Teacher Preparation In Australia

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Teacher Preparation In Australia

Author : Thomas O'Donoghue
ISBN : 9781787439740
Genre : Education
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The book is a study of teacher preparation policy and practice in Australia from the establishment of the first colony there in 1788, to the present day. It will highlight, within an international context, how the focus of preparation moved through the following five interrelated and overlapping phases.
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Teacher Preparation In Australia

Author : Bernard Keith Hyams
ISBN : UOM:39015030524980
Genre : Teachers
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L'influence de l'Angleterre sur le système originel. Les transformations de la formation pédagogique entre 1880 et la première guerre mondiale. L'expansion et l'ascendant des écoles normales.
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Report Of The National Inquiry Into Teacher Education

Author : National Inquiry into Teacher Education (Australia)
ISBN : UOM:39015030524972
Genre : Education
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Includes recommendations for support of Aboriginal teacher trainees, teacher aids; consultation with Aboriginal consultative groups; Aboriginal studies courses for non -Aboriginal teachers.
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Teacher Education

Author : Robyn Brandenburg
ISBN : 9789811007859
Genre : Education
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This book, an inaugural publication from the Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA), Teacher Education: Innovation, Intervention and Impact is both a product of, and seeks to contribute to, the changing global and political times in teacher education research. This book marks an historically significant shift in the collective work and outreach of the Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) as it endeavours to become an even more active contributor to a research-rich foundation for initial teacher education and to a research-informed teaching profession. The book showcases teacher education research and scholarship from a wide range of institutional collaborations across Australia. Studies highlight the multiple ways in which teacher education researchers are engaging with students, teachers, schools and communities to best prepare future teachers. It informs both teacher education policy and practice and is ‘a must read’ for those engaged in the education community. Above all it marks a shift for teacher educators to build a research rich teaching profession.
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Policy And Politics In Teacher Education

Author : John Furlong
ISBN : 9781317990123
Genre : Education
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During the last 20 years, governments around the world have paid increasing attention to the recruitment, preparation, and retention of teachers. Teacher supply and teacher quality have become significant policy issues, taken up by policy-makers at the highest levels. This is because teachers are now seen by many governments as the ‘lynch-pin’ of educational, economic and social reform. This volume grew out of a recognition by the Editors of the growing significance of teacher education policy and a curiosity about international trends and differences. The book brings together nine papers from leading academics around the world: from the UK (England and Scotland), the USA, Australia, Singapore and Belgium, plus a joint paper comparing Namibia and the USA. Taken together, the papers reveal the complexities and contradictions of international trends. On the one hand, they demonstrate that there is indeed a common direction of travel along the lines encouraged by international bodies such as the OECD. At the same time however, the papers also reveal important differences among countries in terms of how they are addressing common aspirations as well as some apparent contradictions within the policies of individual nations. This book was based on the special issue of Teachers and Teaching.
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Teacher Education Policy And Practice

Author : Joce Nuttall
ISBN : 9789811041334
Genre : Education
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This volume addresses both 'evidence of impact' and 'impact of evidence' to reveal the complex dialogue between the enterprise of teacher education and evidence of its effects in the early 21st century, taking a critical position on the very notions of 'evidence' and 'impact' that underpin contemporary policy frameworks. Teacher education programs in Australia and internationally are challenged by contemporary policy frameworks to demonstrate evidence of the impact they have on the capacity of graduating teachers to act with confidence and competence in school and early childhood education classrooms. At the same time, the field of teacher education is increasingly working to build a robust platform of research evidence that speaks to these policy frameworks and to broader issues concerning the role of teaching and teacher education in society.
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Science Teacher Education

Author : Sandra K. Abell
ISBN : 1402002726
Genre : Science
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Analysis of past developments in teacher education in Pakistan has shown that substantial progress has been made in this field. It has, however, been pointed out that education of science teachers still needs much improvement. At the present, there is an emergent need to meet the shortage of qualified science teachers and at the same time to bring qualitative improvements in the courses offered in teacher education institutions. First, we recommend that the 1-year duration of teacher preparation is grossly inadequate for all teaching courses, and should be lengthened, and the qualifications for entrance be increased. We believe that teaching must be made a graduate profession. For example, the basic qualification of primary school teachers for admission to teacher education institution should be increased. We recommend that PTC should be made a 12 + 2 year program. Similarly, CT, 12 + 3; B. Ed. , 14 + 2; B. S. Ed. , 12 + 4; M. A. Ed. , 14 + 3; and M. Ed. one year after B. Ed. or B. S. Ed. Secondly, we think the quality of instruction in teacher preparation programs should be improved. Most teachers in the teacher preparation institutions use the lecture method most of the time. Prospective teachers behave like passive listeners to their teachers. They do not participate in the teaching/ learning process. Some instructors even dictate their notes to the preservice teachers. When the teachers join schools, they behave the same way.
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Tertiary Education In Australia

