Strange Inhuman Deaths

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Strange Inhuman Deaths

Author : John G. Bellamy
ISBN : UOM:39015064754776
Genre : Social Science
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In 1573, George Saunders, a respected merchant tailor, was killed by his wife's lover. The conspiracy involved Saunders' wife, her best friend, and a servant. All were found guilty and hanged, but not before a suspended clergyman fell in love with Mrs. Saunders and sought to have her pardoned. Strange, Inhuman Deaths describes in vivid and exciting detail the Saunders murder and three other well-documented cases that occurred between 1538 and 1573. These violent stories are powerful and lively, and the motivations and personalities revealed speak to us directly across the centuries. Murder most foul, murder most English-be there as the tradition begins.
Category: Social Science

Making Murder Public

Author : K. J. Kesselring
ISBN : 9780192572585
Genre : History
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Homicide has a history. In early modern England, that history saw two especially notable developments: one, the emergence in the sixteenth century of a formal distinction between murder and manslaughter, made meaningful through a lighter punishment than death for the latter, and two, a significant reduction in the rates of homicides individuals perpetrated on each other. Making Murder Public explores connections between these two changes. It demonstrates the value in distinguishing between murder and manslaughter, or at least in seeing how that distinction came to matter in a period which also witnessed dramatic drops in the occurrence of homicidal violence. Focused on the 'politics of murder', Making Murder Public examines how homicide became more effectively criminalized between 1480 and 1680, with chapters devoted to coroners' inquests, appeals and private compensation, duels and private vengeance, and print and public punishment. The English had begun moving away from treating homicide as an offence subject to private settlements or vengeance long before other Europeans, at least from the twelfth century. What happened in the early modern period was, in some ways, a continuation of processes long underway, but intensified and refocused by developments from 1480 to 1680. Making Murder Public argues that homicide became fully 'public' in these years, with killings seen to violate a 'king's peace' that people increasingly conflated with or subordinated to the 'public peace' or 'public justice.'
Category: History

Dreaming The English Renaissance

Author : C. Levin
ISBN : 9780230615731
Genre : History
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Dreaming the English Renaissance examines ideas about dreams, actual dreams people had and recorded, and the many ways dreams were used in the culture and politics of the Tutor/Stuart age in order to provide a window into the mental life and the most profound beliefs of people of the time.
Category: History

The Strange Death Of Moral Britain

Author : Christie Davies
ISBN : 1412839211
Genre : History
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In the last half of the twentieth century, a once respectable and religious Britain became a seriously violent and dishonest society, one in which person and property were at risk, family breakdown was ubiquitous, and drug and alcohol abuse was rising. The Strange Death of Moral Britain demonstrates in detail the roots of Britain's decline. It also shows how a society, strongly Protestant in both morality and identity, became one of the most secular societies in the world.The culture wars about abortion, capital punishment, and homosexuality, which have convulsed the United States, have little meaning in Britain where there is neither a moral majority nor any indigenous emphasis on rights. In the period when Britain had a strong national and religious identity, defense of this identity led to legal persecution of male homosexuals. As Britain's identity crumbled, homosexuality ceased to be an important issue for most people. Similarly, all the pressing questions on abortion, capital punishment, and homosexuality were settled permanently on a purely utilitarian basis in Britain, where all sources of moral argument are weak. The ending of the death penalty marked the decline of the influence of the official hierarchies of church and state, the Church of England, the armed forces, and their representative, the Conservative Party. The Strange Death of Moral Britain is a study of moral change, secularization, loss of identity, and the growth of deviant behavior in Britain in the twentieth century. Based on detailed scholarship, it is tightly argued and clearly written with a minimum of jargon.It will be of interest to scholars in religious studies and British social history, and to a general reading public concerned with timely moral controversies.Christie Davies was for eighteen years a professor at the University of Reading, England, and has been a visiting lecturer in the United States and India. He is the author of several books including The Mirth of Nations, available from Transaction, and his articles have appeared in leading academic journals in sociology, criminology, social history and religious studies, among others.
Category: History

Torture And Brutality In Medieval Literature

Author : Larissa Tracy
ISBN : 9781843842880
Genre : Literary Collections
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A new look at the way in which medieval European literature depicts torture and brutality.
Category: Literary Collections

