Russian Music At Home And Abroad

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Russian Music At Home And Abroad

Author : Richard Taruskin
ISBN : 9780520963153
Genre : Music
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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This new collection views Russian music through the Greek triad of “the Good, the True, and the Beautiful” to investigate how the idea of "nation" embeds itself in the public discourse about music and other arts with results at times invigorating, at times corrupting. In our divided, post–Cold War, and now post–9/11 world, Russian music, formerly a quiet corner on the margins of musicology, has become a site of noisy contention. Richard Taruskin assesses the political and cultural stakes that attach to it in the era of Pussy Riot and renewed international tensions, before turning to individual cases from the nineteenth century to the present. Much of the volume is devoted to the resolutely cosmopolitan but inveterately Russian Igor Stravinsky, one of the major forces in the music of the twentieth century and subject of particular interest to composers and music theorists all over the world. Taruskin here revisits him for the first time since the 1990s, when everything changed for Russia and its cultural products. Other essays are devoted to the cultural and social policies of the Soviet Union and their effect on the music produced there as those policies swung away from Communist internationalism to traditional Russian nationalism; to the musicians of the Russian postrevolutionary diaspora; and to the tension between the compelling artistic quality of works such as Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps or Prokofieff’s Zdravitsa and the antihumanistic or totalitarian messages they convey. Russian Music at Home and Abroad addresses these concerns in a personal and critical way, characteristically demonstrating Taruskin’s authority and ability to bring living history out of the shadows.
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In Stravinsky S Orbit

Author : Klara Moricz
ISBN : 9780520344426
Genre : Composers
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The Bolsheviks' 1917 political coup caused a seismic disruption in Russian culture. Carried by the first wave of emigrants, Russian culture migrated West, transforming itself as it interacted with the new cultural environment and clashed with exported Soviet trends. In this book, Klára Móricz explores the transnational emigrant space of Russian composers Igor Stravinsky, Vladimir Dukelsky, Sergey Prokofiev, Nicolas Nabokov, and Arthur Lourié in interwar Paris. Their music reflected the conflict between a modernist narrative demanding innovation and a narrative of exile wedded to the preservation of prerevolutionary Russian culture. The emigrants' and the Bolsheviks' contrasting visions of Russia and its past collided frequently in the French capital, where the Soviets displayed their political and artistic products. Russian composers in Paris also had to reckon with Stravinsky's disproportionate influence: if they succumbed to fashions dictated by their famous compatriot, they risked becoming epigones; if they kept to their old ways, they quickly became irrelevant. Although Stravinsky's neoclassicism provided a seemingly neutral middle ground between innovation and nostalgia, it was also marked by the exilic experience. Móricz offers this unexplored context for Stravinsky's neoclassicism, shedding new light on this infinitely elusive term.
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Alexander Tcherepnin

Author : Li︠u︡dmila Zinovʹevna Korabelʹnikova
ISBN : 9780253349385
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 54.64 MB
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Ludmila Korabelnikova recounts the life and times of Alexander Tcherepnin, a prolific and often emulated composer who produced four operas, 13 ballets, four symphonies, numerous orchestral and chamber works, and more than 200 piano pieces. He was born in Russia in 1899 to a family of musicians and artists. However, Aaron Copland referred to him as "an honorary American composer" and Toru Takemitsu called him "a father figure of Japanese music." Korabelnikova focuses not only on the biographical elements of Tcherepnin's story, but also on his music and its technical innovations. She includes extended quotations by the composer himself and selective analytical commentary, based on primary sources and contemporaneous accounts.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Russians On Russian Music 1880 1917

Author :
ISBN : 1139441191
Genre : Music
File Size : 51.14 MB
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This second anthology of Russian writing on Russian music begins in 1880 (where the first volume concluded) and ends in 1917. It brings the thoughts of leading Russian music critics to an English-speaking readership as they react to the Russian music that is new to them, during a period when all aspects of musical life were developing rapidly. Music criticism had become more sure-footed, if no less opinionated. These reviews demonstrate greater awareness both of music history and of contemporary music abroad. The period covers the late careers of Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov as well as late works by Borodin and Balakirev, and the emergence of Mussorgsky's compositions. Works by the intervening generation, including Arensky, Glazunov and Lyadov, are also reviewed and the book concludes with coverage of works by the Moscow School, including Medtner, Rachmaninoff and Skryabin and the early compositions of Stravinsky and Prokoviev.
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Historical Dictionary Of Russian Music

Author : Daniel Jaffé
ISBN : 9780810879805
Genre : Music
File Size : 27.57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Historical Dictionary of Russian Music relates the history of Russian music through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on significant persons, events, places, and organizations. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about Russian music.
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On Russian Music

Author : Richard Taruskin
ISBN : 9780520268067
Genre : Music
File Size : 54.25 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume gathers 36 essays by one of the leading scholars in the study of Russian music. An extensive introduction lays out the main issues and a justification of Taruskin's approach, seen both in the light of his intellectual development and in that of the changing intellectual environment.
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Belgrade A Cultural History

