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Sumerian Mythology

Author : Samuel Noah Kramer
ISBN : 0812210476
Genre : History
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An authoritative sketch of the great myths of the Sumerians, their myths of origins, of creation, the nether world, and the deluge.
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Sumerian Mythology

Author : Adrian Ambrose
ISBN : 152381408X
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The relationship and search for God, gods, or goddesses is one of civilized man's earliest preoccupations. Our place in the universe is anything but certain and with that uncertainty comes the need for explanation and a yearning for understanding. It has always been the enigma of man to explain, theorize, or pontificate upon that which the obvious solution evades us. This book is a collection of varying myths and epics of the Ancient Sumerian civilization. The Sumerian culture is deeply rooted in myth and mystery. Their influence is greatly seen in all of Ancient Mesopotamian civilizations and they played a heavy hand in forming the mythology of the ancient people in the cradle of civilization. This book is a tribute to the tales of old that have seemingly long been forgotten, it is the figurative ode to Ancient Mesopotamia and the great impact and influence they still hold on today's cultures. I hope you enjoy the compilation of the following tales of mythology!Buy now for a limited time discount!Excerpt From Sumerian Mythology:In the beginning, the skies and the earth were yet unnamed. In the beginning, all the waters of the world mingled. In the beginning, there was nothing but chaos.From all this chaos, the twin primordial beings were born. They were Tiamat, the goddess queen who was salt water personified, and Apsu, the king god of fresh water. But they had mixed their waters together and thought not of green lands nor human beings nor beasts that roam the land. Therefore, in the beginning, non-existent names failed to cross non-existent lips. Non-existent days failed to roll into non-existent years. In the beginning, no gods nor heroes nor destinies nor stories were manifest.

Sumerian Mythology

Author : Dinobibi Publishing
ISBN : 1703980867
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Explore the Captivating History of the Sumerians What humans call "civilization" didn't always exist. We didn't always live in big cities, have roads to get places easier, or grow food on farms. For a long time, humans were hunter-gatherers. Hunter-gatherers wandered from place to place looking for food. They didn't build homes or stay in one place. The Sumerians, as far as we know, were the first people to start a civilization. These stories that describe how the Sumerians thought the world worked are now what we call myths. Even though myths aren't true, they can tell us about what the world was like in ancient civilizations Sumerians carved words on stone tablets, and some of those tablets are still around today. A few of these carvings are stories that tell us what the Sumerians believed in. They lived in a world where nature was everywhere, and they were at the mercy of it. Let Dinobibi guide you through a discovery of this fascinating culture and learn about early writing, the first civilization, and Sumerian's important gods and goddesses. You will see many parallels between their world and ours, even though they lived thousands of years ago!

The God Enki In Sumerian Royal Ideology And Mythology

Author : Peeter Espak
ISBN : 3447104120
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This study analyzes the divine concept of the Sumero-Akkadian deity Enki in its literary and mythological development through different periods of Mesopotamian history. Sumerian myths and theology related to the god Enki are influential throughout the history of the Ancient Near East. Several mythological motives from the Sumerian cultural area later reach the creation stories of the Old Testament and beyond. Through the Biblical narratives the ancient Sumerian mythology of Enki reaches the later Christian world, and therefore this mythology has become a part of the collective memory and culture of the present day world. Seven chapters give a diachronical overview of the relevant source materials (royal inscriptions, hymns, etc.) related to the god Enki and other close divine figures and religious phenomena from the period of about 2500-1700 BC. The last two chapters concentrate on the aspects of comparative mythology and archaic Sumerian religion.The relations of Enki and the Mother Goddess in the Mesopotamian religion and YHWH and Eve in the Old Testament are briefly analyzed. Some aspects about the decline of the cult of the Mother Goddess and several details of the political history of the Ancient Near East reflected in the relevant texts are discussed in the book. It is claimed that there is no direct conflict between the theologies of Nippur and Eridu (Enlil and Enki), at least when analyzing the available source material.

Sumerian Mythology

Author : Simon Lopez
ISBN : 1096736225
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Do you know that the Sumerians believed that: The moon was actually a god child conceived unintentionally by the God Enlil and a maid? Or that humans were first created to do the chores on earth for the Gods and Goddesses? The ancient Sumerians lived a difficult life, and this is reflected in their myths. However, also reflected in their stories is their love for justice and the values which they most supported, among them beauty, honor, and truthfulness. Some of the stories included are: How the world, the moon, mankind and animals were created The retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh: the legend of the very first hero in history Ninurta and the slaying of the demon Asag The Myths of Kur: the Dragon Conqueror Inanna's journey to the underworld And many other amazing tales! Get this book and discover the fascinating world of Sumerian Mythology today!

