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Stem Cells

Author : Christine Mummery
ISBN : 0123815363
Genre : Science
File Size : 67.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Recent advances in the fields of medicine and technology have led to the development of stem cell therapy. A stem cell is a cell that has the potential to develop into many different types of cell in the body. It has the ability to divide and copy itself and at least one other specialized type of cell. Stem Cells was written to provide information about the development of stem cell therapy, which can be used in the fields of research and medicine. The main goal of the book is to provide readers with an overview of the scientific facts about stem cells and its promising effects on the human body, as well as on the creation of new drugs and medicines. The book also highlights the ongoing clinical research into stem cells and lists the therapies whose effectiveness is being investigated. Many scientists argue that stem cell therapy will be of great help to patients and society if it is proven to be safe and effective. Explains in straightforward, non-specialist language the basic biology of stem cells and their applications in modern medicine and future therapy Includes extensive coverage of adult and embryonic stem cells both historically and in contemporary practice Richly illustrated to assist in understanding how research is done and the current hurdles to clinical practice
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The Stem Cell Divide

Author : Michael Bellomo
ISBN : 0814429424
Genre : Medical
File Size : 87.59 MB
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Looks at the stem cell controversy, covering the attempts of researchers to develop new treatments for a host of diseases and the arguments of stem cell opponents who contend that such research is against the laws of nature and religion.
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Stem Cell Research

Author : Toni Marzotto
ISBN : 9781351648981
Genre : Medical
File Size : 25.20 MB
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Stem Cell Research takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the topic of human embryonic stem cell research, starting with the breakthrough discovery up through the present day controversy. The book invites the reader to join the conversation by providing a well balanced approach to many of the issues surrounding the development of this controversial scientific field. It includes the thoughts and experiences of scientists, journalists and ethicists as it tried to approach the topic through a variety of different academic disciplines. The book will help the non-scientist understand the biology, research regulations and funding; and simultaneously it will help the scientist better comprehend the full spectrum of ethical, religious, and policy debates.
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Stem Cell Tourism And The Political Economy Of Hope

Author : Alan Petersen
ISBN : 9781137470430
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 83.2 MB
Format : PDF
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This book provides a unique and innovative perspective on the controversial phenomenon of ‘stem cell tourism’. A growing number of patients are embarking on stem cell treatments that are clinically unproven and yet available in clinics and hospitals around the world. The authors offer a cutting-edge multi-dimensional perspective on this complex and rapidly changing phenomenon, including an analysis of the experiences of those who have undertaken or have contemplated undertaking a stem cell treatment, as well as examination of the views of those who undertake research or advise on or provide stem cell treatments. Developing the concept of ‘the political economy of hope’, and referencing case studies of the stem cell treatment market in China, Germany, and Australia, this book argues for a reframing of ‘stem cell tourism’ to understand why patients and families pursue these treatments and whether authorities’ concerns are justified and whether their responses are appropriate and proportionate to the alleged risks.
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Panacea In My Veins

Author : Farrukh Hamid MD. MSc. MBA
ISBN : 9781482832594
Genre : Medical
File Size : 70.88 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Only a few decades ago, we didnt even know that stem cells existed, though today we have gained the knowledge and technology to make practically any type of cell from a mature skin cell. Dr. Farrukh Hamid, who has been practicing regenerative and rehabilitative medicine for two decades, traces the scientific breakthroughs that led us to this point and what rapid developments in stem cell research mean for those that suffer from an incurable disease or chronic illness. In an engaging, storytelling fashion, Hamid focuses on: breakthroughs that have enabled us to create new disease cell lines, reprogram cells, and fill in knowledge gaps that existed just a few short years ago. ways to protect your stem cells from political and pharmaceutical mongers; strategies to enhance your stem cell count. alternative treatment options for debilitating diseases and illnesses. Filled with patient histories and personal stories, the insights on stem cells and the critical role they play will entertain, educate, and encourage you to be healthier and wiser about your health.
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Cancer Stem Cells

Author :
ISBN : 9780128149959
Genre : Medical
File Size : 26.42 MB
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Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 141 in the Advances in Cancer Research series, presents the latest release in this ongoing, well-regarded serial that provides invaluable information on the exciting and fast-moving field of cancer research. Topics covered in this new release include SIX-EYA-DACH network control of cancer stem cell properties, Dormancy and the cancer cell niche, Clonal hematopoiesis: A hematopoietic stem cell disorder of aging, Stringent assays to study human breast cancer stem cells, Regulation of breast cancer stem cell specification and maintenance by hypoxia-inducible factors, Cancer stem cells in breast and prostate: fact or fiction, and much more. Provides information on cancer research Offers outstanding and original reviews on a range of cancer research topics, with this release focusing on cancer stem cells Serves as an indispensable reference for researchers and students alike
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Augmentation Of Brain Function Facts Fiction And Controversy

