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Stan And Ollie The Roots Of Comedy

Author : Simon Louvish
ISBN : 0312325983
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 42.83 MB
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A biography and filmography of black-and-white Hollywood stars Stanley Jefferson and Norvell Hardy describes their original teaming in the 1927 short, Duck Soup, their considerable innovations, and their ongoing influence. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.
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Stan Without Ollie

Author : Ted Okuda
ISBN : 9780786447817
Genre : Performing Arts
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"Long before his momentous teaming with Oliver Hardy, comedian Stan Laurel (1890-1965) was a motion picture star. This is a film-by-film look at the pictures Stan made as a solo artist, as well as those he wrote and directed for other stars and shows hisdevelopment as a movie comedian and filmmaker"--Provided by publisher.
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The Art Of Laurel And Hardy

Author : Kyp Harness
ISBN : 9781476608419
Genre : Performing Arts
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From the early days of film came Laurel and Hardy, a comedy team that created slapstick hilarity from life’s simplest situations. Some seventy years after their heyday, Arthur Stanley Jefferson and Oliver Norvell “Babe” Hardy are still remembered for the comic chaos they created in film shorts. They gave us something to laugh at by reminding us of our own foibles, in a way that was genuine and unpretentious. The lanky Stan Laurel (1890–1965) and portly Ollie Hardy (1892–1957) had but one objective: to create as many laughs as would fit in one short film. And that, they did. The book begins by exploring their comedy in the early days of film. A chapter is dedicated to each of “the boys”—Laurel from Ulverston, England, and Hardy from the state of Georgia—as a person and performer. Further chapters explore the slapstick and gags of Laurel and Hardy and how the pair survived the transition to sound that left behind many actors of the day. It was only when they began to work for large studios, churning out cookie-cutter scripts, that their art began to lose its way. The book takes the reader through the ups and downs of their careers and to a final comeback. A filmography lists works from 1917 to 1951 with information on availability.
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The Final Film Of Laurel And Hardy

Author : Norbert Aping
ISBN : 9780786451746
Genre : Performing Arts
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The remarkable story behind the planning, development and marketing of Laurel and Hardy’s ill-received final film, Atoll K, has been little explored. Details on the script development, cast, crew, locations, and even basic information on running times and release dates have been sketchy at best since the film’s 1951 release. This work reconstructs the circumstances surrounding this unusual international co-production (Atoll K was a French-Italian film with English-speaking stars). Through lost documents detailing the film’s production and funding, previously unreleased behind-the-scenes photos, and a rare interview with French movie star Suzy Delair, the author explores the continuous changes to the film’s script during its chaotic production and the final marketing of the film’s many different versions (Atoll K was also released as Robinson Crusoeland in the United Kingdom and as Utopia in the United States). Several appendices detail alternative sequences and cut scenes in various versions of the film and include French box-office reports from 1951 to 1952 as well as a complete filmography.
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Stan And Ollie From Soup To Nuts Laurel And Hardy Meet The Pink Panther And Other Escapades

