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Stay The Course

Author : John C. Bogle
ISBN : 9781119404309
Genre : Business & Economics
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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A journey through the Index Revolution from the man who started it all Stay the Course is the story the Vanguard Group as told by its founder, legendary investor John C. Bogle. This engrossing book traces the history of Vanguard—the largest mutual fund organization on earth. Offering the world’s first index mutual fund in 1976, John Bogle led Vanguard from a $1.4 billion firm with a staff of 28 to a global company of 16,000 employees and with more than $5 trillion in assets under management. An engaging blend of company history, investment perspective, and personal memoir, this book provides a fascinating look into the mind of an extraordinary man and the company he created. John Bogle continues to be an inspiring and trusted figure to millions of individual investors the world over. His creative innovation, personal integrity, and stubborn determination infuse every aspect of the company he founded. This accessible and engaging book will help you: Explore the history of some of Vanguard’s most important mutual funds, including First Index Investment Trust, Wellington Fund, and Windsor Fund Understand how the Vanguard Group gave rise to the Index Revolution and transformed the lives of millions of individual investors Gain insight on John Bogle’s views on values such as perseverance, caring, commitment, integrity, and fairness Investigate a wide range of investing topics through the lens of one of the most prominent figures in the history of modern finance The Vanguard Group and John Bogle are inextricably linked—it would be impossible to tell one story without the other. Stay the Course: The Story of Vanguard and the Index Revolution weaves these stories together taking you on a journey through the history of one revolutionary company and one remarkable man. Investors, wealth managers, financial advisors, business leaders, and those who enjoy a good story, will find this book as informative and unique as its author.
Category: Business & Economics

Stay The Course

Author : Joyce Case
ISBN : 9781475969917
Genre : Fiction
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It is 1755, and the French, accompanied by their fierce Huron comrades, are wreaking havoc along the shores of the Ohio River Valley, torching and destroying everyone and everything along their murderous path. As Colton Gray, a major in the Virginia Militia and personal scout to Colonel George Washington bravely battles the French and their Indian allies, his new wife, Sashsa, pines for the man of her dreams. Sashsa, a former debutante in Montreal who was forced to run away from all she loved to avoid an arranged marriage, never expected to fall in love with a strong-willed soldier—let alone marry him. Haunted nightly by passionate dreams of his soul mate, Colton attempts to concentrate on the battles ahead without any idea that Sashsa has a plan of her own. Driven by her intuition that Colton is in trouble, Sashsa risks everything and heads into the battlefield with their young son to find him. When they are finally reunited, neither is prepared for the danger they will face or the choices they must make in order to protect their happiness—and their hearts. In this continuing romantic saga, a tenacious temptress and the man who loves her must stay the course in the midst of a brutal war and sacrifice everything to build a dynasty that will survive the ages of history.
Category: Fiction

Stay The Course

Author : Andrew S. Natsios
ISBN : 0275959325
Genre : Political Science
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Serfaty argues that U.S. interests in Europe have become so significant as to create an increasingly common Euro-Atlantic space from which disentanglement is no longer possible. The reality of this space does not mean an Americanization of Europe any more than it does the Europeanization of America. Serfaty points to the ways the United States is connected to Europe, the areas of friction, and the outlook for future common interests and joint approaches to challenges throughout the world. By pointing to the ways the United States is connected to Europe, by examining the areas of friction, and projecting future common interests and joint approaches to challenges throughout the world, Serfaty shows why staying the course is vital to European as well as American interests. A significant analysis for scholars, researchers, and policy makers concerned with contemporary American and European foreign policy and relations.
Category: Political Science

Stay The Course

Author : E. D. Arrington
ISBN : 9781418412609
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87.78 MB
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The author's unusual love life over the years, combined with the incredible adventures he'd experienced resulting from that love life, compelled him to share his story with whomever is interested in reading an intriguing true romance novel. In fact, the story about his small town first love is so poignant, the book should be required to carry the following label: Warning! The reading of this book may be hazardous to your health, it could tear your heart out. The names of all the characters in the book have been changed from those of the actual people involved. The names of the places and locations mentioned in the book where this story unfolds are the actual names. The names remain the same today, except for "Merek's Cafe." It's now called the "Hulmeville Inn."
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Stay The Course And Stick With The True Gospel

