Taking Care Of The Me In Mommy

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Taking Care Of The Me In Mommy

Author : Lisa Whelchel
ISBN : 9781418570491
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 29.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As moms we love to serve and nourish our families. But if we don't learn to rest and receive we run on empty and end up not being the moms we so desperately want to be. Taking Care of the ME in Mommy will show you how to take care of yourself: spirit, body, and soul. Find more time in your day Exercise your brain and your body Enjoy friends and hobbies Learn how to incorporate prayer and scripture into your daily routines Filled with practical advice and time-saving tips, you'll feel refreshed, energized, and ready to pour the true you into the ones you love!
Category: Family & Relationships

Taking Care Of Mom Taking Care Of Me

Author : Sima Devorah Schloss
ISBN : 188058297X
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60.8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Sima Schloss, an observant Jew, talks about the choices a caregiver makes, and the resulting stress that ensues, in caring for an aging parent or relative, in this case, her ninety-plus years old grandmother (whom she affectionately called Mom), who is in declining health. In Sima's own words, "As a Jew, I know that I am commanded to perform acts of loving-kindness, including visiting the sick. I tried my best to be attentive to my loved ones as they endured sickness and faced death. In the beginning of the five years, I tried so hard that I lost myself in the process. I was so addicted to taking care of other people, I forgot to take care of myself. Then I founded Codependents Anonymous (CoDA), a self-help organization that uses meetings and the twelve steps of recovery to build healthier lives. I used the steps to forge a healthy balance between kindness to others and kindness to myself"--from chapter one.
Category: Social Science

Taking Care Of Mommy

Author : Paula Linden
ISBN : 0385191448
Genre : Childbirth
File Size : 83.38 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Childbirth

Leaving Home Finding Home

Author : Jessie C. Mejias
ISBN : 9781450021647
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Leaving Home—Finding Home: My Journey from Shame to Sonship through Journaling is the first book of its kind, showing how God Himself brought inner healing by speaking into one woman’s life. In it, author Jessie Mejias shares how God counsels and heals her through journaling. The central theme of Leaving Home—Finding Home is healing through intimacy with God—an intimacy that develops as she writes out her conversations with Him. The author devotes several chapters to her background and childhood, but the heart of the book is Jessie’s actual journal. About her decision to share her journal verbatim, she says: "When the Lord first instructed me to write this book, my natural instinct was to transform the ramblings of my mind and heart into a nice, neat package that the reader could easily follow. However, as I prayed about His instructions, I felt very strongly that He wanted me to demonstrate how I received my healing through journaling itself." Jessie Mejias grew up in what she would have described as an “Ozzie and Harriet” kind of home—loving parents, close siblings, good schools, and a religion that dictated solid values. What she did not know was that beneath the surface lay a shaky foundation of dysfunctional family rules and generational patterns. As a young adult, Jessie watched her neat world crumble when two of her siblings succumbed to mental illness while the family stood by helplessly. Subsequently, her family scattered and she unwittingly married an abusive, alcoholic man. Her disastrous marriage precipitated her decision to give her life to Christ. But despite her newfound faith, at age 27 she found herself a single mother of two young sons. In the ensuing years, Jessie sought and found healing and growth through studying the Bible and receiving Christian counseling. Miraculously, she and her husband were remarried after seven years of separation and divorce. She became involved in teaching and leading Bible studies within her local church and was confident that she was already experiencing the abundant life that God promised to His children. However, when she decided to return to school to earn a degree in Christian counseling, God began to show her that she was still suffering from the traumas of her childhood, and that shame was an integral part of her life that He wanted to remove. This revelation launched her into an unprecedented time of accelerated healing that was to be the inspiration for this book. Leaving Home—Finding Home chronicles that journey from shame to sonship through one-on-one dialogue with God. Shame is a universal problem that is sometimes hard to pinpoint. We describe ourselves as embarrassed, shy, fearful, or hesitant, but we never actually understand that the source of these emotions is shame. Shame is a terrible feeling that we are a mistake; that somehow we were never supposed to exist. The author found that this feeling of shame was so deeply hidden in her heart that it was not until God began to unwrap her from her emotional chains that she could see that this was the true source of her poor self image. Jessie vividly describes her feelings of shame: "It was as if all my life I had been living in a slum that I would leave from time to time to go the nice clean neighborhood down the block—at first for short times, then for longer and longer periods of time—but inevitably I would end up at some point back in this dump. The sight of it would make me sick, but I did not know how to leave it completely behind." God Himself initiated this unique approach to inner healing as He took Jessie back to her childhood home and school and walked with her through each traumatic event of her young life, reaching deep into her heart to show her what was hidden there.
Category: Religion

