Structure And Dynamics

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Community Structure And Dynamics At The Dawn Of The New Millennium

Author : Dan A. Chekki
ISBN : 0762306734
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64.74 MB
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The process of globalization, communication/information technology, multinational corporation-based economy, have tended to transform and restructure contemporary communities in a variety of ways. We need to know the emerging structure, and the dynamics of communities facing complex problems in a changing world. This work deals with this area.
Category: Social Science

Structure And Dynamics Of Membranes

Author : R. Lipowsky
ISBN : 0080541917
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The first volume of the Handbook deals with the amazing world of biomembranes and lipid bilayers. Part A describes all aspects related to the morphology of these membranes, beginning with the complex architecture of biomembranes, continues with a description of the bizarre morphology of lipid bilayers and concludes with technological applications of these membranes. The first two chapters deal with biomembranes, providing an introduction to the membranes of eucaryotes and a description of the evolution of membranes. The following chapters are concerned with different aspects of lipids including the physical properties of model membranes composed of lipid-protein mixtures, lateral phase separation of lipids and proteins and measurement of lipid-protein bilayer diffusion. Other chapters deal with the flexibility of fluid bilayers, the closure of bilayers into vesicles which attain a large variety of different shapes, and applications of lipid vesicles and liposomes. Part B covers membrane adhesion, membrane fusion and the interaction of biomembranes with polymer networks such as the cytoskeleton. The first two chapters of this part discuss the generic interactions of membranes from the conceptual point of view. The following two chapters summarize the experimental work on two different bilayer systems. The next chapter deals with the process of contact formation, focal bounding and macroscopic contacts between cells. The cytoskeleton within eucaryotic cells consists of a network of relatively stiff filaments of which three different types of filaments have been identified. As explained in the next chapter much has been recently learned about the interaction of these filaments with the cell membrane. The final two chapters deal with membrane fusion.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Structure And Dynamics Of Non Rigid Molecular Systems

Author : Y.G. Smeyers
ISBN : 9401044643
Genre : Science
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This volume contains a selection of scientific papers related to the structure and dynamics of non-rigid molecules. This frontline topic was born a few decades ago, when Longuet-Higgins proposed his famous theory of Molecular Symmetry Groups (Mol. Phys. 6, (1962) 457). Unfortunately, since this early paper, very few publications have been devoted to the study of non-rigid molecules. Let us mention some books which dedicate some chapters to them: Induced Representations in Crystals and Molecules, by S. L. Altmann, Academic Publishers, 1977; Molecular Symmetry and Spectroscopy, by P. R. Bunker, Academic Publishers, 1979; and finally Large Amplitude Motion in Molecules, Vols. I and II, by several authors, Springer Verlag, 1979. More recently an International Symposium on Non-Rigid Molecules was held in Paris, France, from 1-7 July 1982, the proceedings of which were published in the volume entitled Symmetries and Properties of Non-Rigid Molecules. A Comprehensive Survey, edited by J. Maruani et al., Elsevier, 1983. Finally, we should mention the very specialized work The Permutational Approach to Dynamic Stereochemistry, by J. Brocas et al., McGraw-Hill, 1983. The purpose of this book is to fill in this information on the structure and dynamics of non-rigid systems. To this aim, we have gathered a collection of recent papers written by the most qualified specialists in the world, covering a large field from van der Waals molecules to inorganic complexes and organic polyrotor molecules, as well as considering statistical and dynamic aspects.
Category: Science

Structure And Dynamics Of Confined Polymers

Author : John J. Kasianowicz
ISBN : 1402006977
Genre : Science
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Polymers are essential to biology because they can have enough stable degrees of freedom to store the molecular code of heredity and to express the sequences needed to manufacture new molecules. Through these they perform or control virtually every function in life. Although some biopolymers are created and spend their entire career in the relatively large free space inside cells or organelles, many biopolymers must migrate through a narrow passageway to get to their targeted destination. This suggests the questions: How does confining a polymer affect its behavior and function? What does that tell us about the interactions between the monomers that comprise the polymer and the molecules that confine it? Can we design and build devices that mimic the functions of these nanoscale systems? The NATO Advanced Research Workshop brought together for four days in Bikal, Hungary over forty experts in experimental and theoretical biophysics, molecular biology, biophysical chemistry, and biochemistry interested in these questions. Their papers collected in this book provide insight on biological processes involving confinement and form a basis for new biotechnological applications using polymers. In his paper Edmund DiMarzio asks: What is so special about polymers? Why are polymers so prevalent in living things? The chemist says the reason is that a protein made of N amino acids can have any of 20 different kinds at each position along the chain, resulting in 20 N different polymers, and that the complexity of life lies in this variety.
Category: Science

