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Sweet Nothings

Author : Kim Law
ISBN : 1477809589
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Joanie Bigbee knows better than to get tied down to anything or anyone, so when she meets Nick Dalton she only wants a fling with no strings attached, but Nick wants true love.
Category: Fiction

Sweet Nothings

Author : Janis Thomas
ISBN : 9781101608715
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Life’s sweetest moments happen when you least expect them . . . When Ruby McMillan’s husband announces one morning that he’s dumping her for another woman, she’s unable to decide which indignity stings the most: the dissolution of their eighteen-year marriage or the deflation of her white-chocolate soufflé with raspberry Grand Marnier sauce. Without a good-bye to their two teenaged children, Walter leaves Ruby to cope with her ruined dessert, an unpaid mortgage, and her failing bakery. With only royal icing holding her together, Ruby still manages to pick herself up and move on, subsidizing her income with an extra job as a baking instructor, getting a “my-husband’s-gone” makeover, and even flirting with her gorgeous mortgage broker, Jacob Salt. For as long as she can remember, Ruby has done what’s practical, eschewing far-fetched dreams and true love in favor of stability. But suddenly single again at the age of forty-four, she’s beginning to discover that life is most delicious when you stop following a recipe and just live.
Category: Fiction

Can T Judge A Book By Its Murder

Author : Amy Lillard
ISBN : 9781492687788
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77.40 MB
Format : PDF
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Not every murder is by the book... As Sugar Springs gears up for its all-class high school reunion, Mississippi bookstore owner Arlo Stanley prepares to launch her largest event: a book-signing with the town's legendary alum and bestselling author, Wally Harrison. That's when Wally is discovered dead outside of Arlo's front door and her best friend is questioned for the crime. When the elderly ladies of Arlo's Friday Night Book Club start to investigate, Arlo has no choice but to follow behind to keep them out of trouble. Yet with Wally's reputation, the suspect list only grows longer—his betrayed wife, his disgruntled assistant, even the local man who holds a grudge from a long-ago accident. Between running interference with the book club and otherwise keeping it all together, Arlo anxiously works to get Chloe out of jail. And amidst it all, her one-time boyfriend-turned-private-eye returns to town, just another distraction while she digs to uncover the truth around Wally's death and just what Sugar Springs secret could have led to his murder.
Category: Fiction

Sweet Nothing

Author : Nicole Mowbray
ISBN : 9781409154853
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 53.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Quit sugar. Change your life. Two years ago Nicole Mowbray gave up sugar and the effects were astonishing. It changed her life, her body, her relationships, her face and her health. Now sugar is under fire and firmly in the dietary spotlight - the World Health Organisation have lowered the recommended daily intake and Britain's chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies has raised the idea that sugar may even be addictive. Nicole's book - part memoir, part guide - will help people to give up sugar. She interviews experts, including nutritionists, cardiologists, and psychologists, to back up the science and explore the link between sugar, validation and our emotions. Nicole shares with readers how she did it, why they should, what they can expect and how they can do it - with recipes, expert tips and help along the way. This book will tell you what to kick and what to keep and how not to fall into the secret sugar traps.
Category: Health & Fitness

Sweet Nothings

Author : Elizabeth Cragoe
ISBN : UOM:39015001045411
Genre : Arian River Valley (Wales)
File Size : 55.83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Arian River Valley (Wales)

The Wedding Bees

Author : Sarah-Kate Lynch
ISBN : 9780062252616
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 26.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sugar Wallace did not believe in love at first sight, but her bees did. . . . Every spring Sugar Wallace coaxes her sleepy honeybee queen—presently the sixth in a long line of Queen Elizabeths—out of the hive and lets her crawl around a treasured old map. Wherever the queen stops is their next destination, and this year it's New York City. Sugar sets up her honeybees on the balcony of an East Village walk-up and then––as she's done everywhere since leaving South Carolina––she gets to know her neighbors. She is, after all, a former debutante who believes that manners make the world a better place even if they seem currently lacking in the big city. Plus, she has a knack for helping people. There's Ruby with her scrapbook of wedding announcements; single mom Lola; reclusive chef Nate; and George, a courtly ex-doorman. They may not know what to make of her bees and her politeness, but they can't deny the magic in her honey. And then there's Theo, a delightfully kind Scotsman who crosses Sugar's path as soon as she gets into town and is quickly besotted. But love is not on the menu for Sugar. She likes the strong independent woman she's become since leaving the South and there's nothing a charmer like Theo can do to change her mind . . . only her bees can do that. The Wedding Bees is a novel about finding sweetness where you least expect it and learning to love your way home.
Category: Fiction

Three Gothic Novels

Author : E. F. Bleiler
ISBN : 9780486147437
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Includes The Castle of Otranto, the first work of the Gothic genre; Vathek, the high point of the Oriental tale in English literature; TheVampyre, the first full-length vampire story in English; and Lord Byron's little-known Fragment.
Category: Fiction

Sue Mundy

Author : Richard Taylor
ISBN : 9780813171623
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 70.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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October 11, 1864. The Civil War rages on in Kentucky, where Union and Confederate loyalties have turned neighbors into enemies and once-proud soldiers into drifters, thieves, and outlaws. Stephen Gano Burbridge, radical Republican and military commander of the district of Kentucky, has declared his own war on this new class of marauding guerrillas, and his weekly executions at Louisville’s public commons draw both crowds and widespread criticism. In this time of fear and division, a Kentucky journalist created a legend: Sue Mundy, female guerrilla, a “she-devil” and “tigress” who was leading her band of outlaws across the state in an orgy of greed and bloodshed. Though the “Sue Mundy” of the papers was created as an affront to embarrass Union authorities, the man behind the woman—twenty-year-old Marcellus Jerome Clarke—was later brought to account for “her” crimes. Historians have pieced together clues about this orphan from southern Kentucky whose idealism and later disillusionment led him to his fate, but Richard Taylor’s work of imagination makes this history flesh—an exciting story of the Civil War told from the perspective of one of its most enigmatic figures. Sue Mundy opens in 1861, when fifteen-year-old Jerome Clark, called “Jarom,” leaves everyone he loves—his aunt, his adopted family, his sweetheart—to follow his older cousin into the Confederate infantry. There, confronted by the hardships of what he slowly understands is a losing fight, Jarom’s romanticized notions of adventure and heroism are crushed under the burdens of hunger, sleepless nights, and mindless atrocities. Captured by Union forces and imprisoned in Camp Morton, Jarom makes a daring escape, crossing the Ohio River under cover of darkness and finding refuge and refreshed patriotic zeal first in Adam R. Johnson’s Tenth Kentucky Calvary, then among General John Hunt Morgan’s infamous brigade. Morgan’s shocking death in 1864 proves a bad omen for the Confederate cause, as members of his group of raiders scatter—some to rejoin organized forces, others, like Jarom, to opt for another, less civilized sort of warfare. Displaced and desperate for revenge, Jarom and his band of Confederate deserters wreak havoc in Kentucky: a rampage of senseless murder and thievery in an uncertain quest to inflict punishment on Union sympathizers. Long-locked and clean-shaven, Jarom is mistakenly labeled female by the media—but Sue Mundy is about more than the transformation of a man into a woman, and then a legend. Ironically, Sue Mundy becomes the persona by which Jarom’s darkest self is revealed, and perhaps redeemed.
Category: Fiction