Social Media For Educators

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Educating Educators With Social Media

Author : Charles Wankel
ISBN : 9780857246493
Genre : Education
File Size : 84.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Social media are increasingly popular platforms for collaboration and quick information sharing. This title collects reports on how these technologies are being used to educate educators with social media in creative and effective ways. It examines the processes, design, delivery and evaluation of instruction using social media.
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Social Media For Educators

Author : Tanya Joosten
ISBN : 9781118237861
Genre : Computers
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Praise for Social Media for Educators "At last, a book that provides a straightforward discussion ofthe pedagogical reasons to use social media, and how to effectivelyuse the tools to enhance learning experiences. A practicalmust-have!"—Rita-Marie Conrad, instructional strategist andtechnologist, Duke University School of Nursing; coauthor, Engagingthe Online Learner and The Online Teaching Survival Guide "This insightful and in-depth exploration effectively makes acase for embracing the best characteristics of social media tofoster deeper learning experiences, promote collaboration, andprovide timely feedback. This book is a can't-miss foreducators."—Amy M. Collier, associate director for technologyand teaching, Center for Teaching and Learning, StanfordUniversity "Thought about using social media in your online courses butdon't know where to begin? Joosten's comprehensive hands-on bookdescribes step-by-step how social media can add richness to yourcourse content and have a positive impact on student outcomes."—Rosemary Lehman and Simone ConceiÇão, eInterface;coauthors, Creating a Sense of Presence in Online Teaching andManaging Online Instructor Workload "Many faculty are hesitant to incorporate social media intotheir teaching for fear that it will be a distraction or too timeconsuming. Tanya Joosten has done a remarkable job outlining thebenefits—and considerations—of doing so. Faculty who readthis book will be able to make informed, educated decisions aboutthe best approach to take." —John Dolan, director, digitalmedia and pedagogy, College of the Liberal Arts, Penn StateUniversity Social Media for Educators This is a down-to-earth resource filled with strategies fordesigning learning activities that work toward specific outcomes.It illustrates the ways in which social media will improve learningand contains case studies that clearly demonstrate social media'sability to: Increase communication and interactivity in a course Facilitate engaging learning activities Enhance students' satisfaction, learning, and performance
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The Educational Turn Of Social Networking

