Spiritual Despots

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Spiritual Despots

Author : J. Barton Scott
ISBN : 9780226368702
Genre : Religion
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Historians of religion have examined at length the Protestant Reformation and the liberal idea of the self-governing individual that arose from it. In Spiritual Despots, J. Barton Scott reveals an unexamined piece of this story: how Protestant technologies of asceticism became entangled with Hindu spiritual practices to create an ideal of the “self-ruling subject” crucial to both nineteenth-century reform culture and early twentieth-century anticolonialism in India. Scott uses the quaint term “priestcraft” to track anticlerical polemics that vilified religious hierarchy, celebrated the individual, and endeavored to reform human subjects by freeing them from external religious influence. By drawing on English, Hindi, and Gujarati reformist writings, Scott provides a panoramic view of precisely how the specter of the crafty priest transformed religion and politics in India. Through this alternative genealogy of the self-ruling subject, Spiritual Despots demonstrates that Hindu reform movements cannot be understood solely within the precolonial tradition, but rather need to be read alongside other movements of their period. The book’s focus moves fluidly between Britain and India—engaging thinkers such as James Mill, Keshub Chunder Sen, Max Weber, Karsandas Mulji, Helena Blavatsky, M. K. Gandhi, and others—to show how colonial Hinduism shaped major modern discourses about the self. Throughout, Scott sheds much-needed light how the rhetoric of priestcraft and practices of worldly asceticism played a crucial role in creating a new moral and political order for twentieth-century India and demonstrates the importance of viewing the emergence of secularism through the colonial encounter.
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The Truth About Reality

Author : Anti Christ
ISBN : 9781462837274
Genre : Philosophy
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This book is for you! Anti Christ introduces you to yourself, your government and to your god. People, from all walks of life and religion, wonder about the validity of religion. Are physical creatures eternal beings cast in a prison of flesh or did life accidentally spring forth from the absurd and incoherent twists and turns of evolution? The several kinds of reality this book introduces fill the voids of understanding about reality with real knowledge. The book is not about religion, spirituality, occult, or anything concretely physical. It encompasses all the deceitful control schemes laid on you like obedient dogs in their traces. You cannot afford to stay ignorant for your continued existence depends on knowing what and who you are physically and spiritually. The mysteries of life are caused by your belief systems. To believe means that you do not know. Belief is the portal to hell, the permanent state of living death; knowledge is the portal to reality and eternal life. Science and religion cannot give the insight this book brings. Whether you believe the material is for you, or not, you cannot afford to remain ignorant for the route back to true reality is made clear. Ignorance always portrays itself as brilliance. The world is full of brilliant pretenders. My brother, Anti Christ leads you from example to example to understand the hoax on which physical reality is based. The more real life seems the more you are betrayed and trapped. The greatest mystery in the mind is the mystery of yourself. Vaguely, you all believe to be strangers guilty of something not understood. Anti Christ gives you the better outlook on life than any ideology, ism or cult you now subscribe to. Through believing clever deceits mankind never saw physical awareness for what it is. What humanity endlessly searches for lies revealed in the pages of this book. It overrules all human and, so-called, godly knowledge. I could not have said it better. Make it yours. Jesus Christ
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Renaissance In Italy

Author : John Addington Symonds
ISBN : UOM:39015027191330
Genre : France
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Full Writings Metropolitan Antony Khrapovitsky Vol 2 3

