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Rome And The Mediterranean

Author : Livy
ISBN : 9780141960814
Genre : History
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Books XXXI to XLV cover the years from 201 b.c. to 167 b.c., when Rome emerged as ruler of the Mediterranean.
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Representations Of Empire

Author : Alan K. Bowman
ISBN : 0197262767
Genre : History
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The essays in this volume cover the whole of the period in which Rome dominated the Mediterranean world. The belief shared by all the contributors is that the Roman empire is best understood from the standpoint of the Mediterranean world looking in to Rome, rather than from Rome looking out. The papers focus on the development of political institutions in Rome itself and in her empire, and on the nature of the relationship between Rome and her provincial subjects. They also discuss historiographical approaches to different kinds of source material, literary and documentary - including the major Roman historians, the evidence for the pre-Roman near east, and the Christian writers of later antiquity. This volume reflects the immense complexity of the political and cultural history of the ancient Mediterranean, from the late Republic to the age of Augustine.
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Rome And The Mediterranean 290 To 146 Bc The Imperial Republic

Author : Nathan Rosenstein
ISBN : 9780748629992
Genre : History
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A compelling account of how Rome became supreme power in Europe and the Mediterranean world. The book highlights the significance of Rome's success in the wars against Pyrrhys, Carhage, the Hellenistic kingdoms and in Spain that led to empire, and it shows how the Republic's success in conquering an empire changed the conquerors.It is unusual in focusing on a discrete, vital period in Roman history rather than attempting to cover all of it or even just the Republic.
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Egypt Greece And Rome

Author : Charles Freeman
ISBN : 9780199651924
Genre : Art
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Covering more than four thousand years of ancient history, from the early Egyptians to the dawn of Byzantium, an illustrated introduction to the Mediterranean's three major civilizations examines their links and traces their influence up to the present day. UP.
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Rome S Mediterranean Empire

Author : Livy
ISBN : 0191517844
Genre : History
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'I will do as the Senate decrees.' These words from one of Rome's opponents encapsulate the authority Rome achieved by its subjugation of the Mediterranean. The Third Macedonian War, recounted in this volume, ended the kingdom created by Philip II and Alexander the Great and was a crucial step in Rome's eventual dominance. For Livy, the story is also a fascinating moral study of the vices and virtues that hampered and promoted Rome's efforts in the conflict. He presents the war not so much as a battle against Perseus, Alexander's last and unworthy successor, than as a struggle within the Roman national character. Only traditional moral strength, embodied in Lucius Aemilius Paullus, the general who ultimately defeats Perseus, ensures the Roman victory. This edition also includes the Periochae, later summaries of Livy's entire original 142-book history of Rome from its founding to the age of Augustus (of which only 35 books survive). The complete Livy in English, available in five volumes from Oxford World's Classics. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.
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Civilization Of The Ancient Mediterranean

Author : Michael Grant
ISBN : 0684188651
Genre : Civilization, Ancient
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A collection of essays that provide information about the ancient Mediterranean civilizations of Greece and Rome, covering the topics of economics, religion, and private and social life.
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Rome Enters The Greek East

Author : Arthur M. Eckstein
ISBN : 9781118293546
Genre : History
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This volume examines the period from Rome's earliest involvement inthe eastern Mediterranean to the establishment of Romangeopolitical dominance over all the Greek states from the AdriaticSea to Syria by the 180s BC. Applies modern political theory to ancient Mediterraneanhistory, taking a Realist approach to its analysis of Romaninvolvement in the Greek Mediterranean Focuses on the harsh nature of interactions among states underconditions of anarchy while examining the conduct of both Rome andGreek states during the period, and focuses on what the concepts ofmodern political science can tell us about ancient internationalrelations Includes detailed discussion of the crisis that convulsed theGreek world in the last decade of the third century BC Provides a balanced portrait of Roman militarism andimperialism in the Hellenistic world
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Egypt Greece And Rome Civilizations Of The Ancient Mediterranean

Author : Charles Freeman
ISBN : 9780191500251
Genre : History
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Egypt, Greece and Rome is regarded as one of the best general histories of the ancient world. It is written for the general reader and the student coming to the subject for the first time and provides a reliable and highly accessible point of entry to the period. The volume begins with the early civilizations of Sumer (modern Iraq) and continues through to the Islamic invasions and the birth of modern Europe after the collapse of the western Roman empire. The book ranges beyond political history to cover philosophy, art and literature. A wide range of maps, illustrations and photographs complements the text. The second edition incorporates new chapters on the ancient Mediterranean and the Ancient Near East, as well as extended coverage of Egypt.
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