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Successful Careers Beyond The Lab

Author : David J. Bennett
ISBN : 9781108150378
Genre : Reference
File Size : 36.82 MB
Format : PDF
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There is a major demand for people with scientific training in a wide range of professions based on and maintaining relations with science. However, there is a lack of good first-hand information about alternative career paths to research. From entrepreneurship, industry and the media to government, public relations, activism and teaching, this is a readable guide to science based skills, lifestyles and career paths. The ever-narrowing pyramid of opportunities within an academic career structure, or the prospect of a life in the laboratory losing its attraction, mean that many who trained in science and engineering now look for alternative careers. Thirty role models who began by studying many different disciplines give personal guidance for graduates, postgraduates and early-career scientists in the life sciences, physical sciences and engineering. This book is an entertaining resource for ideas about, and directions into, the many fields which they may not be aware of or may not have considered.
Category: Reference

Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine

Author : Heidi Moawad
ISBN : 9780199972074
Genre : Medical
File Size : 74.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Career changes are becoming common among professionals in recent years. Many physicians may want to change direction, but often do not know whether it is the right thing to do or if pursuing a career outside of clinical practice would achieve their professional goals. Doctors have the training and education to contribute to society in many beneficial ways in addition to traditional clinical practice. Yet, there is no formal mapped-out route for doctors who want to pursue alternative careers, which is where Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine comes in. Doctors at any stage, from early in training to mid-career, to nearing retirement, can use Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine to clearly evaluate the issues involved when considering a career change. This book shows physicians how they can serve society and patients in innovative ways, and make a notable impact on health care delivery, policy and quality when they use their medical background in a non-traditional career pursuit. The numerous unadvertised opportunities for physicians are explored and a step-by-step route with practical advice for finding the best career is described. Recent advances in healthcare technology, medical science, patient education require physicians to play new roles that have not traditionally been well-defined. Doctors can innovate and have a long-term productive impact on healthcare in the United States and throughout the world if they learn to seize the non-traditional career opportunities available to physicians, or even create a new way to fill a void in health care. Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine helps illuminate that path.
Category: Medical

Beyond News

Author : Mitchell Stephens
ISBN : 9780231536295
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27.15 MB
Format : PDF
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For a century and a half, journalists made a good business out of selling the latest news or selling ads next to that news. Now that news pours out of the Internet and our mobile devices—fast, abundant, and mostly free—that era is ending. Our best journalists, Mitchell Stephens argues, instead must offer original, challenging perspectives—not just slightly more thorough accounts of widely reported events. His book proposes a new standard: "wisdom journalism," an amalgam of the more rarified forms of reporting—exclusive, enterprising, investigative—and informed, insightful, interpretive, explanatory, even opinionated takes on current events. This book features an original, sometimes critical examination of contemporary journalism, both on- and offline, and it finds inspiration for a more ambitious and effective understanding of journalism in examples from twenty-first-century articles and blogs, as well as in a selection of outstanding twentieth-century journalism and Benjamin Franklin's eighteenth-century writings. Most attempts to deal with journalism's current crisis emphasize technology. Stephens emphasizes mindsets and the need to rethink what journalism has been and might become.
Category: Business & Economics

Worlds Beyond

Author : Alan Stern
ISBN : 0521520010
Genre : Nature
File Size : 43.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Leading planetary scientists give personal accounts of their work, and their desire to understand and explore worlds beyond our own.
Category: Nature

The Effective Scientist

Author : Corey J. A. Bradshaw
ISBN : 9781107171473
Genre : Education
File Size : 54.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A how-to guide to mastering the skills you need to navigate the murky waters of an academic science career effectively.
Category: Education

Put Your Science To Work

Author : Peter S. Fiske
ISBN : 0875902952
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 35.32 MB
Format : PDF
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Whether are you are a science undergraduate or graduate student, post-doc or senior scientist, you need practical career development advice. This book will help you explore all your options and develop dynamite strategies for landing the job of your dreams.
Category: Business & Economics

