Russian Empire

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Russian Empire

Author : Jane Burbank
ISBN : 9780253219114
Genre : History
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Presents a new conception of the Russian empire
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Islam And The Russian Empire

Author : Helene Carrere D'Encausse
ISBN : 0520065042
Genre : History
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"A particularly valuable work. In my judgment, it contains the best account of nineteenth-century Muslim societies in Central Asia. It is, I think, indispensable to an understanding of the events that followed."--Ira Lapidus, co-editor of Islam, Politics and Social Movements
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The Grand Strategy Of The Russian Empire 1650 1831

Author : John P. LeDonne
ISBN : 0195347692
Genre : History
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At its height, the Russian empire covered eleven time zones and stretched from Scandinavia to the Pacific Ocean. Arguing against the traditional historical view that Russia, surrounded and threatened by enemies, was always on the defensive, John P. LeDonne contends that Russia developed a long-term strategy not in response to immediate threats but in line with its own expansionist urges to control the Eurasian Heartland. LeDonne narrates how the government from Moscow and Petersburg expanded the empire by deploying its army as well as by extending its patronage to frontier societies in return for their serving the interests of the empire. He considers three theaters on which the Russians expanded: the Western (Baltic, Germany, Poland); the Southern (Ottoman and Persian Empires); and the Eastern (China, Siberia, Central Asia). In his analysis of military power, he weighs the role of geography and locale, as well as economic issues, in the evolution of a larger imperial strategy. Rather than viewing Russia as peripheral to European Great Power politics, LeDonne makes a powerful case for Russia as an expansionist, militaristic, and authoritarian regime that challenged the great states and empires of its time.
Category: History

The Russian Empire In The Eighteenth Century

Author : Aleksandr B. Kamenskii
ISBN : 0765637065
Genre : History
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Russia's eighteenth-century drive toward modernity and empire under the two greats--Peter I and Catherine II--is fully captured in this new work by one of Russia's outstanding young historians. The author develops three themes: Russia's relationship to the West; the transformation of Holy Russia into a multinational empire; and the effects of efforts to modernize Russia selectively along Western lines. Writing in a clear, crisp style, Kamenskii enlivens the narrative with observations from contemporary literary figures and political commentators that point up the lasting significance of the events he describes.
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The Russian Empire

Author : Andreas Kappeler
ISBN : 9781317568100
Genre : History
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The "national question" and how to impose control over its diverse ethnic identities has long posed a problem for the Russian state. This major survey of Russia as a multi-ethnic empire spans the imperial years from the sixteenth century to 1917, with major consideration of the Soviet phase. It asks how Russians incorporated new territories, how they were resisted, what the character of a multi-ethnic empire was and how, finally, these issues related to nationalism.
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The Russian Empire 1450 1801

Author : Nancy Shields Kollmann
ISBN : 9780199280513
Genre :
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Modern Russian identity and historical experience has been largely shaped by Russia's imperial past: an empire that was founded in the early modern era and endures in large part today. The Russian Empire 1450-1801 surveys how the areas that made up the empire were conquered and how they were governed. It considers the Russian empire a 'Eurasian empire', characterized by a 'politics of difference': the rulers and their elites at the center defined the state's needs minimally - with control over defense, criminal law, taxation, and mobilization of resources - and otherwise tolerated local religions, languages, cultures, elites, and institutions. The center related to communities and religions vertically, according each a modicum of rights and autonomies, but didn't allow horizontal connections across nobilities, townsmen, or other groups potentially with common interests to coalesce. Thus, the Russian empire was multi-ethnic and multi-religious; Nancy Kollmann gives detailed attention to the major ethnic and religious groups, and surveys the government's strategies of governance - centralized bureaucracy, military reform, and a changed judicial system. The volume pays particular attention to the dissemination of a supranational ideology of political legitimacy in a variety of media - written sources and primarily public ritual, painting, and particularly architecture. Beginning with foundational features, such as geography, climate, demography, and geopolitical situation, The Russian Empire 1450-1801 explores the empire's primarily agrarian economy, serfdom, towns and trade, as well as the many religious groups - primarily Orthodoxy, Islam, and Buddhism. It tracks the emergence of an 'Imperial nobility' and a national self-consciousness that was, by the end of the eighteenth century, distinctly imperial, embracing the diversity of the empire's many peoples and cultures.

