Sexual Abuse And The Culture Of Catholicism

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Sexual Abuse And The Culture Of Catholicism

Author : Myra L Hidalgo
ISBN : 9781136867934
Genre : Family & Relationships
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An inside look at the reasons Catholic priests and nuns commit sexual abuse Sexual Abuse and the Culture of Catholicism digs beneath the public scandals to explore the underlying causes of sexual abuse by priests and nuns from the unique perspective of an abuse victim/survivor who is an experienced mental health practitioner and social science researcher. This powerful book includes the author’s personal account of sexual abuse by a nun and her years of struggle to recover. Passionate but scholarly and objective, the book advocates the need for healing dialogue, empirical research, and informed prevention strategies to bring a meaningful resolution to the crisis of sexual abuse in the church. Popular explanations for the reasons behind the crisis have included issues related to celibacy, homosexuality, the power structure of the church, and poor seminary screening practices. But none of these theories are supported by research nor can they explain why Catholic priests and nuns may be more likely to abuse children that other adults in positions of trust. Sexual Abuse and the Culture of Catholicism uses a complex, systemic approach to draw parallels between the church as a human system and a family that has experienced incest, presenting a model for a sexual trauma cycle in the church based on systemic sexual shame passed down through the beliefs and practices of Catholicism. Sexual Abuse and the Culture of Catholicism examines: the prevalence and characteristics of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and nuns compared to sex offenders in the general population celibacy, homosexuality, and the power structure of the church as contributing factors in the sexual abuse crisis an analogy of the church as a family in which incest occurs the effects and causes of sexual offending from one generation to the next how current research on sexual offending applies to sexual abuse by priests and nuns healing and empowerment for those affected by religious-based sexual trauma reform and renewal within the Catholic Church and much more Sexual Abuse and the Culture of Catholicism is a unique and important resource for clergy, religious order, and lay leaders in the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations; social science researchers; social workers and mental health professionals; lay and religious members of the Catholic Church; and anyone recovering from religious-based sexual trauma.
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Sexual Abuse In The Catholic Church

Author : Thomas G. Plante
ISBN : 9780313393877
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 30.89 MB
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Taking on a still-controversial topic, a diverse group of experts, including victims and clergy, offers reflections on the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, examining what the church has done—and what it still needs to do—to protect children.
Category: Psychology

Predatory Priests Silenced Victims

Author : Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea
ISBN : 9781136648410
Genre : Psychology
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The sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church captured headlines and mobilized public outrage in January 2002. But much of the commentary that immediately followed was reductionistic, focusing on single "causes" of clerical abuse such as mandatory celibacy, homosexuality, sexual repressiveness or sexual permissiveness, anti-Catholicism, and a decadent secular culture. Predatory Priests, Silenced Victims: The Sexual Abuse Crisis and the Catholic Church, a collection of groundbreaking articles edited by Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea and Virginia Goldner, eschews such one-size-fits-all theorizing. In its place, the abuse situation is explored in all its troubling complexity, as contributors take into account the experiences, respectively, of the victim/survivor, the abuser/perpetrator, and the bystander (whether family member, professional/clergy, or the community at large). Setting polemics to the side, Predatory Priests, Silenced Victims provides a sober and sobering analysis of the interlacing historical, doctrinal, and psychological issues that came together in the sexual abuse scandal. It is mandatory reading for all who seek thoughtful, informed commentary on a crisis long in the making and yet to be resolved.
Category: Psychology

