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Surf Odyssey

Author : Andrew Groves
ISBN : 3899556534
Genre : Surfers
File Size : 68.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Cold-water surfing, the most remote surf spots, spectacular photography, illustrations, and custom boards: Surf Odyssey documents the modern cult of surfing as its own subculture and way of life.There's much more to surfing than palm trees and beach boy clich�s. People surf not only in Hawaii, but also in Norway, South Korea, and India. Surf Odyssey is a book about the world of surfing today and those that live in it. This community is made up of the surfers themselves as well as surf photographers and board builders who are also spreading its distinctive spirit into other creative fields. Comparable to the new outdoor movement, today's surfing is about an attitude toward life, a lust for adventure, and a love of nature that one can only find far away from established spots. Surf Odyssey presents this scene's places, people, stories, and brands. Its stunning photography is sure to inspire many further surfing exploits."
Category: Surfers

That Oceanic Feeling

Author : Fiona Capp
ISBN : 1741144736
Genre : Australia
File Size : 45.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A captivating memoir that explores the lure of the sea and the author's love affair with surfing.
Category: Australia

High Tide

Author : Chris Burkard
ISBN : 9089896546
Genre :
File Size : 70.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The ultimate photography book on surfing by one of the most famous outdoor photographers in the worldDistinctive photographyThe author has a huge following: 600,000 followers on Instagram (chrisburkard), the perfect gift for surfers, outdoor sportsmen, lovers of photographyThis is the ultimate book on rough and tough surfing. Breathtaking landscapes, remote and desolate places, the highest waves, the most spectacular jumps and a story of surfing to the ends of the world. A photographic homage to surfing in extreme conditions, made by an international surfer and his team. High Tide, A Surd Odyssey follows the surfers in their epic journeys and achievements in the most diverse land- and seascapes. This book portrays the ultimate battle between the elements and mankind: the water and the waves against the board and man.Of related interest: Surf ISBN 9789089896544 - $15.95

Surf God

Author : Peter Freewater
ISBN : 1976733707
Genre :
File Size : 22.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Surf God is a fast moving, action-packed alien surf adventure. The story discusses some of the amazing properties of water and, among many other things, presents the view that were we to be more responsible and sensitive in our use and management of water we could indeed live in a paradise on Earth. It explores the meaning and origins of "life, the universe and everything" and it's not 42. I have intentionally presented these themes with some humor, colour and action to make the novel appealing to a variety of audiences, particularly young adult readers. It is genuinely good fun.The reluctant hero of the story is a troubled big-wave surfer named Kris. He is snatched from the surf and taken to an alien world by a winged serpent (an "Anaki") to fulfill an ancient prophecy in a hope that he can retune the morality of this Earth-like planet and save it from human overpopulation and damaging exploitation. The winged serpents are both alien and native to Earth. I have linked them to the ancient Sumerian Anunnaki and many other mythological creatures of similar appearance from the ancient world. I have done a fair bit of research and included some interesting historical characters such as Pythagoras and Siddhartha, both of whom lived at the same time and shared a few philosophies.... The Anunnaki are in turn linked to more recent conspiracy theories regarding "Reptoids" that apparently rule Earth in human form and I have incorporated this concept into the story. Surfing is a part of the mainstream culture of this alien world and was introduced by a previous "Messiah" in the form of the Polynesian God, Tangaloa. Tangaloa introduced the original Book of Water (actually prepared by the Anaki), which is the "Aqwarian" bible. This bible predicts a second coming should the Aqwarians stray from their religion and return to their sinful ways. To fulfill the ancient prophecy Kris must win all the surf competitions in a single season and then surf his way onto an ancient volcano (Pele Motu) to retrieve and read from the Book of Water. Kris goes along with the Anaki plan, evolves both emotionally and intellectually, surfs incredible waves in mad landscapes, becomes involved in a weird love triangle, and finally discovers that he has been deceived by the Anaki.

Riding The Magic Carpet

Author : Tom Anderson
ISBN : 9780857654212
Genre : Travel
File Size : 22.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The right-hand point at Jeffreys Bay is one of the surfing world’s most exciting finds, and from the age of twelve it had been my life’s purpose to surf there. J-Bay, South Africa – the fantasy, the almost mythical waves every surfer dreams of riding once in their lifetime.' But Tom wouldn’t go until he was ready. He would seek out surf-spots from the virgin reef-breaks of the Outer Orkneys to the temple point-breaks of Indonesia, from the beautiful beaches of France to the wilds of Sri Lanka, on his quest to ride the waves of his dreams. Riding the Magic Carpet will do for surfing what Fever Pitch did for football. Get on the road. Get in the water. Get stoked.
Category: Travel

Surf Nation

Author : Alex Wade
ISBN : 9781847394866
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 65.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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If golf is the new football, then surfing must be the new golf. People are flocking to the sport in record numbers, often defying the unforgiving British climate to make the best of what can be some world-class waves. But is it all just surf dudes in VW camper vans heading down for a week's hell-raising in Newquay? Or is the sport attracting a wider range of addicts, often eschewing the established beaches in pursuit of a more solitary, and sometimes more dangerous, goal? In SURF NATION: IN SEARCH OF THE FAST LEFTS AND HOLLOW RIGHTS OF BRITAIN AND IRELAND, Alex Wade takes the pulse of these islands' surfing credentials, and finds a growing army of devotees as well as some stunning locations. A witty and engaging mix of travelogue, reportage and guide to where to find the best breaks, SURF NATION reveals Britain and Ireland to be not just a growing hotbed of surfers but a surf destination of real credibility.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Surfing About Music

Author : Timothy J. Cooley
ISBN : 9780520957213
Genre : Music
File Size : 45.76 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This first major examination the interrelationships of music and surfing explores different ways that surfers combine surfing with making and listening to music. Tim Cooley uses his knowledge and experience as a practicing musician and avid surfer to consider the musical practices of surfers in locations around the world, taking into account ideas about surfing as a global affinity group and the real-life stories of surfers and musicians he encounters. In doing so, he expands ethnomusicological thinking about the many ways musical practices are integral to human socializing, creativity, and the condition of being human. Cooley discusses the origins of surfing in Hawai‘i, its central role in Hawaiian society, and the mele (chants) and hula (dance or visual poetry) about surfing. He covers instrumental rock from groups like Dick Dale and the Del Tones and many others, and songs about surfing performed by the Beach Boys. As he traces trends globally, three broad styles emerge: surf music, punk rock, and acoustic singer-songwriter music. Cooley also examines surfing contests and music festivals as well as the music used in a selection surf movies that were particularly influential in shaping the musical practices of significant groups of surfers. Engaging, informative, and enlightening, this book is a fascinating exploration of surfing as a cultural practice with accompanying rituals, habits, and conceptions about who surfs and why, and of how musical ideas and practices are key to the many things that surfing is and aspires to be.
Category: Music

The Encyclopedia Of Surfing

Author : Matt Warshaw
ISBN : 0156032511
Genre : Reference
File Size : 30.79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A pop culture reference of surfing in America today contains 1,500 alphabetical entries and three hundred illustrations to review the activity's most significant contributors, events, equipment, culture, and history. Reprint.
Category: Reference

The Volcano Trilogy

Author : Quinn Haber
ISBN : 1450531806
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Join surf writer Quinn Haber in his unabashed pursuit of love and the perfect breaker at the far edge of the Pacific Rim. Surfing, romance, and culture shock combine in this riveting travelogue of life among the Philippine autochthons. Three quixotic journals of cultural faux pas, romantic interludes and sporting mishaps are united in one great odyssey of discovery, The Volcano Trilogy. (*This is the complete, illustrated paperback version).
Category: Fiction

Scratching The Horizon

Author : Izzy Paskowitz
ISBN : 9781250023995
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 27.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A bitchin' love letter to sand and sea, and a spirited inside account of life with the "first family" of American surfing In 1956, Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz stepped away from a successful medical practice and began a lifelong surfing odyssey that grew to include his wife Juliette, and their nine children. Together, the Paskowitz clan lived a vagabonding bohemian existence, eschewing material possessions in favor of intangible riches like health and good cheer . . . all the while careening along the world's coastlines in search of the perfect wave. In Scratching the Horizon, Izzy Paskowitz looks back at his unusual upbringing, and his lifelong passion for the sport that carries his family's stamp. As the fourth-oldest child in a family of inveterate surfers, rock stars, and beach bums, he is uniquely qualified to shine a light on a childhood that has come to symbolize the surfing credo, a reckless young adulthood that nearly cost him his sanity, and a maturing sense of self and purpose that allows him to lift others on the back of his experience. As the father of a son with autism and the founder of "Surfers Healing," a foundation devoted to expanding the horizons of children with autism through surfing, Paskowitz has found a way to connect the surreal aspects of his childhood to the harsh realities of adulthood, and he shares these discoveries in this wickedly entertaining and transforming memoir.
Category: Sports & Recreation