Author : David A Norris
ISBN : 9780199888498
Genre : History
File Size : 22.13 MB
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Perched above the confluence of two great rivers, the Sava and Danube, Belgrade has been home to many civilizations: Celts, Romans, Byzantines, Bulgars, Magyars, Ottomans and Serbs. A Turkish fortress, the focus for a Serbian principality, an intellectual and artistic center, the city grew until it became capital of Yugoslavia. Now it is one of the largest cities in south-eastern Europe and capital of the Republic of Serbia. Despite many challenges, Belgrade has resisted assimilation and created a unique cultural identity out of its many contrasting sides, sometimes with surprising consequences.
Category: History

The House Of Music

Author : Samuel Lipman
ISBN : STANFORD:36105042445515
Genre : Music
File Size : 88.31 MB
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Essays discuss Wagner, Shostakovich, Gould, Stravinsky, the Metropolitan Opera, music critics, broadcast music, and public funding of the arts
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Music For The Revolution

Author : Amy Nelson
ISBN : 0271023694
Genre : History
File Size : 33.14 MB
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"Music for the Revolution examines musicians' responses to Soviet power and reveals the conditions under which a distinctively Soviet musical culture emerged in the early thirties." --book jacket.
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Songs For Fat People

Author : David MacFadyen
ISBN : 077352441X
Genre : Music
File Size : 28.52 MB
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During this period estrada - which includes comedy, literary readings, and circus arts as well as popular song - saw the birth of tangos, foxtrots, waltzes, and big bands. MacFadyen shows how a nomadic art form survived the pressures of business before the 1917 Revolution and those of politics afterwards.
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Russia And The Idea Of The West

Author : Robert English
ISBN : 9780231504744
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 71.67 MB
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An intriguing "intellectual portrait" of a generation of Soviet reformers, this book is also a fascinating case study of how ideas can change the course of history. In most analyses of the Cold War's end the ideological aspects of Gorbachev's "new thinking" are treated largely as incidental to the broader considerations of power—as gloss on what was essentially a retreat forced by crisis and decline. Robert English makes a major contribution by demonstrating that Gorbachev's foreign policy was in fact the result of an intellectual revolution. English analyzes the rise of a liberal policy-academic elite and its impact on the Cold War's end. English worked in the archives of the USSR Foreign Ministry and also gained access to the restricted collections of leading foreign-policy institutes. He also conducted nearly 400 interviews with Soviet intellectuals and policy makers—from Khrushchev- and Brezhnev-era Politburo members to Perestroika-era notables such as Eduard Shevardnadze and Gorbachev himself. English traces the rise of a "Westernizing" worldview from the post-Stalin years, through a group of liberals in the late1960s–70s, to a circle of close advisers who spurred Gorbachev's most radical reforms.
Category: Political Science

Strangers At Home And Abroad

Author : Adolf Wimmer
ISBN : 0786406682
Genre : History
File Size : 58.72 MB
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In March 1938, Hitler's troops invaded Austria, wildly cheered by thousands of spectators. Following the consequent annexation, a Greater Germany plebiscite recorded a 99 percent support for Austro-German unification under Hitler. By 1942, however, Allied leaders at Yalta had declared the annexed country the first victim of Nazi aggression, laying the groundwork for the suppression of Austria's collaboration in the Holocaust and establishing a grossly deficient culture of memory. Among the forgotten were the 130,000 Austrian Jews who escaped the work camps and gas chambers only to find themselves in unfamiliar lands among unsympathetic people. This book, rising out of Austria's Year of Recollection in 1988, contains the narratives of 27 ex-Austrian Jews who were forced into exile following the Anschlusz. Translated from the German by poet Ewald Osers, the book includes accounts of anti-Semitism before Hitler, the annexation, flight from the homeland, and life in exile.
Category: History

Russia And The Ussr 1900 1995

Author : Tony Downey
ISBN : 019917248X
Genre : Russia
File Size : 70.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This engaging book explores Russia's political movements, economic upheavals, and social turbulence through this century of change.
Category: Russia

Television Democracy And Elections In Russia

Author : Professor of Political Communication Sarah Oates
ISBN : 9781134178476
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 65.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Sarah Oates gives a detailed examination on a central theme in political science: the relationship between democracy and the mass media. This significant book contains a wealth of information and data, including: public opinion surveys, content analysis of television news, focus groups and in-depth interviews to examine why political parties and the mass media failed so spectacularly to aid in the construction of a democratic system in Russia. The analysis presents compelling evidence that television helped to tune out democracy as it served as a tool for leaders rather than a conduit of information in the service of the electorate or parties. In addition, focus groups and surveys show that the Russian audience are often more comfortable with authority rather than truth in television coverage. Within this framework, this fascinating work presents the colourful history of parties, elections and television during one of the most critical eras in Russian history and captures a particularly significant epoch in contemporary Russian politics.
Category: Political Science

Experiencing Tchaikovsky

Author : David Schroeder
ISBN : 9781442233003
Genre : Music
File Size : 54.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Experiencing Tchaikovsky: A Listener’s Companion, historian and scholar David Schroeder looks beyond traditional views of Tchaikovsky to explore the dramatic impact of his music by walking readers through the remarkable range of works by this great Russian composer.
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