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The Study Of Temperament

Author : Robert Plomin
ISBN : 9781134929467
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 81.51 MB
Format : PDF
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First Published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Category: Psychology

Temperament Your Spiritual Dna Your Master Key To Living In Significance

Author : Phyllis Pole Carter
ISBN : 9780595337392
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 69.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Temperament: Your Spiritual DNA. Personality is acquired, but Temperament is how we are wired. Temperament is our "Spiritual imprinting". The God gene that determines how we respond to every situation in our lives. This book integrates the spiritual with the psychological and emotional, fascinating reading for those interested in learning indepthly about themselves. Spiritual knowledge is power and self-knowledge is empowering. This book contains both; it is a tool, which enables the reader to unveil many of the mysteries of life and an opportunity to see themselves within its pages with answers.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


Author : Stella Chess
ISBN : 9781135062521
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 73.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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First published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Category: Psychology


Author : Diana Wright Guerin
ISBN : 9781461501756
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 35.72 MB
Format : PDF
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The Fullerton Longitudinal Study, launched in 1979, chronicled the development of over 100 children and their families from the children's first birthday through their high school completion using a cross-informant/cross-context methodology. In this volume, the developmental course and sequelae of children's temperament from age 1.5 years through high school completion are documented. It is an important resource for developmental researchers, clinicians, educators, and students.
Category: Psychology


Author : Jan Strelau
ISBN : 9780306459450
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 32.65 MB
Format : PDF
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Presents theories and basic findings in the fields of temperament from a broad international and interdisciplinary perspective.
Category: Psychology

Essentials Of Temperament Assessment

Author : Diana Joyce
ISBN : 0470594047
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 74.81 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Quickly acquire the knowledge and skills you need to effectively conduct a comprehensive temperament assessment Understanding temperament has the potential to better inform treatment and intervention choices as well as promote awareness for qualities that are somewhat malleable. Essentials of Temperament Assessment presents balanced coverage of those instruments that directly measure temperament qualities in adults and children. This guide enables mental health professionals to select the method that best fits the situations, groups of people, and programs that are involved. With an overview of clinical applications of temperament assessments, Essentials of Temperament Assessment gathers as many resources as possible to enable professionals to make their own judgment about the most appropriate temperament assessments, including: New York Longitudinal Scales Adult Temperament Questionnaire (ATQ) Carey Temperament Scales (CTS) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Student Styles Questionnaire (SSQ) Like all the volumes in the Essentials of Psychological Assessment series, this book is designed to help busy mental health professionals, and those in training, quickly acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make optimal use of major psychological assessment instruments. Each concise chapter features numerous callout boxes highlighting key concepts, bulleted points, and extensive illustrative material, as well as test questions that help you gauge and reinforce your grasp of the information covered. Offering a myriad of ways to assess temperament, Essentials of Temperament Assessment arms professionals with the most appropriate technique or combination of techniques for their particular temperament assessment purposes.
Category: Psychology

Tuning And Temperament

Author : J. Murray Barbour
ISBN : 9780486317359
Genre : Music
File Size : 35.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The demands of tuning (attaining the perfect scale) and temperament (the compromises necessary for composing in every key) have challenged musicians from the earliest civilizations onward. This guide surveys these longstanding problems, devoting a chapter to each principal theory and offering a running account of the complete history of tuning and temperament. Organized chronologically, the book features a helpful glossary and numerous illustrative tables, and it requires minimal background in music theory. This new reissue is currently the only edition in print of a much-quoted classic. 9 figures. 180 tables.
Category: Music

Temperament Astrology S Forgotten Key

Author : Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum
ISBN : 9781902405179
Genre : Astrology
File Size : 32.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The author gives a full history of the origins of temperament in astrology, then shows clearly and succinctly how readers can work to assess temperaments themselves. Copious case histories support her technique.
Category: Astrology

Temperament In Clinical Practice

Author : Stella Chess
ISBN : 089862813X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 61.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book offers a realistic and eminently practical understanding of the role temperament plays in development. The combination of wisdom, common sense, and concrete clinical strategies found in these pages will prove invaluable to psychiatric and health professionals, teachers, and special educators. It also serves as a benchmark text for advanced courses in child psychology and psychiatry.
Category: Psychology

