Subclinical Psychopaths

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Comprehensive Handbook Of Personality And Psychopathology Personality And Everyday Functioning

Author : Jay C. Thomas
ISBN : 9780471739135
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 78.53 MB
Format : PDF
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Personality and Everyday Functioning covers the foundations of personality theory and the impact of personality on normal functioning. Leading personality researchers present chapters on major theories of personality, such as psychoanalytic, developmental, behavioral, and constructivist, to name a few.
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Handbook Of Psychopathy First Edition

Author : Christopher J. Patrick
ISBN : 9781606238042
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 69.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book has been replaced by Handbook of Psychopathy, Second Edition, ISBN 978-1-4625-3513-2.
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Almost A Psychopath

Author : Ronald Schouten
ISBN : 9781616494261
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 73.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Do you know someone who is just a bit too manipulative and full of himself? Does someone you know charm the masses yet lack the ability to deeply connect with those around her? You might have an Almost Psychopath in your life. Do you know someone who is too manipulative and full of himself? Does someone you know charm the masses yet lack the ability to deeply connect with those around her?Grandiosity and exaggerated self-worth. Pathological lying. Manipulation. Lack of remorse. Shallowness. Exploitation for financial gain. These are the qualities of Almost Psychopaths. They are not the deranged criminals or serial killers that might be coined "psychopaths" in the movies or on TV. They are spouses, coworkers, bosses, neighbors, and people in the news who exhibit many of the same behaviors as a full-blown psychopath, but with less intensity and consistency.In Almost a Psychopath, Ronald Schouten, MD, JD, and James Silver, JD, draw on scientific research and their own experiences to help you identify if you are an Almost Psychopath and, if so, guide you to interventions and resources to change your behavior.If you think you have encountered an Almost Psychopath, they offer practical tools to help you:recognize the behavior, attitudes, and characteristics of the Almost Psychopath;make sense of interactions you've had with Almost Psychopaths;devise strategies for dealing with them in the present;make informed decisions about your next steps; andlearn ways to help an Almost Psychopath get better control of their behavior.The Almost Effect™ Series presents books written by Harvard Medical School faculty and other experts that offer guidance on common behavioral and physical problems falling in the spectrum between normal health and a full-blown medical condition. These are the first publications to help general readers recognize and address these problems.
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No Remorse Psychopathy And Criminal Justice

Author : Jacqueline B. Helfgott
ISBN : 9781440865756
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 41.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An in-depth interdisciplinary perspective on psychopathy suitable for those interested in criminology and criminal justice, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and other social science as well as general knowledge. • Offers an in-depth, interdisciplinary perspective on psychopathy, useful across a range of fields and for general readers • Covers the history of the concept of psychopathy, and its move into criminal justice policy and practice • Examines the remorse factor and its role in criminal proceedings • Reflects the subject knowledge of an author who is highly respected in the field of criminal justice and has been featured by media including CNN, ABC News, Court TV, Associated Press, and Oregon Public Radio
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The Devil You Know

Author : Kerry Daynes
ISBN : 9781444714296
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 71.32 MB
Format : PDF
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How many times have you despaired about how to handle your psycho boss or listened to your friend talk about how their dream date turned out to be a bit of a psychopath? It's far from just a turn of phrase, psychopaths aren't all serial killers or criminals as you might expect, they are seemingly ordinary people too. In fact around 3 % of the general population have strong psychopathic tendencies.The devil you know may be in disguise. So how do you know if someone close to hand isn't quite who they seem? The psycho inyour life could be your lover, your child, your colleague, your friend or the hot new date you've met on the internet. InThe Devil You Know,forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes explains the psyche of a psychopath, she reveals the behavioural traits they share in common and she gives advice on how to handle them - or better still, how to avoid them at all costs.Using research and high profile case studies,The Devil You Knowwill help you spot the psycho in your life.The only question is: can you affordnot to read this book?
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Abnormal Psychology

Author : David H. Barlow
ISBN : 0534364055
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 68.76 MB
Format : PDF
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Managing People In A Downturn

Author : A.
ISBN : 9780230307209
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 74.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A collection of engaging and thought-provoking essays looking at the world of business and management during a recession. Furnham takes a sideways look at some business issues that are often brushed under the carpet and examines recent academic contributions to business literature in an amusing and jargon-free style.
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A B C S Of Behavioral Forensics

