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That S Not My Polar Bear

Author : Fiona Watt
ISBN : 140950445X
Genre : Board books
File Size : 62.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Young readers may touch various surfaces on polar bears that are not the one someone is looking for, until at last the right one appears. On board pages.
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That S Not My Polar Bear

Author : Fiona Watt
ISBN : 1474959040
Genre :
File Size : 75.35 MB
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Celebrate the 20th anniversary of That's not my... with this special edition of That's not my polar bear..., with sparkly holographic edges. Little ones will love touching the textured patches as they meet polar bears with bumpy paws, shiny claws and fluffy tummies. The bright pictures and textures are designed to help sensory and language awareness. Illustrations: Full colour throughout

The Arctic The Inuit And The Polar Bear

Author : Dave Hill
ISBN : 9781483687957
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 66.60 MB
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The Arctic,The Inuit and the Polar Bear,is a account of the most unexpected and incredible experience that I had ever had,living with three Inuits well within the Arctic circle.I became part of their extended family and for three weeks I worked,slept and ate with them,eating Inuit food,which is high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates.I had to adapt to their diet,culture and to twenty four hours of daylight.this was very hard to do as there is no dawn or dusk to indicate the start and finish of each day. None of this was planned,it seemed like fate that I was destined to go,and celebrate my sixtieth birthday in a remote part of the world and if I had learned about it earlier in Life I would have jumped in with both feet at such an opportunity. I learned first hand of how they cope with a complete change in their lifestyle from being a nomadic race to learning to live in the twenty first century by white man's rules.In days gone by they were completely self sufficient but now they have to buy products from the 'south' such as clothes,snowmobiles and white man's food which has not done them any favours and has introduced obesity among other illnesses.They now have to earn money to pay their way in our world,and in their environment it is very difficult to do. The hunt was very difficult and all of us were working over eighteen hours each day and only sleeping when we were exhausted.At first it was difficult to realise that the temperatures were down to minus forty as the sky was blue and the sunshine made it appear warm but if you removed your gloves you could get frostbite within minutes. After a two day journey on snowmobiles pulling our sledges from Arctic Bay to the hunting grounds,we made base camp and from then on we reverted to using the dog sleighs,this was truly unbelievable and was exciting to say the least,it was remarkable how these dogs performed,they did all that their master asked of them and even more.How the could work as hard as they did on the minimum of food astounded me,any other dog would have died. For the first time in my life I was living with true hunters,these guy do it not for sport but for pure necessity,they needed food to survive.They were true masters of their art.At the start of our hunting day we released the dogs from their chains and harnessed them to their sledge in readiness to start our daily routine,which often lasted eighteen hours before we returned to camp and tied the dogs to their chains,where they stayed until the next day. To be free in such a pristine and frozen wilderness and be as one with nature is something that I would love to repeat,it was a remarkable twenty one days,we started from Arctic Bay as three Induits with their client,after two days I was part of the team and returned as close friends,I was now part of their family and will remain so for ever,I can't wait to go back in the summer and learn about how they survive and prepare for the winter to come.
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Moratorium On The Killing Of Polar Bears

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on International Organizations and Movements
ISBN : LOC:00186247826
Genre : Government publications
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Dreaming With Polar Bears

Author : Dawn Baumann Brunke
ISBN : 9781591437635
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 83.31 MB
Format : PDF
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A guide to co-dreaming with animals for personal and planetary evolution • Presents lucid dream encounters with living polar bears and teachings from polar bear spirits • Explores ways to consciously engage with dreams, co-dream with animals through shared awareness, and form human-animal dream relationships • Reveals the role of human-polar bear dreaming in the Earth’s planetary evolution Dreams speak to us on deep levels. Through dreaming we open a gateway to our inner world. Through lucid dreaming we open to conscious interaction with the surroundings, happenings, and living beings within the dreamscape. Over many years, animal communicator Dawn Baumann Brunke dreamed of polar bears. One night, a lucid dream triggered the realization that not only was she dreaming of a living polar bear but also that the polar bear was dreaming of her. Through shared dream encounters, Brunke became adept at connecting with the bear both while asleep and awake. Together, they explored nonphysical locales where lucid dreamers meet to join in consciousness and co-dream together. Recounting the dreams she had with polar bears as well as with a council of spirit bears, Brunke presents techniques she learned to enter shared dreamscapes and form meaningful dream relationships with other species. Brunke also examines how our assumptions about polar bears, or any animal, can teach us about ourselves. As we awaken to the wisdom of our dreams, we begin to heal ourselves and our Earth. Sharing ways to recall dreams and engage lucid dream awareness, Brunke shows how dreamwork can help us forge deeper connections with the natural world and move more consciously in planetary evolution with all beings. Guided by the polar bears in her dreams, the sacred guardians of North Pole evolutionary energy, Brunke reveals how we can each dream ourselves awake and, with animal companions and guides, help dream a new world into being.
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Never Look A Polar Bear In The Eye