The Russian Empire

Author : John Geddie
ISBN : PRNC:32101032782409
Genre : Russia
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The Russian Empire

Author : Baron Von Haxthausen
ISBN : 9781134569755
Genre : History
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First published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Bolsheviks And The Russian Empire

Author : Liliana Riga
ISBN : 9781139789301
Genre : Social Science
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This comparative historical sociology of the Bolshevik revolutionaries offers a reinterpretation of political radicalization in the last years of the Russian Empire. Finding that two-thirds of the Bolshevik leadership were ethnic minorities - Ukrainians, Latvians, Georgians, Jews and others - this book examines the shared experiences of assimilation and socioethnic exclusion that underlay their class universalism. It suggests that imperial policies toward the Empire's diversity radicalized class and ethnicity as intersectional experiences, creating an assimilated but excluded elite: lower-class Russians and middle-class minorities universalized particular exclusions as they disproportionately sustained the economic and political burdens of maintaining the multiethnic Russian Empire. The Bolsheviks' social identities and routes to revolutionary radicalism show especially how a class-universalist politics was appealing to those seeking secularism in response to religious tensions, a universalist politics where ethnic and geopolitical insecurities were exclusionary, and a tolerant 'imperial' imaginary where Russification and illiberal repressions were most keenly felt.
Category: Social Science

Jewish Public Culture In The Late Russian Empire

Author : Jeffrey Veidlinger
ISBN : 9780253002983
Genre : History
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In the midst of the violent, revolutionary turmoil that accompanied the last decade of tsarist rule in the Russian Empire, many Jews came to reject what they regarded as the apocalyptic and utopian prophecies of political dreamers and religious fanatics, preferring instead to focus on the promotion of cultural development in the present. Jewish Public Culture in the Late Russian Empire examines the cultural identities that Jews were creating and disseminating through voluntary associations such as libraries, drama circles, literary clubs, historical societies, and even fire brigades. Jeffrey Veidlinger explores the venues in which prominent cultural figures -- including Sholem Aleichem, Mendele Moykher Sforim, and Simon Dubnov -- interacted with the general Jewish public, encouraging Jewish expression within Russia's multicultural society. By highlighting the cultural experiences shared by Jews of diverse social backgrounds -- from seamstresses to parliamentarians -- and in disparate geographic locales -- from Ukrainian shtetls to Polish metropolises -- the book revises traditional views of Jewish society in the late Russian Empire.
Category: History

Turkestan And The Fate Of The Russian Empire

Author : Daniel Brower
ISBN : 9781135145019
Genre : History
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The central argument of this book is that the half-century of Russian rule in Central Asia was shaped by traditions of authoritarian rule, by Russian national interests, and by a civic reform agenda that brought to Turkestan the principles that informed Alexander II's reform policies. This civilizing mission sought to lay the foundations for a rejuvenated, 'modern' empire, unified by imperial citizenship, patriotism, and a shared secular culture. Evidence for Brower's thesis is drawn from major archives in Uzbekistan and Russia. Use of these records permitted him to develop the first interpretation, either in Russian or Western literature, of Russian colonialism in Turkestan that draws on the extensive archival evidence of policy-making, imperial objectives, and relations with subject peoples.
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Cossacks And The Russian Empire 1598 1725

Author : Christoph Witzenrath
ISBN : 9781134117505
Genre : History
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Using a wide range sources, this book explores the ways in which the Russians governed their empire in Siberia from 1598 to 1725. Paying particular attention to the role of the Siberian Cossaks, the author takes a thorough assessment of how the institutions of imperial government functioned in seventeenth century Russia. It raises important questions concerning the nature of the Russian autocracy in the early modern period, investigating the neglected relations of a vital part of the Empire with the metropolitan centre, and examines how the Russian authorities were able to control such a vast and distant frontier given the limited means at its disposal. It argues that despite this great physical distance, the representations of the Tsar’s rule in the symbols, texts and gestures that permeated Siberian institutions were close at hand, thus allowing the promotion of political stability and favourable terms of trade. Investigating the role of the Siberian Cossacks, the book explains how the institutions of empire facilitated their position as traders via the sharing of cultural practices, attitudes and expectations of behaviour across large distances among the members of organisations or personal networks.
Category: History

Migration From The Russian Empire January 1888 May 1889

Author : Ira A. Glazier
ISBN : 0806315407
Genre : Reference
File Size : 49.94 MB
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Compiled from original customs passenger lists & immigration passenger lists held by the Temple-Balch Center for Immigration Research, information in these inaugural volumes corresponds to the information given in the passenger lists-name of passenger, his age, sex, occupation, country of origin, place of residence, & destination; additionally, each passenger list is headed by the name of the ship, the port of embarkation, the port of arrival, & the date of arrival. For researchers investigating their family origins, this type of information is absolutely indispensable, since it is the very bedrock on which all American family history is built. The greatest of all genealogical adventures-the quest for immigrant origins-begins here, for these volumes go beyond gross statistical profiles & follow individuals & families from their place of origin to their destination. Only in books like this, operating at the level of microhistory, can we catch a glimpse of individuals in the crowd & get a sense of the circumstances that fuelled mass migration.
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