Ruling The World

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Ruling The World

Author : Lloyd Gruber
ISBN : 1400823714
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 88.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The last few decades have witnessed an extraordinary transfer of policy-making prerogatives from individual nation-states to supranational institutions. If you think this is cause for celebration, you are not alone. Within the academic community (and not only among students of international cooperation), the notion that political institutions are mutually beneficial--that they would never come into existence, much less grow in size and assertiveness, were they not "Pareto-improving"--is today's conventional wisdom. But is it true? In this richly detailed and strikingly original study, Lloyd Gruber suggests that this emphasis on cooperation's positive-sum consequences may be leading scholars of international relations down the wrong theoretical path. The fact that membership in a cooperative arrangement is voluntary, Gruber argues, does not mean that it works to everyone's advantage. To the contrary, some cooperators may incur substantial losses relative to the original, non-cooperative status quo. So what, then, keeps these participants from withdrawing? Gruber's answer, in a word, is power--specifically the "go-it-alone power" exercised by the regime's beneficiaries, many of whom would continue to benefit even if their partners, the losers, were to opt out. To lend support to this thesis, Gruber takes a fresh look at the political origins and structures of European Monetary Unification and NAFTA. But the theoretical arguments elaborated in Ruling the World extend well beyond money and trade, touching upon issues of long-standing interest to students of security cooperation, environmental politics, nation-building--even political philosophy. Bold and compelling, this book will appeal to anyone interested in understanding how "power politics" really operates and why, for better or worse, it is fueling much of the supranational activity we see today.
Category: Political Science

Ruling The World

Author : Jeffrey L. Dunoff
ISBN : 9781139479677
Genre : Law
File Size : 81.36 MB
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Ruling the World?: Constitutionalism, International Law, and Global Governance provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the major developments and central questions in debates over international constitutionalism at the UN, EU, WTO, and other sites of global governance. The essays in this volume explore controversial empirical and structural questions, doctrinal and normative issues, and questions of institutional design and positive political theory. Ruling the World? grows out of a three-year research project that brought twelve leading scholars together to create a comprehensive and integrated framework for understanding global constitutionalization. Ruling the World? is the first volume to explore in a cross-cutting way constitutional discourse across international regimes, constitutional pluralism, and relations among transnational and domestic constitutions. The volume examines the core assumptions, basic analytic tools, and key challenges in contemporary debates over international constitutionalization.
Category: Law

Ruling The World

Author : Alan Lester
ISBN : 1108426204
Genre : History
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Ruling the World tells the story of how the largest and most diverse empire in history was governed, everywhere and all at once. Focusing on some of the most tumultuous years of Queen Victoria's reign, Alan Lester, Kate Boehme and Peter Mitchell adopt an entirely new perspective to explain how the men in charge of the British Empire sought to manage simultaneous events across the globe. Using case studies including Canada, South Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, India and Afghanistan, they reveal how the empire represented a complex series of trade-offs between Parliament's, colonial governors', colonists' and colonised peoples' agendas. They also highlight the compromises that these men made as they adapted their ideals of freedom, civilization and liberalism to the realities of an empire imposed through violence and governed in the interests of Britons.
Category: History

Ruling The World

Author : Jonathan Northall
ISBN : 1785314866
Genre :
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The enthralling story of the 1992 Cricket World Cup. Interviews with star players such as Derek Pringle, Phillip DeFreitas, Gladstone Small, Brian McMillan and Gavin Larsen help bring to life the greatest ever Cricket World Cup. Ruling the World brings all the drama and excitement of 1992 to contemporary onlookers and to a new generation of fans.

How To Rule The World

Author : André De Guillaume
ISBN : 1741147069
Genre : Executive ability
File Size : 70.91 MB
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Simple, direct and delightfully unprincipled, this is the essential book for the briefcase, handbag or knapsack of any aspiring world leader.
Category: Executive ability

