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Dynamic Modeling Of Starting Aerodynamics And Stage Matching In An Axi Centrifugal Compressor

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ISBN : NASA:31769000614019
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A Dynamic Turbine Engine Compressor Code (DYNTECC) has been modified to model speed transients from 0-100% of compressor design speed. The impetus for this enhancement was to investigate stage matching and stalling behavior during a start sequence as compared to rotating stall events above ground idle. The model can simulate speed and throttle excursions simultaneously as well as time varying bleed flow schedules. Results of a start simulation are presented and compared to experimental data obtained from an axi-centrifugal turboshaft engine and companion compressor rig. Stage by stage comparisons reveal the front stages to be operating in or near rotating stall through most of the start sequence. The model matches the starting operating line quite well in the forward stages with deviations appearing in the rearward stages near the start bleed. Overall, the performance of the model is very promising and adds significantly to the dynamic simulation capabilities of DYNTECC.

The Foundation Stage Teacher In Action

Author : Margaret Edgington
ISBN : 9781412931946
Genre : Education
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`The book takes a deeper insight into the role of the practitioner and provides invaluable information' – Nursery Education `I think the book would be good value for money for anyone working within a foundation stage team' - Foundation Stage File `The Foundation Stage Teacher in Action is one of the definitive texts on the foundation stage, in which Margaret Edgington deals with the realities of practice based on theory and early years principles. It is immensely practical and easy to read, and while it deserves to be read from cover to cover, this New Edition is particularly accessible for those who want to dip in or who need to refer to a specific chapter' - Early Education `If you are new to the Foundation Stage, have been working in the Early Years for a few years, or for longer than you care to remember, if you have responsibility for employing staff for the Foundation Stage within your setting or if you work in a different key stage but have co-ordinator responsibility for the Foundation Stage, you should buy this book!' - National Campaign for Nursery Education Newsletter 'This is classic in the world of nursery education and this Third Edition, with its new title reflecting the changes in that world, is as exciting and challenging as earlier versions. Margaret Edgington's campaigning zeal is undiminished as she asserts the prime need for specialist teachers to work with young children in the Foundation Stage and backs this claim with authoritative research references. This is a strong, passionate authoritative text and I shall keep it close to hand for my own work' - Marian Whitehead, Nursery World `This is the third generation of books dealing with the pedagogy of the early years from Margaret Edgington, the first two being her editions of The Nursery Teacher in Action, originally published under the name Margaret Lally. The changes that have come about in early years education - notably the introduction of the Foundation Stage with its accompanying curriculum guidance and assessment requirements - meant that many early years books have needed updating. This Third Edition is more than an update; it represents some very hard thinking about what practitioners now need to know to be effective, and presents this by revisiting the original book's themes' - Escalate `Paul Chapman Publishing and Margaret Edgington have pulled off a real gem of a book, with updated sections (thank you for the Forest school stuff, for example!) and fresh insights. The hard work has really paid off - thanks so much' - Nick Swarbrick, Oxford Brookes University `This Third Edition brings a broader perspective to the early years world. Margaret's years of experience as a practitioner and consultant in the field are evident and she manages to blend good practice, policy and theoretical aspects, bringing an astute yet sensitive approach to the early years practitioners' varied experiences and qualifications. The book reaches not only those who are starting on their careers as early years practitioners, but also those who have been there a long time and witnessed many, often bewildering changes, where their beliefs and practice have been challenged. The new edition should be essential reading not only for those working in the field, whatever stage in their careers, but also for anyone who seeks to understand small children and support them in the best way possible' - Angela D Nurse, Head of Department of Childhood Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University This is a fully revised and updated edition of the author's best selling book The Nursery Teacher in Action, Second Edition. This book now includes an extended section on leadership, on managing the foundation stage and involving the team in monitoring and evaluating foundation stage practice. Curriculum, planning and assessment now reflect the new statutory guidance on the Foundation Stage Curriculum and Profile. The author reviews the implementation of the Foundation Stage and the Profile - positive developments and areas which are still proving challenging. New material is included on the broadening role of the foundation stage teacher in integrated, multi-disciplinary services and providing support in other settings. The book has been updated to include recent findings from Effective Pedagogy projects and other research on learning styles. The Foundation Stage Teacher is essential reading for all early years students and practitioners; early years course tutors, and teachers new to working with 3-5 year olds and also primary headteachers.
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Valuation Of Internet Start Ups An Applied Research On How Venture Capitalists Value Internet Start Ups