Sumerian Mythology

Author : Neil Matt Hamilton
ISBN : 1704721695
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Sumerian history and mythology have been shrouded in mystery for thousands of years. These tales of the world's very first civilization is now being exposed to the light of day, fascinating men and women around the world. The stories of Enlil, Enkidu, and Gilgamesh are finding new audiences, people interested in learning about a world where the people felt and experienced very differently from how we do today. Sumerian mythology was so powerful that some of their gods found their way into different cultures, the most famous example of this being Aphrodite who began life as the Sumerian goddess Inanna. In Sumerian Mythology: Fascinating Sumerian History and Mesopotamian Empire and Myths, you will be exposed to the riveting tales of gods and heroes that formed the canon of the Sumerian religion. Sumerian civilization has become an intrinsic part of how we live today, even if most of us are unaware of it. The way that we measure time, observe the stars, and even plant and grow crops has a lot to do with the advancements made by the Sumerians more than six thousand years ago. And heroes like Gilgamesh have helped define what it means to be a hero today. They were men who became gods, earning their place in immortality in more ways than one. The Sumerians used their stories as a way to instruct others and how they lived and even to help themselves understand their world. Sumerian Mythology: Fascinating Sumerian History and Mesopotamian Empire and Myths, you will learn the formative tales of gods and heroes to help you understand who the Sumerians were and why they were important. Sumerian Mythology: Fascinating Sumerian History and Mesopotamian Empire and Myths explores the tales of gods and heroes in a concise, easy-to-read fashion. These tales of heroes and gods were deeply important to the Mesopotamian people and learning about them is the only way to understand the kind of world they lived in and how it was different from our own. It was a world of birds with the faces of lions, gods with the wings of birds, and seductive goddesses who symbolically married the kings of the various city-states. The Sumerians told many tales of gods like Inanna, An, Ashur, and Enlil, tales that helped the civilizations of Mesopotamia endure for nearly 4000 years. Indeed, European travelers to the Orient in the 18th century discovered that there were still districts where the goddess Inanna (more than five thousand years old then) was still worshipped in secret. The world of the Sumerians was unlike our own. The people at the heart of Sumerian civilization - living in modern-day Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, and other places - these people were part of a culture so far removed from the way that we think and perceive today as to be almost unrecognizable. Sumerian Mythology: Fascinating Sumerian History and Mesopotamian Empire and Myths gives you the binoculars to view their world. It was a world of great empires: the Akkadian, Hurrian, Assyrian, and Babylonian. It was a world of legendary wealth and beauty. In Sumerian Myth, you will understand this world by gaining a summary of the major historical events and an in-depth exposure to the gods. In Sumerian Mythology: Fascinating Sumerian History and Mesopotamian Empire and Myths, you will learn all there is to know about Sumerian myth and history. You will learn about the Gilgamesh and Enkidu, the Anzu bird, who the major gods and goddesses were, who the important heroes were, and how Sumerian society left a legacy that continues with us today. Poets and historians recorded Mesopotamian tales on cuneiform tablets, but we have made the deciphering work easy for you. Buy now to embark on an exciting journey through the world of Sumerian myth and history.

Mesopotamian Mythology

Author : Scott Lewis
ISBN : 1728715652
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Do you know that the Mesopotamians did not believe in life after death? Or that their Queen of the Underworld and their arrogant God of War and Pestilence had an epic love story? In this collection, you will enjoy the epic stories of Ancient Mesopotamia that echoed through other great works like the Bible and the Odyssey. The Sumerian belief system offers a fascinating insight into the lives of these ancient people as they struggled to establish the first empires of man. Some of the fantastic stories included are: - The Epic of Gilgamesh: The adventure of Gilgamesh, a tyrannical king who is blessed with a true friend and companion, Enkidu. As they set out to make their names, the young men encounter demons, gods and goddesses, and death. It is the first recorded hero's epic! - Creation Myths: The Ancient Mesopotamians had a vivid idea of their origins. Learn how they saw their role in the cosmos and interpreted events in their lives. - The Descent of Ishtar: No good collection of myths would be complete without a trip to the Underworld. In this myth, the Queen of Heaven is not content with her lot and seeks to gain the power of the Underworld as well. - The Epic of Etana - One of the original action-adventure stories is the story of Etana. Through divine providence, Etana is elevated from shepherd to king but cannot conceive an heir. With help from the gods and a less than honorable giant eagle, he seeks to find the plant that will let his wife bear him a child. - Ereshkigal and Nergal: Stories of star-crossed lovers are common enough, but the Mesopotamian version has a unique twist. Ereshkigal and Nergal are the most unlikely of bedfellows! And so much more! These stories and many more are compiled in story form in Mesopotamian Mythology: Classic stories from the Sumerian Mythology, Akkadian Mythology, Babylonian Mythology and Assyrian Mythology. Get your copy and dive into this fascinating world today!
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The Sumerian World

Author : Harriet Crawford
ISBN : 9781136219122
Genre : History
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The Sumerian World explores the archaeology, history and art of southern Mesopotamia and its relationships with its neighbours from c.3,000 - 2,000BC. Including material hitherto unpublished from recent excavations, the articles are organised thematically using evidence from archaeology, texts and the natural sciences. This broad treatment will also make the volume of interest to students looking for comparative data in allied subjects such as ancient literature and early religions. Providing an authoritative, comprehensive and up to date overview of the Sumerian period written by some of the best qualified scholars in the field, The Sumerian World will satisfy students, researchers, academics, and the knowledgeable layperson wishing to understand the world of southern Mesopotamia in the third millennium.
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Author : Simon Lopez
ISBN : 1099686067
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File Size : 80.45 MB
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Do you know that Loki gave birth to an eight-legged horse? Or that the Ancient Celts believed that their ancestors are all demigods? Mythology is complicated, unpredictable, and wonderful. In this 4-book Collection, you will be taken through a journey from the beginning of the world all the way to the end of everything in Norse, Sumerian, Celtic and Mesoamerican Mythology respectively. All the myths tell of bravery and strength, loyalty amongst friends and family, love for justice and the values which they most supported, among them beauty, honor, and truthfulness. Don't miss out on this captivating world of mythology and get the book today! The 4 manuscripts included in this collection are: Norse Mythology: Fascinating Myths and Legends of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Monster from the Ancient Norse Mythology Sumerian Mythology: Fascinating Myths and Legends of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Monster from the Ancient Mesopotamian Sumerian Mythology Celtic Mythology: Fascinating Myths and Legends of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Monster from the Ancient Irish, Welsh, Scottish and Brittany Mythology Mesoamerican Mythology: Fascinating Myths and Legends of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Monster from the Ancient Maya, Inca and Aztec Mythology