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Super Imperialism

Author : Michael Hudson
ISBN : STANFORD:36105036957988
Genre : Imperialism
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"In 1949 the United States held three-Quarters of the world's gold; by 1960 it had become a debtor nation. And yet, the United States has built history's most powerful and affluent empire. Its techniques for world domination remained, at first, the conventional devices of the economic superstate. In recent years, however, the United States has sophisticated its strategy to the point where, although fallen into serious debt, it has retained and even expanded its dominance. The United States has pioneered a new form of imperialism in which the assets of its competitors have been employed for American ends." -- From inside dust jacket flap.
Category: Imperialism

Super Imperialism New Edition

Author : Michael Hudson
ISBN : 0745319904
Genre : Political Science
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Michael Hudson's brilliant shattering book will leave orthodox economists spluttering. Classical economists don't like to be reminded of the ugly realities of Imperialism. Hudson is one of the tiny handful of economic thinkers in today's world who are forcing us to look at old questions in startling new ways. Alvin Toffler, best-selling author of Future Shock and The Third WaveThis new and completely revised edition of Super Imperialism describes the genesis of America's political and financial domination. Michael Hudson's in-depth and highly controversial study of U.S. financial diplomacy explores the faults built into the core of the World Bank and the IMF at their inception which -- he argues -- were intended to preserve the US's financial hegemony. Difficult to detect at the time, these problems have since become explicit as the failure of the international economic system has become apparent; the IMF and World Bank were set up to give aid to developing countries, but instead many of the world's poorest countries have been plunged into insurmountable debt crises. Hudson's critique of the destructive course of the international economic system provides important insights into the real motivations at the heart of these institutions - and the increasing tide of opposition that they face around the world.
Category: Political Science

The Politics Of Imperialism And Counterstrategies

Author :
ISBN : 8187879351
Genre : Capitalism
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The God S Cowboy Warrior Holds World To Ransom. White, Green And Saffron Guards All Play Their Part In This Grand Inquisition, Extending And Intensifying It.The Papers In This Collection Grounding Themselves In Diverse Marxist Traditions Are United In Their Pursuit To Understand The Ongoing Political Conflicts Around The Globe. Imperialism And All Its De-Humanised Representations Are Realisations Of The Systemic Logic Of Capitalism. If Alternative Has To Be Anti-Capitalist, Its Evolving Forms/Contents Have To Be Identified.One Cannot Simply Go On Rhetoricising Ad Infinitum Another World Is Possible . Even If We Refrain From Identifying That World , The System Will Define It In Its Own Way. Anti-Capitalist Indifference Leads To Barbaric Conclusions, Reflected In Nationalist Vandalism Of Rss And Shiv Sena In India, Al Qaeda In The Middle- East, Anti-Immigrant Racist Resurgence In The Advanced Societies Anti-Capitalist Capitalism .
Category: Capitalism

Imperialism In The Twenty First Century

Author : John Smith
ISBN : 9781583675786
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 55.56 MB
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Winner of the first Paul A. Baran-Paul M. Sweezy Memorial Award for an original monograph concerned with the political economy of imperialism, John Smith's Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century is a seminal examination of the relationship between the core capitalist countries and the rest of the world in the age of neoliberal globalization.Deploying a sophisticated Marxist methodology, Smith begins by tracing the production of certain iconic commodities-the T-shirt, the cup of coffee, and the iPhone-and demonstrates how these generate enormous outflows of money from the countries of the Global South to transnational corporations headquartered in the core capitalist nations of the Global North. From there, Smith draws on his empirical findings to powerfully theorize the current shape of imperialism. He argues that the core capitalist countries need no longer rely on military force and colonialism (although these still occur) but increasingly are able to extract profits from workers in the Global South through market mechanisms and, by aggressively favoring places with lower wages, the phenomenon of labor arbitrage. Meticulously researched and forcefully argued, Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century is a major contribution to the theorization and critique of global capitalism.
Category: Political Science

