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Stem Cell Now

Author : Christopher Thomas Scott
ISBN : 9781101213346
Genre : Science
File Size : 43.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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THE STEM CELL IS SET TO DOMINATE POPULAR AWARENESS OF SCIENCE LIKE THE ATOM BOMB DID A GENERATION AGO. No area of science holds such immediate promise for treating disease and improving human lives as stem cell research. But no area of science also causes such fundamental ethical concern and such ferocious political conflict.
Category: Science

The Stem Cell Revolution

Author : Mark Berman, MD; Elliot Lander, MD
ISBN : 9781504920025
Genre : Education
File Size : 62.89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The book describes the journey into the growing arena of clinical stem cell therapy by highlighting not only the road that brought a team of physicians together but also real stories from a number of their patients that were given their health back through the magic of stem cell therapy. Your fat is loaded with stem cells that can be used now to treat and reverse a large number of inflammatory and degenerative conditions. Most people have no idea that these magical cells actually exist right within our bodies. They think that they must wait until Big Pharma or a university PhD manufactures them from embryos. Yet the Cell Surgical Network, under the guidance of Drs. Berman and Lander, has been gathering investigational data that shows your cells are safe and effective in a large variety of clinical conditions. Almost any condition caused by damage or degradation of your own body cells has the potential for being improved using stem cells. And the potential actually exists to use your own cells to extend your life in a healthy, functional manner. The stem cell revolution train has left the station.
Category: Education

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Development

Author : Isabelle Godin
ISBN : 0387335358
Genre : Medical
File Size : 36.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book collects articles on the biology of hematopoietic stem cells during embryonic development, reporting on fly, fish, avian and mammalian models. The text invites a comparative overview of hematopoietic stem cell generation in the different classes, emphasizing conserved trends in development. The book reviews current knowledge on human hematopoietic development and discusses recent breakthroughs of relevance to both researchers and clinicians.
Category: Medical

Stem Cells In Human Reproduction

Author : Carlos Simón
ISBN : 9780203092910
Genre : Medical
File Size : 71.57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book gives an overview of the revolutionary advances in stem cell science that may potentially impact human reproductive medicine. The contents cover the production and regeneration of female and male germ cells, trophoblasts, and endometrium from human embryonic and adult stem cells. New developments in hESC derivation that will impact clinical use are covered and cutting-edge technologies such as reprogramming, nuclear transfer, and imprinting are addressed in relation to reproductive medicine. There is a tremendous thirst for knowledge about this topic and this will be one of the first books to address the key issues specifically for the reproductive medicine market.
Category: Medical

Stem Cell Bioprocessing

Author : Tiago G Fernandes
ISBN : 9781908818300
Genre : Science
File Size : 50.86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Stem cell bioprocessing describes the main large-scale bioprocessing strategies for both stem cell culture and purification, envisaging the application of these cells for regenerative medicine and drug screening. Bioreactor configurations are described, including their applications for stem cell expansion, and stem cell separation techniques such as isolation and purification are discussed. Basic definitions are provided concerning the different types of stem cells, from adult stem cells to the more recent induced pluripotent stem cells. The main characteristics of these different stem cell types are described, alongside the molecular mechanisms underlying their self-renewal and differentiation. The book also focuses on methodologies currently used for in vitro stem cell culture under static conditions, including the challenge of xeno-free culture conditions, as well as culture parameters that influence stem cell culture. Approaches for both stem cell culture and separation in micro-scale conditions are presented, including the use of cellular microarrays for high-throughput screening of the effect of both soluble and extracellular matrix molecules. A further section is dedicated to application of stem cells for regenerative medicine. Maintains a unique focus on both the basic stem cell biology concepts, and their translation to large-scale bioprocessing approaches Envisages the use of stem cells in regenerative medicine and drug screening applications Discusses the application of microscale techniques as a tool to perform basic stem cell biology studies
Category: Science