Author : Claude T. Stauffer
ISBN : 9781607915416
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.87 MB
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To "stay the course" means to persevere through difficulty. To "stick with" something means to not give it up. Gospel means "good news." We need some good news today and God has it. However, the "gospel" offered today is often different from the gospel revealed by God in His word. That has led to a lot of bad news. The "gospel" must be accurate and true to what God has revealed. We can't change the words of God and expect God to abide by conditions He never offered. That is exactly what is happening in the church today. The consequence of straying off course is spiritual dullness, division, and disillusionment. The church is experiencing a kind of Dark Ages. Because the church is in darkness, the world is too. But there is hope! Throughout history the true gospel has been a powerful reality. Stay the Course and Stick with the True Gospel, based on a study of Galatians, is a challenging call to discover and stick to the true gospel and sound biblical doctrine. Pastor Claude T. Stauffer is a graduate of Hofstra University (B.A. Sociology) and Asbury Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity). He has been in ministry since 1986 and presently serves as the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Hope, a church he has served from its beginning in 1993. He served bi-vocationally as a pastor and social worker for 16 years. His first book was Living Hope a hopeful study in the first epistle of Peter. His teachings have been aired on and he has been a guest host on local radio programs. Pastor Claude is happily married to his wife Dee of 29 years and has three children, Rachel, Daniel and Stephen. Other teachings by Pastor Claude can be found on his church website at
Category: Religion

Staying The Course

Author : Alice W. Brown
ISBN : 9781491821060
Genre : Education
File Size : 60.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Staying the Course is about a college that many describe as being “ the way colleges used to be: beautiful, well-maintained buildings and grounds; caring, capable faculty; administrators who manage frugally and compassionately; a bright, energetic president willing to dedicate his life to assuring a solid future for the institution; and students who study hard and work hard to serve those in need.” Still the college struggles to maintain what it has built and to increase its endowment, small by comparison to many private institutions, at the same time it continues to hold tuition low and provide funding to students who, even with Pell grants, need extra help to go to and stay in college. How the college is managing to build a sustainable financial base is described in chapters focusing on the kinds of students who attend, the faculty who teach, the administrators who oversee the multiple programs that support the students as well as design new courses and new ways of teaching, the trustees who guide the college, and the president who has stayed long enough to see many of his dreams for the college realized, to shape new dreams and to raise the funding that makes those dreams realities. The college still struggles in many ways but its struggles are far less than they would be without the lessons the institution has learned and is offering to other small, private colleges facing similar difficult circumstances. With the many stories about the sad state of higher education today, this book contradicts those stories with its description of how merging the values of the past with the information and strategies available today can enable a small college in a region of poverty and with a population of students with limited financial resources to rise above those threats and limitations to become a model for the future of such institutions.
Category: Education

Staying The Course As A Cio

Author : Jonathan Mitchell
ISBN : 9781118968871
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.87 MB
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STAYING THE COURSE AS A CIO: HOW TO OVERCOME THE TRIALS AND CHALLENGES OF IT LEADERSHIP The shelf-life of a Chief Information Officer can be shockingly short. Few survive in post for more than a few years. More often each falls prey to insurmountable problems and their careers come to a sharp and ignominious end. In this book, a global CIO with over thirty years of experience in major corporations examines the main reasons why this happens. Readers will understand which types of issue can cause problems for an IT Leader and more importantly, they will learn strategies of how these problems can be minimized or even avoided. IT is often seen a technical backwater, but it is a discipline which has the capability to add massive value to an organisation whether it is in the private or the public sector – provided of course it has the right leadership doing the right things. Aspiring IT Leaders will need to deal with a common set of recurring trials and challenges. These include: · Overcoming the challenge of managing diverse and conflicting stakeholders · How to deal with large and complex projects · Making sense of software and how to handle the rapidly changing technology landscape · Knowing when to outsource and how to get the best out of an outsourcing partner · Harnessing the intellectual power of consultants to help you meet your goals · And last but not least, how to develop a set of strategies that are aligned with your corporate goals and then make sure your resources are properly targetted so that the IT function generates maximum positive impact for the enterprise. For IT professionals looking to fully integrate their function into the enterprise, 'Staying the Course as a CIO’ is a valuable source of practical advice, all based on real experience.
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Stay The Course

