Spirituality In Photography

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Spirituality In Photography

Author : Philip Richter
ISBN : 9781506467467
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81.2 MB
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Millions of photos are taken every day across the world. Some are just snapshots. Others are more carefully crafted and have the capacity to deepen our vision and sharpen our sense of what life is truly about. Spirituality in Photography explores how photography can offer unique perspectives on the self, the world, and what we live by. Readers are invited to take photos more slowly, reframe their gaze, allow themselves to be fully present, and let their photos tell a story--this includes a section on how photography can offer new perspectives on the Bible. The book also explores how photography can help readers meditate on mystery and tune into their own 'rule of life.' Spirituality in Photography offers a range of ideas for readers to try out with their camera or smartphone and invites them on a journey of discovery, as they allow their photography and their spirituality to inspire each other.
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Available Light Awakening Spirituality Through Photography

Author : Rev. David Tinney
ISBN : 9781647023676
Genre : Photography
File Size : 81.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Available Light: Awakening Spirituality Through Photography By: Rev. David Tinney and Rev. Denise McGuiness May this book bless you on your spiritual journey. Denise and David
Category: Photography

Contemplative Vision

Author : Dirk deVries
ISBN : 9781640651340
Genre : Religion
File Size : 49.67 MB
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• Your cell phone camera can be a window to wonder – and God • Includes practical guidance, reflection questions, activities, and examples • Can be used by youth or adult groups or for individual spiritual practice There’s more to life than selfies! With the advent of digital photography and the widespread use of camera-equipped smart phones, we have all become photographers. Can the same technology that makes the upload of selfies and endless posting to Instagram and Facebook also function as a tool for quiet contemplation, connection, and deeper meaning? Indeed yes: the practice of contemplative photography invites people of faith to set aside distractions of contemporary life to view the world through the eyes of the divine and uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary. Reflection questions, suggested activities, invitations to journal and create a volume of discovery, and original photographs taken by the author are accompanied by inspirational quotes and passages from scripture. Providing practical guidance for photography as a means of meditation and reflection and a form of prayer, readers will be encouraged to be seekers, open and present, ready to be refreshed, renewed, and delighted.
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Spirituality Through Photography And Art

Author : John a Allocca
ISBN : 9798664974799
Genre :
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Spirituality Through Photography and Art - Dr. John A. Allocca - Everyone wants inner peace. It is the lack of inner peace that causes hatred and violence. For thousands of years various disciplines have structured long studies, mentoring, and meditations of some sort to achieve the goal of inner peace. Most of these disciplines are found in eastern cultures. The fast-paced western society has shown little interest in them, with some small exceptions. What is the solution? The solution or part of the solution is to develop a methodology that comprises of technology and some aspects of the various disciplines that will be useful and of interest to people in western society. - Almost everyone in western society has a cell phone with a camera, which makes photography easy. Any form of artwork can be used as a tool in this methodology to to explore what people feel inside. Any camera, drawing, painting, music, etc. can be used. What are you called to photograph or draw or paint or whatever? What emotions does the photograph bring to the surface? How does it make you feel? This book will help to guide you through this process. Dr. Allocca chose photography as his medium of exploration. This book contains two of Dr. Allocca's personal journeys: 2009 and 2018. - Mindfulness and control of Ego Control Battles are another tool that is used to understand and improve interactions with others. - Brain biofield technology is used in this methodology to calm the mind and develop interactions between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Or, one can use meditation or both. - For the body and the mind is "Desktop Yoga." This is a methodology that requires little time and little effort. It was developed for those in a rush or for those with little energy. - Last, but not least, will be dessert. Wheat and gluten free desserts are included in this book for pleasure. - Dr. Allocca is a medical research scientist and biophysicist with many years of personal experience in photography and with some knowledge of Buddhism, Shamanism, and Yoga. - Table of Contents: - Introduction - Awakening - Consciousness - Mindfulness and Ego Control Battles - A Dash of Buddhism - Brain Biofield Technology - The Genesis Meditation - A Dash of Yoga - The Journey Started in Sedona - A Dash of Shamanism (Vision Quest Journey) - Vision Quest - East 2009 - Vision Quest - South 2009 - Vision Quest - West 2009 - Vision Quest - North 2009 - Vision Quest - East 2018 - Vision Quest - South 2018 - Vision Quest - West 2018 - Vision Quest - North 2018 - Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 1 - Beginning with a Camera - Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 2 - Beginning Assignments - Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 3 - East - Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 4 - South - Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 5 - West - Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 6 - North - Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 7 - Journey Reflection - Desserts

The Photographic Medium

Author : Sophie Brown
ISBN : OCLC:1054114240
Genre : Women and spiritualism
File Size : 44.39 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Women and spiritualism

