HR-related efforts such as diversity, healthand wellness, community involvement and volunteerism. Incombination, these powerful benefits can help drive businessgrowth, performance, and results. The book offers strategies, policies, tools and specific actionsteps that business leaders and HR professionals can use to getinto the sustainability game or enhance their effortsdramatically Andrew Savitz is an expert in sustainability and has workedextensively with many organizations on sustainability strategy andimplementation; he and Karl Weber wrote The Triple BottomLine, one of the most successful books in the field Published in partnership with SHRM and with the cooperation ofthe World Business Council for Sustainable Development Forward by Edward Lawler III This book fills a gaping hole in both the HR and sustainabilityliterature by educating HR professionals about sustainability,sustainability professionals about HR, and business leaders abouthow to marry the two to accelerate progress on both fronts.
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Business Ethics

Author : Andrew Crane
ISBN : 9780199697311
Genre : Business ethics
File Size : 88.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The fourth edition of Business Ethics explores throughout the text, in the context of business ethics, the three major challenges that businesses face when making ethical decisions:� Globalization� Sustainability� Corporate citizenship. Crane and Matten provides a truly global approach with a strong European perspective as well as examples from emerging economies and all around the world.The text's accessible style and easy-to-follow narrative ensure it is engaging for students new to the subject. The text features excellent case studies and unique pedagogical features that show how theory relates to real-life practice, including Ethics on Screen, Ethics Online and Ethics in Action. It also focuses on skills, such as key decision-making skills, through in-text features including Skill Checks, Think Theory boxes and Key Concept boxes. New to this editionExtended coverage of SMEs and social enterprise, world religions and business ethics, whistleblowing, personal decision-making and feminist ethicsUpdated cases, examples, and vignettes throughout featuring recent cases that have raised complex ethical issues including the News International phone-hacking scandal, the ethical challenges presented by social media, and changes to banking regulations to avert another financial crisisExtended coverage of Asian, Arabian, Latin American, and African perspectives on the ethical debates and dilemmas faced by businesses in their regionsNew in-text features highlight the business skills covered in each chapterEnhanced resources on the website including, for students, related video links for each chapter, a careers advice section, all EoS have been updated to feature a new recent film, to help engage students with business ethics through the very latest cultural coverage, and, for lecturers, a test bank of multiple choice questions
Category: Business ethics