Author : Metr. Antony (Khrapovitsky)
Genre : Religion
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In our Russian public life, it was just such a fall as in the life of Peter. One writer, who fought against the enemies of Christ by the power of philosophical and then apologetic research, was apparently upset that the truth itself conquers the enemies so slowly and so imperceptibly. It was probably bitter for him to see Christ's faith neglected by high society and trampled down with impunity by the nihilists-depraving youths - and now , instead of working through spiritual grace and science, to achieve such spiritual gifts through the grace of God, before which the wiles of the enemies of Christ would fall, this thinker began to think about the organization of such public church-state orders in which no one could enslave or insult the churchin which the power of the church would act unhindered and triumphantly defeated its enemies. If he had learned and taught us for this purpose to become Chrysostom or Gregory, to acquire the love of John the Theologian or the power of the Apostle Paul, - oh, then who would not thank him? But he began to look for other means, state dispensations, he drew a sword, like Peter, and perishes noting lies and ruins his followers. He fell into that terrible pit of delusions, where any zealot of the church would naturally fall out of reason; he gradually and consistently began to lean toward the doctrine that elevated violence into law, into that terrible ditch of papism, which, having begun to be jealous of Christ outwardly, expelled Him from his society, and put the sinful man in place of Christ. Now we have to state the very rebirth of man, according to Dostoevsky, from the side of the influence of one will on another. Our writer has a very conscious view of this subject; he is not limited to an artistically correct, but impartial description of two or three cases of conversion, like Leo Tolstoy in his last two novels, where the heroes, like Levin, Bezukhov and Volynsky, under very vague influences come to uncertain results, having established themselves firmly only in condemnation of former selfishness and determination to follow a compassionate feeling. True, there is a considerable artistic and philosophical merit in this, so Tolstoy himself looks at such types as the most important in his work, but they are in his thick novels, like two or three odorous violets in a huge bouquet of beautiful, but devoid of zapaxa flowers: Dostoevsky’s as said, all primary and secondary heroes revolve around their conscience and call for repentance and renewal, as many planets circle in different orbits around one sun. Let us add now that the striking richness of the content of his many stories is not created by the heterogeneity of types and the differences between the described areas of their inner life, no, his planets are not numerous and the orbits of the revolutions remain the same, but the artist, painting in different stories and in different faces the same types, it changes their position in the orbit of life, that is, when they turn to the moral sun either on one or the other side. One and the same character, but in different positions and ages, at different levels of his conversion, or, on the contrary, bitterness, goes through a dozen stories with him, so Raskolnikov is the same Ivan Karamazov, the Old Prince of the "Humiliated" is the same Fedor Pavlovich Karamazov and Versilov, the mother of Raskolnikov and the mother of the Teenager, the father of the latter and Stavrogin "Demons", the husband of "Krotkoy" and the husband Akulkin in "Dead House, ”etc., etc., are all variants of several few types. Dostoevsky also has few plots with the plot and denouement, whether there are a dozen or so plots and types - hardly. And if for all that the reader not only does not notice the repetitions and does not feel bored when reading his stories, but, on the contrary, becomes even more interested in them, the more he has already read them: then it is clear that the variety of material that has manifested itself in such a variety of materials all stages of spiritual development, this kind of table of multiplication of a polynomial by a polynomial, executed by the author sinfully: in other words, he was able, with complete life truth, to depict the whole ladder of spiritual struggle with each direction of his own type, and this is only given to someone who combines an artist with a connoisseur of the laws of the phenomena described, that is, a psychologist and even a theologian . For the reader who wants to check the author, the completeness of his essays is especially convenient because it completely eliminates the suspicion of an accidental, individual character of one or other changes in the inner life of literary heroes, but gives the author’s foundations just mathematical convincingness: if all characters are of different ages, genders and provisions, thus referring to the well-known call of life, came to complete inner harmony and began to bring happiness and love everywhere, referring the opposite about instantly, became on the road to suicide, and from the middle path they were opposed by will against their own system of their own nature: it is clear and mathematically incontrovertible that the first path is the right path, the only one saving, etc. The same certainty of views is established by Dostoevsky on the question of the reviving influence of one will on another , and it will not be difficult to verify that, based on such certainty, the author has some theological and matephysical ideas, although, as said, does not subordinate them to reality, but deduces the first from the last one, or even himself does not output, and unconsciously guided by them in their creative work, to authorize the following conclusions readers themselves.
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The Age Of The Despots

Author : John Addington Symonds
ISBN : UCSD:31822015108996
Genre : Italy
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The Critical Review

Author :
ISBN : CHI:79243564
Genre : English literature
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101 Answers To Questions About Satan Demons And Spiritual Warfare

Author : Mark Hitchcock
ISBN : 9780736945189
Genre : Religion
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What is spiritual warfare? Who is Satan? How can I resist temptation and walk in the Spirit? In 101 Answers to Questions About Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare, bestselling author Mark Hitchcock will take you to the ultimate resource for guidance—God’s Word. There, you’ll find clarity and wisdom in response to questions such as... Where did Satan and demons come from? What tactics does Satan use to weaken or deceive us? How can we use the whole armor of God to protect ourselves from spiritual attack? What are the keys to overcoming temptation and walking in the Spirit? Can a believer be demon possessed? You’ll find this book filled with encouragement and hope—it affirms God’s full power over Satan, and provides you with everything you need to know to experience victory in spiritual warfare.
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The Triangle

Author : Samuel Whelpley
ISBN : HARVARD:32044077933182
Genre : Antinomianism
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