Author : Brandon Guindon
ISBN : 0998922617
Genre :
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Staying The Course

Author :
ISBN : 021551369X
Genre : Education, Higher
File Size : 83.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Around 28,000 full-time and 87,000 part-time students who started first-degree courses in 2004-05 were no longer in higher education a year later. There has been little improvement in student retention since 2001-02, though participation in higher education has increased from around 40 per cent to nearly 43 per cent of 18-30 year olds. Universities have received around £800 million over the last five years to help improve retention and participation. In 2001-02 the Committee concluded (HC 588, ISBN 9780215005496) that there was a need for improvement in several areas: reducing the wide variation in retention rates; funding to support students from low-income backgrounds; tackling skills gaps; supporting disabled students; better information. The Committee's findings in this report include: there has been no reduction in the variation in retention rates; by widening participation in higher education, higher education institutions need to understand the needs of their changing student populations through the use of market research techniques; the Higher Education Funding Council for England should agree clear expectations for planned improvements in retention of students and make it part of any improvement plans; that only about half of part-time students obtain a qualification within six years and there is no specific framework to encourage improvement; that some students feel that academic and pastoral support is limited and does not meet their needs; information on why students withdraw from their courses is not reliable; substantial variations exist between universities in the proportions of students with disabilities that receive the Disabled Student's Allowances.
Category: Education, Higher

Stay The Course The Elite Performer S 7 Secret Keys To Sustainable Success

Author : Dominique B. Brightmon
ISBN : 1733854509
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 38.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Have you generated some success for yourself? Are you looking to create more success and sustain it? This book is about having the mindset to overcome any obstacle and create more wins in your life. Filled with quotes, stories and actionable advice this book will help you to learn: The major key of elite performance that enables the other 7. The habits of successful people that generate a dynamic life. How to increase your effectiveness in your workplace. How to have an excellent day, every day. Why crisis creates the champion that you are meant to be. ​ "Dominique Brightmon provides next-level insights. This is a practical field guide to get you to greatness. Dominique lives his message and practices what he preaches. These tips and strategies are relevant and immediately applicable. Buy this book today and stay the course to your Mountaintop." - Jeff Davis, author of "Reach Your Mountaintop" and Authentic leadership expert, and is putting his own interpretation on the work and delivering it to you, in the book you are holding in your hands. Be ready to learn, be ready to grow." - Mike Shelah, LinkedIn Consultant & Keynote Speaker "Stay the Course is a must-read for everyone looking to get to their next level. It is motivational and inspirational. Dom provides quotes and stories that are encouraging and relatable to readers. If you are looking to achieve and maintain your success then Stay the Course is the book for you." - Christina Alva, Serial Entrepreneur & Author of "Beyond the Job Description" "In Dom's new book, he shares his experiences & the actions he's found crucial to creating success & an extraordinary life. Throughout the pages, Dom shares his knowledge, stories, & most importantly his heart, to inspire each of us to keep on going & grow into the life we deserve." - Wendy Elover, Serial Entrepreneur & Author of "My Cape is At the Cleaners" "I highly encourage all winners or future winners to read this book. Dom lays out the best advice on how to achieve your dreams in the most organized and complete fashion. I highly recommend reading this book, as many will be able to relate and learn from it." - Christy Callahan-Cromwell, Personal Trainer, Volleyball Coach & Author of "Top Keys for Weight Loss"
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit