The Age Of Nothing

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The Age Of Atheists

Author : Peter Watson
ISBN : 9781476754314
Genre : Religion
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The distinguished historian and author of The Medici Conspiracy examines atheism as a modern intellectual achievement that has motivated individuals to pursue invention and self-reliance, citing the accomplishments of secular philosophers, scientists and artists who have worked in the absence of religious belief.
Category: Religion

Tasting The Powers Of The Age To Come

Author : Elvis A.Mbonye
ISBN : 9781477108345
Genre : Religion
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In August, 2007, something extraordinary happened in the life of Mrs. Jennifer Isabirye (not her real names), a short, slender, middle-aged career teacher whom I had not met until that day. It was at a conference organized annually in Kamuli, a small town district in the eastern region of Uganda. The conference was held at Bethel Church. It was the first time I attended this prophetic event upon invitation to speak. Seated in the crowded room were people from the surrounding area and beyond, about 200 of them. This was not your usual event; strange things were happening as I singled out individuals, uncannily describing facts about their lives with amazing accuracy. Mrs. Isabirye happened to be one of them. You are angry at a certain man for financial reasons, I said to her. Forgive him, for if you dont you will hold back your progress. I also see a problem with your fibroids, I added. I see you had an operation about them, but it wasnt successful. I see a swelling around your lower abdomen (that part of her body was fully covered by her dress) and its because of those fibroids. I was not through with Mrs. Isabirye. Today you will experience a strange discharge from your body, but have no fear about it, for it will be God dealing with you. However, make sure you neither let your doctor nor your daughter know about it. If you do this if you keenly follow my revelatory directions you will receive a miraculous healing shortly. In her subsequent testimony, a day later, Mrs. Isabirye verified everything. Astounded at how I could know these things, she said, The man I was bitter with was my employer, because for six months I had not received my salary. Also, I have fibroids, and a few months ago I had an operation about them that wasnt successful. However, what surprised me even more was when he (implying me) said I should neither tell my doctor nor my daughter after the strange discharge from my body. I only see one doctor and I only have one daughter for a child; how he could have known that is beyond any earthly explanation. I experienced the strange discharge from my body that day, but unfortunately I told my doctor and daughter about it. Because she did not keenly follow the revelatory directions, Mrs. Isabirye did not receive her miraculous healing. However, the following year I was back there and I was taken to her house where I prayed for her. I called the experience extraordinary because that is what it was for Mrs. Isabirye and for several other people who got to witness or experience the mystical for the first time. But to me, such uncanny comprehension and the supernatural world are, for the lack of a better word, commonplace. And they can be for you too, if you are daring enough to read through. Atheist or agnostics may dismiss Mrs. Isabiryes story as spiritual mumbo-jumbo. They will undoubtedly have a perfectly logical argument why such supernatural occurrences are not possible. Denominational Christians who think of faith as nothing more than a set of dos and donts might similarly dismiss it, perhaps with less fervour. They too would have sound arguments in support of their positions. What I am presenting in this book, however, are experiences. The world abounds with arguments, every man or woman has one to back their position and most of them make good sense. But in her time of need, Mrs. Isabirye didnt need an argument, she needed an experience. Someone with an experience is never at the mercy of someone with just an argument. So whatever your disposition; believer, agnostic, atheist or anything in between, I dare you to read this with an open mind, you will undoubtedly find this text eerily challenging. Early experiences The mysterious world of the supernatural is not a reality I discovered in my latter years. Growing up as a child in Bugolobi, a middle-class suburb of Kampala, I frequently experienced close enc
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What If There S Nothing Wrong

Author : Alison J. Kay Phd
ISBN : 9781452561462
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 48.74 MB
Format : PDF
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Have you been feeling like life has become less reliable and stable? Are you looking for more hope, health and calm in your life? You're not alone. There are external factors causing these feelings. You will be completely unable to remain the same as this book weaves you through the world as we have known it, into a world where anything is possible! No stone is left unturned through this thoroughly researched exploration of mostly unexamined factors inherent to Western society that set us up to feel more uncomfortable at this time in the West, particularly in the U.S., as we undergo a macroshift globally. Written at the tail end of her ten years living and working in Asia to understand why it seems now that we're less equipped to create vibrantly healthy, happy lives in the West, Alison J. Kay, Phd, documents an eye-opening, sometimes humorous, sometimes raw contrast of modern, globalized, Western culture with Asian. Feel the freedom as she gently guides you to more ease!
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Age Ain T Nothing But A Number

Author : Carleen Brice
ISBN : 0807028231
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 88.94 MB
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Forty black women share their views on aging, addressing such issues as relationships, health, spirituality, sex, and beauty.
Category: Social Science

