Sistine Chapel Coloring Book

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Sistine Chapel Coloring Book

Author : Michelangelo
ISBN : 048643334X
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Unique book includes 30 adaptations of Michelangelo's beautiful designs for the Sistine Chapel's celebrated frescoes. The ready-to-color illustrations show details from The Flood, The Last Judgment, The Creation of Eve, and other magnificent works.
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Creating Art For All Ages

Author : Frances Flicker
ISBN : 9781475842081
Genre : Education
File Size : 66.64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is book two of a series of three books. The series takes students on an interdisciplinary cross content journey entitled, Creating Art Through the Ages. Each book provides experiences in language arts, social studies, math and art as the students investigate ancient and modern civilizations. “Discovery and Knowledge”, explores the ancient Roman civilization, the Middles Ages and Renaissance. Explorers set sail to discover land, treasures, raw materials and knowledge on behalf of their mother country and religion. The development of the printing press enabled the disbursement of knowledge through books. Discovery and the pursuit of knowledge is the underlying theme during this era. In this book, it is reimagined for students with experiences through stories, interactive role-playing activities, and art projects.
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Popes Coloring Book

Author : John Green
ISBN : 9780486792361
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 25.52 MB
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This unique coloring book profiles the eleven most recent Holy Fathers, from Leo XIII to Francis I. A magnificent full-page image of each pontiff appears opposite his papal coat of arms and a brief biography and motto. Other illustrations include St. Peter's Basilica, the Swiss Guard, and additional scenes from the Vatican.
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The Geography Coloring Book

Author : Wynn Kapit
ISBN : UCSC:32106019838868
Genre : Science
File Size : 59.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This educational tool introduces the countries of the world and the states of the United States to students. Through active participation - colouring the maps - students should gain a broader understanding of the material and retain more information. The text is divided into sections, each dealing with a separate continent and containing a political map, a physical map and regional maps of individual countries grouped according to region. Basic facts are covered including: size, populations, government, language, climate and culture. Information, unique qualities, and current events related to individual countries appear on the page opposite the map for easy reference.
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The Fourth Revolution

Author : Luciano Floridi
ISBN : 9780191667701
Genre : Science
File Size : 39.33 MB
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Who are we, and how do we relate to each other? Luciano Floridi, one of the leading figures in contemporary philosophy, argues that the explosive developments in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is changing the answer to these fundamental human questions. As the boundaries between life online and offline break down, and we become seamlessly connected to each other and surrounded by smart, responsive objects, we are all becoming integrated into an "infosphere". Personas we adopt in social media, for example, feed into our 'real' lives so that we begin to live, as Floridi puts in, "onlife". Following those led by Copernicus, Darwin, and Freud, this metaphysical shift represents nothing less than a fourth revolution. "Onlife" defines more and more of our daily activity - the way we shop, work, learn, care for our health, entertain ourselves, conduct our relationships; the way we interact with the worlds of law, finance, and politics; even the way we conduct war. In every department of life, ICTs have become environmental forces which are creating and transforming our realities. How can we ensure that we shall reap their benefits? What are the implicit risks? Are our technologies going to enable and empower us, or constrain us? Floridi argues that we must expand our ecological and ethical approach to cover both natural and man-made realities, putting the 'e' in an environmentalism that can deal successfully with the new challenges posed by our digital technologies and information society.
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Prodigal Pig Bait

Author : Susan Becker
ISBN : 9781105322457
Genre :
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The Sistine Chapel

Author : Charles River Charles River Editors
ISBN : 1548048380
Genre :
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*Includes pictures *Includes contemporary descriptions of Michelangelo and his work *Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading In 1503, Pope Julius II had succeeded the notorious Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia), and Julius II brought an appreciation for the arts to the papacy. After Michelangelo finished the flurry of works that he had worked on during the previous four years, he was commissioned by Pope Julius II to complete a tomb in the Pope's honor. The project was to be massive in scope, and the tomb was to be placed inside of St. Peter's Basilica, the construction of which was intended to take place while Michelangelo designed the tomb. Michelangelo approached the project with great ambition, delegating a full six months alone to selecting the marble to be used for the tomb. For this task, he traveled to Carrara, a city in the Tuscany region that had been the source for the marble used in many of his earlier works. Michelangelo devoted himself exclusively to the project until 1506, at which point he returned to Rome due to a lack of available money. Consequently, he relocated back to Florence despite having no projects commissioned there, but the temperamental Pope Julius then ordered him back to Rome, threatening to wage war on Florence if he failed to return. With no alternative, Michelangelo returned to Rome later in 1506, but the project was doomed to fail with Pope Julius in command. Julius was suspicious and eventually became consumed with the belief that it was bad luck to have one's tomb built during his lifetime. As a result, the project was aborted altogether in 1508. Despite terminating the completion of his own tomb, Pope Julius harbored no animosity toward Michelangelo and remained a great admirer of his work. After putting an end to the tomb project, he commissioned Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, possibly at the goading of Donate Bramante and Raphael, both of whom were jealous of the fame bestowed upon Michelangelo. Although Michelangelo usually relished challenges, Vasari suggests he was reluctant to work on the Sistine Chapel: "Michelangelo tried every means to avoid it, and recommended Raphael, for he saw the difficulty of the work, knew his lack of skill in coloring, and wanted to finish the tomb." Painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was an undertaking of almost inconceivable proportions. After all, the Sistine Chapel was located in the enormous Papal Chapel in the Vatican, and its immense size posed major challenges, not only with regard to the expansiveness of the ceiling but also due to its height. Being able to reach the ceiling was difficult, and a scaffold constructed from the floor upward to the ceiling would have been unstable. In order to circumvent this difficulty, Michelangelo designed a scaffold built from holes in the wall near the windows, which allowed him increased flexibility and access. To most, God is seen as an elderly, but majestic figure with snow-white locks and an elegant beard, with kind, soulful eyes and deep grooves on a broad forehead that tell of pure wisdom. Some might picture Him with a crown of light and even a gilded scepter, the hem of his flowing white robes rippling as He poses on the edge of a cloud. For this depiction that almost certainly springs to mind upon mention of the Christian deity, one can extend their gratitude to none other than Michelangelo. His portrayal of God in the famous Creation of Adam, found on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, was the first to capture the Holy Father in such a fashion. Prior to this bold move, God was nothing more than a faceless hand outstretched from the heavens. The Creation of Adam is only one of the multitude of brilliant treasures of the Italian Renaissance that lie within the Sistine Chapel. In the same breath, Michelangelo is only one of the names associated with the historic work of art.