Economy And Society

Author : R R Suresh
ISBN : 9788132106166
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37.66 MB
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This textbook covers the syllabus of the papers on economy, state and society of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Economics in India. It also covers the topics under the paper on history of economic thought taught in some colleges/universities. The book explains the emergence, evolution and working of the capitalist system with the help of some of the major principles and theories of economics, both mainstream and heterodox. It interrelates economics and economic life with other aspects of our lives—social, cultural, political, religious and intellectual. This book departs from the traditional analysis of the capitalist system in integrating the real sector of the economy with its monetary sector, and carries forward Keynes’ analysis. It combines Keynesian and Marxian approaches to the subject and emphasises the dialectical unfolding of life that underlies the interrelation between the economy, state and society. It underlines that the capitalist system is constantly changing, propelled by the tendency towards increasing concentration of ownership and control of the means of production in fewer and fewer hands. The book comes with an Instructor’s Manual to aid the teaching of the subject.
Category: Business & Economics

Global Imperialism And The Great Crisis

Author : Ernesto Screpanti
ISBN : 9781583674475
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 54.2 MB
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In this provocative study, economist Ernesto Screpanti argues that imperialism—far from disappearing or mutating into a benign “globalization”—has in fact entered a new phase, which he terms “global imperialism.” This is a phase defined by multinational firms cut loose from the nation-state framework and free to chase profits over the entire surface of the globe. No longer dependent on nation-states for building a political consensus that accommodates capital accumulation, these firms seek to bend governments to their will and destroy barriers to the free movement of capital. And while military force continues to play an important role in imperial strategy, it is the discipline of the global market that keeps workers in check by pitting them against each other no matter what their national origin. This is a world in which the so-called “labor aristocracies” of the rich nations are demolished, the power of states to enforce checks on capital is sapped, and global firms are free to pursue their monomaniacal quest for profits unfettered by national allegiance. Screpanti delves into the inner workings of global imperialism, explaining how it is different from past forms of imperialism, how the global distribution of wages is changing, and why multinational firms have strained to break free of national markets. He sees global imperialism as a developing process, one with no certain outcome. But one thing is clear: when economic crises become opportunities to discipline workers, and when economic policies are imposed through increasingly authoritarian measures, the vision of a democratic and humane world is what is ultimately at stake.
Category: Political Science

The New Imperialism

Author : David Harvey
ISBN : 9780191647758
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 65.61 MB
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People around the world are confused and concerned. Is it a sign of strength or of weakness that the US has suddenly shifted from a politics of consensus to one of coercion on the world stage? What was really at stake in the war on Iraq? Was it all about oil and, if not, what else was involved? What role has a sagging economy played in pushing the US into foreign adventurism and what difference does it make that neo-conservatives rather than neo-liberals are now in power? What exactly is the relationship between US militarism abroad and domestic politics? These are the questions taken up in this compelling and original book. Closely argued but clearly written, 'The New Imperialism' builds a conceptual framework to expose the underlying forces at work behind these momentous shifts in US policies and politics. The compulsions behind the projection of US power on the world as a 'new imperialism' are here, for the first time, laid bare for all to see. This new paperback edition contains an Afterword written to coincide with the result of the 2004 American presidental election.
Category: Political Science

Empire And Superempire

Author : Bernard Porter
ISBN : 0300110103
Genre : History
File Size : 21.25 MB
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A timely and provocative comparison of the British and American empires: are they alike, or are they very different beasts? The present American "empire" is often compared with the British one of yore--not surprising in view of the fact that Afghanistan and Iraq were once British imperial stamping grounds, too. But how alike are the two empires really? What are the connections between them? And what can we learn from the comparison? In this compellingly written book, a leading historian of the British empire explores these questions in depth for the first time. Bernard Porter finds that Britain and America had uncannily similar imperial histories before the present day, but that now considerable differences exist. He argues that post-2001 American imperialism is an imperialism of a different sort--a "super-imperialism" that no longer repeats British imperialism but now transcends it. Porter's comparison illuminates British imperialism, including Tony Blair's; the American version of imperialism administered under George W. Bush; and the relation of imperialism to such phenomena as capitalism, globalization, free trade, and international security. His insights are often surprising and always original and thought-provoking.
Category: History

Obsolescent Capitalism

Author : Samir Amin
ISBN : 1842773216
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 68.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A political autobiography from one of the 21st century's most prominent radical intellectuals, this title provides unique insights into how radical movements have evolved in response to global capitalism.
Category: Political Science

Ordering The International

Author : William Brown
ISBN : 0745321372
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 43.35 MB
Format : PDF
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Leading Marxist thinkers re-evaluate Trotsky's key theories -- an ideal introduction for students.
Category: Business & Economics