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Secured Transactions

Author : Debra Vollweiler
ISBN : 1423241908
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Essential 6 page laminated quick reference to secured transactions, designed for students of law and those already practicing to see the significance of the details within the larger scheme of the law. Reviewers say this is a must-have for class as well as the Bar Exam with sub-parts being clear, concise and consolidated in a way that sheds light on the big picture. BarCharts, Inc was founded on our law guides created by the owner as a daily refresher and exam review, because with so much to retain in law school and beyond this guide is the quick reference you need at an unmatched value. 6 page laminated guide includes: Scope of Article 9 Consignment, Leases & Pledges Terminology & Definitions Procedures for Creating a Security Interest Classification of Collateral Creating a Security Interest Perfection Purpose Effect of Perfection Means of Perfection Tools for Perfection: Financing statement Perfection by Filing a Financing Statement [9-310] Effectiveness of Filing a Financing Statement Time & Duration of Filing a Financing Statement Place of Perfection in Multistate Transactions Termination of Perfection Perfection by Possession or Control (No Financing Statement) Perfection by Possession Perfection by Control Automatic Perfection Perfection of Goods Covered by a Certificate of Title Perfection of Rights to Proceeds Rules of Priority Basic Rule of Priority Secured Parties vs Statutory Lien Holders: Basic Rule of Priority Secured Parties vs Judicial Lien Creditors: Basic Rule of Priority Special Priority Rules for Fixtures Special Rules for PMSI Priority Special Priority Rules for Buyers of Goods in Ordinary Course of Business [9-320] Special Priority Rules for Accessions Special Priority Rules Regarding Bankruptcy Default Repossession, Right to Redeem & Foreclosure

Implementing The Cape Town Convention And The Domestic Laws On Secured Transactions

Author : Souichirou Kozuka
ISBN : 9783319464701
Genre : Law
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This book offers the analysis of the relationship between the Cape Town Convention and national laws on secured transactions. The first part of the book considers why national implementation is so important in the case of the Cape Town Convention and identifies how innovative the Convention is as a uniform law instrument. The second part includes chapters on those states that are Parties to the Cape Town Convention, which analyse how the Convention is implemented under the domestic law. The third part includes chapters on those states that are not Parties to the Convention, which compare their national laws and the Convention to find unique features of the Cape Town Convention’s rules. The fourth part discusses the meaning of Protocols on aircraft, railway rolling stock and space assets from the practitioner’s point of view. As a whole, the book offers insights into the new stage of uniform private law and shows the need for further examination of the subject, which will be essential for international and national legislators, academics of comparative and international private law as well as practitioners who are the users of the uniform law regime.
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Secured Transactions Law Reform

Author : Louise Gullifer
ISBN : 9781509903115
Genre : Law
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Secured transactions law has been subjected to a close scrutiny over the last two decades. One of the main reasons for this is the importance of availability of credit and the consequent need to reform collateral laws in order to improve access to finance. The ability to give security effectively influences not only the cost of credit but also, in some cases, whether credit will be available at all. This requires rules that are transparent and readily accessible to non-lawyers as well as rules that recognise the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. This book critically engages with the challenges posed by inefficient secured credit laws. It offers a comparative analysis of the reasons and the needs for a secured transactions law reform, as well as discussion of the steps taken in many common law, civil law and mixed law jurisdictions. The book, written under the auspices of the Secured Transactions Law Reform Project, informs the debate about reform and advances novel arguments written by world renowned experts that will build upon the existing literature, and as such will be of interest to academics, legal practitioners and the judiciary involved in secured transactions law around the world. The text considers reform initiatives that have taken place up to the end of April 2016. It has not been possible to incorporate events since then into the discussion. However, notable developments include the banks decree passed by the Italian Government on 29th June 2016, and the adoption of the Model Law on Secured Transactions by UNCITRAL on 1st July 2016.
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Secured Transactions Reform And Access To Credit

