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The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Author : Tupac Shakur
ISBN : 9780671028459
Genre : Music
File Size : 74.2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A collection of verse by the late hip-hop star Tupac Shakur includes more than one hundred poems confronting such wide-ranging topics as poverty, motherhood, Van Gogh, and Mandela.
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The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Author : Tupac Shakur
ISBN : 1416525688
Genre :
File Size : 62.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Capturing the unrivaled passion and candor that made him one of America's bestselling solo recording artists, this collection of poetry offers a glimpse into Shakur's enigmatic life and its intense contradictions.

Another Rose That Grew From Concrete

Author : J. a
ISBN : 1482510308
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 59.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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if you read the poem then the story is a must read. A story truly inspired by the greatest Tupac. a best seller and book of the year. This is a book inspired by the late great Tupac Shakur...One of the most interested story you can possibly read. If you read the poem (the rose that grew from concrete) then you need to read the story...This story extends from the original poem by Tupac Shakur (The Rose That Grew From Concrete) to give people a good insight of a rose that really grew from concrete and how it faces obstacles in life because it was looked at as abnormal. Inspired by Tupac Shakur
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The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Author : Diane Wishart
ISBN : 0888645163
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 56.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Quality of education is a universal concern, but what happens when students start to fall between the cracks in the system? As part of her research for The rose that grew from concrete, Diane Wishart interviewed many at-risk students in an urban high school, including a number of Aboriginal students. What Wishart discovered weren't statistics, but teens and their experiences, needs, and personalities. The qualitative analysis that comes from these interviews doesn't supply a blueprint to fix the educational system. However, it does give a fresh, objective viewpoint for policy makers, scholars, teachers, and the general public to consider.
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Enemy Land

Author : Nicholas Kyasima Busagwa
ISBN : 1434371182
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 23.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Enemy Land" is a new book by a talented author named Nicholas Kyasima. Enemy Land is a collection of short stories all of which are presented in different angles. The short stories can not be said to be poems even though that's what they seem. Some stories may appear as love songs, other stories might look like a means of expression by someone who is really hurt. Poems or not, this book carries serious entertainment and most importantly of all, knowledge in the most simplest of ways. As the reader, you don't get a chance to be bored. For example, in the first chapter of Enemy Land, a guy who is secretly in love with a woman, asks her to meet him at the London bridge station she doesn't show up. This causes wretchedness which is expressed line by line and as you read it, you'll feel like it is you who has had the experience. It is a work of a genius. This book Enemy Land carries stories that are ridiculously full of expression. So much so that a teenage boy who wants to play he's music system loud on full blast listening to Tupac or 50 cent would sit down and read this book. If boys that are not into reading books love Enemy Land imagine how grown men and women that are into books feel about it. There's no telling how many genres are presented in Enemy Land. Apart from poems and love stories as mention earlier, in this book, you'll also have war stories based on the harsh reality in the ghetto areas of London. These are the most dramatic ones especially when you adapt the persona of a Black African Boy from which the stories were written. Once again, it's genius. Enemy Land has so many perspectives and with that, it is made for everyone to enjoy. Nobody is left out. On top of all that you'll gain new experiences from reading this book because the person that wrote it (Nicholas Kyasima) based it on his real life as it is now. Nothing in this book is fiction. It's all reality.
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The Rose That Grew Out The Concrete

Author : Robert E. Harris
ISBN : 168290637X
Genre :
File Size : 75.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is an analogy of the birth of Jesus Christ and His growing up to the potential He was sent for. Therefore, it's a Christmas story not yet told. Here is a rose that grew out of the concrete; through hope and prayer she learned how to walk without having feet. Her gifts taught her how to survive, and it was her hope that kept her alive. Boundless is the rose that grew out the concrete. Funny it seems, but by keeping her dreams, she learned how to breathe fresh air when only a few even cared. Boundless is the rose that grew out of the concrete.

The Rose That Never Grew From Concrete

Author : Shay Belt
ISBN : 1719198799
Genre :
File Size : 49.82 MB
Format : PDF
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A collection of poetry that paints the story of a young girl who is lost, with a troubled past and trying to find a way to happiness. And even when she eventually finds the happiness that she sought, she realizes that she is still plagued by the environment of her past and wants to be reborn.

Teaching English Language Learners In Secondary Subject Matter Classes

Author : Yu Ren Dong
ISBN : 9781641137768
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 38.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is for secondary subject matter teachers and administrators who work with English language learners (ELLs) in subject matter classes. It is also for college professors who prepare pre-service teachers to work with those students. The book brings together insights from linguistic, socio-cultural, educational, cognitive, developmental perspectives of what it means for ELLs to learn both English and subject matter knowledge in English as a second language. It delineates unique challenges that ELLs experience, offers ELLs’ learning stories, and suggests concrete strategies with classroom teaching examples across academic disciplines. The 2nd edition broadens the scope of the 1st edition in several aspects. Specifically, it includes two chapters about secondary ELLs’ previous educational experiences in their home countries, a chapter on subject matter lesson planning with ELLs in mind with teacher collaborative strategies, and more principle- based and field-tested effective instructional and assessment strategies for working with ELLs.
Category: Foreign Language Study

Relational Child Relational Brain

Author : Robert G. Lee
ISBN : 9781317709428
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 86.63 MB
Format : PDF
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Volume II in the Evolution of Gestalt series, Relational Child, Relational Brain continues the development of the paradigm shift that places human development in a field that is deeply complex and fundamentally one of interconnection, taking us away from the limiting view of us as separate individuals. It builds on the foundation of contemporary views of relational neurodevelopment and the profound influence of relationship on brain growth. It shows how, particularly in the first two years of life, but continuing across the whole of childhood and adolescence into early adulthood, the relational field is the context of child development. The focus then broadens out to examine the intersubjective influence of community, culture, and social and physical support. Backed by neurobiological and related research, it offers many examples of relational Gestalt practice with children, adolescents, and their families, with stories of loss, trauma, isolation, and other adversities. Not just an invaluable resource for child and adolescent therapists, Relational Child, Relational Brain goes beyond the Esalen Study Conference from which it emerged and is a further invitation and challenge to apply relational Gestalt practice as a coherent and effective way forward in the troubled world of today.
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