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Sweet Rains

Author : Nora Roberts
ISBN : 0373285906
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 21.7 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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#1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nora Roberts presents two classic stories of love that arrives like a storm and changes everything… Second Nature Lee Radcliffe got the scoops that no one else did, the interviews nobody could score. Like bestselling horror writer—and notorious recluse—Hunter Brown. But she never expected that when she met the rugged, intense author, she'd be the one getting all the hard questions…and revealing more of herself than she'd ever dared. Or that he would show her a different way to live, and ultimately, to love. Lessons Learned Carlo Franconi embodied everything that Juliet Trent avoided in a client—he was arrogant, seductive, passionate and entirely too charming. But Juliet prided herself on being the consummate professional. Surely she could resist the famous chef, even if they were going to be spending every waking minute together. Even if Carlo was looking at her like a fine dish he just couldn't wait to taste…
Category: Fiction

Sing Down The Rain

Author : Judi Moreillon
ISBN : 9781885772077
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 41.47 MB
Format : PDF
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The author and illustrator capture the rhythms of the desert and the spirit of the Tohono O'odham people in a poem designed for choral reading.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Reflections From The Sunroom

Author : Sherolyn Porter
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The voice of the Creator is all around us. He speaks to us through His living and active Word, which is full of riches and truth, awaiting our discovery. He also speaks to us in the whisper of the wind, and the sparkle of the misty morning dew. We were created for relationship with God and His pursuit of us is endless and relentless. He longs to communicate with every heart that will seek Him. Join Sherolyn in her search for intimate relationship with the Creator…her quest for Hidden Treasure. Journey with her to a deeper walk with the One who loves all of us beyond what we can think or imagine. He mends the broken, comforts the hurting and exchanges beauty for our ashes. He is waiting for you too.
Category: Religion

The Dragon In China And Japan

Author : M. W. De Visser
ISBN : 9781605204109
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 51.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Little is known of Dutch author MARINUS WILLEM DE VISSER (1876-1930) beyond his academic life as a classicist with an interest in Chinese and Japanese language and culture, and as a popularizer of Japanese art in the Netherlands. He is best remembered today for having given us a cornerstone examination of the legends of fantastic flying reptiles known as dragons. The Dragon in China and Japan contains "the most interesting quotations concerning the dragon in China, systematically arranged, selected from the enormous number of passages on this fantastic animal in Chinese literature, from the remotest eras down to modern times," notes cryptozoologist Loren Coleman in his new introduction. Coleman also praises the book's use of primary source material. "If cryptozoologists are to study the Asian dragons of India, China, and Japan, it must not be done through the screen of today's New Age mentality. Scholarly, level-headed examinations of living, breathing reports of serpentine flying beasts, water-borne megafauna, and shadowy entities must be balanced with investigations of the legends and folktales of these dragons from Asian texts," such as de Visser's here. This new edition, a replica of the 1913 first edition complete with extensive notes in the original Asian alphabet, is part of Cosimo's Loren Coleman Presents series. LOREN COLEMAN is author of numerous books of cryptozoology, including Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America and Mothman and Other Curious Encounters.
Category: Social Science

The Tenderness Of Stone

Author : Ira Heinrich
ISBN : 9780615186955
Genre : Religion
File Size : 49.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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THE TENDERNESS OF STONE is a memoir of the power of the Sacred Mountain operating in human spirituality, recounted in the histories of a particular place of power, the Middle Mountain (Sutter Buttes), a sharp cluster of old volcanoes rising from the center of California's Central Valley. It is also the story of one man's life-long obsession with the Mountain, as its lore and meaning are revealed in his experience. LORD OF THE VALLEY is a book filled with stories of ancient mythic wisdom, pioneer psychodrama, and the passions and people of the present day, as they have encountered this sacred place. But the real offering of this work is of a renewed vision of the eternal incarnation of truth and revelation in the Place of Sacred Power, exemplified in this remarkable place. This first volume is the intimate story of a boy's sudden absorption in the power of this mountain, and the shattering - and unifying - drama that resulted in his life-long exploration of its mysteries.
Category: Religion

