Taste This America

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The Taste Of America

Author : John L. Hess
ISBN : 0252068750
Genre : Cooking
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A scathing review of America's culinary elite offers an overview of American cooking and the "expert" class that has commented on it--focusing particular attention on cooking shows in the 1970s and the subsequent fads, fashions, and fool's advice that has followed food since.
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The Taste Of America

Author : Colman Andrews
ISBN : 0714865826
Genre : Cooking
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America is a melting pot, with a palate as diverse as its various cultures. This quality is reflected nowhere better than in our own kitchen pantries. So, what does America taste like? The Taste of America is the first and only compendium of the best food made in the U.S.A. Here, award-winning food writer and passionate eater Colman Andrews presents 250 of the best regional products from coast to coast, including Humboldt Fog Cheese, Blue Point Oysters, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Whoopie Pies, Meyer Lemons, Kreuz's Sausage, Anson Mill Grits, and more. Divided into chapters according to food type - snacks, dairy, condiments, meat, baked goods, and desserts - this anthology of edible Americana reveals each product's unique history. The Taste of America features 125 color illustrations, as well as an extensive index that details how to purchase these beloved foods.
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Taste This America

Author : Chef Victor
ISBN : 1071226061
Genre :
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Let's get cookin' American style. Are you tired of eating processed food? Are you sick of tasteless meals? Have you had enough of the endless talk that tries to diminish the greatness of the USA? Well, I have. It's because of these actions that attempt to take away the beauty of our great people why I need to write cookbooks like this. I am Chef Victor. I am a true American, and I love true Americans like you. I've made a number of dishes and provided thorough instructions that will help you be the best person you can be. Enjoy!

Classical Taste In America 1800 1840

Author : Wendy A. Cooper
ISBN : UOM:39015029992735
Genre : Art
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During the first four decades of the last century, America was mesmerized by the classical world. And never before has a book so thoroughly examined the period's diversity of thought and material production to demonstrate the variety of ways that nineteenth-century Americans used, misused, and even abused the lessons of antiquity in the arts and decorative arts. To an extraordinary extent, Americans embraced classicism at the beginning of the nineteenth century both as a fashionable new international style, which had its European beginnings in the eighteenth-century excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum, and as a distinctive expression of America's own emulation of classical precedents in government, ideal beauty, education, and the decorative arts. This book charmingly investigates the multifaceted impact of classical political, intellectual, and aesthetic values on early nineteenth-century American culture through a close examination of approximately 225 representative objects from this aesthetically brilliant period, including paintings, sculpture, furniture, silver, glass, ceramics, textiles, and printed materials. Focusing particularly on the type of objects with which Americans decorated and furnished their homes, this book examines not only the superbly designed and fashioned products made for the well-to-do, but also those objects that were mass-produced and more widely sought by a burgeoning middle class. From elegant Grecian couches with Roman paw feet, to diminutive pressed glass salts ornamented with classical chariots and cornucopia, few aspects of American material life escaped the classical craze. The text of this fascinating volume delves into the symbolic and material significance of classicism in American life, the adaptation antique forms and motifs by American craftsmen and consumers, and the vernacularization of classicism. The material production of this lavish and visually exciting period provides an illuminating look at the lives and homes of a wide range of Americans in the early days of our republic.
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A Taste Of America More Than 400 Delicious Regional Recipes Shown Step By Step In Over 1750 Stunning Photographs That Guide You Clearly T

Author : Carole Clements
ISBN : 1572155388
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 79.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Celebrating the exciting diversity of America's great culinary heritage in over 400 recipes, this cookbook includes all-time favourites like chocolate brownies, golden fried chicken, yankee pot roast and apple pie.
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The Taste Of American Place

Author : Barbara G. Shortridge
ISBN : 9781461645788
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 40.40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Tracing the intertwined roles of food, ethnicity, and regionalism in the construction of American identity, this textbook examines the central role food plays in our lives. Drawing on a range of disciplines_including sociology, anthropology, folklore, geography, history, and nutrition_the editors have selected a group of engaging essays to help students explore the idea of food as a window into American culture. The editors' general introductory essay offers an overview of current scholarship, and part introductions contextualize the readings within each section. This lively reader will be a valuable supplement for courses on American culture across the social sciences.
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Sculpting Doughboys

Author : Jennifer Wingate
ISBN : 1409406555
Genre : Art
File Size : 76.16 MB
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Redressing the neglect of World War I memorials in art history scholarship, this volume shows why sculptures of 'doughboys' (US soldiers during World War I) were in such demand during the 1920s, and how their functions and meanings have evolved. Jennifer Wingate recovers and interprets the circumstances of the doughboy sculptures' creation, and offers a new perspective on the complex culture of interwar America and on present-day commemorative practices.
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The Evolution Of Taste In American Collecting

