Self Theories

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Self Theories

Author : Carol S. Dweck
ISBN : 9781317710332
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 54.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This innovative text sheds light on how people work -- why they sometimes function well and, at other times, behave in ways that are self-defeating or destructive. The author presents her groundbreaking research on adaptive and maladaptive cognitive-motivational patterns and shows: * How these patterns originate in people's self-theories * Their consequences for the person -- for achievement, social relationships, and emotional well-being * Their consequences for society, from issues of human potential to stereotyping and intergroup relations * The experiences that create them This outstanding text is a must-read for researchers in social psychology, child development, and education, and is appropriate for both graduate and senior undergraduate students in these areas.
Category: Psychology

Handbook Of Dialogical Self Theory

Author : Hubert J. M. Hermans
ISBN : 9781139502993
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 67.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In a boundary-crossing and globalizing world, the personal and social positions in self and identity become increasingly dense, heterogeneous and even conflicting. In this handbook scholars of different disciplines, nations and cultures (East and West) bring together their views and applications of dialogical self theory in such a way that deeper commonalities are brought to the surface. As a 'bridging theory', dialogical self theory reveals unexpected links between a broad variety of phenomena, such as self and identity problems in education and psychotherapy, multicultural identities, child-rearing practices, adult development, consumer behaviour, the use of the internet and the value of silence. Researchers and practitioners present different methods of investigation, both qualitative and quantitative, and also highlight applications of dialogical self theory.
Category: Psychology

Handbook Of Motivation Science

Author : James Y. Shah
ISBN : 9781593855680
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 42.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Integrating significant advances in motivation science that have occurred over the last two decades, this volume thoroughly examines the ways in which motivation interacts with social, developmental, and emotional processes, as well as personality more generally. The Handbook comprises 39 clearly written chapters from leaders in the field. Cutting-edge theory and research is presented on core psychological motives, such as the need for esteem, security, consistency, and achievement; motivational systems that arise to address these fundamental needs; the process and consequences of goal pursuit, including the role of individual differences and contextual moderators; and implications for personal well-being and interpersonal and intergroup relations.
Category: Psychology

Handbook Of Dialogical Self Theory And Psychotherapy

Author : Agnieszka Konopka
ISBN : 9781351381901
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 40.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In the Handbook of Dialogical Self Theory and Psychotherapy: Bridging Psychotherapeutic and Cultural Traditions, the editors bring together a wide variety of therapeutic approaches in order to demonstrate how Dialogical Self Theory functions as a bridging framework crossing boundaries between countries and cultures. The basic message is to facilitate a theory-informed dialogue between different perspectives: cognitive therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, gestalt therapy, emotion-focused therapy, Eastern, Indian-American and transpersonal approaches. The chapters present the theoretical notions, qualitative methods, and practical implications of the presented projects with attention to their common dialogical foundation. With its bridging approach and interdisciplinary aims, the Handbook of Dialogical Self Theory and Psychotherapy will be essential reading for psychotherapists and counsellors in practice and training and for those who are interested in the common factors underlying a wide variety of psychotherapeutic schools and traditions.
Category: Psychology

Applications Of Dialogical Self Theory

Author : Hubert J. Hermans
ISBN : 9781118524909
Genre : Education
File Size : 30.62 MB
Format : PDF
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In an increasingly interconnected world, a dialogical self isnot only possible but even necessary. People are closer togetherthan ever, yet they are confronted with apparent and sometimes eveninsurmountable differences. While there is a need of increased dialogue between individuals,groups, and cultures, it is equally important to develop ofdialogical potentials within the self of the individual person.Elaborating on these concerns, the authors present and discuss aDialogical Self Theory based on the assumption that the selffunctions as a society of mind. The self is not simplyparticipating in a “surrounding” society, but functionsitself as a mini-society, which is, at the same time, part of thesociety at large. The authors: Present the theory in detail Explore the developmental origins of the dialogical self Elaborate on the identity development of adolescents growing upin multicultural societies Discuss a striking example of a social movement in India, whereindividual and collective voices merge in a nationwideprotest. This is the 137th volume in this series. Its missionis to provide scientific and scholarly presentations on cuttingedge issues and concepts in child and adolescent development. Eachvolume focuses on a specific new direction or research topic and isedited by experts on that topic.
Category: Education

Dual Process Theories In Social Psychology

Author : Shelly Chaiken
ISBN : 1572304219
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 51.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This informative volume presents the first comprehensive review of research and theory on dual-process models of social information processing. These models distinguish between qualitatively different modes of information processing in making decisions and solving problems (e.g., associative versus rule-based, controlled versus uncontrolled, and affective versus cognitive modes). Leading contributors review the basic assumptions of these approaches and review the ways they have been applied and tested in such areas as attitudes, stereotyping, person perception, memory, and judgment. Also examined are the relationships between different sets of processing modes, the factors that determine their utilization, and how they work in combination to affect responses to social information.
Category: Psychology

