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She Can Hide

Author : Melinda Leigh
ISBN : 1477849823
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90.65 MB
Format : PDF
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"From the moment Officer Ethan Hale pulls Abby Foster from icy waters, he senses there's more to her than meets the eye. Abby has no memory of the accident that submerged her car in the frozen river. Three years ago, Abby was kidnapped and abandoned in awell for a week. The botched police investigation nearly killed her. Abby had moved to the mountains of Pennsylvania for a fresh start, but when it becomes clear that this car crash wasn't an accident, she knows the violence from her past has caught up with her. But Abby's former assailant was convicted and imprisoned, so who else wants her dead? Ethan uncovers a fresh string of murders tied to Abby's past. Someone is trying to kill her, and this time the stalker seems determined to finish the task. As the killer grows bolder, Abby begins to trust Ethan enough to share the truth, her heart, and her life. But to stop the murders, Ethan must make a decision that could jeopardize it all."--Publisher's website.
Category: Fiction

The Secret She Can T Hide

Author : India Grey
ISBN : 1459205545
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.77 MB
Format : PDF
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World-famous racing driver Cristiano Maresca always spent the night before a race in the arms of a beautiful woman… One night three years ago that woman was Kate Edwards, and her time with Cristiano awakened her to unimaginable pleasure. But the following day the untamable Cristiano had a near-fatal crash…and then Kate discovered she was expecting his baby…. Now Monte Carlo is set to celebrate Cristiano's return to the track. Shivering with nerves, Kate braves the paparazzi to find the man who set her body aflame—and tell him her scandalous secret…. Italy's most notorious playboy has a love child!
Category: Fiction

You Can T Hide The Chicago Series Book 4

Author : Karen Rose
ISBN : 9780755372225
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 76.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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He's there. Stalking you. Killing for you. YOU CAN'T HIDE is a nail-biting thriller from bestselling author Karen Rose, and part of the Chicago series. Someone is tormenting psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli's patients, pushing them to commit suicide, and setting her up to take the blame. But even police pressure won't make her break her oath to protect their secrets. Detective Aidan Reagan understands Tess's need to safeguard her clients but all the clues suggest that a nameless, faceless enemy is set on destroying her career, her family and, finally, Tess herself. As Reagan and Tess race to stop the killer, one thing becomes clear - the noose is tightening around Tess's neck and there is nowhere for her to go...
Category: Fiction

The River S Daughter The Soul Survivors Series Book 4

Author : Vella Munn
ISBN : 9781614177425
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.56 MB
Format : PDF
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To pioneering settlers, Oregon is the "promise land". To the Rogue Indians, it is home. Dark Water is the keeper of her tribe's history. Pregnant, she searches for her missing husband. When she finds him dead, murdered by the whites, her labor pains begin. Barr Conner, a loner, has been hired to protect the local miners. Once enslaved by the Rogues, Barr knows how they think and despises them all. But he can't turn his back when he comes upon Dark Water in labor. Or walk away from her tears when the child is stillborn. The divided worlds in which Dark Water and Barr live forbid what is starting to grow between them. Now they must fight for survival, fight to reconcile their pasts, their different beliefs, and ways of life. Or deny the happiness that lies just beyond reach. REVIEWS: "A beautiful love story; sensitive, hard-hitting on the emotions, with a unique compassion for Indian tradition." ~Catherine Anderson, New York Times bestselling author "A powerful, and unusual love story told with grace, authority, and compassion." ~Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author THE SOUL SURVIVORS SERIES, in series order Seminole Song Spirit of the Eagle Wind Warrior The River's Daughter
Category: Fiction

Touch The Stars The Keeping Secrets Series Book 4

Author : Pamela Browning
ISBN : 9781614174387
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 35.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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High-wire walker Stephen Martinovic dreams of reuniting the Amazing Andrassys. But is he a fool for wanting to touch the stars with the beautiful Julie Andrassy? Julie vowed to never walk the wire again. She alone knows what really happened that night over the Superdome. Before love can become a dangerous balancing act, Julie reveals the secret in her heart. And waits for life to come crashing down around her. REVIEWS: "...characters are warm and human with unique personalities and endearing quirks." ~Romantic Times THE KEEPING SECRETS SERIES, in order Ever Since Eve Through Eyes of Love Sunshine and Shadows Touch the Stars THE BEACH BACHELORS SERIES, in order The Beach Bachelors Boxset (Sea of Gold, Touch of Gold, and Sands of Gold) Interior Designs Cherished Beginnings
Category: Fiction

