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Son Of Perdition

Author : Louise M. Gouge
ISBN : 1589190416
Genre : Fiction
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Heman Melville's Captain Ahab referred briefly to a wife and son - and author Louise Gouge has built an entire book series around these unseen characters. The first two books focused on Hannah, his wife, Son of Perdition follows Timothy Jacobs, the son whose bitterness toward his father's godless reputation caused him to even reject his father's name. Timothy Jacobs spends his young life trying to prove that he is not like his father, the infamous Captian Ahab. Certain of his own goodness compared to the misguided mariners he observes at the Seaman's Mission where he volunteers, he feels no need for the salvation of Christ, which his mother and stepfather encourage him to accept. But when he is tragically wounded in battle, he is nearly consumed by rage at God, whom he now regards as unjust and uncaring. Not until he reads an account of his father's futile battle against the White Whale does Timothy realize the nature of his own sin and how both he and his father have misunderstood the merciful, loving nature of God.
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Son Of Perdition

Author : Terry-Terrance Mcgee
ISBN : 9781462878994
Genre : Fiction
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Son of Perdition : (Rise To Power) is the first chronicle of the part of our existence no-one of this world wants you to know. Gripping from the very start I challenge your soul to read! THIS IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION! but. SPIRITUAL REALITY! ...A glimpse of what is truly happening behind the invisible Veil of the Spirit, that thing which seperates the natural eyes from the supernatural. The battle of good versus evil, light versus darkness. A tale of the shroud of secrecy the Evil One will soon unveil...announcing that he in-fact is God! A chilling yet provocative series about the Antichrist that depicts the potential reality of his obscure beginning and of his prophetic coming!...the pending revealing Of himself and his rise to power!
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Son Of Perdition

Author : T.M.Sparks
ISBN : 9781301780761
Genre : Self-Help
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The contents here are for biblical understanding in the matter of the anti-Christ, martyrs, the harlot and the tribulation. Many Christians believe they will disappear before we encounter these things. But on the other hand Christians are being martyred for their beliefs in Jesus Christ every day. Be-headings are daily occurrences now, also being burned alive slowly, and one limb at a time. Rapture? The contents compiled here, has been brought forth as an inspiration and help to those who have attained some biblical knowledge of the End Times over the years, but have not been able to achieve a full perspective or understanding. So in simple to comprehend analogy, I have assembled an easy to understand account of them from the Holy Scriptures. There are current events today offering powerful suggestions to the End Times here and now, as well as sound evidence found in Scripture to link them together bilaterally. There are segments here that will no doubt challenge conventional thinking. Most of all the contents here have been assembled for layman understanding. There also may be theological differences from modern day biblical understanding of our era, and yet foundations from of old, but lost over time will be brought forward.
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A Son Of Perdition An Occult Romance

Author : Fergus Hume
ISBN : 9781465561039
Genre :
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From the hilltop where Alice and her rejected lover had conversed, the house called Tremore could be plainly seen in its grey nakedness. But on the other side, in front and at the back, it was screened from the salt Atlantic winds by a dismal wood of stone-pines, yews, cypress-trees and giant cedars, planted by various Enistors in the long-distant past, when they had first set up their tent on the waste moorland. The gloomy disposition of the race could be seen, not only in the funereal types of trees chosen for sheltering the mansion, but in the grim look of the mansion itself. Never was there so dreary a place. Tremore means "great dwelling" in the Celtic tongue, but the name could only apply to this particular house from the unusual space of ground it covered, since it was only one storey high. Built of untrimmed granite blocks and roofed with dull hued slates, it stretched in a narrow line towards the rear of the hill on which it stood. Here it divided into two other narrow lines, forming on the whole the exact shape of the letter "Y." One of the forks contained the kitchen, the servants' sleeping apartments and the domestic offices: the other held the bedrooms of the gentry, while the main stem of the letter was made up of drawing-room, library, sitting-room and dining-room. It was an odd place quaintly planned and curiously built: but then the Enistors were odd people. One markedly strange thing amongst others was the absence of vegetation about the house, since nothing would grow near it. Flowers were conspicuous by their absence, turf was wanting, and not even weeds would flourish. The very trees stood aloof in sulky darkness, leaving the building isolated in an arid space of beaten earth. There it stood on the bare ground with its heavy porch, its thick walls and many small windows, bleak in its nakedness for want of draping ivy. True enough there was a kitchen-garden and a small orchard at the back, beyond the screen of trees, which flourished tolerably, but round the house greenery was wanting, as if the place was cursed. Perhaps it was, as the Enistors had borne a sinister reputation for generations. But whatever the reason might be, Tremore might have been built in the desert from the way in which it lay like a sullen snake on the barren earth. And a two-headed snake at that, like some demon of a fairy tale.

Son Of Perdition

Author : Wendy Alec
ISBN : 9780310097471
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39.3 MB
Format : PDF
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Three brothers. Power beyond reckoning. And a terrible betrayal. Adrian De Vere is the most powerful and charismatic politician on the planet. To many he heralds a future filled with peace and prosperity. Jason De Vere controls a third of the world’s media through his communications empire VOX. Brilliant and tenacious, little happens in the world without him knowing. Nick, international playboy (and archaeologist), is dying, a victim of his own recklessness. He has made a remarkable discovery he hopes may save him, but does not know how or what the cost will be. Despite their wealth and fame, the brothers’ family history is shadowed in lies. Now, with powerful forces both sacred and diabolical at play, one will betray the others – in an almost unimaginable way … “There could be no bigger canvas for film-making.” – Mark Ordesky (Executive Producer – Lord of the Rings) “Alec not only re-frames pre-history; she also imaginatively illustrates how the realm of spirit impacts the contemporary material world.” Ileen Maisel (Executive Producer for the Golden Compass) “This is the best work of fiction I have read since the last installment of Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein series” Jim McDonald – 1340Mag – Online Entertainment Magazine
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The Son Of Perdition Revealed

Author : George Whitehead
ISBN : OCLC:228673963
Genre : Society of Friends
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Debate Resolved

Author : George Grebens PhD
ISBN : 9781469115627
Genre : Science
File Size : 51.72 MB
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This e-book has a life that began with 28 pages of recommendations to a high school teacher who requested ways of addressing a publishers three questions on the Neo-Evolution vs. Creation debate. This was in May 2005. Since then I expanded similar Q&As in various media, participated in public debates (2007-2009). I look back to the successful high level Evolution vs. Creation debates that were held during the 1970s and early 1980s. Dr. Henry M. Morris and Dr. Duane T. Gish had used their newly developed Creation Scientific Model to challenge those who defended the Evolution Scientific Model. The Debates format was very constructive and contributed strategically in addressing many key issues that required further clarification. The debaters were well prepared and well-disciplined and even if some of the debaters appeared to have lost in this round, the debate exercise itself helped to rejuvenate the debaters and the audience thus helping them to energize and look forward towards the next round of the continuing series of debates
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The Rapture The End Times And The Millennium

Author : Russell R. Standish
ISBN : 0923309845
Genre : End of the world
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Volume seven of the Antichrist Septenate takes up issues crucial to our understanding of the final events preceding the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
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