The Aesthetics Of Music

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The Aesthetics Of Music

Author : Roger Scruton
ISBN : 9780198167273
Genre : Music
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Starting from the metaphysics of sound, Scruton distinguishes sound from tone, analyses rhythm, melody and harmony, looks at the various dimensions of musical meaning and offers principles for musical criticism. He ends with a theory of culture.
Category: Music

Reification And The Aesthetics Of Music

Author : Jonathan Lewis
ISBN : 9781317297963
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 76.66 MB
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This innovative study re-evaluates the philosophical significance of aesthetics in the context of contemporary debates on the nature of philosophy. Lewis's main argument is that contemporary conceptions of meaning and truth have been reified, and that aesthetics is able to articulate why this is the case, with important consequences for understanding the horizons and nature of philosophical inquiry. Reification and the Aesthetics of Music challenges the most emphatic and problematic conceptions of meaning and truth in both analytic philosophy and postmodern thought by acknowledging the ontological and logical primacy of our concrete, practice-based experiences with aesthetic phenomena. By engaging with a variety of aesthetic practices, including Beethoven's symphonies and string quartets, Wagner's music dramas, Richard Strauss's Elektra, the twentieth-century avant-garde, Jamaican soundsystem culture, and punk and contemporary noise, this book demonstrates the aesthetic relevance of reification as well as the concept's applicability to contemporary debates within philosophy.
Category: Philosophy

Aesthetics Of Music

Author : Stephen Downes
ISBN : 9781136486913
Genre : Music
File Size : 24.42 MB
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Aesthetics of Music: Musicological Approaches is an anthology of fourteen essays, each addressing a single key concept or pair of terms in the aesthetics of music, collectively serving as an authoritative work on musical aesthetics that remains as close to 'the music' as possible. Each essay includes musical examples from works in the 18th, 19th, and into the 20th century. Topics have been selected from amongst widely recognised central issues in musical aesthetics, as well as those that have been somewhat neglected, to create a collection that covers a distinctive range of ideas. All essays cover historical origins, sources, and developments of the chosen idea, survey important musicological approaches, and offer new critical angles or musical case studies in interpretation.
Category: Music

The Philosophy Aesthetics Of Music

Author : Edward A. Lippman
ISBN : 0803279841
Genre : Music
File Size : 21.41 MB
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Edward A. Lippman?s writings on musical aesthetics comprise a wide variety of areas and employ both systematic and historical approaches, reflecting throughout his unrivaled knowledge of the philosophical literature on music and his deep understanding of the musical repertory. These essays span a broad range of subjects, from the ancients? sense of what music encompasses to the experience of rhythm in Anton Webern?s work. ø Lippman surveys the physical and physiological factors that condition musical perception, and he explores the effect of sung text in vocal music. In the more purely philosophical realm, he argues persuasively that music speaks in its own terms, not in any formalistic sense but through the symbolic meanings it conveys. ø The historically focused essays include investigations of the aesthetic thinking of Wagner and Schumann, an endeavor that leads Lippman to probe the sources and drives behind musical creativity. Elsewhere he explores the development of particular musical styles. The Philosophy and Aesthetics of Music draws upon both philosophy and musicology in demonstrating how the interpretation of music extends far beyond the scope of conventional theory and analysis.
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Adorno S Aesthetics Of Music

Author : Max Paddison
ISBN : 0521626080
Genre : Music
File Size : 72.95 MB
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An introduction to T. W. Adorno's aesthetics and sociology of music.
Category: Music

Music Language And Cognition

Author : Peter Kivy
ISBN : 9780199217663
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 66.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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No further information has been provided for this title.
Category: Philosophy

Aesthetics And Music

Author : Andy Hamilton
ISBN : 9780826485182
Genre : Music
File Size : 80.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An engaging but sophisticated look at the debates and ideas involved in the aesthetics of music - part of a major new series from Continuum.
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Contemplating Music

Author : Ruth Katz
ISBN : 0945193165
Genre : Music
File Size : 81.64 MB
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The first three volumes of Contemplating Music pinpointed the kinds of issues raised in the course of systematic philosophizing about music. Volume IV, Community of Discourse, attempts to bridge philosophical and sociological issues, without presuming to provide a full panorama of the questions raised in sociological inquiries concerning music. The latter, the compilers believe, deserves separate treatment. Rather, throughout Contemplating Music emphasis is placed on opposing intellectual strands, seeking to make clear their relative primacy in different periods and their possible relationships with other ideas. This volume contains the writings of David Hume, Max Weber, J.W.N. Sullivan, Paul Honigsheim, Walter Benjamin, Theodor W. Adorno, W.A. Zhdanov, John H. Mueller, Leonard B. Meyer, Edward A. Lippman, and Stanley Cavell.
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Music And Humanism

Author : R. A. Sharpe
ISBN : 0198238851
Genre : Music
File Size : 26.17 MB
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The metaphor of music as a language has exerted a deep influence on the way we think about music and the way we hear it: we conceive of music as expressive and as something to be understood. These two ideas underpin the thought that it is a humanist art. Sharpe suggests that Western music may have entered a new period in which the language analogy and the humanist conception are becoming less and less appropriate."--BOOK JACKET.
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Esthetics Of Music

Author : Carl Dahlhaus
ISBN : 0521280079
Genre : Music
File Size : 78.77 MB
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An account of developments in the aesthetics of music from the mid-eighteenth century onwards.
Category: Music

Music Aesthetics

Author : Manorma Sharma
ISBN : 8131300323
Genre : Hindustani music
File Size : 76.20 MB
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In Indian context.
Category: Hindustani music