When Values Collide

Author : Joseph P. Chinnici
ISBN : 9781570758737
Genre : Religion
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Historian Joseph Chinnici served as provincial superior of the Franciscan Friars in California when the order was touched by clergy sexual abuse, several years before it became a national scandal. Blending a historian's skill and dispassion with his own very relevant experiences in a fraught atmosphere, he provides a rare look at what happened then and what must happen now, to re-establish confidence and trust. "If Catholics are to learn from this mess and set forth on the path of healing and renewal, they would do well to pay close attention to Father Chinnici's astute analysis and evaluation of the greatest challenge to Romanc Catholicism in decades, if not centuries." -R. Scott Appleby, University of Notre Dame "There is no better analysis of church leadership and the sexual abuse scandals....Chinnici's [study] is theologically grounded, psychologically informed, and thoroughly pastoral." -Donald Cozzens, author, the Changing Face of the Priesthood "No one is better qualified to draw enduring lessons from the clergy sexual abuse crisis than Joseph Chinnici. Priest, historian, and administrator, he offers his own knowledge and experience to help the Church restore the shattered bonds of trust. This book is an important contribution toward healing." -James M. O'Toole, Boston College "In my estimation, [this] is a great contribution to the Church's reflection on sexual abuse scandals in the Church. The experience of Father Chinnici, as a Provincial Minister of the Franciscan Friars, and his reflections based on his Franciscan heritage are a most valuable insight into the challenges of leadership in these times." -Most Reverend John F. Kinney, Bishop of St. Cloud
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The Making Of American Catholicism

Author : Michael J. Pfeifer
ISBN : 9781479829453
Genre : Religion
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Traces the development of Catholic cultures in the South, the Midwest, the West, and the Northeast, and their contribution to larger patterns of Catholicism in the United States Most histories of American Catholicism take a national focus, leading to a homogenization of American Catholicism that misses much of the local complexity that has marked how Catholicism developed differently in different parts of the country. Such histories often treat northeastern Catholicism, such as the Irish Catholicism of Boston, as if it reflects the full history and experience of Catholicism across the United States. The Making of American Catholicism argues that regional and transnational relationships have been central to the development of American Catholicism. The American Catholic experience has diverged significantly among regions; if we do not examine how it has taken shape in local cultures, we miss a lot. Exploring the history of Catholic cultures in New Orleans, Iowa, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, and New York City, the volume assesses the role of region in American Catholic history, carefully exploring the development of American Catholic cultures across the continental United States. Drawing on extensive archival research, The Making of American Catholicism argues that American Catholicism developed as transnational Catholics creatively adapted their devotional and ideological practices in particular American regional contexts. They emphasized notions of republicanism, individualistic capitalism, race, ethnicity, and gender, resulting in a unique form of Catholicism that dominates the United States today. The book offers close attention to race and racism in American Catholicism, including the historical experiences of African American and Latinx Catholics as well as Catholics of European descent.
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Child Sexual Abuse And The Catholic Church

Author : Marie Keenan
ISBN : 9780199328994
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 29.23 MB
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A meticulously researched inside look at child sexual abuse by clergy, this exhaustive, hard-hitting analysis weaves together interviews with abusive priests and church historical and administrative details to propose a new way of thinking about clerical sexual offenders. Linking the personal and the institutional, researcher and therapist Marie Keenan locates the problem of child sexual abuse not exclusively in individual pathology, but also within larger systemic factors, such as the very institution of priesthood itself, the Catholic take on sexuality, clerical culture, power relations, governance structures of the Catholic Church, the process of formation for priesthood and religious life, and the complex manner in which these factors coalesce to create serious institutional risks for boundary violations, including child sexual abuse. Keenan draws on the priests' own words not to excuse their horrific crimes, but to offer the first in-depth account of a tragic, multi-faceted phenomenon. What emerges is a troubling portrait of a Church in crisis and a series of recommendations that call for nothing less than a new ecclesiology and a new, more critical theology. Only through radical institutional reform, Keenan argues, can a more representative and accountable Church emerge. Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church is a unique reference for scholars of the Church and therapists who work with both victims and offenders, as well as a forward-thinking blueprint for reform.
Category: Social Science

Perversion Of Power

Author : Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea
ISBN : 0826515479
Genre : Religion
File Size : 67.66 MB
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A sweeping account of the dynamics of sexual abuse by priests and its cover-up.
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Trapped In A Closed World