Nonlinear Dynamics In Human Behavior

Author : W Sulis
ISBN : 9789814498678
Genre : Science
File Size : 50.43 MB
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This book represents a selection of papers presented at the Fourth Annual Conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences, held at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, June 24–27, 1995. The book reflects the Society as a whole, consisting of applications of nonlinear methodology in psychophysics, neurophysiology, business and social science as well as applications of the nonlinear paradigm to issues arising in psychotherapy and the study of creativity. Unique are contributions on the use of Boolean networks in the study of psychosis and quality of life. Review articles on the appropriate use of time series methods in psychology and psychophysics provide a valuable reference. Contents:Foreward (K Pribram)Introduction (W Sulis)Prelude: TIGoRS and Neural Codes (W Sulis)Empirical Studies:Appropriate Algorithms for Nonlinear Time Series Analysis in Psychology (C Scheier & W Tschacher)Looking for Chaos in Time Series Data (T L Johnson & K J Dooley)Chaos in Psychophysics? Hypothesis Testing and Nonlinear Forecasting Approaches (L M Ward)Inter- and Intra- Trial Dynamics in Memory and Choice (K Clayton & B Frey)Approaches to the Nonlinear Dynamics of Reflexive Eye Movements (M Shelhamer)Identification of Chaotic Behavior in Warfare (T Tagarev & D Nicholls)Fractal Structure in Business Cycle Durations (A Abderrezak)Theoretical Studies:Causality and Emergence in Chaos and Complexity Theories (J Goldstein)Chaos and the Double Function of Communication (P S Aula)The Application of Topological Models to Social System Dynamics (H R Erwin)Clinical Studies:Love is a Strange Attractor: Therapy at the Edge of Chaos (A Parry)The Self Organizing Psyche: Nonlinear and Neurobiological Contributions to Psychoanalysis (A H Stein)Quality of Life — A Dynamic Perspective (P Lemay et al.)Logical Attractors: A Boolean Approach to the Dynamics of Psychosis (Z Kupper & H Hoffmann)Applications to Creativity:Chaos Theory, Scientific Revolutions and Creativity in Learning (R E Kahn)The Creative Chaos: Speculations on the Connection between Nonlinear Dynamics and the Creative Process (T Zausner)The Iconography of Chaos in a Renaissance Painting (T Zausner)The Dynamics of Creativity and the Courage to be (F D Abraham)Coda:Consciousness: Chaotic and Strangely Attractive (A Combs) Readership: Social scientists, psychologists, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. keywords:Time Series;Algorithms, Chaos;Nonlinear Forecasting;Eye Movement;Business Cycles;Complexity;Self-Organization;Creativity
Category: Science

The Strange Death Of Marxism

Author : Paul Edward Gottfried
ISBN : 082626493X
Genre : Political Science
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The Strange Death of Marxism seeks to refute certain misconceptions about the current European Left and its relation to Marxist and Marxist-Leninist parties that existed in the recent past. Among the misconceptions that the book treats critically and in detail is that the Post-Marxist Left (a term the book uses to describe this phenomenon) springs from a distinctly Marxist tradition of thought and that it represents an unqualified rejection of American capitalist values and practices. Three distinctive features of the book are the attempts to dissociate the present European Left from Marxism, the presentation of this Left as something that developed independently of the fall of the Soviet empire, and the emphasis on the specifically American roots of the European Left. Gottfried examines the multicultural orientation of this Left and concludes that it has little or nothing to do with Marxism as an economic-historical theory. It does, however, owe a great deal to American social engineering and pluralist ideology and to the spread of American thought and political culture to Europe. American culture and American political reform have foreshadowed related developments in Europe by years or even whole decades. Contrary to the impression that the United States has taken antibourgeois attitudes from Europeans, the author argues exactly the opposite. Since the end of World War II, Europe has lived in the shadow of an American empire that has affected the Old World, including its self-described anti-Americans. Gottfried believes that this influence goes back to who reads or watches whom more than to economic and military disparities. It is the awareness of American cultural as well as material dominance that fuels the anti-Americanism that is particularly strong on the European Left. That part of the European spectrum has, however, reproduced in a more extreme form what began as an American leap into multiculturalism. Hostility toward America, however, can be transformed quickly into extreme affection for the United States, which occurred during the Clinton administration and during the international efforts to bring a multicultural society to the Balkans. Clearly written and well conceived, The Strange Death of Marxism will be of special interest to political scientists, historians of contemporary Europe, and those critical of multicultural trends, particularly among Euro-American conservatives.
Category: Political Science

