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Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory

Author : Robert D. Klauber
ISBN : 0984513930
Genre : Quantum electrodynamics
File Size : 24.89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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By incorporating extensive student input and innovative teaching methodologies, this book aims to make the process of learning quantum field theory easier, and thus more rapid, profound, and efficient, for both students and instructors. Comprehensive explanations are favored over conciseness, every step in derivations is included, and big picture overviews are provided throughout. Typical student responses indicate how well the text achieves its aim. [This] book ... makes quantum field theory much easier to understand!" Thanks for making quantum field theory clearer! Awesome. .. approach and presentation .. just awesome !!! Best presentation of QFT I have ever seen . marvelous!!!. " transforms learning QFT from being a hazardous endeavor to actually being an enjoyable thing to do." Great job .. extremely clear guided me through many ambiguities .. I wasn't able to work out with any other book. ..truly special extraordinary text. For me, a big relief .. finding [this] text. The book focuses on the canonical quantization approach, but also provides an introductory chapter on path integrals. It covers fundamental principles of quantum field theory, then develops quantum electrodynamics in depth. See the first few chapters at
Category: Quantum electrodynamics

No Nonsense Quantum Mechanics

Author : Jakob Schwichtenberg
Genre : Science
File Size : 58.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Learning Quantum Mechanics doesn’t have to be hard What if there was a way to learn Quantum Mechanics without all the usual fluff and mystification? What if there were a book that allowed you to see the whole picture and not just tiny parts of it? Thoughts like this are the reason that No-Nonsense Quantum Mechanics now exists. What will you learn from this book? Get to know the fundamental quantum features — grasp how different nature works at the level of elementary particles.Learn how to describe Quantum Mechanics mathematically — understand the origin and meaning of the most important quantum equations: the Schrödinger equation + the canonical commutation relations.Master the most important quantum systems — read step-by-step calculations and understand the general algorithm we use to describe them.Get an understanding you can be proud of — learn why there are alternative frameworks to describe Quantum Mechanics and how they are connected to the standard wave description. No-Nonsense Quantum Mechanics is the most student-friendly book on Quantum Mechanics ever written. Here’s why. First of all, it's is nothing like a formal university lecture. Instead, it’s like a casual conservation with a more experienced student. This also means that nothing is assumed to be “obvious” or “easy to see”.Each chapter, each section, and each page focusses solely on the goal to help you understand. Nothing is introduced without a thorough motivation and it is always clear where each equation comes from.The book contains no fluff since unnecessary content quickly leads to confusion. Instead, it ruthlessly focusses on the fundamentals and makes sure you’ll understand them in detail. The primary focus on the readers’ needs is also visible in dozens of small features that you won’t find in any other textbook In total, the book contains more than 100 illustrations that help you understand the most important concepts in visually. In each chapter, you’ll find fully annotated equations and calculations are done carefully step-by-step. This makes it much easier to understand what’s going on in.Whenever a concept is used that was already introduced previously there is a short sidenote that reminds you where it was first introduced and often recites the main points. In addition, there are summaries at the beginning of each chapter that make sure you won’t get lost.
Category: Science

Physics From Symmetry

Author : Jakob Schwichtenberg
ISBN : 9783319666310
Genre : Science
File Size : 52.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is a textbook that derives the fundamental theories of physics from symmetry. It starts by introducing, in a completely self-contained way, all mathematical tools needed to use symmetry ideas in physics. Thereafter, these tools are put into action and by using symmetry constraints, the fundamental equations of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory, Electromagnetism, and Classical Mechanics are derived. As a result, the reader is able to understand the basic assumptions behind, and the connections between the modern theories of physics. The book concludes with first applications of the previously derived equations. Thanks to the input of readers from around the world, this second edition has been purged of typographical errors and also contains several revised sections with improved explanations.
Category: Science

Quantum Mechanics For Pedestrians 2

Author : Jochen Pade
ISBN : 9783030004675
Genre : Science
File Size : 24.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book, the second in a two-volume set, provides an introduction to the basics of (mainly) non-relativistic quantum mechanics. While the first volume addresses the basic principles, this second volume discusses applications and extensions to more complex problems. In addition to topics dealt with in traditional quantum mechanics texts, such as symmetries or many-body problems, it also treats issues of current interest such as entanglement, Bell’s inequality, decoherence and various aspects of quantum information in detail. Furthermore, questions concerning the basis of quantum mechanics and epistemological issues which are relevant e.g. to the realism debate are discussed explicitly. A chapter on the interpretations of quantum mechanics rounds out the book. Readers are introduced to the requisite mathematical tools step by step. In the appendix, the most relevant mathematics is compiled in compact form, and more advanced topics such as the Lenz vector, Hardy’s experiment and Shor’s algorithm are treated in more detail. As an essential aid to learning and teaching, 130 exercises are included, most of them with solutions. This revised second edition is expanded by an introduction into some ideas and problems of relativistic quantum mechanics. In this second volume, an overview of quantum field theory is given and basic conceptions of quantum electrodynamics are treated in some detail. Originally written as a course for students of science education, the book addresses all those science students and others who are looking for a reasonably simple, fresh and modern introduction to the field.
Category: Science

