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Silver Treasures From The Land Of Sheba

Author : Marjorie Ransom
ISBN : 9789774166006
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Format : PDF
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Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba documents a disappearing artistic and cultural tradition with over three hundred photographs showing individual pieces, rare images of women wearing their jewelry with traditional dress, and the various regions in Yemen where the author did her field research. Ransom's descriptions of the people she met and befriended, and her exploration of the significance of a woman's handmade jewelry with its attributes of power, protection, beauty, and personal identity, are a rich source of information that will appeal to ethnic jewelry fans, ethnographers, jewelry designers, and art historians. Amulet cases, hair ornaments, bridal headdresses, earrings, necklaces, ankle and wrist bracelets are all beautifully photographed in intricate detail, interspersed with the author's own photographs of the women who shared their stories and their hospitality with her. A chapter on the history of silversmithing in Yemen tells the surprising story of the famed Jewish Yemeni silversmiths, many of whom left Yemen in the late 1940s. This is the first in-depth study of Yemeni silver, uniquely illustrated with photographs of a world that is transforming before our eyes, and animated with the portraits of a precious legacy.
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Queen Of Sheba

Author : St. John Simpson
ISBN : 0714111511
Genre : History
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The Queen of Sheba is a famous legendary figure, first referred to in the Old Testament as bringing great riches to the court of Solomon. Later Jewish, Islamic, Ethiopian and Christian traditions dwell on different attributes, giving rise to a rich artistic vein, particularly but not exclusively in Renaissance and later art. The truth is that the Queen of Sheba remains an anonymous figure of legend associated with the land of Saba', one of the great early kingdoms of southern Arabia (present-day Yemen). The ancient caravan kingdoms of this region have fascinated travellers and scholars since the nineteenth century but our understanding of the history and culture of this region has been fundamentally revised as a result of new archaeological discoveries made in recent decades. This exhibition catalogue charts the story from the Queen of Sheba in art and legend to the archaeological evidence for the historic kingdoms that gave rise to the legend. It contains twelve essays by leading scholars from Britain, USA, Canada and Europe. Over 300 items are described and illustrated in colour, ranging from little-known artworks in UK collections to antiquities from Yemen, mostly never previously exhibited in Britain and providing a magnificent record of the riches of southern Arabia. Book jacket.
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A History Of Water Engineering And Management In Yemen

Author : Ingrid Hehmeyer
ISBN : 9789004387713
Genre : History
File Size : 78.55 MB
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In A History of Water Engineering and Management in Yemen, Ingrid Hehmeyer describes the three-way relationship between water, land, and humans from ancient to medieval and premodern times. Eight case studies address technical and managerial struggles, failures, and successes.
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Queen Sheba S Ring The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Tale

Author : Henry Rider Haggard
ISBN : 9788075834287
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53.42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Queen Sheba's Ring is an adventure novel by H. Rider Haggard set in central Africa. The treasure hunt tale about the discovery of a ring given to the Queen of Sheba by King Solomon himself, the battle of two warier tribes and mysterious lost cities… This exciting and exotic story features plotting priests, beautiful women, and daring British adventurers. Sir Henry Rider Haggard (1856-1925) was an English writer of adventure novels and dark fantasy stories set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa, and a pioneer of the Lost World literary genre.
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In The Land Of Sheba

Author : Eustace John Bartleet
ISBN : STANFORD:36105041533238
Genre : Ethiopia
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Author : Marjory Sheba
ISBN : 9781438901961
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 34.79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Ever wonder just what you would do if suddenly everyone in the entire world wanted you dead? In this advanced age of telecommunications, just where in the world would you go to hide when it seems the whole world is connected by telephone or computers. If there was ever a time when the world needs to sit back and enjoy a hilarious tale of woe, then this is the novel to read. For if you have the nerve to put your life on the table in a "win all" or "lose all" situation, then you will enjoy every page you are about to read. And for all those lucky people who live and work in the beautiful state of Oregon, especially for the residents of Roseburg, Oregon, then this will be one to have in your collection. Remember, sometimes your wildest dreams do come true, even in this crazy world we live in.
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The Collateral Bible