Children S Educational Book Junior Leonardo Da Vinci

Author : Fiona Holt
ISBN : 1492742465
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 59.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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ABOUT 'SMART READS for Kids'...”Love Art, Love Learning” Welcome. Designed to expand and inspire young minds; this is a range of short educational books (with supporting free online resources) for ages 7+. Although one great artist's life and work are always the central theme, wider learning is encouraged as follows: • Geography & History. Locations or events mentioned are always accompanied by a colorful map or a snippet of history so that the opportunity to learn some general knowledge does not pass the young reader by. • Vocabulary. A manageable number of new words are introduced and reused. They are always in bold with clear definitions and pronunciations. There is also a Glossary. • Math. At least one math statement and its accompanying calculation is always included. • Concentration. Each book is in the friendly first person and a trail of footprints always leads to a cartoon animal at the end. The author asks questions of the reader and there is always a quiz. These features keep kids engaged and encourage them to form their own opinions. There is a high ratio of images to text. ABOUT JUNIOR LEONARDO DA VINCI Da Vinci was of course far more than a great artist. The full journey of his life is covered including: an account of everyday Renaissance Italy with its tyrannous leaders, the historically precocious and inquisitive nature of Leonardo's mind, his inventions, the story of his secret mirror writing (which provides an opportunity to learn a little about shapes with symmetry) and the mysteries of the Mona Lisa. There's also a simple recipe for Renaissance paint and some dragon hunting! On this journey children will encounter all of da Vinci's most famous paintings and drawings—no child will fail to be inspired. DETAILS: Locations Mapped: Present day and Renaissance Italy, Greece, France and The Ottoman Empire.Paintings and Drawings: 30 including: The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Vitruvian Man, sketches of flying, hydraulic and combat machines, The Baptism of Christ, Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, The Virgin & Child with St. Anne and John the Baptist. Vocabulary Defined: Anatomy, Apprenticeship, Baptism, Blood Vessels, Catapult, Circa, City state, Curiosity, Engineer, Euro, Genius, Infinite, Luxuries, Observe, Obsessed, Orbit, Polymath, Renaissance, Ridiculous and Symmetry. New Artists Introduced: Michelangelo and Ingres. Broader Topics: Why the Renaissance occurred, the importance of freethinking and the modern scientific method, the value of pursuing many interests and seeing projects through to the end. Online Resources: -Printable coloring sheets (including the Mona Lisa) and a children's fun design challenge. -A color slide show containing all the images used. This is accessed via a password which is given at the back of the book. (A test version is available to try before you buy. Visit and select 'Hardware Solutions' in the 'SMART READS for Kids' dropdown menu.) Words: 3900 NOTE: THIS BOOK IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON AMAZON IN BRITISH ENGLISH OTHER BOOKS FROM 'SMART READS FOR KIDS' Junior Vincent van Gogh (paperback and Kindle). Learn 20 French Words with Junior Claude Monet (currently Kindle only). Junior Edgar Degas (currently Kindle only). What do you do in a Drawing Room? (Fiction). Enjoy Leo's adventures in a world of magical and mischievous art (currently Kindle only). REVIEWS OF BOOKS IN THIS SERIES "Love, love, love this book! Great addition to our homeschool art books. I hope this becomes a series of books, would love to get more!"-Customer, Iowa "I wanted to do some painting myself after I read this book, I've learnt so much”-Customer, UK "This story was fabulous. Our son couldn't stop reading it."-Customer, Canada
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Book Review Index

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015036834664
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Every 3d issue is a quarterly cumulation.
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Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
ISBN : UOM:39015060466151
Genre : American literature
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The Family Pc Guide To Homework

Author : Gregg Keizer
ISBN : 0786882069
Genre : Education
File Size : 70.31 MB
Format : PDF
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An informative guide written for parents of children ages 3 to 15 offers software reviews; covers such topics as reading, math, geography, history, science art, music, and languages; and contains a CD-ROM with product demos and computer tips for researching on-line. Original (All Users).
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Author : Edith Anderson Feisner
ISBN : UVA:X004521313
Genre : Color
File Size : 56.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book provides a thorough grounding in colour theory as well as expert advice about putting the principles into practice. Beginning with an account of colour fundamentals and a history of colour theory, the author then explores in depth the four dimensions of colour and ehtir application to compositions in various media. The final part of the book focuses on the psychological, symbolic and cultural aspects of colour.
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Author : Richard Rodriguez
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173009687509
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 76.60 MB
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The author concludes his "trilogy of American public life" by contemplating the many cultural associations of the color brown--toil, decay, impurity, and time--as he considers the meaning of Hispanics in American society.
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