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Secret Of Self Realization

Author : I. K. Taimni
ISBN : 8170591279
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 62.29 MB
Format : PDF
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This eleventh century Sanskrit text of Kshemaraja epitomizes the teaching of the Kashmir Saiva philosophy, and was meant to aid aspirants to higher consciousness who were untrained in intellectual and dialectical excercises.
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Five Supreme Secrets Of Life

Author : Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji
ISBN : 8183280587
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Man goes through the ups and downs of life wondering if his life can ever be problem-free, prosperous and joyous forever. He wonders if it is actually possible to attain everything wealth, joy, love and God. Why does it seem something or other is always missing in our lives? The Five Supreme Secrets of Life that will transform your life. Your entire life falls within the realm of these five profound secrets: First Secret: Considering a situation to be a problem is the only problem. Every problem contains a solution, a gift, a ladder, a lesson and a challenge. Learn the art of solving problems Second Secret: Attention on attention is the greatest mediation. Attention on the greatest mediation is the way to attain God. Learn the art of getting liberated from the past and the future and living in the present. Learn the art of self-realization Third Secret: You gain from whatever you give. Whatever you take only helps you to sustain. Learn the art of attaining wealth, love and God Fourth Secret: Whatever you get at a given time is exactly what you need at that time. Learn the art of changing your perspective towards the events occurring in your life Fifth Secret: You are with your body; you are not the body. Learn the art of knowing your true self.
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Embodying The Secret Self

Author : Christopher J. Smith
ISBN : 1788083954
Genre :
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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THIS BOOK IS THE FAST TRACK TOWARDS SELF REALIZATION & INNER PEACE. This book is a MUST for advanced Spiritual Seekers! Whether you are just starting out on the Spiritual Path or have been a Spiritual Seeker for years, this book will give you the Methods and Information to take your spiritual journey to the next level! This book will guide you step by step to bring Meditation and Self Realization into the heart of your daily living experience, and create a life of Undisturbed Peace & Tranquillity! Following on from the original book 'The Secret Self - A Practical Guide To Spiritual Awakening And Inner Freedom', this more concise work gives you entirely new practices and knowledge to turn every area of your life into a meditative one. Supporting your spiritual growth, insight and practice in preparation for the final goal of Self Realization and Spiritual Liberation.

A Theological Anthropology Of Self Realization

ISBN : 9781477219584
Genre : Religion
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The book addresses the intriguing problem of human ‘self-realization’ precisely because of the diverse uses of the term, which ranges from abstract philosophical-theological theories to practical psychological-spiritual applications. Jennifer Slater draws the concept from Karl Rahner, the twentieth German theologian, who uses the term self-realization in his theology on ‘freedom’ and ‘symbolism’, relating it to the basic free choice, which the human person makes to be for or against God/Divine. Jennifer Slater explores this fundamental free choice, which is at the same time a basic choice about oneself. She writes from the understanding that the human person is radically free to become the choices she or he makes and freedom is the capacity for definitive self-realization. In the book, she shows that in the exercising of freedom, humans, precisely as historical beings, are also transcendent beings. Jennifer grapples with the perception that since human self-realization involves the power to make decisions, which in reality actualizes a person’s own reality, how then does this self-realization come about and where does the Divine fit into the process? If self-realization is related to the human self and to the Divine Self, she then questions what constitutes the self and self-realization? This struggle practically employs the woman in general and in particular the woman consecrated to a vowed life. The pervasive question throughout is: What constitutes the self-realization of a human/woman being?
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How To Achieve Self Realization Through Properly Integrating Thematerial Face Of God

Author : Joshua David Stone
ISBN : 9781475915631
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 45.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is a compilation from my 40 volume Ascension Book Series of my best chapters focusing on how to realize God in the Material Face of reality! This is one of the most revolutionary and cutting-edge books you will ever read! Everyone seeks God in a Spiritual sense, Mental sense and Emotional sense. Very few people realize, however, that to fully realize God in the highest and most full sense of the term, this must be realized on all Four Faces of God. This includes the honoring and sanctification of the Material Face of God. This is one of the few books ever written on this planet which explores this cutting-edge subject. This book is guaranteed to enhance your experience of God enormously and is guaranteed to accelerate your path of initiation and Ascension. To fully realize God everyone must fully physically embody God on Earth, and must demonstrate and be God on Earth. This book will totally open your consciousness and eyes to how to appreciate and sanctify this most blessed aspect of God!
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The Wisdom Of The Overself