Sonny Sez

Author : Sonny Eliot
ISBN : 0814333354
Genre : Reference
File Size : 28.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sonny Sez! contains one hundred one-minute stories from Sonny Eliot, popular broadcaster and Detroit personality. Well known for his weather segments on WWJ-TV (now WDIV) and for hosting a variety of programs including At the Zoo and the annual Hudson's Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast, Eliot's unique weather presentation can currently be heard on WWJ Newsradio 950 in Detroit. The stories included in this volume were carefully selected from over 750 that Sonny broadcast on his syndicated radio show over the years and concern "the strange, the humorous, and the useless." Sonny's stories address questions like, why do empty rooms get dusty? What is the meaning and origin of the phrase "the whole nine yards"? And why is a dog's nose moist? The answers are often fascinating, and Sonny promises that they are also mostly true. Sonny's trademark wit and wisdom is enhanced by over seventy amusing illustrations from renowned political cartoonist Draper Hill. Hill's intricate and humorous drawings bring Sonny's stories to life, guaranteeing that they will bring a smile, raise an eyebrow, and satisfy the reader's curiosity at the same time. A foreword by famed cartoonist Dick Guindon completes this one-of-a-kind collection. Sonny Sez! will make a truly unique keepsake, perfect for displaying or giving as a gift. This volume will appeal to everyone from longtime Sonny Eliot fans to first-time readers.
Category: Reference


Author :
ISBN : 9780231504171
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 64.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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By blending multiple strands of thought into one ideology, Chinese Syncretists of the pre-imperial period created an essential guide to contemporary ideas about self, society, and government. Merging traditions such as Ruism, Mohism, Daoism, Legalism, and Yin-Yang naturalism into their work, Syncretists created an integrated intellectual approach that contrasts with other, more specific philosophies. Presenting the first full English translation of the earliest example of a Syncretist text, this volume introduces Western scholars to both the brilliance of the syncretic method and a critical work of Chinese leadership. Written by Shi Jiao, China's first syncretic thinker, during the Warring States Period of 481 to 221 BCE, Shizi is similar to Machiavelli's The Prince in that it dispenses wisdom to would-be rulers. It stresses the need for leaders to be detached and objective. It further encourages self-cultivation and effective government, recommending that rulers maintain self-discipline, hire reliable people, delegate power transparently, and promote others in an orderly fashion. The people, it is argued, will emulate their leader's wisdom and virtue, and a just and peaceful state will result. Paul Fischer provides an extensive introduction and a chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of the text—outlining the importance of syncretism in Chinese culture—and explores the text's particular features, authorship, transmission, loss, and reconstruction over time. The Shizi set the stage for a long history of syncretic endeavor in China, and its study provides insight into the vital traditions of early Chinese philosophy. It is also a template for interpreting other well-known works, such as the Confucian Analects, the Daoist Laozi, the Mohist Mozi, and the Legalist Shang jun shu.
Category: Philosophy

Shinar 54

Author : D. Corey Sanders
ISBN : 9781468500554
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Jona McCracken is a broken ex-Marine with PTSD and a host of other personal issues. He stumbles upon a website promising relief from all his ills. The only catch is that he must immigrate to Shinar 54, a utopian city in the Nevada desert to obtain the wonder cure and to meet Lisa, his enchanting recruiter. Shinar is the enclosed haven for millions of people who have overcome sickness and pain. The outside world believes Shinar is a powerful and dangerous doomsday cult. Shinar prepares its people for the next life with a singularity of purpose that impoverishes the United States and sets the two nations on a collision course. As the political and economic tensions ratchet up, the world spirals down into an epidemic of fear, bigotry, and propaganda. World war is imminent. Jona and Lisa find themselves in the middle of it. Marco Franco, Jona’s friend and confidant, is on his own mission to rescue his younger sister from certain death. Can he do it through intrigue and alliances? Set in the not-too-distant future, Shinar 54 is a story of conflict between good and evil, truth and lies, and the clash of opposing values. Ultimately, it is a tale of renewal, redemption, and reconciliation.
Category: Fiction