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Sun Moon Earth

Author : Tyler Nordgren
ISBN : 9780465096466
Genre : Science
File Size : 31.47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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With beautiful illustrations and a detailed map, Sun Moon Earth has everything you need to get ready for the next solar eclipse. On April 8, 2024, millions of Americans will experience an awe-inspiring phenomenon: a total eclipse of the sun. In Sun Moon Earth, astronomer Tyler Nordgren illustrates how this most seemingly unnatural of natural phenomena was transformed from a fearsome omen to a tourist attraction. From the astrologers of ancient China and Babylon to the high priests of the Maya, Sun Moon Earth takes us around the world to show how different cultures interpreted these dramatic events. Greek philosophers discovered eclipses' cause and used them to measure their world and the cosmos beyond. Victorian-era scientists mounted eclipse expeditions during the age of globe-spanning empires. And modern-day physicists continue to use eclipses to confirm Einstein's theory of relativity. Beautifully illustrated and lyrically written, Sun Moon Earth is the ideal guide for all eclipse watchers and star gazers alike.
Category: Science

Sun Moon Earth

Author : Mas Vidal
ISBN : 9780940676404
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 44.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Sun, Moon, and Earth tells the story of the "twin sciences" of Yoga and Ayurveda. Weaving in the authors long professional and personal experience as a yoga teacher and Ayurveda practitioner, it explores how these traditions can be integrated into our lives as a practical means for balanced living and spiritual evolution. It is written for the growing audience of hatha yogis interested both in asana or postural yoga and a more conscious, Ayurvedic lifestyle.
Category: Health & Fitness

Sun And Moon Sonne Und Mond

Author : Gabriele Golissa
ISBN : 9780998943237
Genre : Photography
File Size : 34.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Von der Autorin und Photographin des preisgekrönten »Skies/Himmel«: Eine weitere inspirierende und informative Reise durch die Welt über uns. Mit ihrem ersten Buch hat die in Deutschland geborene und nun im US-Bundesstaat Montana lebende Kunstphotographin ihre Leser mit auf einen Ausflug durch ihre Himmel genommen. Das Buch fand sowohl beim Publikum als auch bei Rezensenten positive Resonanz und gewann einen Preis bei den International Photography Awards 2017. Mit »Sun and Moon / Sonne und Mond« erkundet Gabriele Golissa nun die beiden Gestirne, die unseren Himmel beherrschen. Betrachten Sie inspirierende Photographien von Sonne und Mond und lesen Sie interessante Informationen über diese hellen Objekte. Entdecken Sie die faszinierenden Aurora Polaris oder Polarlichter, die den nördlichen und den südlichen Himmel mit beeindruckenden Lichtspielen erleuchten. Erneut ein ideales Buch für Kunstenthusiasten, Fans der Photographie und Naturliebhaber. Vollständig zweisprachig (Englisch/Deutsch). Fadengebunden, mit Kapitalband und Leseband. Gedruckt in Deutschland auf glänzend gestrichenem 200 g/m2 Papier aus verantwortungsvollen Quellen (FSC® MIX / FSC-C105338). Mit dem Kauf dieses Buches unterstützen Sie die verantwortungsvolle Nutzung der Wälder dieser Welt. From the author and photographer of prize-winning 'Skies/Himmel': Another inspiring and informative journey through the world above With her first book, German-born and now Montana-based fine art photographer Gabriele Golissa took readers on a voyage through her skies. Warmly embraced by both reviewers and readers, it also won a prize at the 2017 International Photography Awards. With 'Sun and Moon / Sonne und Mond,' Gabriele Golissa now explores the two luminaries that dominate our sky. Enjoy inspiring photographs of Sun and Moon and read interesting information on these bright objects. Discover the fascinating aurora polaris or polar lights which illuminate northern and southern skies with amazing light displays. Another ideal book for art lovers, fans of photography, and nature enthusiasts alike. Fully bilingual (English/German). Section-sewn, with head- and tailband and book ribbon. Printed in Germany on 200 gsm glossy paper from responsible sources (FSC® MIX / FSC-C105338). By choosing this book, you are supporting responsible management of the world's forests.
Category: Photography

