Test And Evaluation Of Complex Systems

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Test And Evaluation Of Complex Systems

Author : Matthew T. Reynolds
ISBN : UOM:39015038544980
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Format : PDF
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Is it functional? Is it safe? Is it rigorous? Is it detrimental? Over the last two decades Test and Evaluation (T&E) techniques have evolved in response to the increasing complexity and interdependency of systems. The safe and proper operation of the complex systems and consumer products used in energy, transportation, electronics and communications, can no longer be realized without a formalized T&E program. Features include: Easy-to-understand guide to the seven Best Practices for planning an effective T&E program A useful model of the T&E Engineering process T&E of computer programs, Modelling and Simulation, Operational T&E and Interoperability T&E Case studies from both governmental and commercial sectors T&E resources world-wide including the addresses of local T&E chapters Purposely written with the priorities of you the program manager and systems engineer in mind. This book masterfully captures the basic principles of T&E, specifically applying them to a variety of industries. Test and Evaluation of Complex Systems forms part of the Wiley Series in Measurement Science and Technology. Chief Editor: Peter Sydenham Australian Centre for Test and Evaluation, University of South Australia. This series was founded to coincide with the recognition of measurement science and instrument technology as fields with their own scholarship and techniques.
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Verification And Validation Of Complex Systems Human Factors Issues

Author : John A. Wise
ISBN : 9783662029336
Genre : Computers
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Despite its increasing importance, the verification and validation of the human-machine interface is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of system development. Although much has been written about the design and developmentprocess, very little organized information is available on how to verifyand validate highly complex and highly coupled dynamic systems. Inability toevaluate such systems adequately may become the limiting factor in our ability to employ systems that our technology and knowledge allow us to design. This volume, based on a NATO Advanced Science Institute held in 1992, is designed to provide guidance for the verification and validation of all highly complex and coupled systems. Air traffic control isused an an example to ensure that the theory is described in terms that will allow its implementation, but the results can be applied to all complex and coupled systems. The volume presents the knowledge and theory ina format that will allow readers from a wide variety of backgrounds to apply it to the systems for which they are responsible. The emphasis is on domains where significant advances have been made in the methods of identifying potential problems and in new testing methods and tools. Also emphasized are techniques to identify the assumptions on which a system is built and to spot their weaknesses.
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Two Phase Flow In Complex Systems

Author : Salomon Levy
ISBN : 0471329673
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The first comprehensive, real-world look at two-phase flow systems-from one of the world's leading authorities on the subject. From his early works in the area of heat transfer research on boundary layer flows and two-phase flows to his role as one of the lead consultants following the Three Mile Island accident, internationally renowned engineer Salomon Levy has achieved an ideal balance of theory and practice in his engineering career. In Two-Phase Flow in Complex Systems, Dr. Levy's newest book, he draws on this breadth of experience to examine these systems in the real world. Two-Phase Flow in Complex Systems offers a unique look at two-phase flow phenomena (primarily gas and liquid) in a variety of systems, from water reactors to the global climate system. Focusing on the interaction and simultaneous behavior of all the components in a system, the book's approach departs significantly from conventional texts, which emphasize modeling of separate phenomena. The book begins with the formulation of an integrated program of experiments and analytical tools, and describes experimental aspects-specifically the scaling of test facilities-essential to representing the critical elements of the behavior of complex systems. Subsequent chapters: * Discuss system computer codes for predicting system behavior during transients and accidents. * Examine flow pattern maps and flow pattern models. * Describe typical limiting phenomena known to impact the safety and cost of complex systems (including countercurrent limiting conditions and critical or choking flow). The book also illustrates how the analysis used in understanding the dynamics of a nuclear power system can be applied to the entire global climate system, including the phenomenon of global warming.
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Improved Operational Testing And Evaluation And Methods Of Combining Test Information For The Stryker Family Of Vehicles And Related Army Systems

