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Spring Boot Cookbook

Author : Alex Antonov
ISBN : 9781785289118
Genre : Computers
File Size : 33.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Over 35 recipes to help you build, test, and run Spring applications using Spring Boot About This Book Learn to create different types of Spring Boot applications, configure behavior, and add custom components Become more efficient in testing, deploying, and monitoring Spring Boot based applications This is a practical guide that will help Spring developers to develop and deploy applications using Spring Boot Who This Book Is For If you are a Spring Developer who has good knowledge level and understanding of Spring Boot and application development and now want to learn efficient Spring Boot development techniques in order to make the existing development process more efficient, then this book is for you. What You Will Learn Create Spring Boot applications from scratch Configure and tune web applications and containers Create custom Spring Boot auto-configurations and starters Use Spring Boot Test framework with JUnit, Cucumber, and Spock Configure and tune web applications and containers Deploy Spring Boot as self-starting executables and Docker containers Monitor data using DropWizard, Graphite, and Dashing In Detail Spring Boot is Spring's convention-over-configuration solution. This feature makes it easy to create Spring applications and services with absolute minimum fuss. Spring Boot has the great ability to be customized and enhanced, and is specifically designed to simplify development of a new Spring application. This book will provide many detailed insights about the inner workings of Spring Boot, as well as tips and recipes to integrate the third-party frameworks and components needed to build complex enterprise-scale applications. The book starts with an overview of the important and useful Spring Boot starters that are included in the framework, and teaches you to create and add custom Servlet Filters, Interceptors, Converters, Formatters, and PropertyEditors to a Spring Boot web application. Next it will cover configuring custom routing rules and patterns, adding additional static asset paths, and adding and modifying servlet container connectors and other properties such as enabling SSL. Moving on, the book will teach you how to create custom Spring Boot Starters, and explore different techniques to test Spring Boot applications. Next, the book will show you examples of configuring your build to produce Docker images and self-executing binary files for Linux/OSX environments. Finally, the book will teach you how to create custom health indicators, and access monitoring data via HTTP and JMX. Style and approach This book is a cohesive collection of recipes that provide developers with a set of connected guidelines on how to build, configure, and customize their application, starting from the design and development stages, all the way through testing, deployment, and production monitoring.
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Spring Boot 2 0 Cookbook

Author : Alex Antonov
ISBN : 9781787123670
Genre : Computers
File Size : 24.54 MB
Format : PDF
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Take your application development skills to the next level by implementing Spring Boot features effectively Key Features This collection of effective recipes serves as guidelines for Spring Boot application development Get up to date with features of the latest version of Spring Boot 2.0 Tips and tricks to improve your efficiency through the stages of software development Book Description The Spring framework provides great flexibility for Java development, which also results in tedious configuration work. Spring Boot addresses the configuration difficulties of Spring and makes it easy to create standalone, production-grade Spring-based applications. This practical guide makes the existing development process more efficient. Spring Boot Cookbook 2.0 Second Edition smartly combines all the skills and expertise to efficiently develop, test, deploy, and monitor applications using Spring Boot on premise and in the cloud. We start with an overview of the important Spring Boot features you will learn to create a web application for a RESTful service. Learn to fine-tune the behavior of a web application by learning about custom routes and asset paths and how to modify routing patterns. Address the requirements of a complex enterprise application and cover the creation of custom Spring Boot starters. This book also includes examples of the new and improved facilities available to create various kinds of tests introduced in Spring Boot 1.4 and 2.0, and gain insights into Spring Boot DevTools. Explore the basics of Spring Boot Cloud modules and various Cloud starters to make applications in “Cloud Native” and take advantage of Service Discovery and Circuit Breakers. What you will learn Get to know Spring Boot Starters and create custom auto-configurations Work with custom annotations that enable bean activation Use DevTools to easily develop and debug applications Learn the effective testing techniques by integrating Cucumber and Spock Observe an eternal application configuration using Consul Move your existing Spring Boot applications to the cloud Use Hashicorp Consul and Netflix Eureka for dynamic Service Discovery Understand the various mechanisms that Spring Boot provides to examine an application’s health Who this book is for This book is for Java Developers who have good knowledge and understanding of Spring and Java application development.
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Spring 5 0 Cookbook