Author : Australia. Committee on the Future of Tertiary Education in Australia
ISBN : STANFORD:36105003536831
Genre : Education
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Teacher Education Around The World

Author : Linda Darling-Hammond
ISBN : 9781136729966
Genre : Education
File Size : 33.11 MB
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Teachers are the most important single element of the education system but what does it take to create high quality teachers in today’s world? Around the world, countries are struggling to understand how to change their schools to meet global demands. International comparisons have shown that schools in Finland lead the league tables, but why is this, what new policies and practices in teacher education have they developed and how do they support the changes? A number of European and Asian countries also top the list when it comes to providing high quality teacher education, but there is little information about what and how they are doing the work and how they have made changes. The leading international contributors to this book describe the systemic policies and practices of teacher education in eight high-achieving countries and how they are dealing with teacher quality, equity, and the changing global society. Among the countries that are doing well – Finland, Singapore, the Netherlands, the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and the USA – there is an interesting diversity of policies and practices that support their changes in education, including: emphasis on the preparation, induction, support and assessment of new teachers focus on teacher retention, teachers’ professional knowledge and continuing professional development curriculum change and critical policies. In addition the chapters highlight the local cultural imperatives that influence and shape the preparation of quality teachers and make change both possible and problematic. Teacher Education Around the World examines what can be learned from the different countries, what policies and practices seem transferable; and which seem embedded in the particulars of the culture of the country. It describe themes that cut across all the countries, documenting not only what they are, but how the countries go about supporting and sustaining changes in teacher education. This book will prove itself an absolute essential for all those involved in teacher education, teaching and educational policy.
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Teacher Education In Australia

Author : Australian Education Council. Working Party on Teacher Education
ISBN : OSU:32435031815947
Genre : Teachers
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Innovation In Teacher Education

Author : C. Turney
ISBN : UCAL:B5015737
Genre : Educational innovations
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Après un chapitre sur les tendances de l'innovation en matière de formation pédagogique des enseignants aux Etats Unis, au Canada, en Angleterre, l'auteur concentre son étude sur des cas concrets d'innovation en Australie (programmes d'auto-instruction, situations simulées, écoles "laboratoire à l'intérieur du Collège etc ...).
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Australian Teachers

Author : Andrew David Spaull
ISBN : 0333229657
Genre : Education
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Australian Early Childhood Teaching Programs

Author : Wendy Boyd
ISBN : 9789811558375
Genre : Education
File Size : 58.13 MB
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This book examines the approaches, content and design, and practices of current early childhood teacher preparation programs in universities across Australia, and compares them with those in Finland, Norway and Sweden. It is well established that investment in good quality early childhood education yields the best outcomes for children, and that there is significant correlation between quality early childhood learning environments and qualified teachers. As such, this book offers key insights into academic approaches to the design, implementation and assessment of early childhood teacher programs, and how these programs are shaped in response to requirements and constraints, both within the university context and beyond. This book provides a focus to inform future practice for decision-makers of early childhood teacher policy; researchers interested in improving the quality and status of early childhood education; and assessors of early childhood teacher programs.
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A Companion To Research In Teacher Education

Author : Michael A. Peters
ISBN : 9789811040757
Genre : Education
File Size : 73.26 MB
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This state-of-the-art Companion assembles and assesses the extant research available on teacher education and provides clear guidelines on future directions. It addresses an important need in a collection that will be of value for teachers, teacher educators, policymakers and politicians. There has been little sustained, long-term or systematic research to provide empirical support for the broad aspects of teacher education policy, largely because such research has been chronically underfunded and based on traditional practitioner knowledge. Many of the changes to teacher education are contentious and yet are occurring in rapid succession. These policies and movements have important consequences for education, teacher quality and the future of the teaching profession. At the same time, the policies and initiatives that support these changes seem to be based more on ideology, business interests and tradition than on research and empirical findings. The nature, quality and effectiveness of teacher preparation have increasingly become a central focus for education policy worldwide in a fiercely argued debate among governments, think-tanks, world policy agencies, education researchers and teacher organisations.
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