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 9780309091022
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 63.96 MB
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The U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) is responsible for the operational testing and evaluation of Army systems in development. ATEC requested that the National Research Council form the Panel on Operational Test Design and Evaluation of the Interim Armored Vehicle (Stryker). The charge to this panel was to explore three issues concerning the IOT plans for the Stryker/SBCT. First, the panel was asked to examine the measures selected to assess the performance and effectiveness of the Stryker/SBCT in comparison both to requirements and to the baseline system. Second, the panel was asked to review the test design for the Stryker/SBCT initial operational test to see whether it is consistent with best practices. Third, the panel was asked to identify the advantages and disadvantages of techniques for combining operational test data with data from other sources and types of use. In a previous report (appended to the current report) the panel presented findings, conclusions, and recommendations pertaining to the first two issues: measures of performance and effectiveness, and test design. In the current report, the panel discusses techniques for combining information.
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History Of Operations Research In The United States Army V 3 1973 1995

Author :
ISBN : 0160872367
Genre : Business & Economics
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The new science of operations research played an important role in the winning of World War II and must be reckoned with the other major scientific discoveries of that era--radar, sonar, rockets and guided missiles, the proximity fuse, and the atomic bomb. In the ensuing half-century, ORSA techniques have been applied to the solution of a broad range of complex problems, and Army leaders have come to rely on ORSA analysts to assist them in the development of weapons, organization, tactics, training, management, and indeed all the fields of military endeavor. The success achieved by Army ORSA managers and analysts in their appointed task is amply demonstrated by the rapid buildup of forces in the Persian Gulf in 1990-1991 and the victory of U.S. and allied forces in the 100-hour ground war against Iraqi forces that followed in February 1991. That victory was the product of nearly fifty years of steady progress in the application of operations research/systems analysis to Army decision making.
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Systems Engineering Principles And Practice

Author : Alexander Kossiakoff
ISBN : 9781119516668
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 42.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A comprehensive and interdisciplinary guide to systems engineering Systems Engineering: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition is the leading interdisciplinary reference for systems engineers. The up-to-date third edition provides readers with discussions of model-based systems engineering, requirements analysis, engineering design, and software design. Freshly updated governmental and commercial standards, architectures, and processes are covered in-depth. The book includes newly updated topics on: · Risk · Prototyping · Modeling and simulation · Software/computer systems engineering Examples and exercises appear throughout the text, allowing the reader to gauge their level of retention and learning. Systems Engineering: Principles and Practice was and remains the standard textbook used worldwide for the study of traditional systems engineering. The material is organized in a manner that allows for quick absorption of industry best practices and methods. Throughout the book, best practices and relevant alternatives are discussed and compared, encouraging the reader to think through various methods like a practicing systems engineer.
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Systems Modeling And Simulation

Author : Koji Koyamada
ISBN : 9784431490227
Genre : Computers
File Size : 69.14 MB
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The Asia Simulation Conference 2006 (JSST 2006) was aimed at exploring challenges in methodologies for modeling, control and computation in simu lation, and their applications in social, economic, and financial fields as well as established scientific and engineering solutions. The conference was held in Tokyo from October 30 to November 1, 2006, and included keynote speeches presented by technology and industry leaders, technical sessions, organized sessions, poster sessions, and vendor exhibits. It was the seventh annual inter national conference on system simulation and scientific computing, which is organized by the Japan Society for Simulation Technology (JSST), the Chi nese Association for System Simulation (CASS), and the Korea Society for Simulation (KSS). For the conference, all submitted papers were refereed by the international technical program committee, each paper receiving at least two independent reviews. After careful reviews by the committee, 65 papers from 143 submis sions were selected for oral presentation. This volume includes the keynote speakers' papers along with the papers presented at the oral sessions and the organized sessions. As a result, we are publishing 87 papers for the conference in this volume. In addition to the scientific tracts presented, the conference featured keynote presentations by five invited speakers. We are grateful to them for accepting our invitation and for their presentations. We also would like to express our gratitude to all contributors, reviewers, technical program conmiittee members, and organizing committee members who made the conference very successful.
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Statistics Testing And Defense Acquisition