Buying And Selling Laboratory Instruments

Author : Marvin C. McMaster
ISBN : 1118031849
Genre : Science
File Size : 63.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A time-tested, systematic approach to the buying and selling of complex research instruments Searching for the best laboratory instruments and systems can be a daunting and expensive task. A poorly selected instrument can dramatically affect results produced and indirectly affect research papers, the quality of student training, and an investigator's chances for advancement. Buying and Selling Laboratory Instruments offers the valuable insights of an analytical chemist and consultant with over four decades of experience in locating instruments based upon both need and price. It helps all decision makers find the best equipment, service, and support while avoiding the brand-loyalty bias of sales representatives so you can fully meet your laboratory's requirements. The first section of the book guides buyers through the hurdles of funding, purchasing, and acquiring best-fit instruments at the least-expensive price. It explains how to find vendors that support their customers with both knowledgeable service and application support. Also offered is guidance on adapting your existing instruments to new applications, integrating new equipment, and what to do with instruments that can no longer serve in research mode. The second section explains the sales process in detail. This is provided both as a warning against manipulative sales reps and as a guide to making the sale a win-win process for you and your vendor. It also shows you how to select a knowledgeable technical guru to help determine the exact system configuration you need and where to find the best price for it. Added bonuses are summary figures of buying sequence and sales tools and an appendix containing frequently asked questions and memory aids. Buying and Selling Laboratory Instruments is for people directly involved in selecting and buying instruments for operational laboratories, from the principle investigator to the person actually delegated with investigating and selecting the system to be acquired. Sales representatives; laboratory managers; universities; pharmaceutical, biotech, and forensic research firms; corporate laboratories; graduate and postdoctoral students; and principle investigators will not want to be without this indispensible guide.
Category: Science

Successful Women In Chemistry

Author : Amber S. Hinkle
ISBN : 0841239126
Genre : Science
File Size : 39.40 MB
Format : PDF
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This symposium series book describes women in mid- to upper- level positions within the chemical industry who have been deemed successful, but are relatively unknown on a national level. Success comes in many forms, and it also comes in many positions. The book will highlight women whose careers range from very technical and obvious to those that are not. Some of the key careers include technical directors, eminent scientists, business managers, patent attorneys, bench chemists, entrepreneurs, human resource directors, and journalists. The goal of this book is to create a resource where women can find a role model, someone with whom they can relate. Profiling women with a wide diversity of experiences and career opportunities allows the reader to find a common connection. Finally the workplace is not perfect; this series book will highlight both the pleasant and unpleasant career experiences which these women underwent.
Category: Science

The Women Of The Nobel

Author : Massimo di Terlizzi
ISBN : 9788897093350
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 20.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Forty-four women. Forty-four stories of incredible lives, each different from the other, but linked by the same leitmotif of excellence, perseverance and passion. This book aims at being a homage to all the women whose revolutionary discoveries and works have forever changed the history of humankind. It is for that reason, that they received the most prestigious prize of all - the Nobel Prize. By reading these biographies, you can feel to what extent society has changed from the beginning of the twentieth century to today. You will also understand how complicated it was for women born at the turn of the century to enter higher education and to be considered by their male colleagues. Unfortunately, in many fields, this attitude is still present and stronger than ever. Proportionally, only a small percentage of women have received the Swedish medal, a sign that the path to gender equality is still long. Many of them had to fight to establish themselves and make their talent known, often going against their families who saw them exclusively as wives and mothers. But they believed in themselves, had a dream, and with determination overcame every difficulty. Notwithstanding their work, all of these women, scientists, writers, organizers and spokeswomen demonstrate that with perseverance and an openness towards others, you can get where you want. As the great Rita Levi-Montalcini (Nobel Prize in Medicine) said, "The key to human existence is not love, but curiosity".
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Drums Of Terror

Author : Bryan Senn
ISBN : IND:30000068560212
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 54.99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The purpose of this book is to chronicle, critique and explore every theatrically released, English-language voodoo movie to date. Admittedly, sometimes the stories behind a film's making prove more entertaining than the movie itself, but such are the hazards of the job. While some are good, many are bad and a few are downright ugly, most voodoo movies contain at least the promise (occasionally fulfilled, more often not) of a glimpse into an alternate world view and spirituality that can be both fascinating and unsettling. Films such White Zombie, I Walked With a Zombie, Macumba Love, I Eat Your Skin, Angel Heart and The Believers are included in this fascinating film history.
Category: Performing Arts