Author : Amy Stornaiuolo
ISBN : OCLC:1083583354
Genre :
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This two-year ethnographic study of five teachers and their adolescent students in India, South Africa, the U.S., and Norway traced how participants negotiated social media in educational settings, especially the challenges and benefits of incorporating social networking in teaching and learning. We are at a critical juncture in educational research, as texts, ideas, and people rapidly circulate around the world (Appadurai, 1996) and social networks connect audiences, authors, and texts in new relationships with heightened responsibilities and obligations (Silverstone, 2007). This dissertation study represents an effort to map how teachers and students negotiated these new relationships in a globally networked environment, in what is arguably the first empirically documented educational social networking project (Hull, Stornaiuolo, & Sahni, 2010). Using a cultural historical activity theory lens (Cole & Engeström, 1993; Engeström, 1999a), I analyzed the activity system of the networked community, looking particularly at the contradictions that participants faced in incorporating new digital and social technologies into educational spaces. Employing a multi-sited ethnographic approach (Marcus, 1995), I collected interview, observational, artifactual, and informatic data about how teachers and students used the resources of the networked community for learning and literacy development. This ethnographic study was designed to help educators identify how we might productively incorporate social media into classrooms and foster students' development of the compositional facility needed to communicate with diverse audiences across multiple composing contexts. One of the central findings of the study is that teachers have a crucial role to play in creating opportunities for young people to develop as thoughtful and capable 21st century communicators but that this enterprise is fraught with difficulty, requiring persistence and collaboration between participants in addressing those challenges. Specifically, participants in this study struggled with the contradiction of incorporating seemingly `social' practices into more `academic' contexts, and teachers grappled with what role to take up in their classrooms and in the networked community in relation to these hybrid social/academic practices. While this enterprise was fraught with difficulty, however, teachers persisted across challenges, working together to open spaces for dialogue and to highlight participants' responsibilities to one another as authors and audiences. The study revealed that educationally-turned Web 2.0 tools and practices can play a generative role in expanding participants' transliterate capacities, flexible composing and interpretive strategies for communicating with diverse audiences across complex and varied texts. This study contributes to a still-nascent empirical research base around how young people's communicative capacities can be supported by an educational framework that integrates digital tools and practices, particularly for adolescents whose experiences and beliefs are not always taken into account. Highlighting the generative role of contradiction and the centrality of mediational artifacts in driving innovation, this study represents an empirically grounded example of expansive learning (Engeström, 1987) in a virtual community. It also offers implications for extending the theory of expansive learning for literacy studies by demonstrating that learning across (horizontal or expansive learning) is a kind of transliterate practice, a form of literate action that plays an important transcontextualizing role in the world in building and sustaining connections across time and space (Brandt & Clinton, 2002). As participants in this study engaged in these transliterate practices, I argue that their artfulness and generosity in doing so illustrates a cosmopolitan stance in the world (Hansen, 2011; Hull, Stornaiuolo, & Sahni, 2010). As one of the central challenges facing educators in the current age, maintaining a stance of both openness to the new and loyalty to the known is a challenging yet ever more imperative prerequisite for learning from, about, and with others across our ever-more connected world (Hansen, 2010). This study offers implications for the ways that teachers can model these cosmopolitan dispositions - by inhabiting shared spaces, listening to others with respect, and accepting the obligation to be hospitable interlocutors, all crucially important capacities as we seek to become ethically alert citizens in and of the world (Silverstone, 2007).

Communicating Connecting With Social Media

Author : William M. Ferriter
ISBN : 9781935543138
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.62 MB
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Social media holds great potential benefits for schools reaching out to our communities, preparing our teachers, and connecting with our kids. In this short text, the authors examine how enterprising schools are using social media tools to provide customized professional development for teachers and to transform communication practices with staff, students, parents, and other stakeholders.
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The Relevant Educator

Author : Tom Whitby
ISBN : 9781483371733
Genre : Education
File Size : 76.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Professional growth and social media savvy at your fingertips! This information-packed resource from digital experts Anderson and Whitby makes it easy to build a thriving professional network using social media. Easy-to-implement ideas, essential tools, and real-life vignettes help teachers learn to: Find and choose the best social media tools, products, and communities Start and grow a collaborative, high-quality PLN using Twitter, blogging, LinkedIn, and more Use social media to enhance 21st Century education Engage in authentic personal and professional learning Includes invaluable resources and an in-depth analysis of the social media landscape. Collaboration has never been easier with this must-have guide!
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Using Social Media Effectively In The Classroom

Author : Kay Seo
ISBN : 9780415896795
File Size : 50.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The rapid expansion of blogs, Twitter, wikis, and virtual worlds has dramatically transformed the landscape of education. Through highly accessible networks, these new media can integrate students into a learning community by enabling them to create, customize, and share content online. Using Social Media Effectively in the Classroom shows educators how to: utilize social media to best support learners resolve potential problems create a powerful sense of community within user-centered Web 2.0 technologies. Moving beyond basic explanations of technologies and how to use them, this book provides research-based, jargon-free, practical examples of what works, what doesn't, and why when it comes to social media. Organized according to the systematic process of instructional design, contributors describe innovative strategies for incorporating social media into educational settings as well as significant issues to be taken into consideration at each phase of planning, designing, teaching, and evaluation.