Author : Sherwin John Calleja Tragura
ISBN : 9781787129689
Genre : Computers
File Size : 46.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Over 100 hands-on recipes to build web applications easily and efficiently IN Spring 5.0 About This Book Solve real-world problems using the latest features of the Spring framework like Reactive Streams and the Functional Web Framework. Learn how to use dependency injection and aspect-oriented programming to write compartmentalized and testable code. Understand when to choose between Spring MVC and Spring Web Reactive for your projects Who This Book Is For Java developers who would like to gain in-depth knowledge of how to overcome problems that they face while developing great Spring applications. It will also cater to Spring enthusiasts, users and experts who need an arena for comparative analysis, new ideas and inquiries on some details regarding Spring 5.0 and its previous releases. A basic knowledge of Spring development is essential What You Will Learn Understand how functional programming and concurrency in JDK 1.9 works, and how it will affect Spring 5.0 Learn the importance and application of reactive programming in creating services, and also the process of creating asynchronous MVC applications Implement different Spring Data modules Integrate Spring Security to the container Create applications and deploy using Spring Boot Conceptualize the architecture behind Microservices and learn the details of its implementation Create different test cases for the components of Spring 5.0 components In Detail The Spring framework has been the go-to framework for Java developers for quite some time. It enhances modularity, provides more readable code, and enables the developer to focus on developing the application while the underlying framework takes care of transaction APIs, remote APIs, JMX APIs, and JMS APIs. The upcoming version of the Spring Framework has a lot to offer, above and beyond the platform upgrade to Java 9, and this book will show you all you need to know to overcome common to advanced problems you might face. Each recipe will showcase some old and new issues and solutions, right from configuring Spring 5.0 container to testing its components. Most importantly, the book will highlight concurrent processes, asynchronous MVC and reactive programming using Reactor Core APIs. Aside from the core components, this book will also include integration of third-party technologies that are mostly needed in building enterprise applications. By the end of the book, the reader will not only be well versed with the essential concepts of Spring, but will also have mastered its latest features in a solution-oriented manner. Style and Approach This book follows a cookbook style approach, presenting a problem and showing you how to overcome it with useful recipes. The examples provided will help you code along as you learn.
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Oauth 2 0 Cookbook

Author : Adolfo Eloy Nascimento
ISBN : 9781788290630
Genre : Computers
File Size : 69.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Efficiently integrate OAuth 2.0 to protect your mobile, desktop, Cloud applications and APIs using Spring Security technologies. About This Book Interact with public OAuth 2.0 protected APIs such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. Use Spring Security and Spring Security OAuth2 to implement your own OAuth 2.0 provider Learn how to implement OAuth 2.0 native mobile clients for Android applications Who This Book Is For This book targets software engineers and security experts who are looking to develop their skills in API security and OAuth 2.0. Prior programming knowledge and a basic understanding of developing web applications are necessary. As this book's recipes mostly use Spring Security and Spring Security OAuth2, some prior experience with Spring Framework will be helpful. What You Will Learn Use Redis and relational databases to store issued access tokens and refresh tokens Access resources protected by the OAuth2 Provider using Spring Security Implement a web application that dynamically registers itself to the Authorization Server Improve the safety of your mobile client using dynamic client registration Protect your Android client with Proof Key for Code Exchange Protect the Authorization Server from COMPUTERS / Cloud Computing redirection In Detail OAuth 2.0 is a standard protocol for authorization and focuses on client development simplicity while providing specific authorization flows for web applications, desktop applications, mobile phones, and so on. This book also provides useful recipes for solving real-life problems using Spring Security and creating Android applications. The book starts by presenting you how to interact with some public OAuth 2.0 protected APIs such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. You will also be able to implement your own OAuth 2.0 provider with Spring Security OAuth2. Next, the book will cover practical scenarios regarding some important OAuth 2.0 profiles such as Dynamic Client Registration, Token Introspection and how to revoke issued access tokens. You will then be introduced to the usage of JWT, OpenID Connect, and how to safely implement native mobile OAuth 2.0 Clients. By the end of this book, you will be able to ensure that both the server and client are protected against common vulnerabilities. Style and approach With the help of real-world examples, this book provides step by step recipes for troubleshooting and extending your API security. The book also helps you with accessing and securing data on mobile, desktop, and cloud apps with OAuth 2.0.
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Microservices Deployment Cookbook