The Strange Death Of Liberal England

Author : George Dangerfield
ISBN : 0804729301
Genre : History
File Size : 78.56 MB
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At the beginning of the twentieth century England's empire spanned the globe, its economy was strong, and its political system seemed immune to the ills that inflicted so many other countries. After a resounding electoral triumph in 1906, the Liberals formed the government of the most powerful nation on earth, yet within a few years the House of Lords lost its absolute veto over legislation, the Home Rule crisis brought Ireland to the brink of civil war and led to an army mutiny, the campaign for woman's suffrage created widespread civil disorder and discredited the legal and penal systems, and an unprecedented wave of strikes swept the land. This is a classic account, first published in 1935, of the dramatic upheaval and political change that overwhelmed England in the period 1910-1914. Few books of history retain their relevance and vitality after more than sixty years. The Strange Death of Liberal England is one of the most important books of the English past, a prime example that history can be abiding literature. As a portrait of England enmeshed in the turbulence of new movements, which often led to violence against the pieties of Liberal England—until it was overwhelmed by the greatest violence of all, World War I—this extraordinary book has continued to exert a powerful influence on the way historians have observed early twentieth-century England.
Category: History

The Strange Non Death Of Neo Liberalism

Author : Colin Crouch
ISBN : 9780745637594
Genre : History
File Size : 84.76 MB
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The financial crisis seemed to present a fundamental challenge to neo liberalism, the body of ideas that have constituted the political orthodoxy of most advanced economies in recent decades. Colin Crouch argues in this book that it will shrug off this challenge. The reason is that while neo liberalism seems to be about free markets, in practice it is concerned with the dominance over public life of the giant corporation. This has been intensified, not checked, by the recent financial crisis and acceptance that certain financial corporations are ‘too big to fail'. Although much political debate remains preoccupied with conflicts between the market and the state, the impact of the corporation on both these is today far more important. Several factors have brought us to this situation: The lobbying power of firms whose donations are of growing importance to cash-hungry politicians and parties The weakening of competitive forces by firms large enough to shape and dominate their markets The moral initiative that is grasped by enterprises that devise their own agendas of corporate social responsibility Both democratic politics and the free market are weakened by these processes, but they are largely inevitable and not always malign. Hope for the future, therefore, cannot lie in suppressing them in order to attain either an economy of pure markets or a socialist society. Rather it lies in dragging the giant corporation fully into political controversy.
Category: History

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
ISBN : UOM:39015062080349
Genre : Bibliography, National
File Size : 39.29 MB
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Category: Bibliography, National

Death Dealers

Author : Don Pendleton
ISBN : 9781460343883
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25.26 MB
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STONY MAN They're the world's best military warriors and cyber specialists, and they belong to a top secret black ops group that answers to the President of the United States. The Stony Man team is dedicated to striking down terrorism wherever it may be, even if it means paying the ultimate price. DEATH MARKET Terrorists from around the world have gathered in Hawaii to bid on stolen missiles. Whoever wins will have a weapon powerful enough to destroy an aircraft carrier with a single shot. With the clock ticking, Able Team goes undercover to stop the auction and take down the arms dealer who set up the buy. Meanwhile, Phoenix Force is on the hunt to retrieve the missiles and do whatever is necessary to eliminate the shadowy group behind the theft.
Category: Fiction

Death Into Life

Author : Olaf Stapledon
ISBN : 9780575128651
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A bomber is killed in battle along with all of his companions; but something wakes in his dying, which is first a spirit bomber-crew, then the spirit of all those killed in battle, then the spirit of man, the cosmos and the Universal Spirit.
Category: Fiction

The Inhuman Condition

Author : Rudi Visker
ISBN : 1402028253
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 47.89 MB
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Far from being the wilful, indifferent and irresponsive being its critics have portrayed it to be, the so-called 'postmodern' subject is essentially finite, not even able to assume the transcendence to which it owes its singularity. This inability is not a lack - it points instead to a certain unthought shared by both Heidegger and Levinas which sets the terms for a discussion no longer our own. Instead of blaming Heidegger for underdeveloping 'being-with', we should rather stress that his account of mineness may be, in the light of contemporary philosophy, what stands most in need of revision. And, instead of hailing Levinas as the critic whose stress on the alterity of the Other corrects Heidegger's existential solipsism, the problems into which Levinas runs in defining that alterity call for a different diagnosis and a corresponding change in the course that phenomenology has taken since.
Category: Philosophy