Educators On Diversity Social Justice And Schooling

Author : Sonya E. Singer
ISBN : 9781773380490
Genre : Education
File Size : 54.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Educators on Diversity, Social Justice, and Schooling identifies categories of privilege and marginalization in the “master narrative” of social discourse and works to bring equity into classrooms across Canada. This timely text challenges students to question the power relations that value one group’s system of knowledge over another and brings this to bear on the classroom environment. This volume features contributions by educators from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and includes chapter-end key questions, additional resources for more information, and suggested activities to engage students in critical thought and to ground concepts of diversity and social justice in practical application. Students in undergraduate and graduate education programs will value the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge that this collection puts forth to foster a new generation of inclusive educators.
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The School Leader S Guide To Social Media

Author : Ronald Williamson
ISBN : 9781317923459
Genre : Education
File Size : 57.39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Social media has exploded onto American culture — including our schools — giving educators a unique opportunity to shape this phenomenon into a powerful tool for improving educational leadership practices. With real-world examples and practical tips, this essential guide shows school leaders how to address both the potential benefits and common concerns presented by social media. It is written in a clear, reader-friendly format, and covers important topics, including: Responding to student safety issues, such as cyberbullying and sexting Improving school management, communication, and professional growth Instructional innovation Twenty-first century learning Preparing for future social media trends This is a must-have resource for school leaders who want to stay current and provide the best possible educational environment for learning in the 21st century.
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Cyberbullying In Social Media Within Educational Institutions

Author : Merle Horowitz
ISBN : 9781475800111
Genre : Education
File Size : 41.95 MB
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This book presents the information from the collaborative efforts and perspectives of a current school district superintendent who has researched and worked day-to-day with the issues, and an attorney currently dealing with the legal issues relevant to cyberbullying. This book is helpful to students, parents, educators, mental and medical health professionals, and attorneys who work with the misery, fears, terror and other consequences of cyberbullying in social media.
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Cutting Edge Technologies And Social Media Use In Higher Education

Author : Benson, Vladlena
ISBN : 9781466651753
Genre : Education
File Size : 20.67 MB
Format : PDF
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"This book brings together research on the multi-faceted nature and overarching impact of social technologies on the main opportunities and challenges facing today's post-secondary classrooms, from issues of social capital formation to student support and recruitment"--
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The Social Media Industries

Author : Alan B. Albarran
ISBN : 9780415523189
Genre : Computers
File Size : 66.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume examines how social media is evolving as an industry—it is an extension of traditional media industries, yet it is distinctly different in its nature and ability to build relationships among users. Examining social media in both descriptive and analytical ways, the chapters included herein present an overview of the social media industries, considering the history, development, and theoretical orientations used to understand social media. Covered are: Business models found among the social media industries and social media as a form of marketing. Social media as a form of entertainment content, both in terms of digital content, and as a tool in the production of news. Discussions of ethics and privacy as applied to the area of social media. An examination of audience uses of social media considering differences among Latinos, African-Americans, and people over the age of 35. Overall, the volume provides a timely and innovative look at the business aspects of social media, and it has much to offer scholars, researchers, and students in media and communication, as well as media practitioners.
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The Sustainable Global Marketplace

Author : Mary Conway Dato-on
ISBN : 9783319108735
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67.18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Founded in 1971, the Academy of Marketing Science is an international organization dedicated to promoting timely explorations of phenomena related to the science of marketing in theory, research, and practice. Among its services to members and the community at large, the Academy offers conferences, congresses and symposia that attract delegates from around the world. Presentations from these events are published in this Proceedings series, which offers a comprehensive archive of volumes reflecting the evolution of the field. Volumes deliver cutting-edge research and insights, complimenting the Academy’s flagship journals, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) and AMS Review. Volumes are edited by leading scholars and practitioners across a wide range of subject areas in marketing science. This volume includes the full proceedings from the 2011 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference held in Coral Gables, Florida, entitled The Sustainable Global Marketplace.
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A Critical Hypertext Analysis Of Social Media