Self Esteem Research Theory And Practice

Author : Christopher J. J. Mruk, PhD
ISBN : 0826103146
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 63.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Dr. Mruk has produced a highly readable new edition of his original work on an often misunderstood psychological construct--self-esteem. Mruk's view that self-esteem is a critically important influence on psychological adjustment and quality of life is now an accepted tenet in personality theory. Lack of self-esteem is frequently a precursor to depression, suicidal behavior, and other personality disorders. Nonetheless, the clinical diagnosis of self-esteem problems has lacked the basis of an overarching theory. Dr. Mruk's comprehensive analysis distills the literature on self-esteem into practical and reliable treatment methods for both clinicians and researchers. The new edition contains updated research and current terms, and addresses the self-esteem "backlash." He concludes with worksheets and detailed guidelines for conducting self-esteem building workshops. Added features include: Major theories of self-esteem Chapter on the new positive psychology 150 new references Dr. Mruk has developed a writing style that is successfully oriented toward both academic and clinical audiences in the areas of counseling, education, nursing, psychology, and social work, thus providing much-needed information for teachers, students, and practicing clinicians in a clear, concise way.
Category: Psychology

Theories Of Human Nature Third Edition

Author : Peter Loptson
ISBN : 9781460402030
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 49.13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book explores the idea of human nature and the many understandings of it put forward by such diverse figures as Aristotle, Rousseau, Marx, Freud, Darwin, and E.O. Wilson. Each chapter looks at a different theory and offers a concise explanation, assessing the theory's plausibility without forcing it into a mould. Some chapters deal with the ideas of only one thinker, while others (such as the chapters on liberalism and feminism) present a variety of different positions. A clear distinction is made between theories of human nature and the political theories which so often follow from them. For the new edition, Loptson has addressed the new developments in the rapidly expanding genetic and paleontological record, as well as expanded the discussion of the Christian theory of human nature by incorporating the ideas of the Marx scholar and social theorist G.A. Cohen. The new edition has also been substantively revised and updated throughout.
Category: Philosophy

The Private Self

Author : Shari Benstock
ISBN : 0807842184
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 87.72 MB
Format : PDF
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This collection of twelve essays discusses the principles and practices of women's autobiographical writing in the United States, England, and France from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. Employing feminist and poststructuralist methodologies, t
Category: Literary Criticism

Life Crises And Experiences Of Loss In Adulthood

Author : Leo Montada
ISBN : 9781317782742
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 51.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A result of a conference at the University of Trier, Germany, this volume mirrors its goals: * to provide an overview of recent advances in research on critical life events and the losses associated with them * to collect and stimulate new perspectives for the analysis of these events * to compare the psychology of victims experiencing stress and losses with the psychology of observers in their reactions to victims. Designed to prevent developmental psychological myths in the area of life crises, this collection questions, on an empirical basis, the adequacy of several widespread generalizations. At the same time its contributors attempt to draw paths to conceptualizations and theories in general psychology and social psychology which promise to be helpful in analyzing and interpreting phenomena in the field of life crises.
Category: Psychology

Self Ego And Identity

Author : Daniel K. Lapsley
ISBN : 9781461578345
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 26.92 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In the midst of the "cognitive revolution," there has been a veritable ex plosion of interest in topics that have been long banished from academic consideration under the intellectual hegemony of behaviorism. Most notably, notions of self, ego, and identity are reasserting themselves as fundamental problems in a variety of research traditions within psychol ogy and the social sciences. Theoretical models, review articles, edited vol umes, and empirical work devoted to these constructs are proliferating at a dizzying rate. This clearly attests to the renascent interest in these topics, the vitality of these research paradigms, and the promise that these constructs hold for explaining fundamental aspects of human development and behavior. Although the renewed academic interest in self, ego, and identity is obviously an exciting and healthy development, there is always the tenden cy for research to take on a parochial character. When boundaries are erected among different theoretical perspectives, when empirical findings are viewed in isolation, when theories are too sharply delimited and segre gated from other domains of behavior, then what may seem like progres sive, healthy, and content-increasing tendencies in a research paradigm may turn out to be, on closer inspection, merely an inchoate thrashing about. Fortunately there is an internal dynamic to scientific investigation that tends to combat this degenerating tendency. There is something about the rhythm of science that bids us to transcend parochial theoretical in terests and seek the most general theory.
Category: Psychology

The Self In European And North American Culture

Author : J.H. Oosterwegel
ISBN : 9789401103312
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 24.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How diverse or potentially overlapping are the numerous self-models, self-theories, and directions of self-research? It has become clear that the processes associated with the self are complex and diverse, and that many of the approaches associated with the self have been pursued in isolation. Moreover, the fact of there being different traditions within developmental and social psychology, as well as different traditions in Europe and North America, has also led to a certain cacophony when we examine the self-field as a whole. The chapters here confront these differences, trying to come to terms with phenomena that are overarching, that extend through the dimensions of developmental psychology, social psychology, motivation psychology, and parts of clinical psychology. The book as whole gives a clear presentation of the issues, questions and phenomena that surface in research fields known as self psychology.
Category: Psychology