Life On Planet Mom

Author : Lisa T. Bergren
ISBN : 9780800733650
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 69.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A guide for Christian women on how to navigate the world of changing relationships after becoming a mother shares counsel on retaining a life beyond one's children by exploring six key relationships including those shared with God, a husband, and a community. Original.
Category: Family & Relationships

A Love Letter From Princess Lucky Mommy Me

Author : Richard Pomerantz
ISBN : 145686372X
Genre : Pets
File Size : 74.13 MB
Format : PDF
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People who met Princess even for the first time called her one of those rarest of “once-in-a-lifetime” canines saying, “if she could only tell her own remarkable life story . . .” Simply stated, Princess did nothing less than save her family. Which is why—were she human instead of canine—her extraordinary qualities and skills would be aptly characterized as rare gifts of nature. Regal in bearing. Preternaturally intelligent with an obvious uncanny ability to reason. Charismatic with an unwavering purposefulness, sense of love and loyalty, devotion and dedication to duty. Especially when called upon to become her mother’s Canine Cancer Companion-- with intense focus, an innate calmness and an almost freakish composure in every crisis. A leader. A strategist. A wondrous communicator. A terrific listener and quick study. A true once-in-a-lifetime. Told with the assistance of her human father, this is her unusual memoir of compelling, touching, relentlessly inspiring true stories from an extraordinary life. All viewed through her own and most unique lens. Soon to be followed by the whimsical illustrative sequel: “A Day In The Life Of Lucky, Mommy & Me”© (Authored by Barbara Brooks Pomerantz).
Category: Pets

Don T Let Me Go

Author : David Pierce
ISBN : 9780307446602
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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One day after reading a book about a wilderness adventurer, David Pierce’s fifteen-year-old daughter Chera announced that she wanted to climb a mountain. What David heard behind that wish was a bold declaration: “I’m growing up, Dad–what are you going to do about it?” A few weeks later they bought matching backpacks. Over a three-year period they climbed five mountains and ran in two marathons. Together they suffered sore muscles, bitter cold, sprung knees, shin splints, and broken spirits. But they also reveled in blazing sunsets, glissaded on a glacier, and celebrated numerous victories great and small. And in the process, they built an unshakable father-daughter bond that will withstand the tests of time. As you read this wise, warmhearted, and often hilarious story of a daughter’s (and a father’s) coming of age, you’ll discover ways you too can create strong, loving relationships with the important people in your life, as you make your way through the valleys and over the summits of life together.
Category: Religion

Pinocchio Parenting

Author : Chuck Borsellino
ISBN : 9781416542568
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Are you a Pinocchio Parent? You may be asking yourself these very questions: What lies, clichés, and half-truths do I tell my children? How do these lies hurt my children and my relationship with them? Clinical psychologist and author Chuck Borsellino claims that our culture condones all sorts of lies -- from "tiny fibs" to calloused misrepresentations. Though well-intentioned in our unintentional lies, we set our children up for failure and disappointment and undercut our credibility. In the pages of this book, Dr. Chuck Borsellino helps you sort out fact from fiction, intention from outcome. Most important, you'll learn a better way -- a way to help your children live life within the bounds of reality while fully exploring the dreams of their heart.
Category: Religion

100 Favorite Bible Verses For Mommy And Me

Author : Jack Countryman
ISBN : 9781400319763
Genre : Religion
File Size : 68.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What better way to bless a mother and child than with uplifting, comforting thoughts from God’s Word? This collection offers 100 Bible verses from the International Children’s Bible® and New King James Version®, each accompanied with a reflective writing. Fifty verses encourage mom during both her sweetest and her most challenging moments and 50 verses plant God’s words in the heart of her precious child. Motherhood—there are no days more delightful, more difficult, or more in need of a dose of inspiration and guidance from God.
Category: Religion