Author : Sridhar Ramamoorti
ISBN : 9781118417249
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 72.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Get practical insights on the psychology of white-collar criminals—and how to outsmart them Understand how the psychologies of fraudsters and their victims interact as well as what makes auditors/investigators/regulators let down their guard. Learn about the psychology of fraud victims, including boards of directors and senior management, and what makes them want to believe fraudsters, and therefore making them particularly vulnerable to deception. Just as IT experts gave us computer forensics, we now have a uniquely qualified team immersed in psychology, sociology, psychiatry as well as accounting and auditing, introducing the emerging field of behavioral forensics to address the phenomenon of fraud. Ever wonder what makes a white-collar criminal tick? Why does she or he do what they do? For the first time ever, see the mind of the fraudster laid bare, including their sometimes twisted rationalizations; think like a crook to catch a crook! The A.B.C.'s of Behavioral Forensics takes you there, with expert advice from a diverse but highly specialized authoring team of professionals (three out of the four are Certified Fraud Examiners): a former accounting firm partner who has a PhD in psychology, a former FBI special agent who has been with investigative practices of two of the Big Four firms, an industrial psychiatrist who has worked closely with the C-level suite of large and small companies, and an accounting professor who has interviewed numerous convicted felons. Along with a fascinating exploration of what makes people fall for the common and not-so-common swindles, the book provides a sweeping characterization of the ecology of fraud using The A.B.C.'s of Behavioral Forensics paradigm: the bad Apple (rogue executive), the bad Bushel (groups that collude and behave like gangs), and the bad Crop (representing organization-wide or even societally-sanctioned cultures that are toxic and corrosive). The book will make you take a longer look when hiring new employees and offers a deeper more complex understanding of what happens in organizations and in their people. The A.B.C. model will also help those inside and outside organizations inoculate against fraud and make you reflect on instilling the core values of your organization among your people and create a culture of excellence and integrity that acts as a prophylactic against fraud. Ultimately, you will discover that, used wisely, behavioral methods trump solely economic incentives. With business fraud on the rise globally, The A.B.C.'s of Behavioral Forensics is the must-have book for investigators, auditors, the C-suite and risk management professionals, the boards of directors, regulators, and HR professionals. Examines the psychology of fraud in a practical way, relating it to aspects of fraud prevention, deterrence, detection, and remediation Helps you understand that trust violation—the essence of fraud—is a betrayal of behavioral assumptions about "trusted" people Explains how good people go bad and how otherwise honest people cross the line Underscores the importance of creating a culture of excellence and integrity that inoculates an organization from fraud risk (i.e., honest behavior pays, while dishonesty is frowned upon) Provides key takeaways on what to look for when hiring new employees and in your current employees, as well as creating and maintaining a culture of control consciousness Includes narrative accounts of interviews with convicted white-collar criminals, as well as interpretive insights and analysis of their rationalizations Furnishes ideas about how to enhance professional skepticism, how to resist fraudsters, how to see through their schemes, how to infuse internal controls with the people/behavioral element, and make them more effective in addressing behav
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Personality Assessment

Author : Lauren B. Palcroft
ISBN : PSU:000066091424
Genre : Personality assessment
File Size : 22.44 MB
Format : PDF
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Personality assessment is the determination and evaluation of personality attributes by interviews, observations, tests, or scales. What, then, are the common properties of assessment, regardless of which area is examined? It is proposed that there are three common denominators: (a) Decisions, (b) Procedures, and (c) Data acquisition. In general, assessment may be defined as a procedure whereby data is collected for decision-making purposes. Specifically, then, psychological assessment is a procedure whereby data is collected for making decisions about people. Such a definition. although short and simple, has a major advantage in emphasising the role of decision-making in assessment. This book presents the latest research developments in the field.
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Snakes In Suits

Author : Paul Babiak
ISBN : UOM:49015003441186
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides a revealing study of psychopaths in the business world that examines the impact of destructive psychopathic behavior on a work environment, documenting a psychopath's patterns of skilled manipulation, deception, and abuse and providing essential tools to help readers protect themselves and their companies. Reprint.
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Looking Into Abnormal Psychology

Author : Scott O. Lilienfeld
ISBN : UVA:X004208029
Genre : Medical
File Size : 64.56 MB
Format : PDF
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Mental health practitioners should find this reader of particular interest. It contains 40 recent articles, compiled from popular and academic sources, that explore ongoing issues and controversies regarding mental illness and its treatment. Among the topics addressed in this book are gender differences in depression, the biological bases of schizophrenia, the diagnosis of multiple personality disorder, the controversy regarding "recovered memories" of child abuse, and the use of Prozac and similar medications to treat mood disturbances. This book exposes readers to a broad sampling of the major questions and debates confronting today's psychopathology researchers.
Category: Medical

The Clinician S Handbook

Author : Robert G. Meyer
ISBN : UVA:X030116470
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 78.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This extremely versatile handbook, written for students and practitioners, taps current treatment and assessment research to provide up-to-date coverage of emotional and behavioral disorders, major DSM-IV-TR diagnostic categories, MMPI-2 correlates and other test-response patterns, and treatment options. Diagnostic concepts and observations are linked with specific assessment and test data for diagnostic categories; this is then integrated with recommended intervention procedures. In a single volume, the authors have synthesized an abundance of information and presented it in a manageable and accessible manner. Their extensive experience in clinical and forensic psychology-teaching, conducting research, interacting with clients, working in the criminal justice system- highly qualifies them to know and present the kind of practical information students and practitioners need. Additional outstanding features . . . * emphasizes multimodal assessment and treatment * includes extensive discussions of clinical challenges, such as suicidal clients, the criminal personality, deception, and malingering * offers "bibliotherapy" reading assignments and appropriate relaxation techniques for various types of clients * provides coverage of legal issues-competency, criminal responsibility, and civil commitment * presents useful tips on case preparation and professional practice in the office and the courtroom
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The Handbook Of Narcissism And Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Author : W. Keith Campbell
ISBN : 1118029267
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 24.88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Handbook of Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the definitive resource for empirically sound information on narcissism for researchers, students, and clinicians at a time when this personality disorder has become a particularly relevant area of interest. This unique work deepens understanding of how narcissistic behavior influences behavior and impedes progress in the worlds of work, relationships, and politics.!--EndFragment--
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Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015079664614
Genre : Indonesia
File Size : 82.37 MB
Format : PDF
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Psychopathy And Delinquency

Author : William Maxwell McCord
ISBN : STANFORD:36105041638193
Genre : Criminals
File Size : 73.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Criminals