Steamboats Cotton Economy

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Steamboats And The Rise Of The Cotton Kingdom

Author : Robert H. Gudmestad
ISBN : 9780807138397
Genre : History
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The arrival of the first steamboat, The New Orleans, in early 1812 touched off an economic revolution in the South. In states west of the Appalachian Mountains, the operation of steamboats quickly grew into a booming business that would lead to new cultural practices and a stronger sectional identity. In Steamboats and the Rise of the Cotton Kingdom, Robert Gudmestad examines the wide-ranging influence of steamboats on the southern economy. From carrying cash crops to market to contributing to slave productivity, increasing the flexibility of labor, and connecting southerners to overlapping orbits of regional, national, and international markets, steamboats not only benefited slaveholders and northern industries but also affected cotton production. This technology literally put people into motion, and travelers developed an array of unique cultural practices, from gambling to boat races. Gudmestad also asserts that the intersection of these riverboats and the environment reveals much about sectional identity in antebellum America. As federal funds backed railroad construction instead of efforts to clear waterways for steamboats, southerners looked to coordinate their own economic development, free of national interests. Steamboats and the Rise of the Cotton Kingdom offers new insights into the remarkable and significant history of transportation and commerce in the prewar South.
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The Western River Steamboat

Author : Adam I. Kane
ISBN : 1585443433
Genre : History
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Given in honor of Royce Hickman by the Aggieland Rotary Club of Bryan-College Station.
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The Fight For The Yazoo August 1862 July 1864

Author : Myron J. Smith, Jr.
ISBN : 9780786491100
Genre : History
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Following the loss of the CSS Arkansas in early August 1862, Union and Confederate eyes turned to the Yazoo River, which formed the developing northern flank for the South’s fortress at Vicksburg, Mississippi. For much of the next year, Federal efforts to capture the citadel focused on possession of that stream. Huge battles and mighty expeditions were launched (Chickasaw Bayou, Yazoo Pass, Steele’s Bayou) from that direction, but the city, guarded by stout defenses, swamps, and motivated defenders, could not be turned. Finally, Union troops ran down the Mississippi and came up from the south and the river defenses and the bastion itself were taken from the east. From July 1863 to August 1864, sporadic Confederate resistance necessitated continued Federal attention. This book recounts the whole story.
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Steamboats On Louisiana S Bayous

Author : Carl A. Brasseaux
ISBN : 0807129755
Genre : History
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In an extraordinary feat of research and intrepid historical navigation, Carl A. Brasseaux and Keith P. Fontenot serve as guides through the labyrinthian and often harrowing world of Louisiana bayou steamboat journeys of the mid to late nineteenth century. The bayou country's steamboat saga mirrors in microcosm the tale of America's most colorful -- and most highly romanticized -- transportation era. But Brasseaux and Fontenot brace readers with a boldly revisionist picture of the opulent Mississippi River floating palaces: stripped-down, utilitarian freight-haulers belching smoke from twin stacks, churning through shallow swamps and narrow tributary streams, and encountering such hazards as shoals, sawyers, stumps, highwater and dry-bed seasons, and the remains of vessels claimed by those treacheries. For decades, steamboats transported goods, passengers, and mail between New Orleans and south Louisiana's vibrant interior agricultural region, bearing testimony to the resourcefulness, ingenuity, and tenacity of crews in conquering the challenges posed by a forbidding environment. Brasseaux and Fontenot marshaled a monumental array of information, including sources long-buried in courthouses, private collections, and the records of the Army Corps of Engineers. They offer data on some five hundred steamboats, keelboats, and barges known to have operated in the bayou country. This book is the first major study of a fascinating slice of the steamboat industry, showcasing a trade critically important to New Orleans's prosperity but largely forgotten in southern historiography until now. Encompassing economic, social, transportation, and environmental history, it captures the period just before the iron horse emerged as America's undisputed master of inland conveyance.
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The Cotton Industry

Author : Matthew Brown Hammond
ISBN : CORNELL:31924032601530
Genre : Cotton growing
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Black Slaves Indian Masters

