Santa Cruz 1942

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Santa Cruz 1942

Author : Mark Stille
ISBN : 9781849086066
Genre : History
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Despite myth, the Japanese carrier force was not destroyed at Midway but survived to still prove a threat in the Pacific Theater. Nowhere was this clearer than in the battle of Santa Cruz of October 1942. The stalemate on the ground in the Guadalcanal campaign led to the major naval forces of both belligerents becoming inexorably more and more involved in the fighting, each seeking to win the major victory that would open the way for a breakthrough on land as well. The Japanese were able to gain a tactical victory at Santa Cruz and came very close to scoring a strategic victory, but they paid a very high price in aircraft and aircrew that prevented them from following up their victory. In terms of their invaluable aircrew, the battle was much more costly than even Midway and had a serious impact on the ability of the Japanese to carry out carrier warfare in a meaningful manner.
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Carrier Strike

Author : Eric Hammel
ISBN : 0935553711
Genre : History
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CARRIER STRIKE The Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, October 1942 Eric Hammel The Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, a strategic naval action in the bitter Guadalcanal Campaign, was history's fourth carrier-versus-carrier naval battle. Though technically a Japanese victory, the battle proved to be Japan's last serious attempt to win the Pacific War by means of an all-out carrier confrontation. It was during the first four carrier battles-in the six-month period from early May through late October 1942-that the fate of Japan's small, elite naval air arm was sealed. It was at Coral Sea, in May, that Japan's juggernaut across the Pacific was blunted. It was at Midway, in June, that Japan's great carrier fleet was cut down to manageable size. And it was at Eastern Solomons, in August, and Santa Cruz, in October, that Japan's last best carrier air groups were ground to dust. After their technical victory at Santa Cruz, the Japanese withdrew their carriers from the South Pacific-and were never able to use them again as a strategically decisive weapon. Of the four Japanese aircraft carriers that participated in the Santa Cruz battle, only one survived the war. The Japanese "victory" at Santa Cruz cost Japan her last best hope to win the war in the Pacific. Once Japan's veteran carrier air groups had been shredded at off Guadalcanal, at Eastern Solomons and Santa Cruz, Japanese carriers ceased to be a strategic weapon. Carrier Strike is the definitive history of the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Following Santa Cruz and the subsequent series of air and surface engagements known as the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, the Imperial Navy's Combined Fleet never again attempted a meaningful strategic showdown with the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Though several subsequent surface actions in the Solomons were clearly Japanese victories, their results were short-lived. After November 1942, Japan could not again muster the staying power-or the willpower-to wage a strategic war with her navy. The Santa Cruz clash was deemed a Japanese victory because U.S. naval forces withdrew from the battlefield. That is how victory and defeat are strictly determined. But on the broader, strategic, level, the U.S. Navy won at Santa Cruz-because it was able to achieve its strategic goal of holding the line and buying time. Japan was unable to achieve her strategic goal of defeating the U.S. Pacific Fleet in a final, decisive, all-or-nothing battle. The technical victory cost Japan any serious hope she had of winning the Pacific naval war.
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Battle Of The Santa Cruz Islands

Author : Frederic P. Miller
ISBN : 6130221509
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The Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, October 26, 1942, sometimes referred to as the Battle of Santa Cruz or in Japanese sources as the Battle of the South Pacific, was the fourth carrier battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II and the fourth major naval engagement fought between the United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy during the lengthy and strategically important Guadalcanal campaign. In similar fashion to the battles of Coral Sea, Midway, and the Eastern Solomons, the ships of the two adversaries were rarely in direct visual range of each other. Instead, almost all attacks by both sides were mounted by carrier or land-based aircraft. In an attempt to drive Allied forces from Guadalcanal and nearby islands and end the stalemate that had existed since September 1942, the Imperial Japanese Army planned a major ground offensive on Guadalcanal for October 20-25, 1942. In support of this offensive, and with the hope of engaging Allied naval forces, Japanese carriers and other large warships moved into a position near the southern Solomon Islands.

