Slow Philosophy

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Slow Philosophy

Author : Michelle Boulous Walker
ISBN : 9781474279932
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 24.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In an age of internet scrolling and skimming, where concentration and attention are fast becoming endangered skills, it is timely to think about the act of reading and the many forms that it can take. Slow Philosophy: Reading Against the Institution makes the case for thinking about reading in philosophical terms. Boulous Walker argues that philosophy involves the patient work of thought; in this it resembles the work of art, which invites and implores us to take our time and to engage with the world. At its best, philosophy teaches us to read slowly; in fact, philosophy is the art of reading slowly – and this inevitably clashes with many of our current institutional practices and demands. Slow reading shares something in common with contemporary social movements, such as that devoted to slow food; it offers us ways to engage the complexity of the world. With the help of writers as diverse as Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Woolf, Adorno, Levinas, Critchley, Beauvoir, Le Dœuff, Irigaray, Cixous, Weil, and others, Boulous Walker offers a foundational text in the emerging field of slow philosophy, one that explores the importance of unhurried time in establishing our institutional encounters with complex and demanding works.
Category: Philosophy

The Slow Philosophy Of J M Coetzee

Author : Jan Wilm
ISBN : 9781474256469
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 46.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In The Slow Philosophy of J.M. Coetzee Jan Wilm analyses Coetzee's singular aesthetic style which, he argues, provokes the reader to read his works slowly. The effected 'slow reading' is developed into a method specifically geared to analyzing Coetzee's singular oeuvre, and it is shown that his works productively decelerate the reading process only to dynamize the reader's reflexion in a way that may be termed philosophical. Drawing on fresh archival material, this is the first study of its kind to explore Coetzee's writing process as already slow; as a program of seemingly relentless revision which brings forth his uniquely dense and crystalline style. Through the incorporation of material from drafts and notebooks, this study is also the first to combine an exploration of the writer's stylistic choices with a rigorous analysis of the reader's responses. The book includes close readings of Coetzee's popular and lesser known work, including Disgrace, Waiting for the Barbarians, Elizabeth Costello, Life and Times of Michael K and Slow Man.
Category: Literary Criticism

Slow Cures And Bad Philosophers

Author : Carl Elliott
ISBN : 9780822381266
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 87.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Slow Cures and Bad Philosophers uses insights from the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein to rethink bioethics. Although Wittgenstein produced little formal writing on ethics, this volume shows that, in fact, ethical issues permeate the entirety of his work. The scholars whom Carl Elliott has assembled in this volume pay particular attention to Wittgenstein’s concern with the thick context of moral problems, his suspicion of theory, and his belief in description as the real aim of philosophy. Their aim is not to examine Wittgenstein’s personal moral convictions but rather to explore how a deep engagement with his work can illuminate some of the problems that medicine and biological science present. As Elliott explains in his introduction, Wittgenstein’s philosophy runs against the grain of most contemporary bioethics scholarship, which all too often ignores the context in which moral problems are situated and pays little attention to narrative, ethnography, and clinical case studies in rendering bioethical judgments. Such anonymous, impersonal, rule-writing directives in which health care workers are advised how to behave is what this volume intends to counteract. Instead, contributors stress the value of focusing on the concrete particulars of moral problems and write in the spirit of Wittgenstein’s belief that philosophy should be useful. Specific topics include the concept of “good dying,” the nature of clinical decision making, the treatment of neurologically damaged patients, the moral treatment of animals, and the challenges of moral particularism. Inspired by a philosopher who deplored “professional philosophy,” this work brings some startling insights and clarifications to contemporary ethical problems posed by the realities of modern medicine. Contributors. Larry Churchill, David DeGrazia, Cora Diamond, James Edwards, Carl Elliott, Grant Gillett, Paul Johnston, Margaret Olivia Little, James Lindemann Nelson, Knut Erik Tranoy
Category: Philosophy

The Antipodean Philosopher

Author : Graham Oppy
ISBN : 9780739167939
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 39.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume presents an acessible and engaging collection of essays by prominent Australasian philosophers, covering a wide array of topics and drawn from a series of public lectures on Philosophy in Australia and Zealand convened over a period of four years. The essays explore the rich philosophical past of Australasia, while also illustrating why philosophy in Australasia ranks highly in influence and esteem.
Category: Philosophy