Author : Rene Brimo
ISBN : 0271073241
Genre : Art
File Size : 56.65 MB
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The Evolution of Taste in American Collecting is a new critical translation of Ren� Brimo’s classic study of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century patronage and art collecting in the United States. Originally published in French in 1938, Brimo’s foundational text is a detailed examination of collecting in America from colonial times to the end of World War I, when American collectors came to dominate the European art market. This work helped shape the then-fledgling field of American art history by explaining larger cultural transformations as manifested in the collecting habits of American elites. It remains the most substantive account of the history of collecting in the United States. In his introduction, Kenneth Haltman provides a biographical study of the author and his social and intellectual milieu in France and the United States. He also explores how Brimo’s work formed a turning point and initiated a new area of academic study: the history of art collecting. Making accessible a text that has until now only been available in French, Haltman’s elegant translation of The Evolution of Taste in American Collecting sheds new critical light on the essential work of this extraordinary but overlooked scholar.
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American Design In The Twentieth Century

Author : Gregory Votolato
ISBN : 0719045312
Genre : Design
File Size : 74.74 MB
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A visual exploration of a century of innovative designs and their role in American cultural expression
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The Popular Book

Author : James David Hart
ISBN : 0520005384
Genre : Books and reading
File Size : 64.85 MB
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Author : Jose Andres
ISBN : 9780770434236
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 79.90 MB
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The first major Spanish cookbook in two decades, from José Andrés, recently named America’s Chef of the Year by Bon Appétit. Tapas are Spain's gift to the world of great cooking: a fresh and fun way to eat with friends and family—and easy to make at home. Using simple Mediterranean ingredients, a tapas feast is a perfect combination of little dishes packed with big flavors. Tapas by José Andrés is the first major book in a generation to celebrate this world-renowned way of eating, from a man who is the best possible authority: an award-winning Spanish chef in America, with seven highly acclaimed restaurants to his name. Recently named Bon Appétit's Chef of the Year, José is a new star in American cooking, as well as the nation's leading expert on Spanish cuisine. Having worked as a chef in the United States for two decades, he's also a thoroughly American cook who draws on American ingredients for his inspiration, and is a master at translating his native Spanish cooking for this country's kitchens. His simple and delicious recipes include: • Fish such as American Red Snapper Baked in Salt; Monkfish with Romesco Sauce; and Basque-Style Stuffed Maryland Blue Crabs • Chicken including Catalan-Style Chicken Stew; Chicken Sautéed with Garlic; and Chicken with Lobster • Pork such as Chorizo Stewed in Hard Cider; Figs with Spanish Ham; and Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Apples • Rice dishes including Lobster Paella; Black Rice with Squid and Shrimp; and Traditional Rice with Clams All these recipes are full of tremendous flavor and creativity, as well as in-depth ingredient notes and a rich atmosphere that will transport you to the lush countryside, hip cafés, and sun-drenched coasts of Spain—and back again to dinner at home. This is a breakthrough cookbook from an extraordinary chef.
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Gender Taste And Material Culture In Britain And North America 1700 1830

Author : John Styles
ISBN : STANFORD:36105122855310
Genre : Art
File Size : 67.3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Between 1700 and 1830, men and women in the English-speaking territories framing the Atlantic gained unprecedented access to material things. The British Atlantic was an empire of goods, held together not just by political authority and a common language, but by a shared material culture nourished by constant flows of commodities. Diets expanded to include exotic luxuries such as tea and sugar, the fruits of mercantile and colonial expansion. Homes were furnished with novel goods, like clocks and earthenware teapots, the products of British industrial ingenuity. This groundbreaking book compares these developments in Britain and North America, bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of scholars to consider basic questions about women, men, and objects in these regions. In asking who did the shopping, how things were used, and why they became the subject of political dispute, the essays show the profound significance of everyday objects in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world.
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What America Read

Author : Gordon Hutner
ISBN : 0807887757
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 24.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Despite the vigorous study of modern American fiction, today's readers are only familiar with a partial shelf of a vast library. Gordon Hutner describes the distorted, canonized history of the twentieth-century American novel as a record of modern classics insufficiently appreciated in their day but recuperated by scholars in order to shape the grand tradition of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Faulkner. In presenting literary history this way, Hutner argues, scholars have forgotten a rich treasury of realist novels that recount the story of the American middle-class's confrontation with modernity. Reading these novels now offers an extraordinary opportunity to witness debates about what kind of nation America would become and what place its newly dominant middle class would have--and, Hutner suggests, should also lead us to wonder how our own contemporary novels will be remembered.
Category: Literary Criticism

Bad Or The Dumbing Of America

Author : Paul Fussell
ISBN : 0671792288
Genre : History
File Size : 39.49 MB
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A satirical reference work identifies and stigmatizes various contemporary examples of public relations attempts to make unnecessary--or downright bad--products seem necessary, discussing banks, restaurants, and canned music
Category: History

The Tastemakers

Author : Russell Lynes
ISBN : 0486239934
Genre : Art
File Size : 63.62 MB
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Parody And Taste In Postwar American Television Culture

Author : Ethan Thompson
ISBN : 9781136839801
Genre : History
File Size : 27.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this original study, Thompson explores the complicated relationships between Americans and television during the 1950s, as seen and effected through popular humor. Parody and Taste in Postwar American Television Culture documents how Americans grew accustomed to understanding politics, current events, and popular culture through comedy that is simultaneously critical, commercial, and funny. Along with the rapid growth of television in the 1950s, an explosion of satire and parody took place across a wide field of American culture—in magazines, comic books, film, comedy albums, and on television itself. Taken together, these case studies don’t just analyze and theorize the production and consumption of parody and television, but force us to revisit and revise our notions of postwar "consensus" culture as well.
Category: History