Understand Your Temperament

Author : Gilbert Childs
ISBN : 1855840251
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 82.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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How can we better understand ourselves and others? The classical concept of the four temperaments--the four personality types characterized as the fiery choleric, the airy sanguine, the watery phlegmatic and the earthy melancholic--has been revered by many significant thinkers over the ages. In a refreshing treatment, Dr. Childs demonstrates that this ancient doctrine remains relevant to our modern lives. He shows how we can recognize the temperaments in others, as well as in ourselves, and how to understand the ways in which they function. Understanding their influences can boost personal development and help improve interpersonal relationships. Conversational in tone and easily digestible, this book features fascinating discussions of the relationships between adults of various temperaments. Childs reviews matters of compatibility in partnership, family and workplace situations, liberally spicing his commentary with amusing examples of likely scenarios. He investigates the origins and manifestations of the temperaments in both their psychological and physiological aspects. Also included is a section on the temperaments of children, along with helpful and practical advice on dealing with individual issues.
Category: Psychology


Author : Stuart Isacoff
ISBN : 9780307560513
Genre : Music
File Size : 35.61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Few music lovers realize that the arrangement of notes on today’s pianos was once regarded as a crime against God and nature, or that such legendary thinkers as Pythagoras, Plato, da Vinci, Galileo, Kepler, Descartes, Newton and Rousseau played a role in the controversy. Indeed, from the time of the Ancient Greeks through the eras of Renaissance scientists and Enlightenment philosophers, the relationship between the notes of the musical scale was seen as a key to the very nature of the universe. In this engaging and accessible account, Stuart Isacoff leads us through the battles over that scale, placing them in the context of quarrels in the worlds of art, philosophy, religion, politics and science. The contentious adoption of the modern tuning system known as equal temperament called into question beliefs that had lasted nearly two millenia–and also made possible the music of Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Debussy, and all who followed. Filled with original insights, fascinating anecdotes, and portraits of some of the greatest geniuses of all time, Temperament is that rare book that will delight the novice and expert alike.
Category: Music

How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony And Why You Should Care

Author : Ross W. Duffin
ISBN : 0393075648
Genre : Music
File Size : 84.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"A fascinating and genuinely accessible guide....Educating, enjoyable, and delightfully unscary."—Classical Music What if Bach and Mozart heard richer, more dramatic chords than we hear in music today? What sonorities and moods have we lost in playing music in "equal temperament"—the equal division of the octave into twelve notes that has become our standard tuning method? Thanks to How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony, "we may soon be able to hear for ourselves what Beethoven really meant when he called B minor 'black'" (Wall Street Journal).In this "comprehensive plea for more variety in tuning methods" (Kirkus Reviews), Ross W. Duffin presents "a serious and well-argued case" (Goldberg Magazine) that "should make any contemporary musician think differently about tuning" (Saturday Guardian). Some images in the ebook are not displayed owing to permissions issues.
Category: Music

The Long Shadow Of Temperament

Author : Jerome Kagan
ISBN : 0674039262
File Size : 84.23 MB
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"Identifying two extreme temperamental types in very young babies - high-reactive and low-reactive - Kagan and his colleagues returned to these children as adolescents. One of the infant temperaments predicted a cautious, inhibited personality in early childhood and a dour, anxious mood in adolescence. The other temperamental bias predicted a bold, uninhibited childhood personality and an exuberant, sanguine mood in adolescence. These personalities were matched by different biological properties." "In a masterly summary of their wide-ranging exploration, Kagan and Snidman conclude that these two temperaments are the result of inherited biologies probably rooted in the differential excitability of particular brain structures. Through the authors appreciate that temperamental tendencies can be modified by experience, this compelling work reveals the long shadow that temperament can cast over psychological development."--Jacket.