Author : Zac Unger
ISBN : 9780306821639
Genre : Nature
File Size : 21.89 MB
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“I like to go out for walks, but it’s a little awkward to push the baby stroller and carry a shotgun at the same time.”—housewife from Churchill, Manitoba Yes, welcome to Churchill, Manitoba. Year-round human population: 943. Yet despite the isolation and the searing cold here at the arctic’s edge, visitors from around the globe flock to the town every fall, driven by a single purpose: to see polar bears in the wild. Churchill is “The Polar Bear Capital of the World,” and for one unforgettable “bear season,” Zac Unger, his wife, and his three children moved from Oakland, California, to make it their temporary home. But they soon discovered that it’s really the polar bears who are at home in Churchill, roaming past the coffee shop on the main drag, peering into garbage cans, languorously scratching their backs against fence posts and front doorways. Where kids in other towns receive admonitions about talking to strangers, Churchill schoolchildren get “Let’s All Be Bear Aware” booklets to bring home. (Lesson number 8: Never explore bad-smelling areas.) Zac Unger takes readers on a spirited and often wildly funny journey to a place as unique as it is remote, a place where natives, tourists, scientists, conservationists, and the most ferocious predators on the planet converge. In the process he becomes embroiled in the controversy surrounding “polar bear science”—and finds out that some of what we’ve been led to believe about the bears’ imminent extinction may not be quite the case. But mostly what he learns is about human behavior in extreme situations . . . and also why you should never even think of looking a polar bear in the eye.
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Polar Bears

Author : Ian Stirling
ISBN : 047208108X
Genre : Nature
File Size : 51.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Describes the characteristics and behavior of the polar bear, explains how scientists study them, and discuss conservation and interaction with humans
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The Polar Bears Are Hungry

Author : Carol Carrick
ISBN : 9780547562940
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 42.51 MB
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In the second collaboration of the mother-and-son team that created Mothers Are Like That, two cubs are born to a polar bear. Mother bear teaches her cubs how to swim and hunt seals. But when the ice melts earlier than usual—the result of a changing climate—there is not enough food to keep her milk rich or to feed her cubs. Emboldened by hunger, the bears venture into human territory, where they are captured and caged in a special jail for bears until winter returns and the ice forms once more. Then the bears are released to hunt again on the shifting floes of the Arctic. This lyrical story of a mother and her babies is beautifully illustrated and based on fact. It includes a detailed afterword on the effects of global warming on polar bears.
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How To Ride A Polar Bear

Author : Caryl Hart
ISBN : 9781471162923
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 21.64 MB
Format : PDF
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When Albie and his mum go to the museum, Albie has no idea what is in store for him. He know that museums are fusty and dusty and full of smelly things, but what he doesn't expect are igloos, wolves and a real life polar bear... Join Albie on a brand new adventure in this brilliant book by the bestselling author and illustrator pairing Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves! Going to the museum has never been so much fun! 'Hart is a rising picture book star.' The Bookseller Praise for How to Grow a Dinosaur: 'A pre-school crowd pleaser with a dinosaur battle to boot.' The Bookseller 'Full of fun and packed with bold colourful pictures, this action-packed story will really appeal to children and is a great way to extend their imaginations.' Parents in Touch
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