Humanizing Child Developmental Theory

Author : Eugene M. DeRobertis
ISBN : 9780595449248
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 22.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Dr. DeRobertis has made a significant contribution to the field with his integrative self-development theory. It provides a seamless rapprochement of the psychoanalytic and existential-humanistic paradigms. This developmental framework emphasizes the necessity of both relational and depth psychological approaches to the mind in understanding self development, psychological health, and psychopathology. As both a practitioner and a professor, I draw heavily upon this important work in the training of psychotherapists as well as in my clinical work with children, adolescents, and parents. -- Shawn Rubin, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, Core Faculty, Michigan School of Professional Psychology, Managing Editor, Journal of Humanistic PsychologyFrom a fresh, holistic perspective, Eugene M. DeRobertis applies humanistic viewpoints in psychology to the study of child development. Unlike most child development texts that concentrate on the subdivisions of the child's personality, the observations and discussions here focus on the child as a whole. Drawing upon many schools of thought including American humanism, existential-phenomenology, psychoanalysis, neo-analytic theories, object-relations theory, self-psychology, and Gestalt psychology, Dr. DeRobertis opens an important dialogue to all teachers and students of psychology. Packed with illustrations, empirical findings, references, and key terms and concepts, Humanizing Child Developmental Theory delivers an overarching theoretical framework for putting developmental issues into context. A significant and accessible contribution to developmental theorizing, this groundbreaking text gives psychology instructors and their students a relevant and much-needed humanistic approach to child development.
Category: Psychology

Self Esteem And Positive Psychology 4th Edition

Author : Christopher J. J. Mruk, PhD
ISBN : 9780826108999
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 65.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"The author's voice is engaged, authoritative, and convinced of the esential role self-esteem plays in connecting psychological theory to clinical practice, a perspective many readers will welcome....Recommended."--Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries This new edition of the most comprehensive text available on the theories, research findings, and practice implications of self-esteem represents a major shift in our contemporary understanding of self-esteem and positive psychology. The book has been thoroughly updated to integrate positive psychology themes throughout and explain how self-esteem enhancement interventions fit into evidence-based practice. This insightful work provides scholars, clinicians, and students with both an extensive overview of research and with Mrukís often-cited theoretical framework for self-esteem. Featuring the authorís noted Competence and Worthiness Training program for enhancing self-esteem, this fourth edition reflects changes in the field by also including expanded coverage of: Self-esteem in relationships Validity issues in researching self-esteem The concept of authenticity in the self Self-esteem as a function of motivation and well-being Existentially oriented theory Key Features: Offers the most comprehensive and thorough overview of self-esteem theory and research available Considers self-esteem from personality, human development, and clinical perspectives Contains updated and more integrated coverage of self-esteem as a major element of positive psychology Places clinical practices that enhance self-esteem in the context of evidence-based practice Features expanded coverage of personal relationships, research issues, and well-being in self
Category: Psychology

Synaptic Self

Author : Joseph LeDoux
ISBN : 144065042X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 50.74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In 1996 Joseph LeDoux's The Emotional Brain presented a revelatory examination of the biological bases of our emotions and memories. Now, the world-renowned expert on the brain has produced with a groundbreaking work that tells a more profound story: how the little spaces between the neurons—the brain's synapses—are the channels through which we think, act, imagine, feel, and remember. Synapses encode the essence of personality, enabling each of us to function as a distinctive, integrated individual from moment to moment. Exploring the functioning of memory, the synaptic basis of mental illness and drug addiction, and the mechanism of self-awareness, Synaptic Self is a provocative and mind-expanding work that is destined to become a classic.
Category: Psychology

The Self On The Page

Author : Celia Hunt
ISBN : 1853024708
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 69.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book examines the potential of creative writing as a therapeutic tool. Illustrating a wide range of approaches, the contributors provide an introduction to thinking about creative writing in a personal development context with suggestions for further reading, and look at the potential evolution of therapeutic creative writing in the future.
Category: Psychology

Self As Image In Asian Theory And Practice

Author : Roger T. Ames
ISBN : 0791427250
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 61.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is the third in a series dealing with the concept of self and its importance in understanding Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cultures. The authors examine the relationship between self and image and its significance in attaining a deeper knowledge of Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cultures. The relationship between self and image is as complex as it is fascinating. It takes on different meanings and significances in diverse cultures. In this volume, the focus of attention is largely on representational practices and symbolic media, such as literature, cinema, art, and dance. By examining both classical and contemporary works associated with China, India, and Japan, the authors seek, on the one hand, to demonstrate the intricate relationship between self and image and, on the other, to make use of that relationship to further our understanding of these cultures.
Category: Social Science

Social Cognitive Psychology

Author : David F. Barone
ISBN : 0306454750
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 84.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Discusses historical foundations and significant recent contributions to the field drawn from various areas of psychology. Emphasis is on the common heritage and linkages between subfields within social-cognitive-clinical psychology, with treatment of issues such as practical social cognitive psychology, the constructivist tradition, multiple knowi.
Category: Psychology

Understanding Early Adolescent Self And Identity

Author : Thomas M. Brinthaupt
ISBN : 9780791488751
Genre : Education
File Size : 45.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Addresses adolescent identity issues and suggests practical approaches to facilitate development and adjustment.
Category: Education