Slaves Of Obsession

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Slaves Of Obsession

Author : Anne Perry
ISBN : 9780345446893
Genre : Fiction
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The year is 1861. The American Civil War has just begun, and London arms dealer Daniel Alberton is becoming a very wealthy man. His quiet dinner party seems remote indeed from the passions rending America. Yet investigator William Monk and his bride, Hester, sense growing tensions and barely concealed violence. For two of the guests are Americans, each vying to buy Alberton’s armaments. Soon Monk and Hester’s forebodings are fulfilled as one member of the party is brutally murdered and two others disappear– along with Alberton’s entire inventory of weapons. As Monk and Hester track the man they believe to be the murderer all the way to Washington, D.C., and the bloody battlefield at Manassas, Slaves of Obsession twists and turns like a powder-keg fuse and holds the reader breathless and spellbound. . . .
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Slaves Of Obsession

Author : Best Book
Genre :
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The year is 1861. The American Civil War has just begun, and London arms dealer Daniel Alberton is becoming a very wealthy man. His quiet dinner party seems remote indeed from the passions rending America. Yet investigator William Monk and his bride, Hester, sense growing tensions and barely concealed violence. For two of the guests are Americans, each vying to buy Alberton's armaments. Soon Monk and Hester's forebodings are fulfilled as one member of the party is brutally murdered and two others disappear-- along with Alberton's entire inventory of weapons. As Monk and Hester track the man they believe to be the murderer all the way to Washington, D.C., and the bloody battlefield at Manassas, Slaves of Obsession twists and turns like a powder-keg fuse and holds the reader breathless and spellbound. . . .

Slaves And Obsession William Monk Mystery Book 11

Author : Anne Perry
ISBN : 9781472211835
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 80.44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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All's fair in love and war... The advent of the American Civil War brings new intrigue to Monk's Victorian London in Anne Perry's masterful novel Slaves and Obsession. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Ann Granger. 'Perry has here provided a meticulously plotted crime story with alibis and deception leading unerringly to the solution' - Scotsman In the American Civil War the opposing armies are desperate for arms. A London trader selling weapons to the South faces a moral dilemma when his daughter, in love with a Confederate, insists he change sides. When he is brutally murdered, her lover is the immediate suspect. William and Hester Monk must bring the pair back from the front line in America to face justice in an English court. What readers are saying about Slaves and Obsession: 'One of Anne Perry's best...A really enjoyable and gripping book' 'A riveting mystery wrapped up in the dark and seamy side of Victorian London' 'Anne Perry is the best Victorian crime [writer] I have ever read'
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Obsession Leather Masters And Slaves

Author : Alex Ironrod
ISBN : 1641222913
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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OBSESSION takes a penetrating look at man-to-msn BDSM relations, always evolving and diversifying, at masters and slaves, friends and enemies, in the dramatic climax to Tarquin and Paul's Leather family story. OBSESSION is the third novel about Tarquin and Paul, Masters and slaves, friends and enemies in today's Leather BDSM world. A penetrating look at the dynamics of man-to-man sexual relationships, always evolving and diversifying, it provides a powerful and dramatic conclusion to the trilogy of LEATHER MASTERS and slaves. Submissive Rufus is pulled between his television career and his turbulent sex life with his Master, Paul. When he runs back to England, it is Tarquin who must follow him and, accompanied by James Villier, his sexual rival and Rufus' agent, he tracks the boy down through his previous experiences as a "rent-boy". In London, after a sex-filled night with James, Tarquin meets a potential new slave, who is to join the household back in Los Angeles. But Rufus turns away from his Master, Paul, and now fixates on Tarquin. His obsession gradually becomes a mania that leads to the violent and shattering climax.
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Ne Gro Phi Li A

Author : Erik Rush
ISBN : NWU:35556040824054
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 46.56 MB
Format : PDF
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Argues that activists, politicians and the press have fostered an erroneous perception of blacks and explains how Americans can discern deeper truths of these matters and thus develop healthier perceptions. By the author of The Angels Fell.
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Slaves In The New Testament

Author : James Albert Harrill
ISBN : 145140994X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this exciting new analysis of slaves and slavery in the New Testament, Harrill breaks new ground with his extensive use of Greco-Roman evidence, discussion of hermeneutics, and treatment of the use of the New Testament in antebellum U.S. slavery debates. He examines in detail Philemon, 1 Corinthians, Romans, Luke-Acts, and the household codes.
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Author : Selina Elliot
ISBN : 9781491809457
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 55.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Tessa knew that she deserved the fate that had befallen her. The decision to run away from a father who hated her and a marriage she wanted no part of was entirely hers. Certainly the outcome was her responsibility. So why did she keep trying to escape her life? Had she not learned that her master's control was absolute? Escape would never be possible. And yet, when a trip across the ocean presented an unlikely opportunity, she didn't hesitate. But was Tessa reaching too far? Was redemption impossible? Even as a child Trey understood that there was no law to protect a slave against the whims of a white man. So there would be no justice for his family unless he took matters into his own hands. As an adult Trey swore that there would be nothing that would keep Baron Henley safe from his revenge. But even well laid plans could go awry. Particularly when his attention was diverted to the bewildering, raven-haired beauty he impulsively abducted.
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The Energy Of Slaves