The Magic Key To Parenting Grandparenting

Author : Sandra Findlay
ISBN : 9781499026580
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 33.14 MB
Format : PDF
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THE MAGIC KEY TO PARENTING & GRANDPARENTING Family Dynamics thru the Enneagram Fairy Tales This book offers parents & grandparents a Forward designed to outline the new strategies for raising empowered children. It is targeted to children from 5 to 8 years of age and their caretakers and is based on the findings of the new neurosciences. Following the Forward for adults are 9 fairy tales based on the 9 enneagram personality profiles. The enneagram diagnoses the sabotaging childhood fear of the child and the inner child of the adult allowing for a greater depth of positive choices in their life. The fairy tales all point the child to their inner wisdom and encourage the imagination that leads to creativity. As the adult and the child each identify their enneagram type, family dynamics are clarified in many “ah ha” moments of their everyday interactions. The unconditional love and deep heartfelt connection sought by each of us can then be brought to the family unit. ENJOY YOUR NEW WORLD! Love & Hugs, Sandra
Category: Family & Relationships

Listen To Your Mother Deluxe

Author : Ann Imig
ISBN : 9781101982426
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 77.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The deluxe edition of Listen to Your Mother includes 10 video performances from the Listen To Your Mother series, including Marinka's hilarious "It's Always Bad News," Natalie Cheung Hall's inspiring, "She Knew It," and the energizing tale "Does Your Mom Play Drums?" by Michelle Cruz Gonzales. Irreverent, thought-provoking, hilarious, and edgy: a collection of personal stories celebrating motherhood, featuring #1 New York Times bestselling authors Jenny Lawson and Jennifer Weiner, and many other notable writers. Listen to Your Mother is a fantastic awakening of why our mothers are important, taking readers on a journey through motherhood in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor. Based on the sensational national performance movement, Listen to Your Mother showcases the experiences of ordinary people of all racial, gender, and age backgrounds, from every corner of the country. This collection of essays celebrates and validates what it means to be a mother today, with honesty and candor that is arrestingly stimulating and refreshing. The stories are raw, honest, poignant, and sometimes raunchy, ranging from adoption, assimilation to emptying nests; first-time motherhood, foster-parenting, to infertility; single-parenting, LGBTQ parenting, to special-needs parenting; step-mothering; never mothering, to surrogacy; and mothering through illness to mothering through unsolicited advice. Honest, funny, and heart-wrenching, these personal stories are the collective voice of mothers among us. Whether you are one, have one, or know one, Listen to Your Mother is an emotional whirlwind that is guaranteed to entertain, amuse, and enlighten.
Category: Family & Relationships

Mommy I M Still In Here

Author : Kate McLaughlin
ISBN : 9781933016726
Genre : Medical
File Size : 76.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mommy I'm Still In Here clarifies myths and misunderstandings about bipolar disorder through the lives of Kate McLaughlin’s two teenaged children and provides vital information to a public frequently misled by sensationalist media and inaccurate Hollywood portrayals. This book supports, educates, and informs the reader, offering hope and encouragement.
Category: Medical

Step By Step From The Projects To My Palace

Author : Loretta Haigler
ISBN : 9781466997578
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63.46 MB
Format : PDF
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As I lay on the floor lifeless, watching my daughter cry "Mommy, Mommy, get up! Mommy, please get up!" I could see the pain in her face and hear it in her voice. I cried out, "Lord, save my soul and take care of my children!" Immediately, I was returned back to my body. I am so glad that when I left the Lord, he didn't leave me!
Category: Religion

Teach Me Mommy

Author : Jill W. Dunford
ISBN : 9780931151026
Genre : Education
File Size : 22.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Education