Author : Kevin Peoples
ISBN : 1925073408
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 71.33 MB
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Disclaimer As at 1 September 2017, and in advance of publication, Trapped in a Closed World: Catholic Culture and Sexual Abuse, has officially been withdrawn from sale in Victoria, Australia due to current court proceedings. A lived expose of the poisonous clerical culture dominating life in a typical Catholic seminary in Australia in the 1960s, which links this culture to the clerical abuse highlighted in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The God Kevin Peoples met as a seminarian was not the God he knew and loved and wanted to serve. Trapped in a Closed World is his first-hand account of the harmful clerical culture that dominated Catholic seminary life in Australia in the 1960s - an endemic culture that still exists in some seminaries today. The Catholic beliefs taught date back to medieval times, and have made the Church hierarchical, misogynistic, and exclusive. For the young men training to be Catholic priests, this meant being 'special', being 'chosen' directly by God to serve the institution of the Holy Mother Church. Told with the tenderness and humour of a memoir, it nonetheless rigorously investigates the extreme beliefs and practices that paved the way for many Catholic priests to sexually abuse those in their care, and for the bishops to protect their clergy before victims. Ignorant and innocent at the time of the sexual abuse affecting the community outside the closed gates of St. Columba's, Springwood and his home Diocese, Ballarat, Victoria, Kevin makes up for lost time with this tour de force. This is more than just a memoir. It is an insightful and compelling examination of clerical culture and its link to sexual abuse in Catholic institutions.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Clergy Sexual Abuse

Author : Claire M. Renzetti
ISBN : 9781555538095
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 65.65 MB
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An examination of the clergy sexual abuse crisis from diverse scholarly perspectives
Category: Social Science

Fault Lines

Author : Tish Langlois
ISBN : UOM:39015039883635
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 20.89 MB
Format : PDF
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Drawing on personal stories from incest survivors, Tish Langlois challenges traditional Catholic family culture and exposes the underpinnings that can foster sexual abuse within families.
Category: Social Science

The Catholic Church And American Culture

Author : Eric Antone Plumer
ISBN : UOM:39015080872628
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 66.73 MB
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More than fifty books debunking the religious claims of The Da Vinci Code have been published. This is the first book devoted to the fundamentally more interesting question: if those claims are so unfounded and erroneous, why have they resonated so strongly with millions of intelligent readers and filmgoers? From the sexual abuse scandal that shook the foundations of the Catholic Church to the 9/11 terrorist attacks that cast a cloud over a troubled nation, Eric Plumer's The Catholic Church and American Culture: Why the Claims of the DaVinci Code Struck a Chord investigates the contemporary events, ideas, and movements that fostered Dan Brown's unprecedented dominance of best-seller lists and dinner-table conversation. This ambitious book considers the feminist movement, radical individualism, twelve-step programs, the authority of science and psychology, and other cultural developments that paved the way for The Da Vinci Code craze. It also reflects on the recent publication of the Gnostic Gospels, including the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Plumer's engaging book is sure to stimulate further discussion about the role of religion in contemporary life.
Category: Literary Criticism

Bibliographic Index

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105211722868
Genre : Bibliographical literature
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Church Ethics And Its Organizational Context

Author : Jean M. Bartunek
ISBN : 0742532488
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90.64 MB
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Church Ethics and Its Organizational Context is the first book to provide a broadly interdisciplinary approach to understanding the leadership crisis in the Catholic Church in the wake of the sex abuse scandal and how it was handled. Well-known scholars, religious clergy, and laymen in the trenches of church formation and leadership come together from the disciplines of organizational behavior, theology, sociology, history, and law, to foster the creation of a new code of ethics that is both ecclesial and professional. Touching on issues of governance, authority, accountability, and transparency, this volume goes on to specifically explore whether and how professional ethics can shape the identity and actions of Church leaders, ministers, and their congregations. While evoked by the sex scandal in the Church, the essays in this book raise questions that have implications far beyond this current issue, to much broader issues such as the role of professionalism in ethics and what it means for an organization to engage in moral action.
Category: Religion

Catholicism And Austrian Culture

Author : Ritchie Robertson
ISBN : 0748613072
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Here are eight essays in cultural history on the intimate connection of Roman Catholic devotion -- and its opposite, anticlericalism -- with Austrian culture from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.
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Abuse And Cover Up

Author : Arbuckle, Gerald A.
ISBN : 9781608338030
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56.17 MB
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Category: Religion

The Faithful Departed

Author : Philip F. Lawler
ISBN : 9781594033742
Genre : History
File Size : 22.12 MB
Format : PDF
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"The Faithful Departed" traces the rise and fall of the Catholic Church in Boston, showing how the Massachusetts experience set a pattern that echoed throughout the United States as religious institutions lost influence in the face of rising secularization.
Category: History