Slow Philosophy

Author : Slow Philosophy Foundation
ISBN : 9788461787104
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 26.55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Slow Philosophy is not just a theoretical book that explains a new way of life, but it also goes one step further and provides us with a whole new way of seeing things, enabling us to appreciate details that we had always ignored but which have and will continue to have a huge impact both on ourselves and on those around us. Sooner or later we all reach a point in life where we realize that we are caught in a spiral that we ourselves have made, and from which we cannot escape. We usually say we are doing fine, or that certain bad things that happen to us are inevitable and we have to face up to them as best we can. But is this what we really feel, or are we just trying to convince ourselves that everything is fine, when what we really want to do with all our heart is to change the inertia we live in? Once we are in this spiral, it is very difficult to get out. All the mainstays of our life revolve around it, and even though we might propose changing certain things, the dizzying rhythm we live in today ends up dragging us back to it. It is no good trying to change something we have been doing for years, even for generations, without first knowing where we come from, where we are and where we want to take our lives and those of our friends and family. Slow Philosophy shows us how to make the most of the knowledge of our ancestors and to complement it with the advances we currently enjoy, and in this way to realize what we really are and what we really want. This will enable us to choose the road that guarantees us a basis for a solid and stable life, both for ourselves and for future generations. Stavenski, Cristina, A16; Manzano, Marc, A01; Noel, Francesc, A01; Sánchez, Francisco Javier, A01; Sánchez, Raquel, A01; Orihuela, Ruth, A01; Pérez, Pilar, A01; Sánchez, Raúl, A01
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Slow Norfolk And Suffolk

Author : Laurence Mitchell
ISBN : 9781841623214
Genre : Travel
File Size : 58.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Laurence Mitchell, long-time resident of Norfolk, invites travellers to the region to take a leisurely sojourn around both the well known sights and off-the-beaten track secrets in a personal tour that takes in the coast and villages, remote marshes, beaches, shingle banks, towns and cities of Norfolk and Suffolk. Conservation projects, boat trips, cycle and walking tours, wildlife and bird watching and distinctive vernacular architecture are just some of the attractions which Laurence describes in his distinctive voice, as well as all the practical details you need for an easy relaxing break. What's more, the unique accommodation descriptions from Alastair Sawday mean that you can be sure of a truly 'slow' visit.
Category: Travel

Inception And Philosophy

Author : Thorsten Botz-Bornstein
ISBN : 9780812697384
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 21.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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You have to go deeper. Inception is more than just a nail-biting heist story, more than just one of the greatest movies of all time. The latest neuroscience and philosophy of mind tell us that shared dreams and the invasion of dreams may soon become reality. Inception and Philosophy: Ideas to Die For takes you through the labyrinth, onto the infinite staircase, exploring the movie’s hidden architecture, picking up its unexpected clues. How will Inception change your thinking? You can’t imagine. How will Inception and Philosophy change your life? You simply have no idea.
Category: Philosophy

Slow Living

Author : Wendy Parkins
ISBN : 9781845201609
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 67.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Speed is the essence of the modern era, but our faster, more frenetic lives often trouble us and leave us wondering how we are meant to live in today's world. Slow Living explores the philosophy and politics of 'slowness' as it investigates the growth of Slow Food into a worldwide, 'eco-gastronomic' movement. Originating in Italy, Slow Food is not only committed to the preservation of traditional cuisines and sustainable agriculture but also the pleasures of the table and a slower approach to life in general. Craig and Parkins argue that slow living is a complex response to processes of globalization. It connects ethics and pleasure, the global and the local, as part of a new emphasis on everyday life in contemporary culture and politics. The 'global everyday' is not a simple tale of speed and geographical dislocation. Instead, we all negotiate different times and spaces that make our quality of life and an 'ethics of living' more pressing concerns. This innovative book shows how slow living is about the challenges of living a more mindful and pleasurable life.
Category: Social Science