Tinted Chapstick The San Francisco Mystery Series Book 4

Author : Alexi Venice
ISBN : 9781456630591
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53.58 MB
Format : PDF
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From Amazon Bestselling Author Alexi Venice A suspenseful romance nestled in The San Francisco Mystery Series. Temporarily living with Detective Tommy Vietti, Dr. Jen Dawson is frustrated with her love life. She's interested in someone at the CrossFit box, but wonders why she keeps thinking about her ex-lover, District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne, while cultivating a relationship with the CrossFit goddess. As Jen works through her conflicted feelings, she also must manage the expectations of her irritated boss–Dr. Melissa Cohen–and the daily drama served up by angry patients, wild animals and confidential information made public at the Cohen Clinic. Even worse, Jen is asked by Amanda's campaign manager to defend Amanda after her HEA–hellish ending to an affair–with Roxy. Jen will be damned before she'll turn into the abused political wife, standing by "her woman" after Amanda fooled around on her. Yet, with just a short TV interview, Jen could clear up a mischaracterization of Amanda.... And, why won't Roxy MacNeil, the Scottish MI-6 agent, leave San Francisco? Why must she continue working at the Hall of Justice, so close to Amanda? To make matters worse, Tommy expresses his true feelings to Jen late one night, upsetting the emotional equilibrium in their co-parenting relationship. Jen has been patient with Tommy, Amanda and Roxy's dangerous jobs–and the way they bleed into her clinic and home life–but when all hell breaks loose, she's forced to make some tough choices.
Category: Fiction

Equites Book 4 Of The Heku Series

Author : T.M. Nielsen
ISBN : 9781435785229
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40.61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Equites, Book 4 in the Heku Series, starts off with the beginnings of a war. Damon and Emily are still fighting while the Equites defends itself against attacks from both the Valle and the Encala. An accident sends Emily to the hospital, and the tension with the Valle becomes more explosive. Emily suspects the heku have a secret, and will go to any measure to find out what it is. She comes face-to-face with the darker side of the heku and quickly comes to terms with it. An agricultural coven takes her in and her views of the sinister heku begin to change. Emily’s past with Keith comes back to haunt her, and a vile attack shows the Equites how far the Valle and Encala are willing to go to gain possession of the Winchester Heirs. Sam’s loyalty comes into question as Emily finds a small niche out in the world with the mortals. Attacks on her become more dangerous, and she finds that the heku may not be as indestructible as she once thought. An ultimatum is placed that could upend the entire species.
Category: Fiction


Author : M. D. Waters
ISBN : 9780698157231
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 70.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From a writer to whom “comparisons to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and S.J. Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep are justified” (Library Journal), in Prototype, a woman’s dual pasts lock onto a collision course Emma looks forward to the day when she can stop running from her past—both of them. But when Declan Burke decides he wants his wife back, there’s nowhere on the planet she can hide. One man could help her, but he’s the person Emma most dreads confronting: Noah Tucker. When she finally returns to face him, Emma discovers that Noah has moved on and another woman is raising their daughter. Emma will stop at nothing to reveal the truth and prove she isn’t the woman they thought she was. Even if it means she winds up dead. Or worse, reborn. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Fiction

No Place To Hide

Author : Lynette Eason
ISBN : 0800722108
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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It's not every day you see your childhood friend and one-time crush on national news. Jackie Sellers just wishes it were under different circumstances. She can't believe that Ian Lockwood is wanted in connection with a terrorist plot, and she's determined to find him and help him clear his name. But she's not the only one looking. The FBI wants him captured. The bad guys want him dead. Ian just wants to stay alive long enough to save thousands of innocent lives. Lynette Eason throws readers right into the action from page one, propelling them along a dangerous road and asking the provocative question of how far we'd be willing to go if we were up against a wall.
Category: Fiction