Author : Andrew Nikiforuk
ISBN : 9781553659792
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 52.23 MB
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By the winner of the Rachel Carson Environment Book Award Ancient civilizations relied on shackled human muscle. It took the energy of slaves to plant crops, clothe emperors, and build cities. Nineteenth-century slaveholders viewed critics as hostilely as oil companies and governments now regard environmentalists. Yet the abolition movement had an invisible ally: coal and oil. As the world's most versatile workers, fossil fuels replenished slavery's ranks with combustion engines and other labor-saving tools. Since then, cheap oil has transformed politics, economics, science, agriculture, and even our concept of happiness. Many North Americans today live as extravagantly as Caribbean plantation owners. We feel entitled to surplus energy and rationalize inequality, even barbarity, to get it. But endless growth is an illusion. What we need, Andrew Nikiforuk argues in this provocative new book, is a radical emancipation movement that ends our master-and-slave approach to energy. We must learn to use energy on a moral, just, and truly human scale.
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The William Monk Mysteries

Author : Anne Perry
ISBN : 9780307767660
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Anne Perry’s acclaimed William Monk novels have captivated readers with their rich texture and masterly suspense, leading The New York Times Book Review to exclaim, “Give her a good murder and a shameful social evil, and Anne Perry can write a Victorian mystery that would make Dickens’s eyes pop.” Now, the first five books in the spellbinding series are collected in this addictive eBook bundle: FACE OF A STRANGER His name, they tell him, is William Monk, and he is a London police detective. With his memory erased after a terrible accident, Monk intends on hiding his condition and starting a new life by tackling a grisly murder case in which each new revelation leads him to the answers he seeks—but dreads to find. A DANGEROUS MOURNING Called upon to investigate the brutal murder of a blue-blooded young widow, Monk is plagued by both his lingering amnesia and an inept supervisor. But when nurse Hester Latterly offers her assistance, together they grope warily through the silence and shadows that obscure the aristocrat’s demise. DEFEND AND BETRAY After a brilliant military career, General Thaddeus Carlyon meets his death not on the battlefield but at a London dinner party. Although his wife confesses to the murder, Monk and Hester suspect deceit. With the trial only days away, they feverishly work to unravel the dark heart of the mystery. Praise for Anne Perry and her William Monk series “Perry’s Victorian mysteries are marvels.”—The New York Times Book Review “There’s no one better at using words to paint a scene and then fill it with sounds and smells than Anne Perry.”—The Boston Globe “[The] reigning monarch of the Victorian mystery.”—People “Few mystery writers this side of Arthur Conan Doyle can evoke Victorian London with such relish for detail and mood.”—San Francisco Chronicle “[A] master of crime fiction.”—The Baltimore Sun “[Among] Perry’s strengths: memorable characters and an ability to evoke the Victorian era with the finely wrought detail of a miniaturist.”—The Wall Street Journal
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A Sunless Sea William Monk Mystery Book 18

Author : Anne Perry
ISBN : 9780755386215
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63.87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Can Monk uncover the truth behind a deadly opium conspiracy? Propelled into the darkest corners of the opium trade, New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry sends Inspector Monk on a thrilling adventure in A Sunless Sea, the eighteenth novel featuring the charismatic detective. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry. 'Anne Perry's Victorian mysteries are marvels' - New York Times Book Review 1864 and on the bank of the Thames, Monk is appalled at the shocking mutilation visited upon the body of a woman found on Limehouse Pier. But when enquiries into the brutal killing unearth a connection between the victim and Dr Lambourn, a brilliant, recently deceased scientist and staunch supporter for a new pharmaceutical bill aimed to regulate the sale of opium, it becomes clear that not all is as it seems. Lambourn's widow refuses to believe the official verdict that her husband's death was suicide; she is convinced that he was murdered after the research he was conducting was discredited by government officials intent on keeping the lucrative trade of opium flowing. With pressure mounting for the river police to find the Limehouse killer, Monk is propelled headlong into an investigation that will delve into the darkest depths of the opium trade and threaten to expose corruption in the very highest echelons of society... What readers are saying about A Sunless Sea: 'Perry is an agile word painter - so perfectly describing the sights and sounds of Victorian London from the dark Limehouse area to the posh West End that one feels transported to a different time and place' 'The reader becomes immersed in the tension' 'The characters are believable, the storyline ingenious and the reader [is kept] guessing right to the end'
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Weighed In The Balance