Masculinity And The Ruling Of The World

Author : Denise Thompson
ISBN : 0648803600
Genre :
File Size : 48.8 MB
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Masculinity and the Ruling of the World argues that there is a world-wide culture of masculinity that breeds arrogant dissociated men who are the prime culprits in the depredations that have brought humanity to its present grievous condition. The argument is that male domination not only oppresses women, it distorts the whole of the social world. At the same time, the book argues that male supremacy is not the whole of the social world. There is also something that might be called 'genuine humanity', which provides a life-affirming force that resists the impositions and seductions of male supremacy. Five institutions are used to illustrate some of the ways in which male domination permeates the social world, institutions rarely, if ever, considered in terms of masculinity--capitalism, fascism, surrogacy, transsexualism and US 'welfare reform'. All these institutions are interpreted in terms of their dissociation and arrogant male entitlement, even though at first sight they may appear to have little or nothing in common. This interpretation brings a new perspective to bear on the phenomenon of male supremacy and seeks to challenge the ideological subterfuges that maintain it. While it owes a debt to the many feminist writers that came before, by focusing on the system that does the oppressing the book undertakes to advance the feminist project that saw a resurgence in the 1960s and 1970s.

Ruling Your World

Author : Sakyong Mipham
ISBN : 076792293X
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 41.33 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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You’re stuck in the airport security line, late for a flight. The line isn’t moving. You’re angry at the security personnel for taking so long, you’re irritated at the other passengers for having so much stuff, you’re mad at your boss for sending you on this trip in the first place. By the time you get to your gate you’re angry, deflated, and exhausted. Then someone cuts in front of you in the line to board and you snap. “There’s a line, you know!” Is that really you, standing in an airport, yelling at a stranger, emotions raging? It happens to most of us more than we’d like to admit. In an instant, our lives seem out of control and overwhelming. It’s always something, isn’t it? But what if you could approach every part of your life—from the smallest decisions to life’s biggest setbacks—with total confidence, clarity, and control? According to Sakyong Mipham, we all have that power. The secret is simple: If you just stop thinking about yourself all the time, happiness and confidence will come naturally. It sounds absurd and, what’s more, impossible. But in Ruling Your World, Sakyong Mipham shares ancient secrets on how to take control of our lives and be successful while cultivating compassion for others and confidence in our own intelligence and goodness. The key to this well-being lies in the ancient strategies of the warrior kings and queens of Shambhala. The kingdom of Shambhala was an enlightened kingdom of benevolent kings and queens and fiercely trained warriors. No one knows for sure whether this kingdom was real or mythical, but there are ancient guidebooks to this land and practical instructions for creating a Shambhala in your own world, bringing peace, purpose, and perspective into your life and environment. Sakyong Mipham, the descendant of a warrior king, has inherited these teachings and gives us the lessons and myths of the great rulers and warriors of Shambhala. He makes these teachings relevant to our twenty-first-century lives in a fresh and witty voice and helps us all to realize our potential for power and control in a seemingly uncontrollable world. For the first time ever, revered spiritual leader Sakyong Mipham brings the lessons of the ancient Shambhala warriors and rulers to the Western world and shows us how to live our lives with confidence. Most of us are living in a haze—sometimes helping others, sometimes helping ourselves, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. We don’t feel in control of our own lives. The ancient teachings of Shambhala rulership show us that we all have the ability to rule our own world and live with confidence. To do this, we need to use our daily lives to be strong, as opposed to aggressive, and to act with wisdom and compassion. This may sound difficult, but when we begin to mix this ancient wisdom of rulership into our everyday life, we have both spiritual and worldly success. We don’t need to abandon our life and become an ascetic or a monk in order to gain confidence and achieve this success. We can live in the world as a ruler no matter what we are doing. —from Ruling Your World
Category: Philosophy

Who Rules The World God Or Satan

Author : John Abraham
ISBN : 1642990671
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25.72 MB
Format : PDF
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Who Rules the World, God or Satan? The title may surprise many readers. The center theme is to clarify the real situation of the world today. There are a lot of questions which are unanswered. Even if anybody tries to answer them, it doesn't really satisfy the people. The best example could be the most commonly asked question, "Why are there so many sufferings if God is ruling the world and is in full control of the present situation of the world?" The real situation is whether God is trying to deliver people from the bondage of Satan or Satan is trying to take away people from God. If God is trying to deliver people from the rule of Satan, the question will be, "Is Satan greater than God?" The answer is a big no! But then, how is Satan having an easy way in controlling mankind? If God is ruling mankind, is He allowing Satan to have his way in controlling the entire mankind? You can find answers to all such questions in this book. This book is the need of the hour.
Category: Religion