City Of God

Author : St Augustine
ISBN : 9781625583543
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.61 MB
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Saint Augustine of Hippo is one of the central figures in the history of Christianity, and this book is one of his greatest theological works. Written as an eloquent defense of the faith at a time when the Roman Empire was on the brink of collapse, it examines the ancient pagan religions of Rome, the arguments of the Greek philosophers, and the revelations of the Bible. Pointing the way forward to a citizenship that transcends worldly politics and will last for eternity, this book is one of the most influential documents in the development of Christianity. One of the great cornerstones in the history of Christian thought, The City of God is vital to an understanding of modern Western society and how it came into being. Begun in A.D. 413, the book's initial purpose was to refute the charge that Christianity was to blame for the fall of Rome (which had occurred just three years earlier). Indeed, Augustine produced a wealth of evidence to prove that paganism bore within itself the seeds of its own destruction. However, over the next thirteen years that it took to complete the work, the brilliant ecclesiastic proceeded to his larger theme: a cosmic interpretation of history in terms of the struggle between good and evil. By means of his contrast of the earthly and heavenly cities-- the one pagan, self-centered, and contemptuous of God and the other devout, God-centered, and in search of grace-- Augustine explored and interpreted human history in relation to eternity.
Category: Religion

Much Ado About Practically Nothing

Author : David Fisher
ISBN : 9780199779888
Genre : Science
File Size : 63.69 MB
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There are eight columns in the Periodic Table. The eighth column is comprised of the rare gases, so-called because they are the rarest elements on earth. They are also called the inert or noble gases because, like nobility, they do no work. They are colorless, odorless, invisible gases which do not react with anything, and were thought to be unimportant until the early 1960s. Starting in that era, David Fisher has spent roughly fifty years doing research on these gases, publishing nearly a hundred papers in the scientific journals, applying them to problems in geophysics and cosmochemistry, and learning how other scientists have utilized them to change our ideas about the universe, the sun, and our own planet. Much Ado about (Practically) Nothing will cover this spectrum of ideas, interspersed with the author's own work which will serve to introduce each gas and the important work others have done with them. The rare gases have participated in a wide range of scientific advances-even revolutions-but no book has ever recorded the entire story. Fisher will range from the intricacies of the atomic nucleus and the tiniest of elementary particles, the neutrino, to the energy source of the stars; from the age of the earth to its future energies; from life on Mars to cancer here on earth. A whole panoply that has never before been told as an entity.
Category: Science

Entitled To Nothing

Author : Lisa Sun-Hee Park
ISBN : 9780814768815
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 61.39 MB
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In Entitled to Nothing, Lisa Sun-Hee Park investigates how the politics of immigration, health care, and welfare are intertwined. Documenting the formal return of the immigrant as a “public charge,” or a burden upon the State, the author shows how the concept has been revived as states adopt punitive policies targeting immigrants of color and require them to “pay back” benefits for which they are legally eligible during a time of intense debate regarding welfare reform. Park argues that the notions of “public charge” and “public burden” were reinvigorated in the 1990s to target immigrant women of reproductive age for deportation and as part of a larger project of “disciplining” immigrants. Drawing on nearly 200 interviews with immigrant organizations, government agencies and safety net providers, as well as careful tracking of policies and media coverage, Park provides vivid, first-person accounts of how struggles over the “public charge” doctrine unfolded on the ground, as well as its consequences for the immigrant community. Ultimately, she shows that the concept of “public charge” continues to lurk in the background, structuring our conception of who can legitimately access public programs and of the moral economy of work and citizenship in the U.S., and makes important policy suggestions for reforming our immigration system.
Category: Social Science

Much Ado About Nothing

Author : Harold Bloom
ISBN : 9781438132037
Genre : English drama
File Size : 46.18 MB
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Equal parts tragedy and history play, Richard III chronicles the rise and short reign of its diabolical title character. Of this masterful creation, esteemed critic Harold Bloom has written, The manipulative, highly self-conscious, obsessed hero-villain moves himself from being the passive sufferer of his own moral and/or physical deformity to becoming a highly active melodramatist. Portrayed as England's curse and as his own worst enemy, the jealous and ambitious Richard would find little glory or peace awaiting him upon his ascension to England's throne. This collection of critical essays about the Bard's Richard III includes classic criticism from a number of notable critics throughout the centuries. Edited by Bloom, this title also features a handy index for quick reference.
Category: English drama

Nothing Holds Back The Night

Author : Delphine de Vigan
ISBN : 9781408839874
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this moving autobiographical novel, the narrator's mother, Lucile, raises her two daughters largely alone. A former child model from a large Bohemian family, Lucile is younger and more glamorous than the other mothers: always in lipstick and stylishly dressed, wayward and wonderful. But as the years pass her occasional sadness gives way to overwhelming despair and delusion. This is a story of luminous beauty and rambunctious joy, of dark secrets and silences, revelations and, ultimately, the unknowability of even those closest to us. And in the face of the unknowable, personal history becomes fiction. Nothing Holds Back the Night is universally recognisable and singularly heartbreaking.
Category: Fiction