Author : Anne Perry
ISBN : 9780307767806
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When Countess Zorah Rostova asks London barrister Sir Oliver Rathbone to defend her against a charge of slander, he is astonished to find himself accepting. For without a shred of evidence, the countess has publicly insisted that the onetime ruler of her small German principality was murdered by his wife, the woman who was responsible for the prince’s exile to Venice twenty years before. Private investigator William Monk and his friend Hester Latterly journey to the City of Water in an attempt verify the countess’s claims, and though the two manage to establish that the prince was indeed murdered, as events unfold the likeliest suspect seems to be Countess Zorah herself. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Pentecost Alley

Author : Anne Perry
ISBN : 9780307767769
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 37.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The murder of a prostitute named Ada McKinley in a bedroom on decrepit Pentecost Alley should occasion no stir in Victoria’s great metropolis, but under the victim’s body, the police find a Hellfire Club badge inscribed with the name “Finlay Fitzjames”—a name that instantly draws Superintendent Thomas Pitt into the case. Finlay’s father—immensely wealthy, powerful, and dangerous—refuses to consider the possibility that his son has been in Ada McKinley’s bed. The implication is clear: Pitt is to arrest someone other than Finlay Fitzjames for Ada’s demise. But Thomas Pitt is not a man to be intimidated, and with the help of his quick-witted wife, Charlotte, he stubbornly pursues his investigation—one that twists and turns like London’s own ancient streets.
Category: Fiction

A Christmas Promise Christmas Novella 7

Author : Anne Perry
ISBN : 9781472210111
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 35.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A young girl is searching for the truth behind her uncle's death. Can she solve the mystery before the Christmas bells toll? Set in the Victorian world where Anne Perry reigns supreme, A Christmas Promise culminates in a radiant finale that will remain with you long after the final page is turned. Perfect for fans of C. J Sansom and Harriet Smart. '[Perry] writes with detail that invades the senses' - Lincoln Journal Star Three days before Christmas, in the freezing slums of London's East End, thirteen-year-old Gracie Phipps encounters Minnie Maude Mudway, who is only eight, alone, and determined to find her friend Charlie. However Charlie is no ordinary companion: He is a donkey who belonged to Minnie Maude's Uncle Alf. Gracie is shocked to learn that only the day before, someone brutally murdered Uncle Alf and made off with his rag-and-bones cart and the beloved beast who pulled it. Now, come hell or high water, Minnie Maude means to rescue Charlie-and Gracie decides to help. But the path that Uncle Alf had taken to his death was not his regular route, and in his cart were not just the usual bits of worn silver and china but also, the children are told, a dazzling golden box. What its contents may have been no one can say, for, like Charlie and the cart, it too has vanished. Uncertain where their four-legged friend may be, the children are drawn into an adult world far beyond their innocent imaginings. And in a shop gleaming with beautiful objects, they recruit an unexpected ally: Mr. Balthasar, who warns them that the shining prize may be just a Pandora's box of evil... What readers are saying about A Christmas Promise: 'You feel you are there in Victorian England with all the smells, sights and sounds that accompany the story-telling' 'Very atmospheric, entertaining, well written and just that bit different' 'Five stars'
Category: Fiction

Gulliver As Slave Trader

Author : Elaine L. Robinson
ISBN : 9780786425860
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 84.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"This volume discusses the theory that Gulliver's Travels was Swift's vehicle to condemn the African slave trade and promote the adoption of real rather than simply nominal Christianity. Dealing with quotes from the work itself, it demonstrates that Swift
Category: Literary Criticism

Black Rednecks White Liberals

Author : Thomas Sowell
ISBN : 9781594032769
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 38.95 MB
Format : PDF
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This explosive new book challenges many of the long-prevailing assumptions about blacks, about Jews, about Germans, about slavery, and about education. Plainly written, powerfully reasoned, and backed with a startling array of documented facts, Black Rednecks and White Liberals takes on not only the trendy intellectuals of our times but also such historic interpreters of American life as Alexis de Tocqueville and Frederick Law Olmsted. In a series of long essays, this book presents an in-depth look at key beliefs behind many mistaken and dangerous actions, policies, and trends. It presents eye-opening insights into the historical development of the ghetto culture that is today wrongly seen as a unique black identity--a culture cheered on toward self-destruction by white liberals who consider themselves "friends" of blacks. An essay titled "The Real History of Slavery" presents a jolting re-examination of that tragic institution and the narrow and distorted way it is too often seen today. The reasons for the venomous hatred of Jews, and of other groups like them in countries around the world, are explored in an essay that asks, "Are Jews Generic?" Misconceptions of German history in general, and of the Nazi era in particular, are also re-examined. So too are the inspiring achievements and painful tragedies of black education in the United States. "Black Rednecks and White Liberals" is the capstone of decades of outstanding research and writing on racial and cultural issues by Thomas Sowell.
Category: Social Science