A Journey Into Spiritual Healing And Kirlian Photography

Author : David Clements
ISBN : 9781452511603
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 66.67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An experienced healer invites you into the sacred world of spiritual healing and shares his experiences using Kirlian photography as an innovative new tool that benefits patients and practitioners alike. Spiritual healing — ‘The Power that made the body can heal the body’ Spiritual Healing- The Power that made the body can heal the body. This book has been written in a down to earth way, making it easy to understand for people who are written in a down to earth way, making it easy to understand for people who are attracted to spiritual healing in the course of their personal spiritual journey. I believe that everybody has the ability to become a healer. This book will help you to develop your ability to its highest potential. David Clements, an experienced healer shares the best of his twenty years of experience and research to help you. Kirlian photography- The mind-body-spirit connection. Before and after Kirlian photographs bring an exciting new dimension to healing, enabling us to visualize the life force energy and observe changes that take place during healing. David shares insight from his research into such interesting topics as “The Major religions, the Scientists and early philosophers views on God Spirit Soul, and reincarnation, spirit guides, aura’s and much more. Wherever your own spiritual journey takes you this informative book could help you. Kirlian photography — ‘The mind-body-spirit connection’
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Beyond The Obvious

Author : John Diamond
ISBN : 9781890995850
Genre : Photography
File Size : 68.28 MB
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“There is a level in the appreciation of all art forms that transcends any of the physical qualities of the creation. In photography it also transcends the imagery, the program, and what we may call the message of the photograph. I believe that my Special Gift has always been to be able to look deeply into my patients and students through what I would call a photographer’s eye—seeing beyond the obvious and into the spirit, the soul of the subject.” —John Diamond, M.D. In this magnificent collection of writings, one of the world’s great healers offers his insights into using photography as a therapeutic medium. Ranging from essays of a deep spirituality to practical advice for photographers at all levels of experience, Beyond the Obvious reflects a totally original approach developed by Dr. Diamond over more than half a century of research and experimentation. The result is an inspirational book that shows us how to look beyond the obvious.
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Spirituality For Extroverts

Author : Nancy Reeves
ISBN : 9781426732140
Genre : Religion
File Size : 38.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Does prayer have to be silent? Does meditation have to be solemn? If I’m an extrovert, can I worship God? In this groundbreaking book, psychologist and spiritual adviser Nancy Reeves presents a refreshing view of spirituality that goes beyond personality to provide extroverts (and those who love them) with exciting new ways of approaching God.Reeves explores a wide variety of spiritual practices for extroverts, including:Praying in motionSingingCultivating spiritual friendships Practicing spirituality in groupsIn the end, she urges all of us, extrovert and introvert alike, to seek a mature spirituality that embraces all the aspects of our personalities. Includes questions for reflection and discussion. Perfect for book clubs, discussion groups, and bible study classes. “For some reason, we think of quiet, introverted people as the very name of holiness. This cannot be true, and Nancy Reeves shows us why!”-Richard Rohr, author of Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality“I’ve been waiting a long time to read a book like this! Nancy Reeves provides much needed insight and guidance.”-Joyce Rupp, author of Fresh Bread: And Other Gifts of Spiritual Nourishment“As an introvert, I found Reeves’ perspectives eye-opening and enormously helpful. They will change the way I interact with the extroverts in my life. This book should be required reading for anyone offering spiritual guidance.”-Marjorie J. Thompson, author of Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual LifeNancy Reeves is a clinical psychologist, spiritual director, poet, and author. She is director of the Island Loss Clinic, teaches at the University of Victoria, and conducts many lectures and workshops internationally. She is the author of A Match Made in Heaven: A Bible-Based Guide to Deepening Your Relationship with God and I’d Say Yes, God, If I Knew What You Wanted.
Category: Religion

The Eyes Of The Heart

Author : Christine Valters Paintner
ISBN : 9781933495552
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this first book to explore photography as a spiritual practice from a Christian perspective, Christine Valters Paintner builds on the process of contemplative creativity she introduced online at Abbey of the Arts and in her book The Artist's Rule. She considers how a camera can help readers open "the eyes of the heart." More than a book on photographic technique, Eyes of the Heart is about cultivating photography as a spiritual practice. Adapting the monastic practice of lectio divina (sacred reading) into a form of visio divina (sacred seeing), spiritual director and Benedictine oblate Christine Valters Paintner invites readers to a new way of viewing the world--through the lens of a camera. Paintner guides readers through six themes connecting the medium of photography with the Christian spiritual life. Each theme provides a photographic journey in which the reader does not simply take images, but receives images and learns to see with "the eyes of the heart" (Eph 1:18). Photos by the author are included.
Category: Religion

The Glory Of The Open

Author : Robin Lynn Wallace
ISBN : OCLC:46762923
Genre : Nature in art
File Size : 63.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Nature in art

Spirituality In The Selfie Culture Of Instagram

Author : Petra P. Sebek
ISBN : 9781532673160
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This explorative study of personal spiritual expressions on Instagram generated important data in relation to the emerging field of cyberspirituality and showed the need for further development and research. The book reveals several forms of spirituality present on Instagram, mainly belonging to secular spirituality. Many spiritual practices emerged in posts from all over the world, demonstrated through photography as spiritual practice. The Internet—and social media in particular—present an opportunity for individuals and communities to develop spiritual narrative when communicating online, especially with young people who are more likely to express themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” Spiritual authenticity on social media, as a part of building spiritual capital, is an important step.
Category: Religion

