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Sherman Firefly

Author : David Fletcher
ISBN : 9781780967462
Genre : History
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The most powerfully gunned tank fielded by the Allies during World War II was the Sherman Firefly. An ordinary American-built Sherman modified by the British, the Firefly had the firepower that could finally match the awesome German tanks that had dominated Europe. David Fletcher examines the controversy that dogged the Firefly and the psychological boost the tank provided to Allied forces. Exploring its successes and failures on the battlefield and providing a realistic assessment of the tank's worth, this is essential reading for anyone wanting to know the facts about a tank variant that quickly developed its own mythology.
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Sherman Firefly

Author : Peter Brown
ISBN : 8360672326
Genre :
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The Sherman Firefly was fitted with the powerful 17-pdr anti-tank gun to counter German Tigers and Panthers. They saw extensive and successful service with British, Commonwealth and Polish forces from mid 1944. This book covers their development and use with 148 period black and white photos, original documents, 1/35th scale plans and colour plates

The Sherman Firefly

Author : Mark Hayward
ISBN : 0953877728
Genre : Sherman tank
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M4 Sherman

Author : Pat Ware
ISBN : 9781781590294
Genre : History
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The M4 Medium Tank - the Sherman _ was one of the most famous tanks of the Second World War. It was produced in greater numbers than any other Allied tank, it fought on every front _ in Western Europe, on the Eastern Front, in North Africa, Burma, the Pacific _ and it continued to serve effectively as a front-line fighting vehicle in the Korean War, the Arab-Israeli wars, the Indo-Pakistani wars. Pat Ware's new history of this remarkable tank covers in detail its design and development, its technical specifications and the many variants that were produced, and he reviews its operational role in conflicts across the world. ??While the Sherman outclassed the older German tanks it encountered when it was first put into combat in 1942, it was vulnerable to the later German medium and heavy tanks, the Panther and the Tiger I and Tiger II. Yet, as Pat Ware shows, the Sherman was more effective than these superior German tanks because it was cheaper to build, reliable, easy to maintain and produced in such large numbers. It was also adaptable - it was converted into a tank-destroyer, an amphibious tank, a recovery vehicle, a mine-flail, a personnel carrier _ and, after the Second World War, the soundness of its original design was proved as it was developed to confront more modern tanks in combat.??Pat Ware's expert account of this remarkable fighting vehicle is accompanied by a series of colour plates showing the main variants of the design and the common ancillary equipment and unit markings. His book is an essential work of reference for enthusiasts.
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World War 2 In Review Sherman Medium Tank M4

Author : Merriam Press
ISBN : 9781365864902
Genre : History
File Size : 35.71 MB
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Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series. First eBook Edition 2017. Pictorial with concise history of the M4 Sherman, officially the Medium Tank M4, covering its design, production, service, armament, armor, and variants. The M4 Medium Tank was the primary battle tank used by the United States and the other Western Allies in World War II, and proved to be a reliable and highly mobile workhorse, despite being outmatched by heavier German tanks late in the war. 478 B&W/color photos/illustrations.
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Tank Spotter S Guide

Author : The Tank Museum
ISBN : 9781849089470
Genre : History
File Size : 82.55 MB
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Invented during World War I to break the grim deadlock of the Western Front trenches, tanks have gone on to revolutionise warfare. From the lightning Blitzkrieg assaults of World War II to the great battles in the Middle Eastern desert and the largest ever tank battles on the Eastern Front, tanks have become one of the key components of the 'combined arms' philosophy of warfare. This pocket guide gives the reader all of the essential information on 40 of history's premiere tanks, including the Tiger, Sherman, Panther and M1A1 Abrams. Each tank is presented with a detailed drawing to aid recognition.
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Operation Totalize 1944

Author : Stephen A. Hart
ISBN : 9781472812896
Genre : History
File Size : 48.15 MB
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In Operation Totalize, Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds' II Canadian Corps launched an attack from its positions along the Bourguébus Ridge south of Caen, striking south-southeast astride the main Caen–Falaise road toward the high ground that dominated the town of Falaise and the key west-east lateral road that ran through this town. Using sophisticated operational art the initial break-in achieved rapid success; indeed, more tactical success than any previous Allied break-in attack in Normandy. However, despite this rapid initial success, Totalize did not subsequently secure a decisive operational-level victory. Indeed, Simonds' forces subsequently struggled swiftly to complete the second break-in battle, and to transit into rapid exploitation operations. Had Simond's force been successful the German army may not have been able to extract themselves from the Falaise pocket and would have been surrounded and defeated – possibly bringing about the early end of the war in Europe.
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Composition Notebook

Author : love car notebook
ISBN : 9798612297062
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Be a trend-setter this year at your middle, high school or College and University. Porsche Composition Notebook is ample room inside for writing notes and ideas. Perfect for students use as an all-purpose notebook, gratitude journal, daily diary, list-making, documenting, note taking, or anything else you can think of ! Porsche Notebook. For anyone who loves the classic car, this vintage inspired blank journal is for you! Makes a great gift for the vintage car lover on your list. Give this journal to someone you really like - or gift yourself! .Writing, Daily Journaling and Doodling is a great way to reduce stress-Notebooks are a Really Inexpensive & Versatile gift. Irish Woman The Soul of A Witch T St Patrick s Day Gift. Funny Irish Dance Girls Women St Patrick s Day Gift.

Tiger I Tiger Ii

Author : Anthony Tucker-Jones
ISBN : 9781473826786
Genre : History
File Size : 41.25 MB
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The German Tiger I and Tiger II (known to the Allies as the 'King Tiger' or 'Royal Tiger') were the most famous and formidable heavy tanks of the Second World War. In their day their awesome reputation inspired such apprehension among Allied soldiers that the weaknesses of these brilliant but flawed designs tended to be overlooked. Anthony Tucker-Jones, in this illustrated history, tells the story of their conception and development and reconsiders their operational history, and he dispels the legends and misunderstandings that have grown up around them.The Tigers were over-engineered, required raw materials that were in short supply, were time-consuming to manufacture and difficult to recover from the battlefield. Only around 1,300 of the Tiger I and fewer than 500 of the Tiger II were produced, so they were never going to make anything more than a local impact on the outcome of the fighting. Yet the myth of the Tigers, with their 88mm guns, thick armour and brutal profiles, has grown over time to the extent that they are regarded as the deadliest tanks of the Second World War.Anthony Tucker-Jones's expert account of these remarkable fighting vehicles is accompanied by a series of colour plates showing the main variants of the designs and the common ancillary equipment and unit markings.Anthony Tucker-Jones is a prolific writer on the history of fighting vehicles and armoured warfare. He has also written extensively on military affairs and terrorism. After a career in the intelligence community, he became a freelance defence writer and military historian. His most recent books are Armoured Warfare on the Eastern Front, Armoured Warfare in the North African Campaign, Armoured Warfare in the Battle for Normandy, The Kalashnikov in Combat and The Soviet-Afghan War.
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Victory In Italy

Author : Richard Doherty
ISBN : 9781473842809
Genre : History
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While the main focus in early 1945 was on the advance to The Fatherland, 15 Army Group's 5th (US) and 8th (British) Armies were achieving remarkable results in Northern Italy.Superb generalship (Truscott 5th Army and McCreery 8th Army under General
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