Down By The Riverside

Author : Larry Murphy
ISBN : 9780814755808
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Explains the history and development of African American religion and theology from the time of slavery until the 21st century.
Category: Religion

Slavery Was Not The Cause Of The War Between The States

Author : Gene Kizer (Jr.)
ISBN : 0985363274
Genre : Fort Sumter (Charleston, S.C.)
File Size : 88.80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the North did not go to war to free the slaves or end slavery. The North went to war because it faced economic annihilation and a Southern competitor that controlled the most demanded commodity on earth: cotton. The North's economy was based mostly on manufacturing for the South and shipping Southern cotton around the world. Cotton alone was 60% of U.S. exports in 1860. When the South seceded, the Northern economy began a dramatic collapse, and by war time, there were hundreds of thousands of hungry, unemployed Northerners in the street --- and the "tocsin of war" sounded. Economically ignorant Northern leaders then passed the astronomical Morrill Tariff that threatened to destroy the Northern shipping industry by rerouting trade away from the high-tariff North and into the low-tariff South. The Morrill Tariff was like pumping gasoline into an already raging fire. Abraham Lincoln was the first sectional president in American history. He was president of the North, and the North was clamoring for war. He saw an opportunity to start it without appearing to be the aggressor, so he took it. Thus, he started a war that killed 800,000 men and wounded a million. The idea that the good North was so outraged over slavery that they marched armies into the South to free the slaves is an absurdity of biblical proportions and this book proves it. This is an exciting, fast-paced 360 page book using over 200 sources with everything cited in footnotes and a bibliography. Part I proves that the economic annihilation of the North was what drove Lincoln to start the war. Part II proves the right of secession, which Horace Greeley believed in until he realized that secession meant an economic catastrophe for the North. Part III is the famous treatise by Charles W. Ramsdell, "Lincoln and Fort Sumter," which proves conclusively that Abraham Lincoln started the War Between the States. Slavery was not the cause of the War Between the States, and this book makes the irrefutable argument. Here's what Dr. Clyde N. Wilson says about this book: Historians used to know - and it was not too long ago - that the War Between the States had more to do with economics than it did with slavery. The current obsession with slavery as the "cause" of the war rests not on evidence but on ideological considerations of the present day. Gene Kizer has provided us with the conclusive case that the invasion of the Southern States by Lincoln and his party (a minority of the American people) was due to an agenda of economic domination and not to some benevolent concern for slaves. This book is rich in evidence and telling quotations and ought to be on every Southern bookshelf. Clyde N. Wilson, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of History, University of South Carolina.
Category: Fort Sumter (Charleston, S.C.)

Child Slaves

Author : Peter Lee-Wright
ISBN : 9781134067787
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In Portugal, 12-year-olds manufacture clothes destined for British chain-stores. In Brazil, children work more than nine hours a day glueing shoes for sale in the West. This book, based on research done with the co-operation of the Anti-Slavery Society for a recent major BBC television documentary, exposes the scandalous exploitation of children's labour and services throughout the world - a system from which the national economies of Europe and the USA profit. What is eaten, worn and used every day in Western homes is all too often produced at the expense of poor children's welfare. Sugar and shoes from Brazil, tea and textiles from Bangladesh, carpets and brassware from India, vegetables from Mexico, furniture from the Philippines - such goods and commodities may well depend upon the labour of children who are the victims of an inequitable economic order. The other side of the coin is that as travel to the Third World increases - in Bangkok, Manila, Rio -.juveniles are forced to sell their bodies to Western tourists who can provide easy income to those in the lower reaches of poverty. Peter Lee-Wright graphically shows in words and photographs that the shameful exploitation of children is not confined to any one culture or industry. It is a problem that involves us all. Originally published in 1990
Category: Business & Economics

Slaves On Horseback

Author : Allan Westcott Chapman
ISBN : 9780979678004
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77.5 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Nick Shepherd survived the terrorist attack , but is the prime suspect. In his quest to discover the true perpetrators, Nick finds trouble at UNRC, the oil company where he works, Stanford, his University, and even at home. In the process he launches his spiritual journey.
Category: Fiction

John Brown S War Against Slavery

Author : Robert E. McGlone
ISBN : 9780521514439
Genre : History
File Size : 76.73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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McGlone reconstructs John Brown's aborted 'war' to free the 3.8 million slaves in the American South before the Civil War.
Category: History