Quantum Mechanics For Pedestrians 1

Author : Jochen Pade
ISBN : 9783030004644
Genre : Science
File Size : 70.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book, the first in a two-volume set, provides an introduction to the fundamentals of (mainly) non-relativistic quantum mechanics. This first volume chiefly focuses on the essential principles, while applications and extensions of the formalism can be found in volume 2. Including but also moving beyond material that is covered in traditional textbooks on quantum mechanics, the book discusses in detail current issues such as interaction-free quantum measurements or neutrino oscillations, as well as fundamental problems and epistemological questions, such as the measurement problem. A chapter on the postulates of quantum mechanics rounds off this first volume. In order to quickly and clearly present the main principles of quantum mechanics and its mathematical formulation, there is a systematic transition between wave mechanics and algebraic representation in the first few chapters, in which the required mathematical tools are introduced step by step. Moreover, the appendix concisely reviews the most important mathematical tools, allowing readers to largely dispense with supplementary literature. The appendix also explores advanced topics, such as the Quantum-Zeno effect and time-delay experiments. Over 250 exercises, most of them with solutions, help to deepen the reader’s understanding of the topics discussed. This revised second edition is expanded by an introduction to some ideas and problems of relativistic quantum mechanics. In this first volume, the Klein-Gordon and the Dirac equations are treated. Fundamentals of other areas are compiled in compact form, i.e., outlines of special relativity, classical field theory and electrodynamics. The book is chiefly intended for student science teachers and all students of physics, majors and minors alike, who are looking for a reasonably easy and modern introduction to quantum mechanics.
Category: Science

Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Author : Freeman J. Dyson
ISBN : 9789812706225
Genre : Science
File Size : 77.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From his early years as a student in Trinity College, Cambridge, to his studies with Hans Bethe at Cornell University, Freeman Dyson has proven himself to be the best mathematician from England and the best English physicist since Dirac. In the fateful year 1949, Dyson published two ground-breaking papers in the Physical Review, The radiation theories of Tomonaga, Schwinger, and Feynman and The S matrix in quantum electrodynamics. The first demonstrated the equivalence of the Schwinger-Tomonaga approach and the Feynman path integral method in quantum electrodynamics. The second crystalized the Feynman rules for scattering diagrams. Here for the first time, Dyson's lectures at Cornell University shortly after, in 1951, are presented. Brimming with youthful vigour and excitement from the golden years of QED, highly original in their approach, the student is taken for a thrilling ride through the Dirac equation, its manifold consequences, to field theory, the Dyson graphs, and finally to the Feynman diagrams. Book jacket.
Category: Science

Many Body Theory Exposed

Author : Willem Hendrik Dickhoff
ISBN : 981256294X
Genre : Science
File Size : 49.74 MB
Format : PDF
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"The coverage proceeds in a systematic way from elementary concepts, such as second quantization and mean-field properties, to a more advanced but self-contained presentation of the physics of atoms, molecules, nuclei, nuclear and neutron matter, electron gas, quantum liquids, atomic Bose-Einstein and fermion condensates, and pairing correlations in finite and infinite systems."--BOOK JACKET.
Category: Science

Quantum Mechanics

Author : G. ARULDHAS
ISBN : 9788120336353
Genre : Science
File Size : 66.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Second Edition of this concise and compact text offers students a thorough understanding of the basic principles of quantum mechanics and their applications to various physical and chemical problems. This thoroughly class-texted material aims to bridge the gap between the books which give highly theoretical treatments and the ones which present only the descriptive accounts of quantum mechanics. Every effort has been made to make the book explanatory, exhaustive and student friendly. The text focuses its attention on problem-solving to accelerate the student’s grasp of the basic concepts and their applications. What is new to this Edition : Includes new chapters on Field Quantization and Chemical Bonding. Provides new sections on Rayleigh Scattering and Raman Scattering. Offers additional worked examples and problems illustrating the various concepts involved. This textbook is designed as a textbook for postgraduate and advanced undergraduate courses in physics and chemistry. Solutions Manual containing the solutions to chapter-end exercises is available for instructors. Solution Manual is available for adopting faculty. Click here to request...
Category: Science

Quantum Physics For Dummies

Author : Steven Holzner
ISBN : 9781118460863
Genre : Science
File Size : 45.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Quantum Physics For Dummies, Revised Edition helps makequantum physics understandable and accessible. From what quantumphysics can do for the world to understanding hydrogen atoms,readers will get complete coverage of the subject, along withnumerous examples to help them tackle the tough equations.Compatible with classroom text books and courses, QuantumPhysics For Dummies, Revised Edition lets students study attheir own paces and helps them prepare for graduate or professionalexams. Coverage includes: The Schrodinger Equation and its Applications The Foundations of Quantum Physics Vector Notation Spin Scattering Theory, Angular Momentum, and more Your plain-English guide to understanding and working withthe micro world Quantum physics — also called quantum mechanics or quantumfield theory — can be daunting for even the most dedicatedstudent or enthusiast of science, math, or physics. This friendly,concise guide makes this challenging subject understandable andaccessible, from atoms to particles to gases and beyond. Plus, it'spacked with fully explained examples to help you tackle the trickyequations like a pro! Compatible with any classroom course — study at your ownpace and prepare for graduate or professional exams Your journey begins here — understand what quantumphysics is and what kinds of problems it can solve Know the basic math — from state vectors to quantummatrix manipulations, get the foundation you need to proceed Put quantum physics to work — make sense ofSchrödinger's equation and handle particles bound in squarewells and harmonic oscillators Solve problems in three dimensions — use the fulloperators to handle wave functions and eigenvectors to find thenatural wave functions of a system Discover the latest research — learn the cutting-edgequantum physics theories that aim to explain the universeitself
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