Author : Vikram Murugesan
ISBN : 9781786461315
Genre : Computers
File Size : 36.35 MB
Format : PDF
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Master over 60 recipes to help you deliver complete, scalable, microservice-based solutions and see the improved business results immediately About This Book Adopt microservices-based architecture and deploy it at scale Build your complete microservice architecture using different recipes for different solutions Identify specific tools for specific scenarios and deliver immediate business results, correlate use cases, and adopt them in your team and organization Who This Book Is For This book is for developers, ops, and DevOps professionals who would like to put microservices to work and improve products, services, and operations. Those looking to build and deploy microservices will find this book useful, as well as managers and people at CXO level looking to adopt microservices in their organization. Prior knowledge of Java is expected. No prior knowledge of microservices is assumed. What You Will Learn Build microservices using Spring Boot, Wildfly Swarm, Dropwizard, and SparkJava Containerize your microservice using Docker Deploy microservices using Mesos/Marathon and Kubernetes Implement service discovery and load balancing using Zookeeper, Consul, and Nginx Monitor microservices using Graphite and Grafana Write stream programs with Kafka Streams and Spark Aggregate and manage logs using Kafka Get introduced to DC/OS, Docker Swarm, and YARN In Detail This book will help any team or organization understand, deploy, and manage microservices at scale. It is driven by a sample application, helping you gradually build a complete microservice-based ecosystem. Rather than just focusing on writing a microservice, this book addresses various other microservice-related solutions: deployments, clustering, load balancing, logging, streaming, and monitoring. The initial chapters offer insights into how web and enterprise apps can be migrated to scalable microservices. Moving on, you'll see how to Dockerize your application so that it is ready to be shipped and deployed. We will look at how to deploy microservices on Mesos and Marathon and will also deploy microservices on Kubernetes. Next, you will implement service discovery and load balancing for your microservices. We'll also show you how to build asynchronous streaming systems using Kafka Streams and Apache Spark. Finally, we wind up by aggregating your logs in Kafka, creating your own metrics, and monitoring the metrics for the microservice. Style and approach This book follows a recipe-driven approach and shows you how to plug and play with all the various pieces, putting them together to build a complete scalable microservice ecosystem. You do not need to study the chapters in order, as you can directly refer to the content you need for your situation.
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Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook Second Edition

Author : Alan Mark Berg
ISBN : 9781784399245
Genre : Computers
File Size : 33.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If you are a Java developer, a software architect, a technical project manager, a build manager, or a development or QA engineer, then this book is ideal for you. A basic understanding of the software development life cycle and Java development is needed, as well as a rudimentary understanding of Jenkins.
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Kotlin Programming Cookbook

Author : Rashi Karanpuria
ISBN : 9781788475211
Genre : Computers
File Size : 80.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Discover Android programming and web development by understanding the concepts of Kotlin Programming Key Features Practical solutions to your common programming problems with Kotlin 1.1 Leverage the functional power of Kotlin to ease your Android application development Learn to use Java code in conjunction with Kotlin Book Description The Android team has announced first-class support for Kotlin 1.1. This acts as an added boost to the language and more and more developers are now looking at Kotlin for their application development. This recipe-based book will be your guide to learning the Kotlin programming language. The recipes in this book build from simple language concepts to more complex applications of the language. After the fundamentals of the language, you will learn how to apply the object-oriented programming features of Kotlin 1.1. Programming with Lambdas will show you how to use the functional power of Kotlin. This book has recipes that will get you started with Android programming with Kotlin 1.1, providing quick solutions to common problems encountered during Android app development. You will also be taken through recipes that will teach you microservice and concurrent programming with Kotlin. Going forward, you will learn to test and secure your applications with Kotlin. Finally, this book supplies recipes that will help you migrate your Java code to Kotlin and will help ensure that it's interoperable with Java. What you will learn Understand the basics and object-oriented concepts of Kotlin Programming Explore the full potential of collection frameworks in Kotlin Work with SQLite databases in Android, make network calls, and fetch data over a network Use Kotlin's Anko library for efficient and quick Android development Uncover some of the best features of Kotlin: Lambdas and Delegates Set up web service development environments, write servlets, and build RESTful services with Kotlin Learn how to write unit tests, integration tests, and instrumentation/acceptance tests. Who this book is for This book will appeal to Kotlin developers keen to find solutions for their common programming problems. Java programming knowledge would be an added advantage.
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Learning Spring Boot 2 0

