Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis And Metabolism

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Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis And Metabolism

Author : American Chemical Society
ISBN : 0306443090
Genre : Medical
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Proceedings of an American Chemical Society symposium on Biosynthesis and Metabolism of Secondary Metabolite Natural Products, held April 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia. Bridging the gap between the fields of mechanistic bio-organic chemistry and biotechnology, contributions are in four main areas: antib
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The Biosynthesis Of Secondary Metabolites

Author : R. B. Herbert
ISBN : 9789400958333
Genre : Science
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This is a book about experiments and results of experiments. The results described are the fruit of thirty years' labour in the field of secondary metabolism. Secondary metabolism, more than any other part of the chemistry of life, has been the special preserve of organic chemists. Investiga tion of secondary metabolism began with curiosity about the struc tures of compounds isolated from natural sources, i.e. secondary metabolites. Coeval with structure determination there has been a curiosity about the origins and mechanism of formation of secondary metabolites (or natural products as they have been called). It is the experimental outcome of this curiosity that is described here. This account is primarily intended to be an introduction to the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites. I have also endeavoured, however, to make the book as comprehensive as possIble. This has meant that some of the material has had to be presented in abbrevi ated form. The abbreviated material is largely confined to particular sections of the book. The paragraphs marked with a dagger (t) can be omitted by the reader wishing to acquire a general introduction to the subject. A blend of the most significant and the most recent references is cited to provide the reader with ready access to the primary litera ture. This is clearly most necessary for the material presented in abbreviated form. Relevant reviews are also cited.
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Solanaceae And Convolvulaceae Secondary Metabolites

Author : Eckart Eich
ISBN : 3540745416
Genre : Science
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This comprehensive and interdisciplinary handbook provides a bird’s-eye view of two centuries of research on secondary metabolites of the two large Solanales families, Solanaceae and Convolvulaceae. In this book they’re arranged according to their biosynthetic principles, while the occurrence and chemical structures of almost all known individual secondary metabolites are covered, which are found in hundreds of wild as well as cultivated solanaceous and convolvulaceous species.
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Fungal Jewels Secondary Metabolites

Author : Nancy Keller
ISBN : 9782889451364
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Fungal natural products are friends and foes of humans such as deleterious mycotoxins, cytotoxic, carcinogenic compounds or beneficial compounds such as antibiotics, fungicides, insecticides, antiviral and antitumor metabolites. Understanding fungal diversity and estimation of fungal species on our planet poses a great challenge to researchers. This complexity is further multiplied by secondary metabolite diversity of fungi, which requires interdisciplinary studies. It is extremely important to understand the fungal secondary metabolism to stop human, animal and plant diseases caused by fungi and harvest their valuable metabolites. Furthermore, many secondary metabolite gene clusters are silenced under laboratory conditions. It is vital to develop effective methods to activate those clusters in order to discover novel potent metabolites. This e-book is a compilation of original review articles contributed by leading fungal secondary metabolite researchers with a wide range of expertise. Important aspects of fungal secondary metabolism, including regulation, genome mining, evolution, synthetic biology and novel methods have been discussed. This book will be a great source to those people, who are interested in understanding overall structure, diversity and regulation of production of these tiny but precious chemicals.

Metabolic Engineering Of Plant Secondary Metabolism

Author : R. Verpoorte
ISBN : 0792363604
Genre : Medical
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Plant secondary metabolism is an economically important source of fine chemicals, such as drugs, insecticides, dyes, flavours, and fragrances. Moreover, important traits of plants such as taste, flavour, smell, colour, or resistance against pests and diseases are also related to secondary metabolites. The genetic modification of plants is feasible nowadays. What does the possibility of engineering plant secondary metabolite pathways mean? In this book, firstly a general introduction is given on plant secondary metabolism, followed by an overview of the possible approaches that could be used to alter secondary metabolite pathways. In a series of chapters from various authorities in the field, an overview is given of the state of the art for important groups of secondary metabolites. No books have been published on this topic so far. This book will thus be a unique source of information for all those involved with plants as chemical factories of fine chemicals and those involved with the quality of food and ornamental plants. It will be useful in teaching graduate courses in the field of metabolic engineering in plants.
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Secondary Metabolism

Author : J. Mann
ISBN : UCAL:B4455857
Genre : Metabolism
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This book is concerned with the biosynthesis, biological activity, and ecological significance of secondary metabolites (natural products).These include alcaloids such as morphine, steroids like cholesterol, and antibiotics like the penicillins. The author considers each of the major classes of secondary metabolites according to the basic 'building blocks' from which they are derived and highlights the pharmacological and toxicological properties of compounds found in insects, plants, and microorganisms. The final chapter explores the possible ecological significance of these products. The second edition incorporates new material on the isolation and characterization of the enzymes of secondary metabolism and on the new NMR techniques which have revolutionized the elucidation of biosynthetic pathways. The book is important reading for advanced undergraduates and graduates in chemistry, biochemistry, and botany, as well as researchers in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Microbial Secondary Metabolites Recent Developments And Technological Challenges