When Will My Mommy Come World Cross Cultural Philosophy

Author : Alabee
ISBN : 1598002317
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 83.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The story of a Saudi-American child s cry for help as she and her brother struggle living in Saudi Arabia without their American mother. The American mother living in the United States has written a compelling story through the eyes of her daughter, Norah. When Will My Mommy Come? relates to the pain that Norah feels growing up without either country understanding or helping in the plight of her situation. The story is filled of rich history, customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia. It tells of their lifestyle, religious practices, educational training, traveling experiences in America and Arabia with their maternal and fraternal families. Norah takes you on an adventure as she and Ali struggle to survive after they were constrained from seeing their mother. The reader feels what it is like to grow up without having choices. It tells of the restrictions in the Arabian government that hinders the mother and children from uniting. Norah invites you into their world to witness their lives in Arabia and America. Travel and experience the adventure with Norah and Ali as they seek to bring awareness to the world concerning their situation. They are still in Arabia and their mother in America. Their mother is trying to get them in America while overcoming great complications and forces with Saudi Arabia. The book is for readers of all ages from nine years to adults. Interested in becoming an author contact Outskirts Press, reference #10248A
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Kissing Fidel

Author : Magda Montiel Davis
ISBN : 9781609387266
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 79.76 MB
Format : PDF
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"What does it mean to be instantly transformed into the most hated person in your own community? After meeting Fidel Castro at a Havana reception, Cuban-born Magda Montiel Davis, founder of one of the largest immigration law firms in South Florida, soon found out. The reception-attended by hundreds of other Cuban émigrés-was videotaped "for historical archives only." In a seconds-long clip, Fidel pecks the traditional protocol kiss on Magda's cheek and, based on Magda's many years of travel to the homeland, she thanks Fidel for the social benefits conferred upon the Cuban people. The video was sold to U.S. reporters and aired incessantly throughout South Florida, and the Magda-Fidel encounter tentacled as far as the international media, which promptly put an end to a free life for Magda and her family, including a father who worked with the CIA to topple Fidel, a no-hablo-inglés mother who lived with Magda, her five children, and Brooklyn-born husband, now known as Magdo. Forced to live under siege with the supposed protection of private bodyguards, Miami police, and FBI, Kissing Fidel shares the sometimes dismal, sometimes comical realities of an ordinary citizen being thrown into a world of death threats, mob attacks, and even drawings of Magda and Fidel in every imaginable Kama Sutra position"--
Category: Biography & Autobiography


Author : Anne E. O?Neill
ISBN : 9781465364104
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Benedictus is a love story of both divine and human dimensions. The story of the nun is also the story of Joseph, her psychologist. It was a labyrinthian path that brought the two together in a surprising and courageous love that changed both their lives. Twenty years of conflict over her vocation had taken Sister Anne into a void whose depths of darkness became what she called a place of Nothing. She always believed that someone would come to help her and someone did but not as she had imagined and not in a way that the world would easily accept. It would take someone like Joseph, who was willing to risk all things professionally and personally, to pull her out of that void. Sister Annes risk was no less; she had to hold on and meet him every step of the way. No door would be left unopened, sparing her nothing. She walked through them all, and when the last door closed behind her, Sister Anne knew a choice had to be made.
Category: Fiction

They Call Me Mom

Author : Michelle Medlock Adams
ISBN : 9780825446160
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69.88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Moving, funny devotions crafted for every day by moms who know the drill When women take on the role of mom, they take on a hundred other titles as well: healer, comforter, chef, teacher, cheerleader—and less flattering things like disciplinarian, ruiner of fun times, and chief worrier. In the middle of juggling all those roles, finding room to spend time alone seeking God can seem insurmountable. Moms Michelle Medlock Adams and Bethany Jett understand the struggles—and the joys. They've pulled together their own experiences with the crazy world of parenting as well as the most requested, most talked about topics on mommy blogs. Their research nailed down what moms really want to talk about. And then they created a devotional that speaks straight to the heart of the mommy life. They Call Me Mom is a lighthearted, transparent take on the real-life ups and downs mothers face through all stages of parenting. Whether mom just brought home her first baby or she has several kids and zero time, she'll find relatable words and helpful encouragement in these pages. And with one devotion for every week of the year, it's easy to fit in a few minutes with God in the middle of a full parenting life.
Category: Religion