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 0309184088
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The Panel on Statistical Methods for Testing and Evaluating Defense Systems had a broad mandate-to examine the use of statistics in conjunction with defense testing. This involved examining methods for software testing, reliability test planning and estimation, validation of modeling and simulation, and use of modem techniques for experimental design. Given the breadth of these areas, including the great variety of applications and special issues that arise, making a contribution in each of these areas required that the Panel's work and recommendations be at a relatively general level. However, a variety of more specific research issues were either brought to the Panel's attention by members of the test and acquisition community, e.g., what was referred to as Dubin's challenge (addressed in the Panel's interim report), or were identified by members of the panel. In many of these cases the panel thought that a more in-depth analysis or a more detailed application of suggestions or recommendations made by the Panel would either be useful as input to its deliberations or could be used to help communicate more individual views of members of the Panel to the defense test community. This resulted in several research efforts. Given various criteria, especially immediate relevance to the test and acquisition community, the Panel has decided to make available three technical or background papers, each authored by a Panel member jointly with a colleague. These papers are individual contributions and are not a consensus product of the Panel; however, the Panel has drawn from these papers in preparation of its final report: Statistics, Testing, and Defense Acquisition. The Panel has found each of these papers to be extremely useful and they are strongly recommended to readers of the Panel's final report.
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Directory Of Federal Laboratory And Technology Resources

Author :
ISBN : 9780788101915
Genre :
File Size : 20.37 MB
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Describes the individual capabilities of each of 1,900 unique resources in the federal laboratory system, and provides the name and phone number of each contact. Includes government laboratories, research centers, testing facilities, and special technology information centers. Also includes a list of all federal laboratory technology transfer offices. Organized into 72 subject areas. Detailed indices.

Test And Evaluation Of Biological Standoff Detection Systems

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 9780309114431
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 28.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A biological warfare agent (BWA) is a microorganism, or a toxin derived from a living organism, that causes disease in humans, plants, or animals or that causes the deterioration of material. The effectiveness of a BWA is greatly reduced if the attack is detected in time for the target population to take appropriate defensive measures. Therefore, the ability to detect a BWA, in particular to detect it before the target population is exposed, will be a valuable asset to defense against biological attacks. The ideal detection system will have quick response and be able to detect a threat plume at a distance from the target population. The development of reliable biological standoff detection systems, therefore, is a key goal. However, testing biological standoff detection systems is difficult because open-air field tests with BWAs are not permitted under international conventions and because the wide variety of environments in which detectors might be used may affect their performance. This book explores the question of how to determine whether or not a biological standoff detection system fulfills its mission reliably if we cannot conduct open-air field tests with live BWAs.
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Decision Making In Systems Engineering And Management

Author : Gregory S. Parnell
ISBN : 9780470934715
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 46.55 MB
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Decision Making in Systems Engineering and Management is a comprehensive textbook that provides a logical process and analytical techniques for fact-based decision making for the most challenging systems problems. Grounded in systems thinking and based on sound systems engineering principles, the systems decisions process (SDP) leverages multiple objective decision analysis, multiple attribute value theory, and value-focused thinking to define the problem, measure stakeholder value, design creative solutions, explore the decision trade off space in the presence of uncertainty, and structure successful solution implementation. In addition to classical systems engineering problems, this approach has been successfully applied to a wide range of challenges including personnel recruiting, retention, and management; strategic policy analysis; facilities design and management; resource allocation; information assurance; security systems design; and other settings whose structure can be conceptualized as a system.
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Proceedings Of The Ninth International Conference On Dependability And Complex Systems Depcos Relcomex June 30 July 4 2014 Brun W Poland