Author : Manuel F. Casanova
ISBN : 9782889456161
Genre :
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The final volume in this tripartite series on Brain Augmentation is entitled “From Clinical Applications to Ethical Issues and Futuristic Ideas”. Many of the articles within this volume deal with translational efforts taking the results of experiments on laboratory animals and applying them to humans. In many cases, these interventions are intended to help people with disabilities in such a way so as to either restore or extend brain function. Traditionally, therapies in brain augmentation have included electrical and pharmacological techniques. In contrast, some of the techniques discussed in this volume add specificity by targeting select neural populations. This approach opens the door to where and how to promote the best interventions. Along the way, results have empowered the medical profession by expanding their understanding of brain function. Articles in this volume relate novel clinical solutions for a host of neurological and psychiatric conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, epilepsy, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), traumatic brain injury, and disorders of consciousness. In disease, symptoms and signs denote a departure from normal function. Brain augmentation has now been used to target both the core symptoms that provide specificity in the diagnosis of a disease, as well as other constitutional symptoms that may greatly handicap the individual. The volume provides a report on the use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in ASD with reported improvements of core deficits (i.e., executive functions). TMS in this regard departs from the present-day trend towards symptomatic treatment that leaves unaltered the root cause of the condition. In diseases, such as schizophrenia, brain augmentation approaches hold promise to avoid lengthy pharmacological interventions that are usually riddled with side effects or those with limiting returns as in the case of Parkinson’s disease. Brain stimulation can also be used to treat auditory verbal hallucination, visuospatial (hemispatial) neglect, and pain in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. The brain acts as a telecommunication transceiver wherein different bandwidth of frequencies (brainwave oscillations) transmit information. Their baseline levels correlate with certain behavioral states. The proper integration of brain oscillations provides for the phenomenon of binding and central coherence. Brain augmentation may foster the normalization of brain oscillations in nervous system disorders. These techniques hold the promise of being applied remotely (under the supervision of medical personnel), thus overcoming the obstacle of travel in order to obtain healthcare. At present, traditional thinking would argue the possibility of synergism among different modalities of brain augmentation as a way of increasing their overall effectiveness and improving therapeutic selectivity. Thinking outside of the box would also provide for the implementation of brain-to-brain interfaces where techniques, proper to artificial intelligence, could allow us to surpass the limits of natural selection or enable communications between several individual brains sharing memories, or even a global brain capable of self-organization. Not all brains are created equal. Brain stimulation studies suggest large individual variability in response that may affect overall recovery/treatment, or modify desired effects of a given intervention. The subject’s age, gender, hormonal levels may affect an individual’s cortical excitability. In addition, this volume discusses the role of social interactions in the operations of augmenting technologies. Finally, augmenting methods could be applied to modulate consciousness, even though its neural mechanisms are poorly understood. Finally, this volume should be taken as a debate on social, moral and ethical issues on neurotechnologies. Brain enhancement may transform the individual into someone or something else. These techniques bypass the usual routes of accommodation to environmental exigencies that exalted our personal fortitude: learning, exercising, and diet. This will allow humans to preselect desired characteristics and realize consequent rewards without having to overcome adversity through more laborious means. The concern is that humans may be playing God, and the possibility of an expanding gap in social equity where brain enhancements may be selectively available to the wealthier individuals. These issues are discussed by a number of articles in this volume. Also discussed are the relationship between the diminishment and enhancement following the application of brain-augmenting technologies, the problem of “mind control” with BMI technologies, free will the duty to use cognitive enhancers in high-responsibility professions, determining the population of people in need of brain enhancement, informed public policy, cognitive biases, and the hype caused by the development of brain- augmenting approaches.

Cracking The Stem Cell Code

Author : Christian Drapeau
ISBN : 0981988806
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 57.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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What's New, What's Real & What's Next in Stem Cell Science Cracking the Stem Cell Code - Demystifying the Most Dramatic Scientific Breakthrough of Our Time Christian Drapeau MSc - America's Leading Adult Stem Cell Scientist and Author of The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal Back Cover Are Adult Stem Cells the Prescription for Ultimate Health? Time Magazine says The Coming Revolution in Stem Cells Could Save Your Life Just the Facts from the Leading Voice of Adult Stem Cell Science - Recent discoveries have unlocked the mystery of adult stem cells - The latest studies point to profound health implications from these cells - Adult stem cells were recently identified as the body's natural healing system - Many scientists are trending away from high risk embryonic stem cell therapies - The adult stem cell science field is enjoying explosive growth Cracking the Stem Cell Code leaps past the financial and political controversy surrounding stem cell science to focus on the real story found in scientific literature. A recent Nobel Prize winning discovery affirmed what author Christian Drapeau has advocated for years: the role of adult stem cells in your body is nothing less than its natural healing system. For the average reader interested in gaining greater understanding of the stem cell phenomenon.Flap When Christian Drapeau first posited that Adult Stem Cells were the very foundation of the body's natural healing system, scientific study was in its infancy.Recent studies and new discoveries now affirm Christian's position that has gained not just momentum but widespread acceptance in scientific circles as study after study reveal that Adult Stem Cell science holds phenomenal promise in all areas of human wellness.Christian explains the stem cell phenomenon in the reader friendly manner that made his prior book The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal a major hit with tens of thousands of readers. Adult Stem Cells hold the promise of miraculous wellness – Cracking the Stem Cell Code explains how.
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Dental Pulp Stem Cells

Author : Sibel Yildirim
ISBN : 9781461456865
Genre : Science
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Stem cell technology is moving forward at a tremendous rate. Recent discoveries have surprised even the most expert researchers. While every piece of new data broadens the current knowledge and contributes to this moving forward, the new data also serve as paradigm shifters of fundamental knowledge of cell biology. While the question ‘What is a Stem Cell’ may now seem to basic to even discuss, there are still some discrepancies, however, between groups in terms of their functional roles. Teeth develop from the ectoderm of the first branchial arch and the ectomesenchyme of the neural crest. Deciduous teeth start to form between the sixth and eighth weeks, and permanent teeth begin to form in the twentieth weeks. Several studies have demonstrated that the pulp from both adult teeth and deciduous teeth contains dental pulp stem cells. Several factors have made them very attractive as a model system for many researchers; they are multipotent, ethically and non-controversially available in large numbers, immuno-compatible, developmentally primitive, easy to isolate and have high expansion potential in vitro. However, many controversies still exist in the field. There are several unanswered questions in the biology of dental pulp and odontoblasts. This new volume in the SpringerBriefs in Stem Cells series presents an evaluation of stem cells from human dental pulp as a reliable stem cell source for cell-based therapy to stimulate tissue regeneration.​
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