Preliminary Budget

Author : Santa Cruz County (Calif.). Auditor-Controller
ISBN : UCSC:32106019723615
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Uss Hornet Cv 8

Author : David Doyle
ISBN : 0764358626
Genre : History
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USS Hornet (CV-8), made famous through its launching of the 16 US Army B-25 Mitchell bombers flown by Jimmy Doolittle's raiders in the first US strike on Japan in May 1942, was the third and last Yorktown-class aircraft carrier completed. Serving the US Navy for just over one year, the warship had a brief yet heroic life. This volume explores Hornet's construction, wartime activities (including the Battle of Midway), and ultimate sinking during the Battle of Santa Cruz in October 1942 through carefully researched photos, many of which have never before been published, which are reproduced in remarkable clarity. This clarity and the large size of many of the photos, coupled with descriptive and informative captions, put the reader on the deck of this historic warship throughout its short history. Part of the Legends of Warfare series.
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The Unknown Battle Of Midway

Author : Alvin Kernan
ISBN : 0300128312
Genre : History
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“A memoir and more . . . Kernan brings this maritime battle superbly to life. . . . And he narrates the air assault in gripping detail” (The Wall Street Journal). The Battle of Midway is considered the greatest US naval victory, but behind the luster is the devastation of the American torpedo squadrons. Of the 51 planes sent to attack Japanese carriers only 7 returned, and of the 127 aircrew only 29 survived. Not a single torpedo hit its target. A story of avoidable mistakes and flawed planning, The Unknown Battle of Midway reveals the enormous failures that led to the destruction of four torpedo squadrons but were omitted from official naval reports: the planes that ran out of gas, the torpedoes that didn’t work, the pilots who had never dropped torpedoes, and the breakdown of the attack plan. Alvin Kernan, who was present at the battle, has written a troubling but persuasive analysis of these and other little-publicized aspects of this great battle. The standard navy tactics for carrier warfare are revealed in tragic contrast to the actual conduct of the battle and the after-action reports of the ships and squadrons involved. “An incisive and laconic writer, Kernan knows his facts and presents them with deep feeling. A World War II must-read.” —Booklist “I read The Unknown Battle of Midway in one sitting. It is a momentous piece of work, reeking of the authenticity of carrier warfare as experienced by the flight crews.” —Sir John Keegan, author of A History of Warfare “An emotionally powerful story, not merely one of war but of its lasting effects.” —The Times Literary Supplement
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The First Team

Author : John Lundstrom
ISBN : 9781612511665
Genre : History
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Hailed as one of the finest examples of aviation research, this comprehensive 1984 study presents a detailed and scrupulously accurate operational history of carrier-based air warfare. From the earliest operations in the Pacific through the decisive Battle of Midway, it offers a narrative account of how ace fighter pilots like Jimmy Thach and Butch O'Hare and their skilled VF squadron mates - called the "first team" - amassed a remarkable combat record in the face of desperate odds. Tapping both American and Japanese sources, historian John B. Lundstrom reconstructs every significant action and places these extraordinary fighters within the context of overall carrier operations. He writes from the viewpoint of the pilots themselves, after interviewing some fifty airmen from each side, to give readers intimate details of some of the most exciting aerial engagements of the war. At the same time he assesses the role the fighter squadrons played in key actions and shows how innovations in fighter tactics and gunnery techniques were a primary reason for the reversal of American fortunes. After more than twenty years in print, the book remains the definitive account and is being published in paperback for the first time to reach an even larger audience.
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Aleutians Gilberts Marshalls June 1942 April 1944