Author : Jean-Baptiste Flanc
ISBN : 9783954890828
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book deals with the valuation of Internet start-ups after the burst of the dot-com bubble. The objective is to fill some of the existing gaps in order to contribute to the development of this field of study. Indeed, it is a relatively recent subject, and the research devoted to it, is still limited. The valuation of an Internet start-up does not only depend on ist stage of development, but also on five qualitative factors, namely the team, the business model, the market, the risk, and the exit options. In fact, venture capitalists base their valuation on the perceived growth potential of the company. Subsequently, this book addresses the issue of intangible assets. In fact, an Internet company derives most of ist value from the intellectual capital, the brand equity, and the website. The author analyses these intangible assets and their accounting treatment. The discounted cash flow valuation method is based on financial projections, and the relative valuation method. These factors are identified and examined in detail. Their analysis is crucial for it determines the valuation of an internet start-up.
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Fundamentals Of Sleep Medicine E Book

Author : Richard B. Berry
ISBN : 9781455711239
Genre : Medical
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Written by Richard Berry, MD, author of the popular Sleep Medicine Pearls, Fundamentals of Sleep Medicine is a concise, clinically focused alternative to larger sleep medicine references. A recipient of the 2010 AASM Excellence in Education award, Dr. Berry is exceptionally well qualified to distill today's most essential sleep medicine know-how in a way that is fast and easy to access and apply in your practice. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Compatible with Kindle®, nook®, and other popular devices. Get clear guidance on applying the AASM scoring criteria. Reinforce your knowledge with more than 350 review questions. Get the answers you need quickly thanks to Dr. Berry's direct and clear writing style. Access the complete contents online at Expert Consult, including videos demonstrating parasomnias, leg kicks, and more.
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Early Stage Investments In New Technology Based Firms

Author : Holger Ludewig
ISBN : 9783832412142
Genre : Business & Economics
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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: In recent years the issue of early stage investment in new technology based firms has drawn considerable attention. Its relevance emerges from the rise of high technology industries in the global economy. As competition in established, mature industries all over the world is ever increasing, the importance of keeping up and increasing the speed of innovation to ensure competitiveness of companies and national wealth is widely recognized. Innovation may concern products or processes. It refers to the development of new proprietary knowledge, i. e. technology, which is embodied in marketable products or services. In as far as the added private knowledge increases the utility of a product to the customers, it adds value. Unless the new features of a product are matched by competitors, a company may earn innovation rents. Thus proprietary knowledge attained through innovation is an important source of strategic advantage. In a competitive, dynamic market, however innovation rents are not sustainable. Competitors will attempt to match and exceed the innovation advantage. This may be achieved by imitation or by adding other or more innovative features. Whereas following the product life cycle model initial growth may be steep and rents may be high for the first mover, imitators competing on price and other rivals competing on innovations, may inflate the monopolistic power of the proprietary knowledge. Striving to maintain and increase market shares and profitability, companies thus have a strong incentive to keep innovating. For new technology-based firms the importance of proprietary knowledge is particularly pronounced. These start-ups operate in a hostile competitive environment, characterized by high uncertainty, offering the potential for rapid growth and high profits on the upside, but also the substantial threat of incurring deep losses on the downside. Whereas large companies generally possess a diversified product portfolio and a host of strategic assets, small companies will need to compete on a single new product or service and the determination of its management team. Politicians, worried by high unemployment and budget deficits, lately fell in love with the high-technology start-ups for their ability to create jobs and ensure future tax revenues. New technology-based firms are drivers of structural change in the economy in that they are among the first to enter new high growth potential industries. For [...]
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Project Planning For The Stage