Author : Bhim Pratap Singh
ISBN : 9782889459018
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Research on microbes plays an essential role in the improvement of biotechnological and biomedical areas. It has turned into a subject of expanding significance as new organisms and their related biomolecules are being characterized for several applications in health and agriculture. Microbial biomolecules confer the ability of microbes to cope with a range of adverse conditions. However, these biomolecules have several advantages over the plant origin, which makes them a suitable target in drug discovery and development. The reasons could be that microbial sources can be genetically engineered to enhance the production of desired natural production by large-scale fermentation. The interaction between microbes and their biotic and abiotic environment is fundamental to numerous processes taking place in the biosphere. The natural environments and hosts of these microorganisms are extremely diverse being reflected by the fact that microbes are widespread and occur in nearly every biological community on Earth. This metabolic versatility makes microbes interesting objects for a range of economically important biotechnological applications. Most of the biotechniques are established but inefficient genetic engineering strategies are still a bottleneck for selected microbe producing industrial scale biomolecules. Therefore, untapped microbial biodiversity and related metablomics, give a noteworthy wellspring of biologicals for the advancement of meds, immunizations, enhanced plants and for other natural applications. The present eBook volume contains articles on microbial secondary metabolites, microbial biosynthetic potential including biosynthetic gene expression, and metagenomics obtained from microorganism isolated unique from habitats like marine sources, endophytes, thermal springs, deserts, etc.

Biochemistry Of Plant Secondary Metabolism

Author : Michael Wink
ISBN : 0849340853
Genre : Science
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The secondary metabolites of plants were once considered to be waste products - today, their true value is understood. New methods of separation and structural elucidation, and advances in the investigation of biochemical activities, have increased our understanding of secondary metabolites. Their function as a defense mechanisms offers a great potential for technological gain. Secondary metabolites can be utilized in agriculture to breed stronger crops and in the manufacture of biorational pesticides. They can also be exploited by medicine as theraputic agents. And these are just two of the likely uses. This landmark volume presents articles by an impressive team of experts from leading laboratories. Each chapter considers a current understanding of secondary metabolites in nature and the potential exploitation of those qualities by the biotechnology industry.
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Primary And Secondary Metabolism Of Plants And Cell Cultures Iii

Author : J. Schripsema
ISBN : 9789401102377
Genre : Science
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Since 1984 and 1988, when meetings were held on the topic of primary and secondary metabolism of plant cell cultures, there has been a clear shift of the focus of ongoing research. While the cell culture itself and the production of secondary metabolites and the biosynthetic pathways and the activity of enzymes were major topics, now these aspects are linked with genes, i.e. molecular biology becomes more prominent. This state-of-the-art book has contributions on such subjects as fermentation, enzymology of secondary metabolism, catabolism of secondary metabolites, elicitation of pathways and genetic modification of metabolic pathways. It includes contributions on the most recent achievements in the research on among other things tropane and indole alkaloids, phenolics, (iso)flavonoids, terpenes and cardenolides. It is an excellent review of the progress made in the past years and a perspective on the future developments.
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Current Catalog

Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
ISBN : UOM:39015074107676
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First multi-year cumulation covers six years: 1965-70.
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Plant Secondary Metabolism

Author : David S. Seigler
ISBN : 9781461549130
Genre : Science
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Life has evolved as a unified system; no organism exists similar role also has been suggested for fatty acids from alone, but each is in intimate contact with other organisms cyanolipids. Nonprotein amino acids, cyanogenic glyco and its environment. Historically, it was easier for workers sides, and the non-fatty-acid portion of cyanolipids also are in various disciplines to delimit artificially their respective incorporated into primary metabolites during germination. areas of research, rather than attempt to understand the entire Secondary metabolites of these structural types are accumu system of living organisms. This was a pragmatic and neces lated in large quantities in the seeds of several plant groups sary way to develop an understanding for the various parts. where they probably fulfill an additional function as deter We are now at a point, however, where we need to investi rents to general predation. gate those things common to the parts and, specifically, those The second type of relationship involves interaction of things that unify the parts. The fundamental aspects of many plants with other organisms and with their environment. Bio of these interactions are chemical in nature. Plants constitute logical interactions must be viewed in the light of evolution an essential part of all life systems; phytochemistry provides ary change and the coadaptation, or perhaps coevolution, of a medium for linking several fields of study.
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Applications Of Plant Metabolic Engineering