The Spirit Of The Age

Author : Henry Laurens Pinckney
ISBN : PRNC:32101068145570
Genre : Baccalaureate addresses
File Size : 89.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Baccalaureate addresses

Nothing To Admire

Author : Christopher Yu
ISBN : 0198035349
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 35.85 MB
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Nothing to Admire argues for the persistence of a central tradition of poetic satire in English that extends from Restoration England to present-day America. This tradition is rooted in John Dryden's and Alexander Pope's uses of Augustan metaphor to criticize the abuse of social and political power and to promote an antithetical ideal of satiric authority based on freedom of mind. Because of their commitment to neoclassical conceptions of political virtue, the British Augustans developed a meritocratic cultural ideal grounded in poetic judgment and opposed to the political institutions and practices of their superiors in birth, wealth, and might. Their Augustanism thus gives a political meaning to the Horatian principle of nil admirari. This book calls the resulting outlook cultural liberalism in order to distinguish it from the classical liberal insistence on private property as the basis of political liberty, a conviction that arises within the same general period and often stands in adversarial relation to the Augustan mentality. Dryden and Pope's language of political satire supplies the foundation for the later and more radical liberalisms of Lord Byron, W.H. Auden, and James Merrill, each of whom looks back to the Augustan model for the poetic devices he will use to protest the increasingly conformist culture of mass society. Responding to the banality of this society, the later poets reinvigorate their predecessors' neo-Horatian attitude of skeptical worldliness through iconoclastic comic assaults on the imperial, fascist, heterosexist, and otherwise illiberal impulses of the cultural regimes prevailing during their lifetimes.
Category: Literary Criticism

Love Means Nothing

Author : JoAnn T. Neis
ISBN : 9781491867686
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 79.39 MB
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Once again the eccentric feisty octogenarian, Auntie Haines, finds herself entangled in a deadly situation. The annual international tennis tournament played at a posh Scottsdale resort has enabled Auntie Haines' four rental bed and breakfast rooms to be filled for two weeks. Juan Castillo, a Cuban exile who has become a seventeen year old tennis sensation will be renting one of those four rooms. Unfortunately Juan is unaware that his Cuban ethnicity has made him more than just a tennis star; it has set in motion the plans for a deadly terrorist attack. Although Detective Keith Haines is vehemently opposed to any offers of help from his adopted mother, Auntie Haines finds herself, her daughter Sara, and a sweet little mutt named No Name dangerously involved in an evil plot of terrorism against the United States. Can they prevent the death of many innocent tennis enthusiasts? What causes Auntie Haines to suspect that her renters might be sinister enough to be mixed up in such a horrendous undertaking? The stage is set, the conspirators are ready, and the lives of hundreds of spectators attending the final tennis match at the Scottsdale Oasis Resort are in mortal jeopardy.
Category: Fiction

The Age Of Innocence

Author : Edith Wharton
ISBN : 9781101157428
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46.62 MB
Format : PDF
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Edith Wharton’s masterpiece brings to life the grandeur and hypocrisy of a gilded age. Set among the very rich in 1870s New York, it tells the story of Newland Archer, a young lawyer engaged to marry virginal socialite May Welland, when he meets her cousin, Countess Ellen Olenska, a woman unbound by convention and surrounded by scandal. As all three are drawn into a love triangle filled with sensuality, subtlety, and betrayal, Archer faces a harrowing choice between happiness and the social code that has ruled his life. The resulting tale of thwarted love is filled with irony and surprise, struggle and acceptance. Recipient of the first Pulitzer Prize for fiction ever awarded to a woman, this great novel paints a timeless portrait of “society” still unmatched in American literature—an arbitrary, capricious social elite that professes inviolable standards but readily abandons them for greed and desire.
Category: Fiction

Nothing That Meets The Eye

Author : Patricia Highsmith
ISBN : 9780349004778
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.99 MB
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'These tales should not be glanced at by those with even the slightest history of poor mental health . . . Highsmith's dark humour oozes through this new collection like a particularly delicious poison' Andrew Wilson, Independent on Sunday This volume of stories spans almost fifty years of Highsmith's career, allowing us to see how she evolved from a struggling freelance writer in New York to one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. The stories assembled in Nothing That Meets the Eye, written between 1938 and 1982, are vintage Highsmith: a gigolo-like psychopath preys on unfulfilled career women; a lonely spinster's fragile hold on reality is tethered to the bottle; an estranged postal worker invents homicidal fantasies about his coworkers. While some stories anticipate the diabolical narratives of the Ripley novels, others possess a sweetness that forces us to see the author in a new light. These are suspenseful, playful, taut and psychologically gripping stories, evidence of an extraordinary talent.
Category: Fiction

Faith In The Age Of Science

Author : Mark Silversides
ISBN : 9781908381545
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56.73 MB
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This book carefully examines the claims made by the followers and promoters of both atheism and religion in a rational and engaging way.
Category: Religion