Author : Wojciech Zamojski
ISBN : 9783319070131
Genre : Computers
File Size : 79.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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DepCoS – RELCOMEX is an annual series of conferences organized by Wrocław University of Technology to promote a comprehensive approach to evaluation of system performability which is now commonly called dependability. In contrast to classic analyses which were concentrated on reliability of technical resources and structures built from them, dependability is based on multi-disciplinary approach to theory, technology and maintenance of a system considered to be a multifaceted amalgamation of technical, information, organization, software and human (users, administrators, supervisors, etc.) resources. Diversity of processes being realized (data processing, system management, system monitoring, etc.), their concurrency and their reliance on in-system intelligence often severely impedes construction of strict mathematical models and calls for application of intelligent and soft computing methods. This book presents the proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Dependability and Complex Systems DepCoS-RELCOMEX, which took place in Brunów Palace, Poland, from 30th June to 4th July, 2014. The articles selected for this volume illustrate the variety of topics that must be included in system dependability analysis: tools, methodologies and standards for modelling, design and simulation of the systems, security and confidentiality in information processing, specific issues of heterogeneous, today often wireless, computer networks or management of transportation networks.
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Usability Of Complex Information Systems

Author : Michael Albers
ISBN : 1439828954
Genre : Computers
File Size : 79.51 MB
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Why do enterprise systems have complicated search pages, when Google has a single search box that works better? Why struggle with an expense reimbursement system that is not as easy as home accounting software? Although this seems like comparing apples to oranges, as information and communication technologies increasingly reach into every industry the demand for easy-to-use work tools continues to grow. An exploration of cutting-edge approaches for evaluating the usability of complex user interaction, Usability of Complex Information Systems: Evaluation of User Interaction focuses on improving design and communicating content to the end user. The book continues the conversation about the evolution of usability, asking how we can design and evaluate these complex systems and the complex work they support. It describes and analyzes approaches to teaching, testing, analyzing, or managing usability studies—approaches that involve technical communicators making novel contributions to how we think about and evaluate increasingly complex systems. The book contains case studies on different types of complexity, including: A complex work environment, requiring collaboration among different people or a goal sustained over time, and often in the face of distractions, interruptions, and planned pauses A complex information context, one with no single answer, where the data changes dynamically or where the best answer may rely on other aspects of a fluid environment A complex technology, in which people use many different applications in their work and collaboration A complex topic, requiring advanced technical or domain knowledge Even systems that seem simple are, in fact, complex. The shopping interface for an e-commerce system may not be complex, but the databases, business processes, and logistics behind it certainly are. The examination of different aspects of designing and examining complexity presented in this book brings you a step further in developing a deeper understanding of what it takes to make complex systems work.
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Aquatic Toxicology And Risk Assessment

Author : Wayne G. Landis
ISBN : 0803114605
Genre : Aquatic animals
File Size : 37.59 MB
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The latest volume in the series on aquatic toxicology reflects the increasing emphasis on the development of new techniques to examine the molecular and cellular effects of toxicants. The 25 papers provide information on sediment toxicity and bioavailability, comparative toxicity and mechanisms, sub
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Mathematical Techniques In Multisensor Data Fusion

Author : David Lee Hall
ISBN : 1580533353
Genre : Computers
File Size : 75.80 MB
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Since the publication of the first edition of this book, advances in algorithms, logic and software tools have transformed the field of data fusion. The latest edition covers these areas as well as smart agents, human computer interaction, cognitive aides to analysis and data system fusion control. data fusion system, this book guides you through the process of determining the trade-offs among competing data fusion algorithms, selecting commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools, and understanding when data fusion improves systems processing. Completely new chapters in this second edition explain data fusion system control, DARPA's recently developed TRIP model, and the latest applications of data fusion in data warehousing and medical equipment, as well as defence systems.
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Testing Of Software And Communicating Systems

Author : Kenji Suzuki
ISBN : 9783540685142
Genre : Computers
File Size : 77.69 MB
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Germany (2001); Sophia Antipolis, France (2002); Oxford, UK (2004); Montr´ eal, Canada (2005); New York, USA (2006) and Tallinn, Estonia (2007).
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