Author : William McCorkle
ISBN : UCAL:$C15084
Genre : Bible
File Size : 20.41 MB
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Midbar Iii

Author : Lynny Harris
ISBN : 9781493120734
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 65.8 MB
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When, with her family at the age of eight, Bathsheba tops a hill and witnesses the bloody and violent stoning of an adulterous woman, she does not know that the memory will stay with her and will vividly return to be a threat to her in her early twenties. As the granddaughter of an influential man named Ahithophel, Bathsheba grows up in a loving home, only to lose her mother and her grandmother at a young age. Her father, Eliam, disguises her as a boy and takes her with him as he travels on a camel caravan for several years. At the age of fourteen, she becomes mistress of Grandfather Ahithophel’s household when he is called to be a counselor to King David in Jerusalem. When she turns fifteen, without her father’s knowledge, Grandfather Ahithophel marries her off to a widowed man named Uriah. Hers is an abusive marriage. After years of abuse, when Bathsheba goes to Jerusalem for the procession of the Ark, which King David has brought to the city, she meets a handsome dancer from the procession. Later when Uriah buys a place near Ahithophel’s in Jerusalem, she moves there with Gebur, Uriah’s son from his first marriage. One day on a visit to the ruins behind Jerusalem, where she goes for peace, she encounters again the dancer from the procession of the Ark. They spend the day talking yet fighting a growing attraction. In the heat of the evening, she goes to the aliyah, the semiprivate rooftop porch, to bathe. In the dancing moonbeams of a sultry, hot night, a man stands on his aliyah, which overlooks much of the city. His eyes fasten upon the movements of a beautifully shaped woman who is innocently bathing in the ivy-curtained aliyah below him. The next day, though she knows she should not, Bathsheba plans to return to the ruins, where she had met the dancer. But it is not to be. Her stepson, Gebur, awakens ill, and she does not want to leave him. That night, as twilight deepens to dark, a messenger and soldiers arrive on her doorstep. The king has summoned her. It is not a request. Questions hurtle through her as she is escorted into the palace, up the stairs, and allowed entrance through walnut double doors. Upon entering she is alone, except for the shadowed figure who emerges from the folds of golden drapes at the far edge of the aliyah. “What are you doing here? I am waiting for the king,” bursts forth from her. The dancer from the ruins, now arrayed in a robe of opulent red and gold, silences her as he quietly speaks her name. “Bathsheba.” She stops, for she knew she had not told it to him. Leading her to a divan, he explains that he was the dancer in the procession of the Ark but he is also King David. Her lord and sovereign, she realizes with astonishment, aware again of the powerful attraction between them. I will be all right as long as he doesn’t touch me, she thinks. Then King David reaches to slowly turn her to him, bending to claim her lips in a tender but oh so breathtaking kiss. In his eyes is a question she cannot refuse. As David lowers himself toward her, he realizes that he has gained more than possession of her body. He has gained entrance to her soul. Four days later, Bathsheba comes out of her world of wonder to realize she has broken Yahweh’s law of adultery. It is Yahweh’s law she has broken; to Yahweh she must go. She sees no one as she enters the women’s courtyard. The high priest, Zadok, is the only priest there at that time of day. He and the prophet Nathan both enter the women’s court silently to witness a depth of sorrow they have seldom seen. After Zadok makes his presence known, he intercedes and offers absolution for Bathsheba, not knowing what the cause of her deep grief is. In three months’ time, Bathsheba, during the time between sleep and gentle wakefulness as she feels again the morning sickness in her stomach, accepts the fact that she is carrying King David’s baby. Uriah, her husband, has been soldiering at Ammon for many months. She is terrifi
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