Author : Rich Dionne
ISBN : 9780809336890
Genre : Performing Arts
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Author Rich Dionne reframes theatre production as a project and provides essential tools for understanding and managing it efficiently, whether it be a stage play, an opera, a dance piece, or other performance that requires the collaboration of the artists and artisans creating the visual and aural landscape for it. Project Planning for the Stage is organized into four sections corresponding to the life cycle of a theatre production: defining the goals and scope of the production and assembling the crew; planning, estimating, and scheduling; executing and managing; and closing and strike. Each section focuses on relevant concepts and skills and outlines the application of effective project-planning procedures and techniques—including critical path analysis and Gantt charts. This book will be a valuable addition to the libraries of technical managers in live entertainment. Technical directors, costume shop managers, master electricians, properties masters, and video supervisors—anyone managing even part of a production—need to understand project-planning concepts such as the boundaries of authority and responsibility, parametric and bottom-up estimates, and precedence diagrams. The incredibly useful and powerful tools outlined in this book allow any technical manager to deliver the best possible outcome for a production.
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Start Where You Are

Author : Ruth L. Hayden
ISBN : 1886513651
Genre : Business & Economics
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Whether people have planned for their "golden years" or haven't given them much thought, Ruth Hayden, nationally known educator and financial consultant, says that it is never too early or too late to control one's financial present or create a secure future. The author notes that the perpetual vacation after age sixty-five will not be the retirement model for most people in the 21st century. She provokes the readers to think about what they really want for their lives -- guiding them to create a personal life vision to bring balance to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial aspects of life. Ruth encourages the readers to take charge of their lives, developing a realistic plan for a successful, fulfilling retirement.Ruth assists the reader to, "Start Where You Are -- at age thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy or beyond to plan for the rest of your life."
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Cases In Technological Entrepreneurship

Author : Claudio Petti
ISBN : 9781848449312
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 29.46 MB
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Cases in Technological Entrepreneurship offers an updated and comprehensive view of the main issues and concepts related to the entrepreneurial activities in technology intensive environments. Filled with outstanding examples and case studies, it is a great book for managers looking for best-practices, for academics and students researching in the field of technoentrepreneurship looking for fresh material and for public organizations willing to foster technoentrepreneurship in their regions or countries. François Thérin, Executive Education (Europe) and U21 Global The book examines from different perspectives a number of fundamental issues in the process of transforming technological innovations into profits. Key cases and field insights from distinguished contributors show the role and the practices of government bodies, universities, private investors and companies within the transformation of new ideas into value, in start-ups as well as in incumbents. The book takes a systemic view of technological entrepreneurship, positioning the topic at the interface between entrepreneurial and strategic perspectives within the emergent strategic entrepreneurship field. The multidisciplinary topics and approaches analyzed within the book will be appreciated by international practitioners dealing with fostering and practising technological entrepreneurship for or inside public and private organizations, particularly in Europe and in Emerging Economies. The experiences and field analysis represent good cases and findings for scholars delivering courses in technology and innovation management, economics of innovation, strategic management of technology and innovation.
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The Start Up Push

Author : Terri Friel
ISBN : 9781641133609
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book explores, documents and establishes how to help founders start businesses with the collaboration of local and international resources. An incubator, accelerator or science park all have this goal but provide a variety of foci and support. At a minimum, it’s important to not only attract entrepreneurs but to have support services that can include mentoring, financial support and other services that make the incubator really filled with energy and potential. It’s becoming insufficient to just have office space and WiFi. It is also important to develop good interactions between directors, the start-up community and residents. Managing the community to help residents to launch successfully is the main goal of the director. It’s also important to stay abreast of the innovations happening in start-up support. Today there are many ways to incubate from bare bones office space to Incubator 1.0 space with some support to Incubator 2.0 with a great deal of support including a fund. For that reason, it’s important to develop a clear strategy for the type, style, clientele and support that will be built. This book provides guidance in three main areas: 1) What are the different options for incubators, accelerators and science parks, 2) How to assist the start-up founders (residents) and 3) How to manage the space.
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