Author : Greg L. Turnquist
ISBN : 9781786468208
Genre : Computers
File Size : 86.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Use Spring Boot to build lightning-fast apps About This Book Get up to date with the defining characteristics of Spring Boot 2.0 in Spring Framework 5 Learn to perform Reactive programming with SpringBoot Learn about developer tools, AMQP messaging, WebSockets, security, MongoDB data access, REST, and more Who This Book Is For This book is designed for both novices and experienced Spring developers. It will teach you how to override Spring Boot's opinions and frees you from the need to define complicated configurations. What You Will Learn Create powerful, production-grade applications and services with minimal fuss Support multiple environments with one artifact, and add production-grade support with features Find out how to tweak your apps through different properties Use custom metrics to track the number of messages published and consumed Enhance the security model of your apps Make use of reactive programming in Spring Boot Build anything from lightweight unit tests to fully running embedded web container integration tests In Detail Spring Boot provides a variety of features that address today's business needs along with today's scalable requirements. In this book, you will learn how to leverage powerful databases and Spring Boot's state-of-the-art WebFlux framework. This practical guide will help you get up and running with all the latest features of Spring Boot, especially the new Reactor-based toolkit. The book starts off by helping you build a simple app, then shows you how to bundle and deploy it to the cloud. From here, we take you through reactive programming, showing you how to interact with controllers and templates and handle data access. Once you're done, you can start writing unit tests, slice tests, embedded container tests, and even autoconfiguration tests. We go into detail about developer tools, AMQP messaging, WebSockets, security, and deployment. You will learn how to secure your application using both routes and method-based rules. By the end of the book, you'll have built a social media platform from which to apply the lessons you have learned to any problem. If you want a good understanding of building scalable applications using the core functionality of Spring Boot, this is the book for you. Style and approach This book takes a tutorial-based approach to teach you all you need to know to get up and running with the latest version of Spring Boot. Filled with examples, you will gain hands-on experience of every area that Spring tackles.
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Mastering Spring Mvc 4

Author : Geoffroy Warin
ISBN : 9781783982394
Genre : Computers
File Size : 23.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Gain expertise in designing real-world web applications using the Spring MVC framework About This Book Design your own Spring web applications using tools such as Spring Boot and Spring Tool Suite Secure your developments with easy-to-write, reliable unit and end-to-end tests Deploy your application on the cloud for free and invite the whole world to see Who This Book Is For This book is perfect for developers who are familiar with the fundamentals of Spring programming and are eager to deepen their web development skills. Prior knowledge of the Spring MVC framework is recommended. What You Will Learn Set up your own web application using Spring Boot and Spring Tool Suite Discover the MVC architecture and the different tools along with navigating between views Design complex advanced-level forms and validate the model Craft a RESTful application with a meaningful API and error messages Create maintainable unit and acceptance tests Secure your application while allowing it to scale Optimize your requests with caching, ETags, and asynchronous responses Deploy the web application to the cloud in a snap In Detail Spring MVC is the ideal tool to build modern web applications on the server side. With the arrival of Spring Boot, developers can really focus on the code and deliver great value, leveraging the rich Spring ecosystem with minimal configuration. Spring makes it simple to create RESTful applications, interact with social services, communicate with modern databases, secure your system, and make your code modular and easy to test. It is also easy to deploy the result on different cloud providers. Mastering Spring MVC will take you on a journey from developing your own web application to uploading it on the cloud. You begin by generating your own Spring project using Spring Tool suite and Spring Boot. As you develop an advanced-level interactive application that can handle file uploads as well as complex URLs, you will dive into the inner workings of Spring MVC and the principles of modern web architectures. You will then test, secure, and optimize your Spring web application and design RESTful services that will be consumed on the frontend. Finally, when everything is ready, you will release your application on a cloud provider and invite everyone to see. Style and approach An iterative hands-on approach in a conversational and easy-to-follow style. Each chapter will improve on the work done in the previous one until the application is ready to be released.
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Java 11 Cookbook

Author : Nick Samoylov
ISBN : 9781789135282
Genre : Computers
File Size : 36.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Solutions for modular, functional, reactive, GUI, network, and multithreaded programming Key Features Explore the latest features of Java 11 to implement efficient and reliable code Develop memory-efficient applications, understanding new garbage collection in Java 11 Create restful webservices and microservices with Spring boot 2 and Docker Book Description For more than three decades, Java has been on the forefront of developing robust software that has helped versatile businesses meet their requirements. Being one of the most widely used programming languages in history, it’s imperative for Java developers to discover effective ways of using it in order to take full advantage of the power of the latest Java features. Java 11 Cookbook offers a range of software development solutions with simple and straightforward Java 11 code examples to help you build a modern software system. Starting with the installation of Java, each recipe addresses various problem by explaining the solution and offering insights into how it works. You’ll explore the new features added to Java 11 that will make your application modular, secure, and fast. The book contains recipes on functional programming, GUI programming, concurrent programming, and database programming in Java. You’ll also be taken through the new features introduced in JDK 18.3 and 18.9. By the end of this book, you’ll be equipped with the skills required to write robust, scalable, and optimal Java code effectively. What you will learn Set up JDK and understand what's new in the JDK 11 installation Implement object-oriented designs using classes and interfaces Manage operating system processes Create a modular application with clear dependencies Build graphical user interfaces using JavaFX Use the new HTTP Client API Explore the new diagnostic features in Java 11 Discover how to use the new JShell REPL tool Who this book is for The book is for intermediate-to-advanced Java programmers who want to make their applications fast, secure, and scalable.
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