Airglow As An Indicator Of Upper Atmospheric Structure And Dynamics

Author : Vladislav Yu Khomich
ISBN : 354075833X
Genre : Science
File Size : 54.5 MB
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The book summarizes international progress over the last few decades in upper atmosphere airglow research. Measurement methods, theoretical concepts and empirical models of a wide spectrum of upper atmospheric emissions and their variability are considered. The book contains a detailed bibliography of studies related to the upper atmosphere airglow. Readers will also benefit from a lot of useful information on emission characteristics and its formation processes found the book.
Category: Science

Geospatial Analysis And Modelling Of Urban Structure And Dynamics

Author : Bin Jiang
ISBN : 9048185726
Genre : Science
File Size : 82.72 MB
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A Coming of Age: Geospatial Analysis and Modelling in the Early Twenty First Century Forty years ago when spatial analysis first emerged as a distinct theme within geography’s quantitative revolution, the focus was largely on consistent methods for measuring spatial correlation. The concept of spatial au- correlation took pride of place, mirroring concerns in time-series analysis about similar kinds of dependence known to distort the standard probability theory used to derive appropriate statistics. Early applications of spatial correlation tended to reflect geographical patterns expressed as points. The perspective taken on such analytical thinking was founded on induction, the search for pattern in data with a view to suggesting appropriate hypotheses which could subsequently be tested. In parallel but using very different techniques came the development of a more deductive style of analysis based on modelling and thence simulation. Here the focus was on translating prior theory into forms for generating testable predictions whose outcomes could be compared with observations about some system or phenomenon of interest. In the intervening years, spatial analysis has broadened to embrace both inductive and deductive approaches, often combining both in different mixes for the variety of problems to which it is now applied.
Category: Science

Structure And Dynamics

Author : Martin T. Dove
ISBN : 0198506783
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 60.41 MB
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This book describes how the arrangement and movement of atoms in a solid are related to the forces between atoms, and how they affect the behaviour and properties of materials. The book is intended for final year undergraduate students and graduate students in physics and materials science.
Category: Literary Criticism

International Symposium On Structure And Dynamics Of Heterogeneous Systems

Author : Peter Entel
ISBN : 9812793658
Genre : Science
File Size : 90.58 MB
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This volume contains contributions from co-operative research activities in physics and chemistry and addresses heterogeneous systems like atoms and molecules in complex environments, dye molecules like the retinal chromophore in the protein box of the human eye, interacting atoms/molecules in the interlayer of adsorbed structures, nucleation and domain formation processes in magnetic and martensitic systems. The particular aim of the contributions is to deduce the connection between different grades of heterogeneity and to bridge the gap between chemicals and heterogeneity on the atomic scale, and the physics of macroscopically heterogeneous systems. Besides the diverse experimental tools employed in the investigations, accompanying theoretical investigations range from ab initio molecular dynamics studies of the microscopic systems to Monte Carlo simulations of the larger-scale problems.
Category: Science

Structure And Dynamics Of Biomolecules

Author : Eric Fanchon
ISBN : 0198504527
Genre : Science
File Size : 21.86 MB
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Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules is a manual describing the principles behind various types of experiments on biological samples using synchrotron radiation or neutrons and provides the technical understanding needed for interpreting the data collected. It is based on the HERCULES lecture series.
Category: Science

Chromatin Structure And Dynamics

Author : J. Zlatanova
ISBN : 0444515941
Genre : Science
File Size : 78.60 MB
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Biological processes that replicate, preserve and use the genetic information encoded in DNA must operate in the context of chromatin, a highly organized complex of DNA and proteins. These proteins do not merely package the DNA in the tiny volume of the nucleus, but impart the structure the ability to change according to the requirements of the specific process the DNA is involved in. Moreover, chromatin structure is used by the cell to control the activity of DNA. In this volume the basics of chromatin structure and dynamics are presented by established experts in the field.
Category: Science

Structure And Dynamics Of Elementary Matter

Author : Walter Greiner
ISBN : 9781402027055
Genre : Science
File Size : 42.77 MB
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Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, welcome to Kemer to the NATO Advanced Study Institute Structure and Dynamics of Elementary Matter. We have chosen Kemer as the place of our NASI because it is located in a be- tiful and hospitable surrounding. This part of the Mediterranean at the Turkish Riviera is a historic region where many cultures meet (e.g., the Oriental and the Greek and Roman European cultures) and where you ?nd numerous places which played a role in ancient science and in early Christianity. Moreover, with the hotel Ceylan Inter-Continental we have found a most excellent me- ing place, directly located at the beach, equipped with wonderful swimming pools and restaurants – an absolutely ?rst-class location. Our NASIwill deal withthemost recent developmentsin high-energyheavy ionphysicsandinthesearchforsuperheavynuclei–tworatherdistinctareasof research. Indeed, we want to bring two very active communities of nuclear and high-energy physics into close contact. The meeting is both a school and has also the character of a conference: A school because there are many advanced students, many of which are themselves already top researchers and who are contributing with their own research in seminars and posters. It is also a c- ference because new results in the exciting and wonderful ?elds of low- and high-energy heavy ion physics will be presented. We are mainly focussing on the topics of superheavy elements and of hot and dense nuclear matter.
Category: Science