Author : Samuel Eliot Morison
ISBN : 0252070372
Genre : History
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During the last months of 1943, when Allied forces of the South and Southwest Pacific were hammering at islands and airfields in the Bismarcks and Bougainville, Admiral Chester Nimitz organized two massive amphibious operations to capture the strategically vital Gilbert and Marshall Islands. Volume 7 of Samuel Eliot Morison's splendid history describes this mighty sweep of the Pacific Fleet across Micronesia, as well as the warfare in the remote and frigid Aleutian Islands. The campaigns of 1943-44 marked a great advance in the art of war. Fast carrier strikes, new anti-aircraft and airborne weapons, better radar capabilities, and faster fire- and damage-control solutions combined to revolutionize amphibious operations; advances in photographic reconnaissance improved strategic planning; and all-terrain vehicles called amphtracs facilitated beach landings. In addition, the Micronesia campaigns inspired revolutionary innovations in logistics to meet the challenge of supplying and servicing an enormous amphibious force in an area with no large land masses, no labor, and no supplies or facilities of any kind. Similar logistical difficulties characterized operations in the Aleutian Islands, compounded by hazardous conditions including dense fog, almost constant cloud cover, blinding blizzards, and icy seas. Morison tracks the Americans' recovery of Attu and Kiska as well as the gallantly fought Battle of the Komandorski Islands.
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Author : Winston Groom
ISBN : 9781555847784
Genre : History
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America’s first year in World War II, chronicled in this “page-turner” by the Pulitzer Prize–nominated author of Forrest Gump and The Generals (Publishers Weekly). On December 7, 1941, an unexpected attack on American territory pulled an unprepared country into a terrifying new brand of warfare. To the generation of Americans who lived through it, the Second World War was the defining event of the twentieth century, and the defining moments of that war were played out in the year 1942. This account covers the Allies’ relentless defeats as the Axis overran most of Europe, North Africa, and the Far East. But by midyear the tide began to turn. The United States finally went on the offensive in the Pacific. In the West, the British defeated Rommel’s panzer divisions at El Alamein while the US Army began to push the Germans out of North Africa. By the year’s end, the smell of victory was in the air. 1942, told with Winston Groom’s accomplished storyteller’s eye, allows us into the admirals’ strategy rooms, onto the battlefronts, and into the heart of a nation at war. “When not drawing in readers with the narrative, Groom is impressing them with his masterful analyses.” —The Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Groom has done an artful job of blending the many stories of 1942.” —The Anniston Star
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Author : E.B. Potter
ISBN : 9781612512259
Genre : History
File Size : 68.30 MB
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Called a great book worthy of a great man, this definitive biography of the commander in chief of the Pacific Fleet in World War II, first published in 1976 and now available in paperback for the first time, continues to be considered the best book ever written about Adm. Chester W. Nimitz. Highly respected by both the civilian and naval communities, Nimitz was sometimes overshadowed by more colorful warriors such as MacArthur and Halsey. Potter's lively and authoritative style fleshes out Admiral Nimitz's personality to help readers appreciate the contributions he made as the principal architect of Japan's defeat. The book covers his full life, from a poverty-stricken childhood to postwar appointments as Chief of Naval Operations and U.N. mediator. It candidly reveals Nimitz's opinions of Halsey, Kimmel, King, Spruance, MacArthur, Forrestal, Roosevelt, and Truman.
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Hell S Kitchen Tulagi 1942 1943

Author : Thomas Larson
ISBN : 9780595277568
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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He survived Pearl Harbor. He survived Tulagi. He survived the wilds of Africa and the steaming jungles of Central America. This is just one chapter from the extraordinary life of Thomas J. Larson. Ensign "Swede" Larson arrived at Pearl Harbor on December 5th, 1941. He was Executive Officer on YP 109 (Yacht Patrol) through a great storm from Long Beach, California. He was transferred to CinCPac staff, and on December 7th, 1941, was delivering messages to Admiral Kimmel and his staff when Pearl Harbor was attacked. He served with Admiral Chester Nimitz until July 1942, then was assigned to Admiral Ghormley's ComSoPac staff in New Caledonia. On November 30th, he was flown to Guadalcanal, and then next day went to Tulagi as a communicator. He ended the war on the USS Lexington aircraft carrier going into Tokyo Bay in late August of 1945. His peace time career was as an explorer, and professor of Anthropology with many years of field research in Africa. He has degrees from UC Berkeley, MA American U, M Litt Oxford, PhD University of Virginia.
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Destroyer Battles

Author : Robert C. Stem
ISBN : 9781473813564
Genre : History
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Fast, manoeuvrable and heavily armed, destroyers were the most aggressive surface warships of the twentieth century. Although originally conceived as a defensive screen to protect the main battlefleet from torpedo attack, the gamekeeper soon turned poacher, and became primarily a weapon of offence. As such they were involved in many hard-fought battles, using both torpedoes and guns, especially with enemy vessels of the same kind. This book recounts some of the most significant, spectacular or unusual actions in the history of destroyer warfare, from the first employment of torpedo craft during the Russo-Japanese War to the recent terrorist attack on USS Cole. With individual chapters devoted to each incident, the book may be read as a series of dramatic narratives, but each reflects a development in the tactics or technology, so taken as a whole the book amounts to a complete history of the destroyer from an unusual and previously neglected angle.
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Admirals Of The World

Author : William Stewart
ISBN : 9780786482887
Genre : History
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This work provides biographies of more than 500 men and women who have served as admiral, vice admiral, or rear admiral. While officers from the U.S., British, French and Japanese navies make up the bulk of the work, officers from 22 countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, and Spain, are also included. The main criterion for inclusion is that each person must have actively served in the rank of at least rear admiral, but not necessarily in enemy action. This effectively rules out people who were granted the rank on retirement, as a courtesy title or posthumously. The book also includes lists of admirals organized by nationality and by year of birth.
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