Author : Frederique Dahan
ISBN : 9781848444928
Genre : Law
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The book is unique. . . It brings together articles on the economics and the law of property rights, and combines these with case studies, observations of what works and what does not, and a checklist of things to watch for. . . This is a very useful book that should appeal to reformers working in the field, whether they are governmental officials trying to modernize their economies, or economists and lawyers working in developmental agencies. . . There are few other books or publications that bring together the views of experts working in this important, albeit somewhat neglected, are of financial sector plumbing. William P. Armstrong, Banking and Finance Law Review . . . a well-presented collection of interesting papers within which one finds a rich resource of information and perspectives on secured transactions reform from parts of the world which are often overlooked in comparative commercial law scholarship. Noel McGrath, Journal of Business Law . . . with its insightful analysis, interesting empirical studies and knowledgeable team of contributors, the book will be illuminating and useful not just for those interested in development, but also anyone who has anything to do with granting credit and taking security. Dora S. Neo, Singapore Journal of Legal Studies This is an excellent, unique book. The material is very well written and presented in a carefully thought-out, coherent way. It tells us a legal story of our own, unique time. Any lawyer working in transition economies, whether or not directly on reform projects, would find it of great interest. Even economists should perhaps take a look at it! Roger McCormick, Law and Financial Markets Review Secured transactions reform, also known as collateral or pledge law reform, is increasingly seen as an important building block for economic development. The commonly held view is that the availability and cost of credit, as well as the efficiency of the market for secured credit, are directly influenced by the laws affecting secured transactions and their implementation. However, there is still a lot of confusion about this relatively complex and technical area of the law and its role in promoting access to credit and economic growth. The chapters presented here provide, for the first time, a comprehensive and cutting-edge view of the subject from both a legal and economic perspective. They start at the macro level of financial systems, moving towards the behaviours of lenders (commercial banks and micro-lenders), policy options for government and the mechanisms of collateral law reform. By approaching the subject from different angles and experiences, the work advocates an inclusive approach to the subject where all stakeholders interests can be taken into account. It addresses the question of what role laws and institutions can play to encourage access to credit. This book will be of primary interest to those involved in economic development and the interaction between law and economics, either for practical reasons (for example, working on reform or providing advice on investment in transition economies) or for research purposes.
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Secured Transactions

Author : Lynn M. LoPucki
ISBN : 9781543804508
Genre : Law
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The premier authority on secured transactions, Secured Transactions: A Systems Approach is known for its cutting-edge coverage, dynamic pedagogy, and ease of use for instructors. The Systems Approach gives students the big picture. Straightforward explanations and cases prepare the students to solve real-life problems in the context of actual transactions. A modular structure allows for tremendous flexibility in course design. The materials are divided into bite-sized assignments, making it easier for instructors to make and adjust assignments for class. This problem-based casebook supports the teaching of Article 9 alone or expansion of the course to include Article 9 in the full context of bankruptcy, mortgages, judicial liens, and statutory liens. New to the 9th Edition: Updated throughout, while retaining the same structure. Highly adaptable modular text broken into assignments. Main sections can be taught in any order. New cases throughout (including the Second Circuit’s landmark decision in In re Motors Liquidation). Problem-based approach with ethics integrated. Problems progress from easy to difficult. Professors and students will benefit from: Comprehensive Teacher’s Manual with suggestions for teaching coverage, changes from the prior edition, lists of key concepts for each assignment, and the answers to every question asked in the book. The main sections can be taught in any order. Bite-sized assignments organized for 50-minute or 75-minute classes. Can support ABA-qualified experiential courses. Casebook authors who are happy to engage with adopters and include them as characters in the book. Coverage of non-Article 9 aspects of secured transactions that students will need as lawyers Default problem sets for ease of assignment; extra problems for variety from year to year. Engaging problems with interesting characters and real-world issues, providing all of the information necessary to solve the problems. A real-life approach that prepares students for the practice of law. Clear explanations of every subject – no hiding of the ball. Basic financial literacy information included throughout the book. Focus on how lien systems actually work in practice.
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Secured Transactions

Author : Douglas J. Whaley
ISBN : 0159002311
Genre : Security (Law)
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