Author : R. Verpoorte
ISBN : 9781402060311
Genre : Science
File Size : 58.49 MB
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Written by leading international experts in the field of plant metabolic engineering, this book discusses how the technology can be applied. Applications resulting from metabolic engineering are expected to play a very important role in the future of plant breeding: for example, in the fields of improved resistance or improved traits concerning health promoting constituents, as well as in the production of fine chemicals such as medicines, flavors and fragrances.
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Biotechnology Products Of Secondary Metabolism

Author : H. Kleinkauf
ISBN : 352728317X
Genre : Science
File Size : 41.13 MB
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Products of secondary metabolism from fermentation and cell culture are mainly pharmaceuticals, ranging from traditional antibacterials like beta-lactams, new generation compounds like dalbaheptides and lantibiotics to immunomodulators and antitumor drugs. The major fields of application of these low volume/high price products are human and veterinary medicine as well as plant protection. In this volume functionally based screening approaches and the applications of molecular genetics in the discovery and process improvement of compounds are emphasized. Along with the exploitation of new sources the growing understanding of biosynthetic processes permits the identification of the genetic backgrounds. Topics included are: Novel Receptor-Active Compounds - Microbial Lipids - Microbial Siderophores - beta-Lactam Antibiotics - Peptide Antibiotics - Lantibiotics - Glycopeptide Antibiotics (Dalbaheptides) - Aminoglycosides - Products from Basidiomycetes - Cyclosporins - Secondary Products from Plant Cells - Antitumor Agents
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Biosynthesis And Molecular Genetics Of Fungal Secondary Metabolites

Author : Susanne Zeilinger
ISBN : 9781493925315
Genre : Science
File Size : 36.16 MB
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​Fungi produce many chemically diverse secondary metabolites whose biological roles largely remain elusive. Within the increasing number of sequenced fungal genomes several important genes involved in secondary metabolite formation have been identified. Most of these genes are clustered and their coordinated transcription is controlled in a complex way by both narrow pathway-specific regulators as well as broad global transcription factors responsive to environmental cues. In recent years it was discovered many of the newly identified gene clusters are silent under laboratory conditions suggesting that the biosynthetic potential of fungi is far from being exploited. Besides identifying novel bioactive metabolites from still unexplored sources, the activation of these gene clusters by several approaches may result in the discovery of new substances with antibiotic and pharmaceutical benefits. This book covers recent advances in the field of fungal secondary metabolisms ranging from methodologies to biological aspects and will include the latest knowledge on fungal molecular biology, genomics, and metabolomics. With the related volume by Professor Juan-Francisco Martin, where the most relevant and well-studied fungal secondary metabolites are compiled, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art of research on fungal secondary metabolites.
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Evolution Of Metabolic Pathways

Author : R. Ibrahim
ISBN : 0080531326
Genre : Science
File Size : 30.67 MB
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The past decade has seen major advances in the cloning of genes encoding enzymes of plant secondary metabolism. This has been further enhanced by the recent project on the sequencing of the Arabidopsis genome. These developments provide the molecular genetic basis to address the question of the Evolution of Metabolic Pathways. This volume provides in-depth reviews of our current knowledge on the evolutionary origin of plant secondary metabolites and the enzymes involved in their biosynthesis. The chapters cover five major topics: 1. Role of secondary metabolites in evolution; 2. Evolutionary origins of polyketides and terpenes; 3. Roles of oxidative reactions in the evolution of secondary metabolism; 4. Evolutionary origin of substitution reactions: acylation, glycosylation and methylation; and 5. Biochemistry and molecular biology of brassinosteroids.
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Biotechnological Production Of Plant Secondary Metabolites

Author : Ilkay Erdogan Orhan
ISBN : 9781608051144
Genre : Science
File Size : 64.85 MB
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Modern techniques have been developed to overcome problems associated with the extraction of natural products from plants. These techniques include production of secondary metabolites by biotechnological methods such as plant tissue culture and microbial
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Author : K. G. Ramawat
ISBN : UOM:39015042559644
Genre : Science
File Size : 84.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The language of the book is simple and various terms have been defined for better understanding. References and further readings are included for advanced knowledge. This makes the book a valuable inclusion in all the laboratories and libraries involved in research and teaching on plant metabolism, particularity secondary metabolites. The chapters are an excellent compilation of background information for beginners and of recent information for researchers. The book will serve as a source material for students, teachers and researchers working in agriculture, botany, biotechnology, pharmacy and environmental sciences."--Jacket.
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