Personality And Temperament In Nonhuman Primates

Author : Alexander Weiss
ISBN : 1461401763
Genre : Science
File Size : 39.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Recently, there has been an increased interest in research on personality, temperament, and behavioral syndromes (henceforth to be referred to as personality) in nonhuman primates and other animals. This follows, in part, from a general interest in the subject matter and the realization that individual differences, once consigned to ‘error’ terms in statistical analyses, are potentially important predictors, moderators, and mediators of a wide variety of outcomes ranging from the results of experiments to health to enrichment programs. Unfortunately, while there is a burgeoning interest in the subject matter, findings have been reported in a diverse number of journals and most of the methodological and statistical approaches were developed in research on human personality. The proposed volume seeks to gather submissions from a variety of specialists in research on individual differences in primate temperament, personality, or behavioral syndromes. We anticipate that chapters will cover several areas. The first part of this edited volume will focus on methodological considerations including the advantages and disadvantages of different means of assessing these constructs in primates and introduce some statistical approaches that have typically been the domain of human personality research. Another part of this edited volume will focus on present findings including the physiological and genetic bases of personality dimensions in primates; the relationship between personality and age; how personality may moderate or impact various outcomes including behavior, health, and well-being in captive and non-captive environments. For the third part of the volume we hope to obtain summaries of the existing work of the authors on the evolutionary important of personality dimensions and guideposts for future directions in this new and exciting area of research.
Category: Science

Temperament In Context

Author : Theodore D. Wachs
ISBN : 9781135676711
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 78.68 MB
Format : PDF
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Although the importance of context has been emphasized by temperament researchers, until now there has been remarkably little systematic research on the unique role specific aspects of context play in the development and impact of temperament. The goal of this volume is to systematize current knowledge and theory on the role played by specific aspects of context in the etiology, expression, and influence of temperament, particularly for those aspects of temperament that are most likely to relate to later personality traits. Reflecting the editors' view that the interface between temperament and context is a bidirectional phenomenon, this volume focuses on two broad issues: 1) How does context moderate the expression, continuity, or consequences of individual differences in introversion-extraversion, sociability, emotionality, and inhibition (the I-ESEI family of traits)? 2) How do individual differences in the I-ESEI family of traits moderate the nature of characteristics of the individual's context? By bringing together outstanding international researchers who present their current research and theories, the editors systematize research contributions in the domain of contextual contributions to the I-ESIA family of traits and set the agenda for future research directions. Appropriate for use by scholars and practitioners in developmental science and family studies.
Category: Psychology

Handbook Of Temperament

Author : Marcel Zentner
ISBN : 9781462506484
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 80.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Timely and authoritative, this unique handbook explores the breadth of current knowledge on temperament, from foundational theory and research to clinical applications. Leaders in the field examine basic temperament traits, assessment methods, and what brain imaging and molecular genetics reveal about temperament's biological underpinnings. The book considers the pivotal role of temperament in parent?child interactions, attachment, peer relationships, and the development of adolescent and adult personality and psychopathology. Innovative psychological and educational interventions that take temperament into account are reviewed. Integrative in scope, the volume features extensive cross-referencing among chapters and a forward-looking summary chapter.
Category: Psychology

Quick Guide To The Four Temperaments And Learning

Author : Donna Dunning
ISBN : 0971214484
Genre : Learning
File Size : 39.49 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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“Using interactive checklists, you will identify your learning style and preferences. Tips customized to your learning style will help you choose what, when, how and where to learn. ... You will see how to adapt to different learning settings, especially those that don't suit your preferences. Leaders, coaches, trainers, and teachers will find practical tips for customizing and enhancing their interventions.” - cover.
Category: Learning

Spirit Controlled Temperament

Author : Tim LaHaye
ISBN : 9781414328164
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35.88 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A superb treatment of the basic human temperaments and how God can use them, now revised with new chapters and questions for group study.
Category: Religion

Pastoring The Temperament

Author : Dr. Selvyn M. Sewell
ISBN : 9781469101781
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 82.72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Jesus declared that His mission was to heal the brokenhearted, deliver the captives and liberate the oppressed. He also declared that we would be judged based upon our care for those who were in need. Pastoring the temperament is a book designed to help Christians understand how to care for people. By understanding their temperament traits, the Pastor and Counselor can better understand their weaknesses and strengths. Our emotional and spiritual needs are influenced by our Temperament. We respond to the call of God and the power of the holy sprit in different ways because of this influence. Individuals express and respond to persons and situations based upon their temperament predispositions. This book will open the eyes of its readers to a better understanding of themselves and others. It will also help the readers understand how to please God, and help others to do the same.
Category: Psychology

Temperament Based Elementary Classroom Management

Author : Sandee Graham McClowry
ISBN : 9781475809442
Genre : Education
File Size : 82.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An alternative framework, presented in this book, asserts that teachers need to incorporate knowledge about temperament into their strategies for classroom management. As studies have demonstrated, targeted temperament-based strategies succeed where global disciplinary practices have failed. Because students differ in their temperaments, variations in classroom behavior are to be expected.
Category: Education