Author : Jordan Young
ISBN : 1794581936
Genre :
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In "Stan and Ollie From Soup to Nuts: Laurel & Hardy Meet the Pink Panther and other escapades," film and show business historian Jordan R. Young gathers together a group of unique pieces about his favorite comedy team, offering revealing anecdotes and little known facts about the duo. The author, who served as editor for the first edition of Randy Skretvedt's acclaimed "Laurel and Hardy: The Magic Behind the Movies," as well as research associate, has written about the team since the 1970s.When Young interviewed Peter Sellers, Blake Edwards and Henry Mancini for The New York Times about "The Pink Panther" films, he discovered to his delight all three were Laurel and Hardy fans, and happy to talk about them as a source of inspiration. The comedians often came to his rescue as a filmmaker, noted Edwards. "If there's a moment where I need a physically humorous perspective, I seem to revert to Stan and Ollie. And that seems to save me." The director also discussed the influence of Leo McCarey, who teamed Laurel and Hardy at Hal Roach Studios in the 1920s.In "They Played the Pantages," George Burns shares memories of Stan and Mae Laurel's vaudeville days. The iconic comedy team of Burns and Allen was still waiting in the wings when George and his partner Billy Lorraine found themselves appearing on the same bill with Stan and Mae. "The Laurels seemed to be fighting day and night. And with the thin-walled dressing rooms on the Pantages circuit, they could easily be heard all over the theater," he recalled.In "Directing Laurel & Hardy," George Marshall offers vivid reminiscences about working with the team, whom he directed in "Pack Up Your Troubles," and two short subjects. "Babe Hardy was the fidgety kind, he'd come in, he'd listen, he'd see the pattern of what you were doing and during that time you were talking he'd suddenly come up with some very good gag...and he'd say, 'Well, I'll see you all later,' and he'd be gone, off to the golf course." Marshall is apparently the only director to discuss working with the beloved comedy team in an in-depth interview, conducted by Young in 1974; this section also includes an overview of Marshall's lengthy career.In "Laurel & Hardy Meet Samuel Beckett," the author asserts "Waiting for Godot" would have provided a fine vehicle for Stan and Ollie. After all, the avant-garde play--the most widely analyzed and discussed of the 20th century--was largely inspired by the popular comedy team, or so it seems. Estragon's attempts to pull off a boot in the play's opening scene recall Hardy's belabored efforts to do likewise in "Be Big," while the tramps' talk of suicide suggests L&H's attempts in "The Flying Deuces." Literary scholars have been digging for the roots of "Godot" for more than 60 years. The intersection where Stan and Ollie met the esteemed playwright, figuratively if not literally, is as good a spot to dig as any. What happens when Laurel and Hardy's long-lost 1927 short subject, "Hats Off," the Holy Grail of comedy aficionados around the world, is discovered in a Cuban film archive? "Hats Off to Pordenone" follows an international group of real-world film scholars and historians in a fictitious adventure as they gather at an annual silent movie festival in Pordenone, Italy, for an eagerly anticipated screening of the film (the blueprint for the team's Oscar-winning short, "The Music Box") and attempt to avert certain disaster when a major problem arises.Jordan R. Young is a veteran journalist whose work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other publications. His books include Spike Jones Off the Record: The Man Who Murdered Music, Reel Characters: Great Movie Character Actors, and The Laugh Crafters: Comedy Writing In Radio & TV's Golden Age. He has written special material for the Grammy Awards and acted as a consultant for BBC Radio.

Laurel Hardy

Author : Wes D. Gehring
ISBN : 031325172X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 86.42 MB
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This book presents a combined biographical, critical, and bibliographical estimate of Laurel and Hardy's significance in film comedy, the arts in general, and as popular culture icons. The book features biographical information on the public and privates lives of Laurel and Hardy, a critique of four broad influences of Laurel and Hardy, and a bibliographical essay, assessing key reference materials and locating research collections open to the student and/or scholar.
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Laurel Hardy

Author : Charles Barr
ISBN : 0520000854
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 52.7 MB
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Stills and critical commentary capture the genius of this American comedy team
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The Laurel And Hardy Murders

Author : Marvin Kaye
ISBN : 9789049982072
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 89.89 MB
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The worst comic in New York is dead, and Hilary wants to know who gave him the hook The Sons of the Desert are serious about comedy, fond of cocktails, and utterly devoted to the films of Laurel and Hardy. Their meetings are always merry, boozy romps, but the laughter dies whenever Wayne Poe takes the stage. A comic with bad timing, bad material, and a mean streak, he’s known for stealing jokes and getting nasty when they bomb—which is just about every time he steps into the spotlight. Wayne has been murdering comedy for years, and now someone has decided to return the favor. Press agent and occasional sleuth Hilary Quayle is at her first meeting of the Sons of the Desert, accompanied by her assistant, Gene, when Wayne unexpectedly takes his final bow. And while Hilary may not know much about Laurel and Hardy, only she has the wit to unmask the club member who’s looking to get the last laugh.
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