Author : Paul Brunton
ISBN : 9781583949153
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 44.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Inspired by Paul Brunton's years spent with sages in Asia, The Wisdom of the Overself and its companion volume The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga were written at the request of these remarkable teachers, who recognized that Brunton had a significant role to play in the transmission of traditional wisdom to the West. Here is a profound re-creation of these teachings, brought to life and made accessible by Brunton's insights. In print since the 1940s, Brunton's works are considered to be among the most comprehensive, clear, and practical guides on the path to enlightenment. Brunton unfolds the grand vision for human development by investigating consciousness as the source of all experience; how to move from ego-centered life to the transcendent reality; the interplay of karma, free will, and grace; the nature of evil and suffering; how to awaken intuition and penetrative insight; the passage through death to rebirth; and psychic experiences and mystic visions. He also provides seven ultramystic exercises to open the door to higher consciousness, including a healing meditation on the sun; practices for transforming the future, dream, and sleep; and a meditation on the timeless self. These techniques lead to the deepest spiritual realizations—to the true "Wisdom of the Overself." This new edition has been updated to incorporate Brunton's final revisions. It includes a new foreword plus supplementary reading material selected from the author's archives by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation. Contents Foreword by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation 1. Prefatory 2. The Meaning of Mentalism 3. The Birth of the Universe 4. Studies in Dreams 5. The Metaphysics of Sleep 6. The Secret of the "I" 7. The Scorpion of Death 8. The Immortal Overself 9. The Shadows of Evil and Suffering 10. The War and the World 11. The World-Mind 12. The Unveiling of Reality 13. Initiation into Mystical Experience 14. The Yoga of the Discerning Mind 15. The Mystical Phenomena of Meditation 16. Some Fruits of Philosophy Appendix: Additional Resources from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Compiled by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation Editors From the Trade Paperback edition.
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The Secret Of Your Immortal Self

Author : Guy Finley
ISBN : 9780738744803
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 59.56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Open the doors to self-understanding and let go of suffering. Guy Finley helps you seek a deeper relationship with the Divine and provides powerful insights on how to find a guiding light in any dark moment. Filled with unique and meaningful essays, this guide helps you remember a long-forgotten part of your true, timeless nature. This recollection stirs the sleeping soul that, once awakened, leads you to the crowning moment of life: contact with the immortal Self. Once achieved, this celestial union releases you from imagined self-limitation and regret, granting you the realization that death is not the end of life. View the book trailer for The Secret of Your Immortal Self Praise for Guy Finley's The Secret of Your Immortal Self: "Guy Finley's The Secret of Your Immortal Self teaches us how to uproot the false beliefs underlying our fear, anger, uncertainty, and self-doubt and how we may access the inherent joy, equanimity, wisdom, and creativity of our Authentic Self."—Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning "Guy Finley's thoughtful words of timeless wisdom in The Secret of Your Immortal Self will help inspire you to be your best self, for yourself and for those you love."—Daniel G. Amen, MD, NY Times Best-Selling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life "Guy Finley embodies universal wisdom. With his compassionate heart, Guy teaches practical insights each of us can apply in our daily lives to realize our own divinity."—Philip M. Hellmich, Director of Peace at The Shift Network, and author of God and Conflict: A Search for Peace in a Time of Crisis Read all praise for The Secret of Your Immmortal Self
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Palad N The Magic Lamp The Secrets Of The Universe

Author : Ed Vergara
ISBN : 9781440137082
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 64.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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What is your purpose in life? How do you find your identity? In Paladin, The Magic Lamp & the secrets of the Universe, author Ed Vergara helps illuminate your life's path the way a torch would light the route in the darkness of the night. Through the telling of the parable of Paladin, Vergara helps us understand the principles of the invisible realm in the Universe. Paladin refuses to be confined by the false concepts of religion, politics, philosophies, civilizations, and the limits imposed by man throughout the ages. With the assistance of a genie, Paladin interviews key figures who played a significant role in historyfrom the math whiz and astronomer Thales of Miletus, to Solomon the King of Israel, to Albert Einstein and Gandhito help him to learn to know himself. You can travel with Paladn to observe and examine the future according to the prophetic experience of Daniel. Paladin, The Magic Lamp & the secrets of the Universe reveals the truth to those who want to know it. This parable's purpose is to inspire you to follow your heart, which desperately searches for eternal life. It seeks to ignite the energy inside of you, to discover the seeds of truth and wisdom that have existed throughout eternity. This enchanting journey through the universe and time will take you to the next dimension. Through this experience, you will find the best of yourself, your identity. ED VERGARA has always been committed to Science, Art, History, Spiritual Principles and Discovery. His professional education has developed him into an expert in the fields of urban planning, architecture & construction development. Vergara lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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