Author : Volker Eisenlauer
ISBN : 9781441159700
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 38.13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Facebook, in just a few years, has become one of the central tools people use to communicate with each other in everyday life. However, the perceived freedom of action on the site and the actual processes that are permitted in Facebook's set up don't always match up: in this book this gap is examined. This book identifies the interrelations between user text actions and the software environment framing them. It takes a critical perspective on Facebook and develops a model that grants methodological access to complex interlaced practices incorporating media, text and literacies. It shows Facebook users employing idiosyncratic and Facebook-specific literacy practices, and gives weight to the larger hypothesis of the software service as an ideological setting designed to calculate and standardize human behaviour. Specifically, the book examines text action and automation within Facebook to determine how the software service intervenes in the communicative flow between/among profile owners and profile recipients. This is cutting edge work and of huge importance to modern fields of discourse analysis and computer-mediated communication.
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Connected Leadership

Author : Spike Cook
ISBN : 9781483371696
Genre : Education
File Size : 63.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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You’re at the top—but never alone! Take the leap and connect with other educators and leaders through social media. Educators learn to transform relationships with their students, staff, parents, and with the overall community in this simple guide to social media. With real-life examples from K12 educators who’ve integrated social media technology and education, this guide helps educators to harness the power of connectedness and change the way you lead. Jump in and you’ll learn how to: Develop a personal learning network Tell your school’s story through blogging Use connections to transform your leadership
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What School Leaders Need To Know About Digital Technologies And Social Media

Author : Scott McLeod
ISBN : 9781118116722
Genre : Education
File Size : 56.20 MB
Format : PDF
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Facebook, Twitter,'s tech-savvy students are always plugged in. However, all too often their teachers and administrators aren't experienced in the use of these familiar digital tools. If schools are to prepare students for the future, administrators and educators must harness the power of digital technologies and social media. With contributions from authorities on the topic of educational technology, What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media is a compendium of the most useful tools for any education setting. Throughout the book, experts including Will Richardson, Vicki Davis, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Richard Byrne, Joyce Valenza, and many others explain how administrators and teachers can best integrate technology into schools, helping to make sense of the often-confusing world of social media and digital tools. They offer the most current information for the educational use of blogs, wikis and podcasts, online learning, open-source courseware, educational gaming, social networking, online mind mapping, mobile phones, and more, and include examples of these methods currently at work in schools. As the book clearly illustrates, when these tools are combined with thoughtful and deliberate pedagogical practice, it can create a transformative experience for students, educators, and administrators alike. What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media reveals the power of information technology and social networks in the classroom and throughout the education community.
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Social Media And The Law

Author : Daxton R. Stewart
ISBN : 9780415535137
Genre : Computers
File Size : 24.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Flickr allow users to connect with one another and share information with the click of a mouse or a tap on a touchscreen—and have become vital tools for professionals in the news and strategic communication fields. But as rapidly as these services have grown in popularity, their legal ramifications aren't widely understood. To what extent do communicators put themselves at risk for defamation and privacy lawsuits when they use these tools, and what rights do communicators have when other users talk about them on social networks? How can an entity maintain control of intellectual property issues—such as posting copyrighted videos and photographs—consistent with the developing law in this area? How and when can journalists and publicists use these tools to do their jobs without endangering their employers or clients? In Social Media and the Law, eleven media law scholars address these questions and more, including current issues like copyright, online impersonation, anonymity, cyberbullying, sexting, and WikiLeaks. Students and professional communicators alike need to be aware of laws relating to defamation, privacy, intellectual property, and government regulation—and this guidebook is here to help them navigate the tricky legal terrain of social media.
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Social Networking For Schools

Author : Steven M. Baule
ISBN : 9781586835378
Genre : Computers
File Size : 29.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides specific and practical ideas for using social media tools to enhance communications, instruction, and professional development within the K–12 school environment—invaluable information for school librarians, instructional coaches, technology specialists, and educational administrators.
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