The Sun Earth Moon System Science Learning Guide

Author : NewPath Learning
ISBN : 9781632120519
Genre : Science
File Size : 73.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Sun-Earth-Moon System Learning Guide includes self-directed readings, easy-to-follow illustrated explanations, guiding questions, inquiry-based activities, a lab investigation, key vocabulary review and assessment review questions, along with a post-test. It covers the following standards-aligned concepts: How the Earth Moves; Earth?s Hemispheres; Seasons on Earth; Gravity & Motion; Earth?s Moon; Phases of the Moon; Eclipses; Tides; and Missions to the Moon. Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and other state standards.
Category: Science

The Handbook Of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols

Author :
ISBN : 1932476032
Genre : Art, Tibetan
File Size : 36.55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Based on the author's previous publication The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs', this handbook contains an array of symbols and motifs, accompanied by succinct explanations. It provides treatment of the essential Tibetan religious figures, themes and motifs, both secular and religious. Robert Beer offers a compact, concise reference work based on his previous publication 'The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs'. This handbook contains an extensive array of symbols and motifs, accompanied by succinct explanations. It provides treatment of the most'
Category: Art, Tibetan

Science The Earth Sun And Moon

Author : Senior Lecturer Department of History Stuart Clark
ISBN : 9781843036289
Genre :
File Size : 49.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Each photopack contains: 15 A4 photographs, 1 colour poster and 1 teacher resource book.

Energy Resources For Human Settlement In The Solar System And Earth S Future In Space

Author : William A. Ambrose
ISBN : 9780891813828
Genre : Science
File Size : 52.99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The book's purpose is to provide the quantitative foundation for beginning to think about developing energy and minerals outside of Earth's atmosphere that are necessary to support scientific missions, space and extra-terrestrial scientific stations and permanent colonies, and ultimately expand Earth's economy beyond the near-earth environment to include space resources. We cannot envision a situation where all resources required for future space activities are exported from Earth, therefore, this book clearly illustrates that an effective economy is possible beyond Earth's surface when we consider the resources available in near-Earth space. Our first audience is members of AAPG, American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (AIME) and other professionals engaged in energy and resource development.As energy professionals, we are concerned on a daily basis with providing the necessary energy and minerals required for our growing world population and the increasing standard of living that comes with ample energy availability. And more than anything else, AAPG members are explorers. We are the professionals who have pushed back the boundaries of our resource base, from capturing petroleum resources from surface seeps, to drilling onshore wells to extract oil and gas, and to venturing offshore into increasingly difficult and hostile environments to supply the cheap and abundant energy made available by our advances in technology. There are more similarities than differences between deepwater exploration and development, and space exploration. Beyond our own members, however, our audience is every rational human being who understands human health and well-being, quality of life, education and freedom are dependent on the energy and minerals that support our advanced civilization.Space is the next frontier, and as the world civilization expands beyond Earth's surface we hope this publication serves to illustrate there are abundant opportunities to support and maintain - and in fact, allow to prosper - civilization's expansion into space -- Publisher's website.
Category: Science

Astronomy On The Personal Computer

Author : Oliver Montenbruck
ISBN : 9783642034367
Genre : Science
File Size : 21.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A thorough introduction to the computation of celestial mechanics, covering everything from astronomical and computational theory to the construction of rapid and accurate applications programs. The book supplies the necessary knowledge and software solutions for determining and predicting positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, minor planets and comets, solar eclipses, stellar occultations by the Moon, phases of the Moon and much more. This completely revised edition takes advantage of C++, and individual applications may be efficiently realized through the use of a powerful module library. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the complete, fully documented and commented source codes as well as executable programs for Windows 98/2000/XP and LINUX.
Category: Science

Primary Science Kit

Author : Rosemary Sherrington
ISBN : 0748764895
Genre : Science
File Size : 41.48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Devised to help teachers of primary science in schools. This title offers a two-year age band structure, correlation to the QCA Scheme of Work, and recommended teaching times. The Overview page is to introduce the themes in the unit. Review page is meant to assess learning. The Teacher Resource Books contain structured lesson plans.
Category: Science

The Solar System And Beyond

Author : Gerard Cheshire
ISBN : 9780237541842
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 59.60 MB
Format : PDF
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This title introduces the planet Earth and the incredibly vast space beyond. Find out how gravity formed the Solar System, take a closer look at our neighboring planets, follow the life of a star, and discover how the Universe may have been born. This series is packed with the latest scientific information and is an ideal support for physics students at Key Stage 3 level. The series will also be of interest to older students. Fascinating feature boxes outline recent physics research and encourage the reader to look more closely at the world in which they live. Key concepts are brought to life with full color illustrations and mini quizzes help to reinforce new ideas.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction