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River Gunboats

Author : Roger Branfill-Cook
ISBN : 9781848323803
Genre : History
File Size : 77.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A comprehensive, fully illustrated encyclopedia of river gunboats from the early 19th century to the present day. The first recorded engagement by a steam-powered warship took place on a river, when in 1824 the Honorable East India Company’s gunboat Diana went into action on the Irrawaddy in Burma. In the 150 years that followed, river gunboats played a significant part in over forty campaigns and individual actions around the world. This comprehensive reference book covers the development of riverboat warfare from the early 19th century to current riverine combat vessels in service today. River gunboats proved to be the decisive factor in a wide range of conflicts across the world—from the New Zealand Wars to the American Civil War, and from both World Wars to the conflicts in Indochina and Vietnam. This lavishly illustrated encyclopedia describes the river gunboats that saw action, plus those converted river steamers which took part in combat. This volume also includes maps of the river systems where they operated, together with narratives of the principal actions involving river gunboats.
Category: History

Nile River Gunboats 1882 1918

Author : Angus Konstam
ISBN : 9781472814777
Genre : History
File Size : 26.49 MB
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For more than 30 years the Nile river gunboat was an indispensable tool of empire, policing the great river and acting as floating symbols of British imperial power. They participated in every significant colonial campaign in the region, from the British invasion of Egypt in 1882 to the Battle of Omdurman in 1898, when Britain finally won control of the Sudan. After that, the gunboats helped maintain British control over both Egypt and the Sudan, and played a key role in safeguarding British interests around the headwaters of the Nile – a region hotly contested by several European powers. Featuring specially commissioned artwork, this comprehensive volume offers a detailed analysis of the Nile river gunboats' entire career, from policing British colonial interests along the great river to defending Egypt against the Ottoman Turks in World War I.
Category: History

Yangtze River Gunboats 1900 49

Author : Angus Konstam
ISBN : 9781782008422
Genre : History
File Size : 28.17 MB
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From the end of the 19th century through the first half of the 20th, most Western powers maintained a naval presence in China. These gunboats protected traders and missionaries, safeguarded national interests, and patrolled Chinese rivers in search of pirates. It was a wild, lawless time in China as ruthless warlords fought numerous small wars to increase their power and influence. This book covers the gunboats of all the major nations that stationed naval forces in China, including America, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Japan, and looks at such famous incidents as the Japanese bombing of the USS Patay and the dramatic escape of the HMS Amethyst from Communist forces in 1947, which marked the end of the gunboat era.
Category: History

Civil War And Reconstruction

Author : Rodney P. Carlisle
ISBN : 9781438108759
Genre : History
File Size : 37.98 MB
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Portrays the American Civil War and its aftermath through such primary sources as memoirs, diaries, letters, contemporary journalism, and official documents.
Category: History

Grant S River Campaign

Author : Jack H. Lepa
ISBN : 9780786474776
Genre : History
File Size : 77.66 MB
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" In Tennessee in the early months of 1862, Ulysses S. Grant captured forts Henry and Donelson and opened the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers to military and commercial shipping. This book describes not only the actual fighting that took place but how important political and economic factors influenced the overall military strategy in the region"--
Category: History

Brown Green And Blue Water Fleets

Author : Michael Lindberg
ISBN : 0275964868
Genre : History
File Size : 60.41 MB
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Lindberg and Todd methodically show how geography has shaped the strategy, tactics, and tools of naval warfare. Alfred T. Mahan was perhaps the first naval professional to recognize and acknowledge fully the influence of geography on navies and naval warfare. Many of his principles of seapower were inherently geographical and influenced both what kind of naval force a state would possess and how it would be utilized. In the time that has passed since Mahan made his observations, naval warfare and navies have experienced major technological changes, yet geographical factors continue to exert their influence on how navies fight, how they are structured, and the design of the ships that they deploy.
Category: History

War On The Waters

Author : James M. McPherson
ISBN : 9780807837320
Genre : History
File Size : 66.94 MB
Format : PDF
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Although previously undervalued for their strategic impact because they represented only a small percentage of total forces, the Union and Confederate navies were crucial to the outcome of the Civil War. In War on the Waters, James M. McPherson has crafted an enlightening, at times harrowing, and ultimately thrilling account of the war's naval campaigns and their military leaders. McPherson recounts how the Union navy's blockade of the Confederate coast, leaky as a sieve in the war's early months, became increasingly effective as it choked off vital imports and exports. Meanwhile, the Confederate navy, dwarfed by its giant adversary, demonstrated daring and military innovation. Commerce raiders sank Union ships and drove the American merchant marine from the high seas. Southern ironclads sent several Union warships to the bottom, naval mines sank many more, and the Confederates deployed the world's first submarine to sink an enemy vessel. But in the end, it was the Union navy that won some of the war's most important strategic victories--as an essential partner to the army on the ground at Fort Donelson, Vicksburg, Port Hudson, Mobile Bay, and Fort Fisher, and all by itself at Port Royal, Fort Henry, New Orleans, and Memphis.
Category: History

Road To The Sea

Author : Dorsey, Florence L
ISBN : 1455611328
Genre :
File Size : 43.92 MB
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The Mississippi was discovered by Marquette in 1673 and spanned by James B. Eads in 1874. In his prolific career as an inventor intimately linked to the Mississippi, Eads founded diving salvage companies, designed turrets for Civil War ironclad ships, and-perhaps most spectacularly-built the first bridge that connected the eastern and western halves of the country, previously divided by the Great River. Compiled from the voluminous writings and utterances of James B. Eads, from government documents relating to his projects and the many controversies over them, and from magazine and newspaper accounts of his professional and social activities, among other sources, Road to the Sea is the definitive work on James B. Eads and his amazing accomplishments.