Author : Barbara Krauthamer
ISBN : 9781469607115
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 35.81 MB
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From the late eighteenth century through the end of the Civil War, Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians bought, sold, and owned Africans and African Americans as slaves, a fact that persisted after the tribes' removal from the Deep South to Indian Territory. The tribes formulated racial and gender ideologies that justified this practice and marginalized free black people in the Indian nations well after the Civil War and slavery had ended. Through the end of the nineteenth century, ongoing conflicts among Choctaw, Chickasaw, and U.S. lawmakers left untold numbers of former slaves and their descendants in the two Indian nations without citizenship in either the Indian nations or the United States. In this groundbreaking study, Barbara Krauthamer rewrites the history of southern slavery, emancipation, race, and citizenship to reveal the centrality of Native American slaveholders and the black people they enslaved. Krauthamer's examination of slavery and emancipation highlights the ways Indian women's gender roles changed with the arrival of slavery and changed again after emancipation and reveals complex dynamics of race that shaped the lives of black people and Indians both before and after removal.
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Author : William Bearden
ISBN : 9781439612910
Genre : History
File Size : 63.29 MB
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In the barbeque joints and plate lunch cafes off Memphis's Front Street, one is easily reminded of the days when cotton was king, of a society of characters and cads; the big time and the small time; the rich and the richer; the hangers-on, anointed, powerful, and busted. Cotton created empires in agriculture, transportation, banking, and warehousing. It also shackled the dreams and lives of those born into slavery and sharecropping. Although many of the day-to-day dealings have moved to manicured office parks and high-rise buildings, cotton's influence still remains at the core of the Southern economy and Southern society. Cotton propelled technological advances that have changed the face and soul of the South. It was the wellspring that gave birth to modern music. Cotton triggered the migrations of millions of blacks and poor whites, shaping the culture of Northern cities. Its allure has called out to writers, artists, and photographers from around the world, attracted by the tragedy, irony, and power of cotton's story. In this book of vivid images and intriguing text, Memphis historian and author William Bearden presents the captivating history of cotton's profound influence on American society.
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The Emergence Of The Cotton Kingdom In The Old Southwest

Author : John Hebron Moore
ISBN : 0807114049
Genre : History
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The Old South's Cotton Kingdom arose simultaneously in two widely separated localities, the backcountry of the South Atlantic states and the east bank of the Mississippi River. Spreading from these places of origin and later merging, the east and west branches of the upland short-staple cotton industry developed along similar lines until the Civil War.John Hebron Moore's The Emergence of the Cotton Kingdom in the Old Southwest: Mississippi, 1770--1860 traces the evolution of cotton culture in the region bordering the Mississippi River. Moore examines the society supported by that industry, emphasizing technological changes that transformed cotton plantations into agricultural equivalents of factories and slaves into Mule-drawn equipment led to the introduction of improved methods of managing plantation slaves, and that in turn altered the nature of plantation slavery significantly.Moore focuses on Mississippi as both the pioneer cotton state of the Old Southwest and the Old South's leading producer of cotton between 1835 and 1860. Progressive planters made major contributions ot the success of the antebellum upland cotton industry, including the breeding of superior varieties of cotton, the introduction of improved farm implements and machinery, the development of effective methods of combating soil erosion, and systems for managing slaves based upon incentives rather than coercion. In addition, unlike other studies of antebellum southern agriculture, this book examines the contributions to the success of cotton industry made by steamboats and railroads, manufacturing establishments, and the urban population.
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The Temple Anecdotes

Author : Ralph Temple
ISBN : NLI:1354668-20
Genre : Discoveries in science
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De Bow S Review

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B3868958
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Debow S Review

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951D00974013T
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The Claims Of Kinfolk

Author : Dylan C. Penningroth
ISBN : 9780807862131
Genre : Social Science
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In The Claims of Kinfolk, Dylan Penningroth uncovers an extensive informal economy of property ownership among slaves and sheds new light on African American family and community life from the heyday of plantation slavery to the "freedom generation" of the 1870s. By focusing on relationships among blacks, as well as on the more familiar struggles between the races, Penningroth exposes a dynamic process of community and family definition. He also includes a comparative analysis of slavery and slave property ownership along the Gold Coast in West Africa, revealing significant differences between the African and American contexts. Property ownership was widespread among slaves across the antebellum South, as slaves seized the small opportunities for ownership permitted by their masters. While there was no legal framework to protect or even recognize slaves' property rights, an informal system of acknowledgment recognized by both blacks and whites enabled slaves to mark the boundaries of possession. In turn, property ownership--and the negotiations it entailed--influenced and shaped kinship and community ties. Enriching common notions of slave life, Penningroth reveals how property ownership engendered conflict as well as solidarity within black families and communities. Moreover, he demonstrates that property had less to do with individual legal rights than with constantly negotiated, extralegal social ties.
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Minden 1933

Author : John Agan
ISBN : 9781300926344
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Author : Roger Biles
ISBN : 1572331577
Genre : History
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