Music As An Art

Author : Roger Scruton
ISBN : 9781472955708
Genre : Music
File Size : 79.95 MB
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Music as an Art begins by examining music through a philosophical lens, engaging in discussions about tonality, music and the moral life, music and cognitive science and German idealism, as well as recalling the author's struggle to encourage his students to distinguish the qualities of good music. Scruton then explains – via erudite chapters on Schubert, Britten, Rameau, opera and film – how we can develop greater judgement in music, recognising both good taste and bad, establishing musical values, as well as musical pleasures. As Scruton argues in this book, in earlier times, our musical culture had secure foundations in the church, the concert hall and the home; in the ceremonies and celebrations of ordinary life, religion and manners. Yet we no longer live in that world. Fewer people now play instruments and music is, for many, a form of largely solitary enjoyment. As he shows in Music as an Art, we live at a critical time for classical music, and this book is an important contribution to the debate, of which we stand in need, concerning the place of music in Western civilization.
Category: Music

Feminist Aesthetics In Music

Author : Sally Macarthur
ISBN : 0313313202
Genre : Music
File Size : 76.37 MB
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Adapts the resources of contemporary feminist and poststructural theories to forge an original, critical investigation into the processes of gendered subject positions in the social and political practices of music.
Category: Music

The Philosophy Of Rhythm

Author : Peter Cheyne
ISBN : 9780199347773
Genre : Music
File Size : 35.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Rhythm is the fundamental pulse that animates poetry, music, and dance across all cultures. And yet the recent explosion of scholarly interest across disciplines in the aural dimensions of aesthetic experience--particularly in sociology, cultural and media theory, and literary studies--has yet to explore this fundamental category. This book furthers the discussion of rhythm beyond the discrete conceptual domains and technical vocabularies of musicology and prosody. With original essays by philosophers, psychologists, musicians, literary theorists, and ethno-musicologists, The Philosophy of Rhythm opens up wider-and plural-perspectives, examining formal affinities between the historically interconnected fields of music, dance, and poetry, while addressing key concepts such as embodiment, movement, pulse, and performance. Volume editors Peter Cheyne, Andy Hamilton, and Max Paddison bring together a range of key questions: What is the distinction between rhythm and pulse? What is the relationship between everyday embodied experience, and the specific experience of music, dance, and poetry? Can aesthetics offer an understanding of rhythm that helps inform our responses to visual and other arts, as well as music, dance, and poetry? And, what is the relation between psychological conceptions of entrainment, and the humane concept of rhythm and meter? Overall, The Philosophy of Rhythm appeals across disciplinary boundaries, providing a unique overview of a neglected aspect of aesthetic experience.
Category: Music

Myth And Music

Author : Eero Tarasti
ISBN : 9783110808759
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 54.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Music And Aesthetics In The Eighteenth And Early Nineteenth Centuries

Author : Huray Peter Le
ISBN : 0521359015
Genre : Music
File Size : 82.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is an abridged, paperback edition of Peter le Huray and James Day's invaluable anthology of writings concerned with the role of music in eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century aesthetics. This volume retains all the most important and significant items from the original hardcover edition. Over fifty writers are represented here, including such major figures as Rousseau, Kant, Schlegel, Schopenhauer and Hegel, and the useful introductions and biographical details of the original are also retained. The aesthetic literature of the period is profuse but this carefully edited volume offers a balanced selection which illuminates the ways people experienced music and how they came to an understanding in particular of the new music of their day.
Category: Music

Music And The Aesthetics Of Modernity

Author : Reinhold Brinkmann
ISBN : UOM:39015061451574
Genre : Music
File Size : 40.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book encourages a debate over musical modernity; a debate considering the question whether an examination of the history of European art music may enrich our picture of modernity and whether our understanding of music's development may be transformed by insights into the nature of modernity provided by other historical disciplines.
Category: Music

Aesthetics And The Art Of Musical Composition In The German Enlightenment

Author : Johann Georg Sulzer
ISBN : 0521360358
Genre : Music
File Size : 39.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Can an abstract theory of Empfindsamkeit aesthetics have any value to a musician wishing to study composition in the classical style? The eighteenth-century German theorist and pedagogue Heinrich Koch showed how this question could be answered with a resounding yes. Starting with the systematic aesthetic theory of the Swiss encyclopedist Johann Sulzer, Koch was creatively able to adapt Sulzer's conservative ideas on ethical mimesis and rhetoric to concrete problems of music analysis and composition. In this collaborative study, Thomas Christensen and Nancy Baker have translated and analysed selected writings of Sulzer and Koch respectively, bringing to life a little-known confluence of philosophical and musical thought from the German Enlightenment. Koch's appropriation of Sulzer's ideas to the service of music represents an important development in the evolution of Western musical thought.
Category: Music

E T A Hoffmann S Musical Aesthetics

Author : Abigail Chantler
ISBN : 0754607062
Genre : Music
File Size : 47.53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Whilst E.T.A. Hoffmann (1776-1822) is most widely known as the author of fantastic tales, he was also prolific as a music critic, productive as a composer, and active as a conductor. This book examines Hoffmann's aesthetic thought within the broader context of the history of ideas of the late-18th and early-19th centuries, and explores the relationship between his musical aesthetics and compositional practice. The first three chapters consider his ideas about creativity and aesthetic appreciation in relation to the thought of other German romantic theorists, discussing the central tenets of his musical aesthetic - the idea of a 'religion of art', of the composer as a 'genius', and the listener as a 'passive genius'. In particular the relationship between the multifaceted thought of Hoffmann and Friedrich Schleiermacher is explored, providing some insight into the way in which diverse intellectual traditions converged in early-19th-century Germany.
Category: Music