Novel Developments In Stem Cell Mobilization

Author : Stefan Fruehauf
ISBN : 9781461419594
Genre : Medical
File Size : 69.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Recently the CXCR4/CXCL12-axis has been recognized as one of the pivotal adhesion pathways by which hematopoietic stem cells are retained in the bone marrow. CXCR4 antagonists with different chemical specification are being developed. Pharmacology research guides the way to the rational development effective antagonists. One antagonist, plerixafor, is clinically approved now for stem cell mobilization of lymphoma and myeloma patients. This allows patients to receive potentially life-saving treatment which could not have been administered otherwise. Through early clinical studies it was recognized that CXCR4 antagonists also mobilize malignant hematopoetic cells, i.e. leukemia cells. In preclinical studies a sensitization of mobilized leukemic cells to standard cytotoxic chemotherapy could be shown. Clinical studies are under way. CXCR4 antagonists are an exciting new class of compounds which are also employed for the mobilization of angiogenic cells or for the treatment of solid tumors. In this book a concise review of the current status of knowledge and future developments will be presented.
Category: Medical

Stem Cell Biology In Health And Disease

Author : Thomas Dittmar
ISBN : 9048130409
Genre : Medical
File Size : 73.77 MB
Format : PDF
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Stem Cell Biology in Health and Disease presents an up-to-date overview about the dual role of stem cells in health and disease. The Editors have drawn together an international team of experts providing chapters which, in this fully-illustrated volume, discuss: - the controversial debate on the great expectations concerning stem cell based regeneration therapies raised by the pluripotency of various stem cells. - the advantages and concerns about embryonic stem cells (ES cells), induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) and adult stem cells, such as bone marrow-derived stem cells (BMDCs). - the type of stem cells, which has become of interest in the past decade, namely so-called cancer stem cells (CSCs). CSCs are now in the focus of cancer research since the eradication of tumour initiating cells would raise the changes of definitely cure cancer. Professor Dittmar and Professor Zänker have edited a must-read book for researchers and professionals working in the field of regenerative medicine and/or cancer.
Category: Medical

The Promise And Politics Of Stem Cell Research

Author : Pam Solo
ISBN : 0275990389
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 64.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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How did scientific and medical research on something smaller than the period at the end of a sentence come to such prominence in American political life? Confounding the traditional polarized politics of the country previously dominated by anti-abortion and pro-choice politics, the politics of stem cell research may be redrawing the borders of public life. This book explores the new political partnerships that have been formed across party lines, the remarkable collaborations between scientists and patients as advocates for research, and the promise of stem cell research that hangs in the balance.
Category: Philosophy

Essentials Of Stem Cell Biology

Author : Robert Lanza
ISBN : 0080884970
Genre : Science
File Size : 23.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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First developed as an accessible abridgement of the successful Handbook of Stem Cells, Essentials of Stem Cell Biology serves the needs of the evolving population of scientists, researchers, practitioners and students that are embracing the latest advances in stem cells. Representing the combined effort of seven editors and more than 200 scholars and scientists whose pioneering work has defined our understanding of stem cells, this book combines the prerequisites for a general understanding of adult and embryonic stem cells with a presentation by the world's experts of the latest research information about specific organ systems. From basic biology/mechanisms, early development, ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm, methods to application of stem cells to specific human diseases, regulation and ethics, and patient perspectives, no topic in the field of stem cells is left uncovered. Selected for inclusion in Doody's Core Titles 2013, an essential collection development tool for health sciences libraries Contributions by Nobel Laureates and leading international investigators Includes two entirely new chapters devoted exclusively to induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells written by the scientists who made the breakthrough Edited by a world-renowned author and researcher to present a complete story of stem cells in research, in application, and as the subject of political debate Presented in full color with glossary, highlighted terms, and bibliographic entries replacing references
Category: Science

Pediatric Stem Cell Transplantation

Author : Paulette Mehta
ISBN : 0763718556
Genre : Medical
File Size : 49.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This textbook examines stem cell transplatation in pediatric patients.
Category: Medical