The Spirituality Of Art

Author : Lois Huey-Heck
ISBN : 9781896836782
Genre : Art
File Size : 77.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Through stories, quotes and images, this book is a guide to deeper enjoyment and appreciation of visual art, the spiritual journey and the connections between the two. It has stunningly beautiful colour reproductions of art across time, place and culture.
Category: Art

Creative Spirituality

Author : Robert Wuthnow
ISBN : 0520930339
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In a provocative book that explores the fascinating link between the creative and the sacred, Robert Wuthnow claims that artists have become the spiritual vanguard of our time. Drawing on in-depth interviews with painters, sculptors, writers, singers, dancers, and actors, Wuthnow includes the spiritual insights of accomplished artists who have gained prominence as Broadway performers, gospel singers, jazz musicians, poets, Native American painters, weavers, dancers, and installation artists. He profiles such national figures as novelist Madeleine L'Engle, playwright Tony Kushner, photographer Andres Serrano, sculptor Greg Wyatt, dancer Carla DeSola, and woodcarver David Ellsworth. Situating these artists' reflections in the context of wider cultural ferment, Wuthnow argues that spirituality is coming increasingly to focus on the inherently ineffable character of the sacred—what artists refer to as divine mystery. As growing numbers of Americans doubt the adequacy of religious creeds in defining the sacred, they are turning to artists who seek a more intuitive sense of the sacred through symbols and imagery. These artists provide rich insights into the social and cultural problems of our time. Many have been shaped by the growing ethnic, racial, and religious diversity of the United States. Many are at the cutting edge of new thinking about body, mind, and spirit, and many are seeking ways to integrate their understandings of spirituality with interests in nature and preserving the environment. For readers interested in exploring contemporary spirituality or engaged in spiritual pursuits of their own, this engaging, elegantly written, and erudite book will answer many questions about the changing moral and spiritual role of creativity and the arts.
Category: Religion

Meditation On Both Sides Of The Camera

Author : Valerie K. Isenhower
ISBN : 9780835811781
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74.5 MB
Format : PDF
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Have you ever thought of photography as a spiritual journey? Photography provides a way to still the heart and soul so you can hear God's voice and sense God's presence. Whether you're an experienced photographer or just take pictures with your smartphone, you will enjoy this creative way to connect with God. In Meditation on Both Sides of the Camera, award-winning photographer Valerie Isenhower guides you to pay attention, center, and focus your eyes in new ways. "The spiritual journey of photography from beginning to end is like breathing life into the stories of our photographs and souls," Isenhower writes. This e-book includes: color photography helpful suggestions for preparing your heart, mind, and soul before you go on a photo shoot tips for reflecting on the images you capture links to online resources Take advantage of Isenhower's years of experience as enjoyed by others in her workshops and online courses.
Category: Religion

The Secrets Of Spirituality Occult

Author : Helena Blavatsky
ISBN : EAN:4057664121127
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 29.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. This edition uncovers the fundamental unity from which everything springs and shows the Occult side of Nature that has never been approached by the Science of modern civilization. Isis Unveiled The Secret Doctrine The Key to Theosophy The Voice of the Silence Studies in Occultism From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan Nightmare Tales
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Francis Bedford Landscape Photography And Nineteenth Century British Culture

Author : Stephanie Spencer
ISBN : 1409408531
Genre : Photography
File Size : 47.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Focusing on one representative figure, Francis Bedford, this study emphasizes how photographs operated to form and transmit cultural ideas and values. The first writing on Bedford since the 1970s, the book examines this premier photographer who was also commercially successful. Major themes include the intersection of nature and culture, the practice of nineteenth-century tourism, attitudes toward historical identity, and the formation of a national identity in England and Wales.
Category: Photography

The Focal Encyclopedia Of Photography

Author : Michael R. Peres
ISBN : 9781136106132
Genre : Photography
File Size : 90.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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*Searchable CD ROM containing the entire book (including images) *Over 450 color images, plus never before published images provided by the George Eastman House collection, as well as images from Ansel Adams, Howard Schatz, and Jerry Uelsmann to name just a few The role and value of the picture cannot be matched for accuracy or impact. This comprehensive treatise, featuring the history and historical processes of photography, contemporary applications, and the new and evolving digital technologies, will provide the most accurate technical synopsis of the current, as well as early worlds of photography ever compiled. This Encyclopedia, produced by a team of world renown practicing experts, shares in highly detailed descriptions, the core concepts and facts relative to anything photographic. This Fourth edition of the Focal Encyclopedia serves as the definitive reference for students and practitioners of photography worldwide, expanding on the award winning 3rd edition. In addition to Michael Peres (Editor in Chief), the editors are: Franziska Frey (Digital Photography), J. Tomas Lopez (Contemporary Issues), David Malin (Photography in Science), Mark Osterman (Process Historian), Grant Romer (History and the Evolution of Photography), Nancy M. Stuart (Major Themes and Photographers of the 20th Century), and Scott Williams (Photographic Materials and Process Essentials)
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