Philosophical Problems Of Space And Time

Author : Adolf Grünbaum
ISBN : 9789401026222
Genre : Science
File Size : 61.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It is ten years since Adolf Griinbaum published the first edition of this book. It was promptly recognized to be one of the few major works in the philosophy of the natural sciences of this generation. In part, this is so because Griinbaum has chosen a problem basic both to philosophy and to the natural sciences - the nature of space and time; and in part, this is so because he so admirably exemplifies that Aristotelian devotion to the intimate and mutual dependence of actual science and philosophical understanding. More than this, however, the quality of his work derives from his achievement in combining detail with scope. The problems of space and time have been among the most difficult in contemporary and classical thought, and Griinbaum has been responsible to the full depth and complexity of these difficulties. This revised and enlarged second edition is a work in progress, in the tradition of reflective analysis of modern science of such figures as Ehrenfest and Reichenbach. In publishing this work among the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, we hope to contribute to and encourage that broad tradition of natural philosophy which is marked by the close collaboration of philoso phers and scientists. To this end, we have published the proceedings of our Colloquia, of meetings and conferences here and abroad, as well as the works of single authors.
Category: Science

Plato S Political Philosophy

Author : Mark Blitz
ISBN : 0801899184
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37.42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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It is an excellent companion to Plato's Dialogues.
Category: Political Science

Sustainable Tourism

Author : José Mondéjar-Jiménez
ISBN : 9781909287945
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.1 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Linking sustainable performance and tourism, this book presents a collection of tools and case studies. It provides an excellent source of high quality research. Readers will find different and new ways to approach sustainability. Applied case studies where historic Mediterranean theatres and traditional equestrian Iberian routes combine with the modernity of a luxurious beach terrace are included. The state-of-the-art research on street art or slow tourism strategies and its relation with tourism-marketing strategies are also highlighted. Policy-makers will be find it useful to read the discussion of the analysis of sustainable fisheries, the Latin American ecosystem and their relationship with eco-tourism. Lastly, the book addresses the need for energy reduction, including conventional approaches and also new measurement metrics and regulatory proposals. This book presents real world research with a pragmatic focus; it is of key interest to students, academics, practitioners and policy makers.inking
Category: Business & Economics

The Big Lebowski And Philosophy

Author : Peter S. Fosl
ISBN : 9781118074565
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 61.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Celebrate the Dude with an abiding look at the philosophy behind The Big Lebowski Is the Dude a bowling-loving stoner or a philosophical genius living the good life? Naturally, it's the latter, and The Big Lebowski and Philosophy explains why. Enlisting the help of great thinkers like Plato and Nietzsche, the book explores the movie's hidden philosophical layers, cultural reflection, and political commentary. It also answers key questions, including: The Dude abides, but is abiding a virtue? Is the Dude an Americanized version of the Taoist way of life? How does The Big Lebowski illustrate the Just War Theory? How does bowling help Donny, Walter, and the Dude oppose nihilism? Yes, the Dude is deep, and so is this book. Don't watch the movie—or go to Lebowski Fest—without it. Explores many of The Big Lebowski's key themes, such as nihilism, war and politics, money and materialism, idealism and morality, history, and more Gives you new perspective on the movie's characters—the Dude, the Big Lebowski, Walter Sobchak, Donny, Maude Lebowski, Bunny Lebowski, and others Helps you appreciate the Coen Brothers classic even more with the insights of Aristotle, Epicurus, Kant, Derrida, and other philosophical heavyweights
Category: Philosophy

Slow Movies

Author : Ira Jaffe
ISBN : 9780231850636
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 55.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"In all film there is the desire to capture the motion of life, to refuse immobility," Agnes Varda has noted. But to capture the reality of human experience, cinema must fasten on stillness and inaction as much as motion. Slow Movies investigates movies by acclaimed international directors who in the past three decades have challenged mainstream cinema's reliance on motion and action. More than other realist art cinema, slow movies by Lisandro Alonso, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Pedro Costa, Jia Zhang-ke, Abbas Kiarostami, Cristian Mungiu, Alexander Sokurov, Bela Tarr, Gus Van Sant and others radically adhere to space-times in which emotion is repressed along with motion; editing and dialogue yield to stasis and contemplation; action surrenders to emptiness if not death.
Category: Performing Arts

Lessons In Chemical Philosophy

Author : John Howard Appleton
ISBN : UCAL:$B197160
Genre : Chemistry, Physical and theoretical
File Size : 79.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Chemistry, Physical and theoretical