Author : Jeremy Paxman
ISBN : 9780670919604
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 20.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From the bestselling author of The English comes Empire, Jeremy Paxman's history of the British Empire accompanied by a flagship 5-part BBC TV series, for readers of Simon Schama and Andrew Marr. The influence of the British Empire is everywhere, from the very existence of the United Kingdom to the ethnic composition of our cities. It affects everything, from Prime Ministers' decisions to send troops to war to the adventurers we admire. From the sports we think we're good at to the architecture of our buildings; the way we travel to the way we trade; the hopeless losers we will on, and the food we hunger for, the empire is never very far away. In this acute and witty analysis, Jeremy Paxman goes to the very heart of empire. As he describes the selection process for colonial officers ('intended to weed out the cad, the feeble and the too clever') the importance of sport, the sweating domestic life of the colonial officer's wife ('the challenge with cooking meat was "to grasp the fleeting moment between toughness and putrefaction when the joint may possibly prove eatable"') and the crazed end for General Gordon of Khartoum, Paxman brings brilliantly to life the tragedy and comedy of Empire and reveals its profound and lasting effect on our nation and ourselves. 'Paxman is witty, incisive, acerbic and opinionated . . . In short, he carries the whole thing off with panache bordering on effrontery' Piers Brendon, Sunday Times 'Paxman is a magnificent historian, and Empire may be remembered as his finest work' Independent on Sunday Jeremy Paxman was born in Yorkshire and educated at Cambridge. He is an award-winning journalist who spent ten years reporting from overseas, notably for Panorama. He is the author of five books including The English. He is the presenter of Newsnight and University Challenge and has presented BBC documentaries on various subjects including Victorian art and Wilfred Owen.
Category: Political Science

Ruling Your World

Author : David O. Oyedepo
ISBN : OCLC:993396148
Genre : African Christianity: Gifford Collection
File Size : 40.36 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: African Christianity: Gifford Collection

Ruling Distributed Dynamic Worlds

Author : Peter Sapaty
ISBN : 9780471656364
Genre : Computers
File Size : 84.67 MB
Format : PDF
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A sequel to Mobile Processing in Distributed and Open Environments,this title introduces an extended, universal WAVE-WP model fordistributed processing and control in dynamic and open worlds ofany natures. The new control theory and technology introduced inthe book can be widely used for the design and implementation ofmany distributed control systems, such as intelligent networkmanagement for the Internet, mobile cooperative robots, RapidReaction forces, future Combat Systems, robotics and AI, NMD, spaceresearch on other planets, and other applications. This title: * Demonstrates a much simpler and more efficient applicationprogramming * Cultivates a new kind of thinking about how large dynamic systemsshould be designed, organized, tasked, simulated, andcontrolled * Introduces an extended, universal WAVE-WP model for distributedprocessing * Compares the universal WAVE-WP model to other existing systemsused in intelligent networking
Category: Computers

Financial Elites And Transnational Business

Author : Georgina Murray
ISBN : 9780857935526
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 38.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'This volume brings together leading scholars from around the world and a cross-section of some of the most exciting and cutting edge of research on transnational capitalists. the varied contributions are timely. They provide great insight into the structures and processes behind today's international business and political headlines. It is a must read for scholars and students of the new global capitalism.' – William I. Robinson, University of California at Santa Barbara, US This absorbing book addresses the seemingly simple question of who rules the world by linking it to debates about who owns the world and what this means for the dynamics of global power distribution. Several expert contributors focus on global issues, including the role of transnational finance, interlocking directorates, ownership and tax havens. Others examine how these issues at the global level interact with the regional or nation state level in the US, the UK, China, Australia and Mexico. the books scrutinizes globalization from a fresh, holistic perspective, examining the relationship between the national and transnational to uncover the most significant structures and agents of power. Possible policy futures are also considered. Academics and researchers across a varied spectrum of fields encompassing business and management, international studies and public policy will find this book both fascinating and important.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Polybius And His World

Author : Bruce Gibson
ISBN : 9780191507304
Genre : History
File Size : 70.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From his first publication, Aratos of Sicyon (1933), to his death in 2008, F. W. Walbank established himself as one of the leading ancient historians of the last century. His many publications - not least his three-volume commentary on the Greek historian of Roman power, Polybius - transformed the study both of Polybius and of the history of the Hellenistic world. Polybius and his World honours Walbank's achievement by bringing together a number of leading scholars in the fields of Hellenistic historiography and history. The twenty chapters, including an introduction by the volume's editors, re-examine a number of central Polybian themes: Polybius' position between Greece and Rome, his account of the Roman constitution, and the relationship of his work with Xenophon, Phylarchus, Aratus of Sicyon, and Livy (amongst others). The book looks at Polybius' text in the light of narratological perspectives and for the wealth of source material it offers for the economic historian, whilst three chapters also consider aspects of Walbank's own life and work, especially the relationship between his political commitments and his academic work, the genesis of his Polybian commentary, and the personal backdrop to his career.
Category: History

How To Achieve World Peace

Author : Jim Des Rocher
ISBN : 9781412227414
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 44.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book deals with plans to achieve a true World Peace. Achieving World Peace is a subject that has never been openly discussed by the people of this world before. The content of this book is original because a real, workable, plan for achieving World Peace has never been offered to the people of this world because it can change the way we live in this world. Violence and wars have been a part of our lives since the beginning of the human race, and now this book is offering, for the first time, a chance to live in a world that is dominated by peace. This book takes a serious look at civilizing this world for the first time, and offers a simple way to go about civilizing this world. This book takes the dreams of achieving World Peace and makes achieving World Peace a reality. This book solves the mystery of how to achieve World Peace. This book shows us how to end all wars and military conflicts, and put an end to all the terrorism in this world. The plan for achieving World Peace laid out in this book is a stroke of political brilliance, because no one in this world could possibly stand against any efforts by the people of this world to acheive true World Peace. When the people in this world are armed with a perfect political issue like achieving World Peace, that no world leader or government could possibly be against, they can easily achieve World Peace. Any political issue like achieving World Peace that has one hundred percent suppport can not fail. The content of this book is very powerful and will change the way we live on this earth. Injecting a World Peace movement into world politics will force our governments to address the World Peace issue, and when they do, they will have no choice but to accept the plan for achieving World Peace. No government or world leader could ever stand in front of their people and try to explain why World Peace is bad for the people of their country. This book offers an opportunity to all peace loving people in to world to be part of a movement that will lead to a true World Peace.
Category: Political Science

Enforcing World Trade Rules

Author : William J. Davey
ISBN : 9781905017409
Genre : Foreign trade regulation
File Size : 23.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Enforcing World Trade Rules is a collection of essays on themost pertinent and contemporary issues relating to the World Trade Organization's dispute settlement system and the basic obligations found in the WTO agreements.
Category: Foreign trade regulation

Who Rules The Earth

Author : Paul F. Steinberg
ISBN : 9780199896622
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 48.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Worldwide, half a million people die from air pollution each year-more than perish in all wars combined. One in every five mammal species on the planet is threatened with extinction. Our climate is warming, our forests are in decline, and every day we hear news of the latest ecological crisis. What will it really take to move society onto a more sustainable path? Many of us are already doing the "little things" to help the earth, like recycling or buying organic produce. These are important steps-but they're not enough. In Who Rules the Earth?, Paul Steinberg, a leading scholar of environmental politics, shows that the shift toward a sustainable world requires modifying the very rules that guide human behavior and shape the ways we interact with the earth. We know these rules by familiar names like city codes, product design standards, business contracts, public policies, cultural norms, and national constitutions. Though these rules are largely invisible, their impact across the planet has been dramatic. By changing the rules, Ontario, Canada has cut the levels of pesticides in its waterways in half. The city of Copenhagen has adopted new planning codes that will reduce its carbon footprint to zero by 2025. In the United States, a handful of industry mavericks designed new rules to promote greener buildings, and transformed the world's largest industry into a more sustainable enterprise. Steinberg takes the reader on a series of journeys, from a familiar walk on the beach to a remote village deep in the jungles of Peru, helping the reader to "see" the social rules that pattern our physical reality and showing why these are the big levers that will ultimately determine the health of our planet. By unveiling the influence of social rules at all levels of society-from private property to government policy, and from the rules governing our oceans to the dynamics of innovation and change within corporations and communities-Who Rules the Earth? is essential reading for anyone who understands that sustainability is not just a personal choice, but a political struggle.
Category: Political Science

Political Islam World Politics And Europe

Author : Bassam Tibi
ISBN : 9781134072637
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 42.61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book is concerned with political Islam and in particular the global challenges posed by Islamists and Jihadists.
Category: Political Science